The Village Of Paradisi In Rhodes – Your Ultimate Guide To This Greek Village

Another place which is worth seeing during your stay on the island is the village of Paradisi in Rhodes.

Paradisi Village sits just outside of Diagoras Airport and has a population of approximately three thousand people. It is 15 kilometers away from Rhodes City.

As with the village of Kremasti, the main road runs from the city of Rhodes, past the airport and through Paradisi too, so you will experience the same traffic issues here.

Again the road is very narrow in this village, so you need to take care both when driving and as a pedestrian!

A little History Of Paradisi In Rhodes

During the occupation of The Knights Of Saint John in Rhodes, a castle was constructed.

The Villanova Taverna - Paradisi In Rhodes
The Villanova Taverna

This castle was built to deter and safeguard the island from pirates and their activities back in the day.

After the castle was completed, naturally people built around it and later, Arabs arrived and resided here.

These Arab citizens went on to plant beautiful, colorful and alluring flowers.

This is turn made the village look like ‘Paradise’, and this is where the village inherited its name from.

The Italians occupied the island of Rhodes from 1912 until 1943. During their stay here they named the village of Paradisi ‘Villanova’.

In fact, there is a grill house (taverna) still today that bears the name ‘Villanova’. See the photo above!

Rhodes was finally taken back by Greece in 1947 and the name Paradisi was restored to the village.

Paradisi In Rhodes – The Village Today

As you pass down the narrow street in Paradisi, you cannot help but notice the buildings from centuries ago. Of course, more modern structures have been built since, but they sit together really well and the village has a warm friendly feel to it.

At the entrance to the village and as you approach, you can witness the fortress ruins from the times of the Knights Of Saint John.

As you progress down the road, there is a beautiful village square.

The Village Square - Paradisi In Rhodes
The Village Square

Here you will always see the locals gathering and enjoying the cafeterias and restaurants.

It is a very friendly place, and if you want a real taste of the Greek Cuisine, this is a great place to do it!

Paradisi today is also famous for its freshly baked bread.

There are handfuls of bakeries that line the street, and people from all over the island come to take their bread from here.

If you visit early in the morning, you can smell the fresh bread being baked as you pass down the street.

Also, as you pass through the area of Paradisi, you will find a beautiful ceramic shop on the main street. Make sure you stop here and see some of the amazing pottery that is designed and produced. This is a great place to pick up as a souvenir too.

One Negative Point

As with any place that sits next to an airport, you have the noise and the smell from the aircraft. Again, there is nothing one can do about this, but it is maybe good to be aware of it.

The runway at Diagoras Airport runs parallel and behind the whole length of the village, and on the back road you can see the aircraft during take-off and landing. You will often see a lot of people gathering here.

If you like aircraft then you will love this place, if you do not like noise then you will not 🙂

  • The Old Village Structures - The Village Of Paradisi In Rhodes
    The Old Village Structures

Paradisi In Rhodes – Overall

Although Paradisi is a simple village, I really like it here.

The ceramic shop I mentioned is well worth a visit.

Having a look here and then going to enjoy a nice bite to eat in the village square is a nice way to spend a couple of hours.

Many times I have passed by with friends to sit in the square with a nice glass of Ouzo, it passes the time quite nicely 🙂

Thanks for reading, and if you have anything to add or share I would love to hear from you.

Maybe you have been to the island of Rhodes and passed through (or even stayed in) Paradisi.

Maybe you are hoping to visit and have something you need to ask?

Just leave me a comment below and I will reply to you.

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24 thoughts on “The Village Of Paradisi In Rhodes – Your Ultimate Guide To This Greek Village”

  1. Hi Chris,

    I love to see small villages such as this! Although I have never been there, I would love to visit it someday.

    Small villages like this one (Paradisi) have their own history and are usually idyllic places to be. The people are usually very nice people that are connected to each other (if the place is not a popular touristic area).

    Thanks for sharing interesting points about a beautiful small village, that even has an airport.


    • Thanks Oscar.

      Paradisi is a very nice and peaceful village to visit yes. Although tourists do pass through, I would not say it is a popular attraction for tourism. Well worth stopping if you are in the area though.

      Although the Airport is located in the Paradisi area, it is actually the only airport on all the island (with the exception of a military airfield). It serves millions of tourists and business passengers every year. 

      The noise from the airport is the only thing that can sometimes be frustrating when being in Paradisi Village!

      Thanks Oscar, and I too hope you manage to visit sometime.


  2. Ok chris I am with you in this trip to Rhodes through your articles.

    The village of Paradisi sounds like a nice place and has the special Greek flavor which i happen to love.

    But you got me with baking stores and that special smell in the morning. I have visited Greece many times and this is exactly what haunted me from the beginning. it gives you a special home feeling. 

    However, the airport proximity is horrible and although I would visit, it would be a short one.



    • Yes I must admit that I like Paradisi.

      It does have its downside with the airport being right on the doorstep as it can get very noisy and the smell from the aircraft is not always pleasant.

