Car Rental In Rhodes Greece

Car Rental In Rhodes Greece - Airport

There are literally hundreds of options when looking at car rental in Rhodes Greece. It is a common way to get around the island and is the first choice for millions of holiday makers every year.

Which one do you choose though? Many people are caught out by extra charges they were not ready for as well as other issues. Are you going to be one of them?

Here I will talk to you about renting a car in Rhodes and what to look out for during your visit.

First off, ‘Can I not bring my own car‘? I hear you cry 🙂 Well, you can, but to be honest it is not worth it and you will find it lot more of a headache (and more expensive) than simply rent one during your stay here.

Most of the car rental businesses here are eager to rent you a car and the prices can vary from company to company. You can make arrangements for the car to be ready for you and waiting at the airport for your arrival, or you can settle in first and have one delivered to your hotel (or wherever you are staying).

Car Rental In Rhodes Greece - Rodos Cars

Of course, you will find all the big names here when it comes to car rental. Avis, Hertz, Budget and Enterprise are all big players here but that is not to say you cannot find great deals in other places too. Rodos Cars is another great and reliable company and the service you get is also with that personal touch which you do not always receive with the big car rental agencies. There are also other reputable companies which offers great service and prices.

To be honest the list goes on as there are hundreds of rent a car offices around the island. The only thing I want to make you aware of is the issues with insurance.


The problems people have with insurance is common when it comes to renting a car here. Some companies have promises they do not always keep and when it comes to you needing assistance and they do not always stand by you. Some standalone family businesses can be like this. The big company’s I mentioned above are actually sound when it comes to insurance, Rodos Cars being the best by far in my opinion!

The smaller companies can not be so secure though, and if something happens you can find yourself being asked to pay lots of money!

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A lot of people decide to order their car on the internet before arrival at the airport or ferry port. This way the car and rental agent are waiting for them to make theCar Rental In Rhodes Greece - Airport

delivery at the specified time of arrival. This is common for people who want to have the car for the full duration of their holiday as they can also return the car back to the same place at the end of their stay! It also alleviates the issues of getting around with all their bags once they get here and after a long journey.

Other people prefer to take the buses provided with their holiday package straight to their hotels as they may not want to drive straight away after coming off the aircraft or boat. This way, they get transferred to their hotel or place of residence and if they choose to rent a car later it can be delivered to them without a problem.

You will find that in most of the big hotels on the island there will be a rent a car desk and a representative from one of the car rental companies on the island. For example, if you are staying in an Atlantica hotel, you will be greeted by someone from Rodos Cars in the reception should you want information! Budget also have offices in different hotels as also do Hertz and Avis!

Your Choice!

When it comes to choosing a company to Rent A Car with, it comes down to your own approach and feelings on it. It is not for anyone to say one is better than the other in this case as even the best companies in the world can have an unsatisfied customer. Personally I have rented cars here on the island from Avis and Rodos Cars and the service was excellent, although I will admit Rodos Cars was better priced and all the insurance was included. With Avis, I had to pay extra!

I also have a lot of friends that work in the different Rent A Car companies here and to be honest I do not hear so many bad things when it comes to their service.

If you choose a bigger company with a name yes, you will pay a little more, but trust me it is worth it if anything happens. The smaller companies will not offer you the protection the bigger ones will! That is my opinion anyway!

What You Need

To rent a car in Rhodes you need to meet the following criteria. These vary from company to company but you can use these as a general guideline!

  • A Valid Driving Licence
  • An International Driving License if you are not an EU driving license holder!
  • You must be 21 years or older (25 for special cars such as Cabriolet or Jeeps)
  • You must have been driving more than 1 year!
  • A Valid Passport
  • A Valid Credit Card (some companies will take a cash deposit until your rental is finished)

It is important to note the age restrictions. There are a lot of younger people, for example 18 years old, that go around asking for the latest cabriolet sports cars or huge soft top jeeps. The companies here on the island simply will not do it for someone so young, especially when the cars are from the more expensive range. As I said above, the minimum age of the driver needs to be 25 and over for these categories!

Car Rental In Rhodes Greece - Jeep


One of the common problems here is the fact that some people lose their sense of responsibility due to them being on holiday. They will sometimes do things that they normally would not do if they were back home. Drinking and driving is one of them!

Yes I know, holidays are holidays, we all want to have a beer or a glass of wine with our meal or have a night out. A word of warning though, if you have an accident and you have been drinking the Greek Police will not tolerate it in any way!

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Many accidents have occurred in the past and you really do not want to be one of these statistics. And let’s not forget, no matter how good you think your insurance is, it will not cover you if you have been drinking, so think ahead! If you are planning a night out, consider using the bus service or a taxi instead! Do not risk drinking alcohol and driving a car.

The Greek Driving

Car Rental In Rhodes Greece - George Rent A Car

One of the most common questions people ask before renting a car is with reference to the Greek drivers! Well what can I say? Good or Bad?

They can seem to drive a little on the fast side, and they do seem easily distracted! It is not uncommon to see them chatting away on their mobile phones oblivious to what is going on around them! The only thing I will say is, let them get on with it. You follow the rules, take your time and do not race.

You will never change the way people drive, not in Greece or anywhere else, so you just do your own thing and be safe! For sure there are no reasons here for it to scare you out of renting a car to see the island.

