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The History In Rhodes is what people come here for. The Island Of Rhodes is soaked in History and you can learn more about it here!

The Roman History Timeline In Rhodes

Julius Caesar - The Roman History Timeline

When we start to talk about the Roman history timeline I can assume that all of us (or nearly all of us) have this wonderful image of brave battles and strong able men. The likes of Richard Burton in Cleopatra from 1963 with the beautiful Elizabeth Taylor, or the strong Russel Crow in Gladiator. Am…

Classical Antiquity Period Of Rhodes

Alexander the Great - Classical Antiquity Period

In this section I want to talk to you about the classical antiquity period of Rhodes. Previously when I was talking about the towns of Kamiros, Ialyssos and Lindos on the prehistory section I mentioned that the Dorians developed these areas and they later became a strength with prosperity. Well in the beginning they were…

Some Prehistory Facts Of Rhodes

The Main Street Steps - Ancient Kamiros In Rhodes

Today I want to talk to you about some prehistory facts of Rhodes in brief that you may not be aware of. Of course the history of Rhodes dates back centuries and there is a lot of detail when it comes to realizing actually how much history is here. Here though I just want to…