      The positive side is the freshly baked bread being made in the morning. It is a lovely smell, and a perfect visit for breakfast time 🙂

      Thanks Eli.


  3. Hi Chris,

    My wife is really into baking and wants to perform a European trip to learn the different cultures of baking and hopefully take classes from local bakers. 

    I noticed you mentioned that Paradisi is famous for its baked bread with many bakeries. 

    Do any of the local bakeries offer any baking classes for travelers?



    • Hi Tony, the bakeries on the island are mainly just outlets to bake and sell the products. 

      I have never heard of anyone here with these establishments offering tuition or classes. After saying that, I think if you ask nicely, some of them might not mind sharing a secret or two when it comes to the recipes. I cannot promise that though!

      When it comes to baking, there are Greek Cook Books available that will teach you what you need to know!

      I hope this helps!

      Thanks Tony


  4. Hey Chris,

    I found your article exciting and engaging. I am a dreamer and you’ve definitely left me dreaming of this little hideaway beach in Paradisi.

    I have never been out of the country of the United States. But I imagine if I began traveling then I would love to visit little places like this that only the locals hold the secrets of.

    Is there more places you would recommend? I really need to start a travel bucket list. I’m willing to accept recommendations from anyone outside of my country. But only the most secret of places! I find this irresistibly exciting…



    • Hello there Shay. I am happy the information here has left you wanting more!

      Paradisi, as well as many other villages are always welcoming. Many are off the tourist path, so when you make that stop you will see mainly the local folks.

      Paradisi, Soroni, Gennadi, Lachania, Fanes are just a few names that spring to mind, but there are many more.

      If you like to get away from the hustle and bustle and see the small areas that not many people take notice of, Rhodes is a great place to do this!

      I hope to see you here soon!

      Thanks Shay, nice to hear from you.


  5. This looks like a lovely place! I’ve been to Rhodes before, but can’t remember exactly where as it was a few years ago now I did enjoy it and I’ve always loved Greece!

    Paradisi looks like it’s full of history, and the old buildings look like they’re full of character. I also think it’s great that you forewarn about it being noisy and sometimes smelly from the airport, but I would hope that the smell of bread counteracts that! 

    Thanks for sharing!

    • Hello Joann.

      Yes, I would say that this is the only disadvantage of this area of Paradisi.

      During the summer months the airport is extremely busy and it creates a lot of disturbance in this village. The smell of the burning aviation fuel can put you off your sandwich sometimes 🙂

      After saying that, it is not as bad as i am making it all sound. It really is a lovely village. If you manage to pass through early in the morning while the various bakeries are making the bread, you forget all about the airport.

      It is a village well worth visiting.

      Thanks Joann!


  6. Hi Chris,

    What a wonderful place you have described for Paradisi, it makes me want to jump on the next plane to come and see it for myself.

    You write it so that one can feel being there with you, and almost smell the bread and the ouzo!

    Thank you for this wonderful experience.

    Cheers – Orion

    • Hello Orion, and thanks so much. I am happy you enjoyed your visit here.

      Just be sure to take that flight and come and join me for that Ouzo 🙂 There is nothing quite like sitting in a nice Greek village watching the world go by with a nice drink and snack!

      Paradisi is really perfect for this, it is one of my places when I fancy a quiet relaxing afternoon!

      Nice to hear from you.

      Thanks Orion.


  7. I have visited Rhodes two times before, but I didn’t get the chance to visit the Village of Paradisi. 

    I’m thinking of renting a car the next time I go there, so I will be able to see a bit more of the island. I am also thinking of visiting Marmaris in Turkey on a day trip if there are still routes going there from the city of Rhodes. 

    Do you know anything about this?

    • Hello there John and thanks for passing by.

      When it comes to the small villages, it is easy to overlook them. With them not being on the major list of attractions, many people do not take much notice of them and can even drive through without realizing.

      The next time you are here, make sure you stop in Paradisi. A nice cool drink in the village square is a great way to pass an hour or two.

      Renting a car is definitely a great way to see the island. With a car, you will find everything is readily accessible to you and distances are well within reach. Take a look at the Rent A Car section to read more on this.

      In answer to your question, ferry trips from Rhodes to Marmaris leave and arrive from the port at the city of Rhodes using the Catamaran Service. I have attached a link here for you to take a look and it will show you the Rhodes To Marmaris schedule and price list.

      Let me know if you need anything else.

      Thanks John


  8. Although I have been to Greece and Cyprus, I have never been to Rhodes. Paradisi looks so peaceful and historic and I have heard many good things about it too. 

    I wonder how this island fared since the great crisis in Greece. Are they surviving on their own with their own tourism industry? And what do you do there at night, is there any form of local (dance) folklore or nightlife? 

    In your judgement, does this village live up to its name and if so, how?

    • Great to hear from you Jerry and thanks for your interest!

      I too have been to Cyprus although it was many years ago. I actually lived there for a time as I was stationed there in the military! Happy days 🙂

      It is a shame you have never been able to get to Rhodes yourself. It is a place I am sure you would enjoy. Millions of tourists land on the island every year, and most go home again relaxed and very satisfied!

      The crisis in Greece has of course taken its effect on people and businesses. It is a shame and it is sad to see that over the years many places have been forced to close.

      This is not to put anyone off visiting though. The Greek people stand together, and there is a lot to see, do and appreciate.

      With villages such as Paradisi, the locals really pull together and help one another. They do their best to make the holidaymakers feel welcome, and when it comes to the nightlife there is always a lot going on.

      Of course if you want the nightclubs and dancing, the best place to go is into the city of Rhodes or Faliraki. 

      Paradisi though, has nice small outlets and great places to eat. I remember having a night out in the village square some time ago. I met a lot of the local Greeks, had some Ouzo, a beer or two, some amazing Greek cuisine and a little Greek Dancing. I remember this more than any nightclub experience! I still have friends from that occasion too!

      In my judgement, the place lives up to its name without doubt. Peace? quiet? friendship? Great food and drinks? What is there not to like? 🙂

      Thanks Jerry, it is really great to hear from you.


  9. You make Greece sound so wonderful to visit – it makes me really want to plan a trip to the island of Rhodes. 

    It’s hard to know how to approach an international trip like Greece (which I don’t know anything about otherwise), but reading the articles on your website always helps clarify the reality of different areas. 

    I would have never known the village of Paradisi would be next to the airport. And I really appreciate you always putting villages & castles into context by giving some historical facts. 

    Do you have any articles about weather trends in Greece? When would be the best time to go?

    • Hello Chase and thanks for your visit.

      I am happy you find the information here helpful and useful. I believe in uncovering some of the little secrets the island has to offer, and these can often be found in the villages which are sometimes of the tourist path!

      You will be happy to know that I created a small section on the weather and the best times to visit (depending on your taste). If you look at The Climate Of Rhodes section, you will see the information there. Also, be sure to check other peoples comments, as they have also asked for the same information. You may find some good Q & A’s there!

      Thanks Chase, and I am here if you need anything else!


  10. Hi Chris, I love your reviews about the little villages in Greece. It strikes me as such an easy going pace of life in the sunshine and for me it seems idyllic. 

    Paradisi looks like a lovely place to visit on a summers day. I love the fact that there is just so much history in Greece and it is all still evident today. You always give us an interesting history lesson on this 🙂

    Like you say, there’s only one negative, and that’s those noisy planes ruining the peace and tranquility. Shame, but I guess that’s the price we pay in lots of places these days. 

    Thanks Chris.

    • Hi there Stefanie, it is nice to see you here once again. i hope you are keeping fine.

      I think a lot of the little villages around the island really offer something special that the big attractions do not.

      While i think it is important to see the historical places, it is always nice to venture into the areas where the locals hang out and experience the way of life from their point of view.

      Sitting and meeting the local people offers a great way to learn more about Greece and they can offer some great stories.

      The history in the villages is very important to the island and it can be a shame they are overlooked simply because they are not a ‘tourist attraction’.

      The airport being next to Paradisi is a shame yes. I always thought of Paradise as being quiet and peaceful. The aircraft coming and going all the time does disturb the sense of tranquility, but like you say, this is just the way it is.

      If it was not for the airport, nobody would be able to come here so easily. Everyone would miss out then!

      Thanks Stefanie, great to hear from you. Come back soon!


  11. I have heard quite a lot about Rhodes, but I never thought it is such a beautiful place to visit Thanks to this post it highlights some beautiful aspects.

    You must be a great tour guide because you literally gave me a good tour by just visiting this post.

    Well done. Now you have given me another reason to stick this to my places to visit.


    • Hello Richard and thanks for getting in touch, it is nice to hear from you.

      It might surprise you to learn that I am not actually a tour guide at all. I have just taken time over the years to learn as much as possible about the island. 

      There is a lot of history here, and in my own opinion I would find it disgraceful for me to not understand some of it.

      As time went on, I also became aware that a lot of tourists were visiting and leaving again without learning any history. Some do which is great, but a lot do not. 

      This is what lead me to building this site. I have the knowledge, so why not share it 🙂

      Let me know if you get some plans to visit, and I will make sure you see the best places during your stay!

      Thanks Richard!


  12. Hi Chris

    My wife and I just love Greece and Rhodes is always a special visit. I’ve never been to Paradisi Village, but can imagine the wonderful colors and foliage as I wander down a dusty street.

    I do hope we have the time to experience Paradisi ourselves soon – If we do we will certainly go take a seat in the square with my own nice glass of Ouzo 😉

    Στην υγειά μας.

    • Thank you very much for your comment Tony, it is nice to know you and your lady have seen Rhodes. 

      It is unfortunate you missed out on Paradisi, but hey, it is impossible to see all the locations in one visit. You will need to come back again 🙂

      Although Paradisi is small, it is very quaint and I will admit I really like it. Relaxing in the village square is a really nice experience and there is nothing like soaking in the sun with a cold Ouzo.

      Let me know when you are in town and I will join you both 🙂

      Kαι ευχαριστώ πολύ. Καλή υγεία σε σας



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