But On A Lighter Side

Renting a car really is the best way to see the island. You can move around in your own time, see what you want to see and when you want to see it. You are not tied to someone else’s timetable and you can come and go as you please. If you were to ask me the best way to get around Rhodes, this is definitely the way!

99% of the island is safe to drive around and the road signs are in both Greek and English. The island is easy to navigate and the coastal road runs all the way around. If you get lost (which you won’t) look for the sea and you are back on the coastal road! Easy!! 🙂 Only a small number of roads to the south of the island can become a problem inland as they lose the asphalt in places. Other than that you will be fine!

Overall if you rent a car during your stay here you will not be disappointed and you will open the door to see as much as possible!

This covers the car rental section, and you should be able to move forward knowing what to look out for.

If you have any questions about renting a car on the island feel free to let me know! I have a lot of friends in this business like I said, and if I do not know something, then I can find out for you with no trouble 🙂

Leave me a comment too if you have something to share! I always like hearing from you all!


Rent With Minimum Worry Or Stress

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Posted by

Chris Towers

Hi there, I am Chris and I live on The Island Of Rhodes In Greece. I am more than happy to assist you in anyway possible if you are looking for information or help on this amazing Greek Island.

Feel free to leave me a message if you have any questions or need advice!

Hey, maybe you have visited this beautiful place yourself and you have something you want to share?

I look forward to hearing from all of you.

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(80) Comments

  1. glenda

    Hi Chris,

    Thanks for this informative article about car rental in Rhodes Greece as well as promoting how beautiful and safe Rhodes is! whatever your purposes of visiting, whether for leisure or for business you will definitely enjoy.

    This article really provides a traveler the guidelines as to what better option to take, and also I really appreciate for reminding us what should be avoided and how to find our way back when we get lost somehow.


    1. Chris Towers

      Thank you Glenda. It is great you found the information here useful and helpful.

      Thanks for reading 🙂


  2. Michele

    Hi Chris, what a fantastic and informative site, thank you so much. Rhodes has not been on my bucket list but I think it might be now. The Greek Islands are so beautiful with all the  blue Mediterranean seas surrounding them. 

    It is always a concern for travelers when hiring anything (be it a car or motorcycle), as there can be hidden costs which you are not told at the time of hiring. The  worst thing is, at the end of the holiday, you may be hit with extras!

    It does leave a sour taste, where a holiday has been great then at the last, thoughts of have I been had?

    Knowledge is so important, thank you once again.


    1. Chris Towers

      Yeah you are right Michele. 

      The problem is, a lot of the time people are on holiday here in Rhodes, and their guard is down and they are here to have fun. Very often they will take on board what is told to them and they have little in the way of questions.

      It is always good to be thorough, and avoid that sour taste later on.

      There are some good companies here however, so there will be no issue with you finding a great deal for a rental car.

      Thanks Michele, nice to hear from you.


  3. CircleUB

    I totally agree on not bringing my own car. Far way expensive. Although I have not visited Greece yet, I can totally relate. 

    In my area, Hertz are the most picked among many, but not every place is similar in prices for rentals. 

    Locally owned rentals are truly cheaper as long as we don’t get into accidents. It is so good to put the word out there and help many visitors. 

    1. Chris Towers

      Yeah sometimes with the smaller owned car rental companies they can offer a cheaper rate. It is always good to check the insurance though so there are no unwanted surprises should you have an accident on the road.

      For this reason (I personally) choose to select companies with a good history, even if it means paying a little more.

      People always want a bargain and/or a better price, but it is not worth it if you end up paying a heavy fee later on because you did not get a good package.

      We also have Hertz here in Rhodes, as well as the other big players in the rent a car business. They are a little more expensive, but you get what you pay for.

      Thanks, nice to talk to you.


  4. Holly

    Going to Greece is a dream of mine *sigh*. I would be nervous to drive there though! I just am nervous at the thought of driving in another country all together (I’m American). I am sure I would annoy everyone else on the road. 

    Oh well, I bet Greece is used to tourists. I feel a lot better about it reading that you believe it’s the best way to see the island, though, so it can’t be that bad then, right? 🙂 

    1. Chris Towers

      Hey Holly.

      Don’t worry, driving here is actually quite OK. You do not need to panic or stay rooted to one place. Getting around by car is a great way to see the island.

      While driving, just take your time and go with the flow. You will do fine 🙂

      Many people are afraid of driving in a new place or in a completely new country, but if you keep calm and do not rush, everything will be fine.

      Thanks Holly


  5. Kara

    Wow! This website had so much information! I had no idea that all the big name rental companies were abroad.  I’m not sure why that surprised me but it did.  I do have one question…how do you get an EU drivers license? Also, do you have to have had it also for a year? 



    1. Chris Towers

      Hi Kara, to obtain an international drivers licence I would suggest you contact your driving licence authority in your home country and they will be able to advise you.

      The international drivers licence is issued for a period of one year. It is usually given to you in order to travel to countries that require it, so this is not something you need to have 1 year in advance.

      I hope this helps

      Thanks Kara


  6. Riza

    This is a great post. I have never rented a car but I might start with my visit to Rhodes next June. I am not that good a driver though, as I am only 21 and quite new on the road. 

    I found your article very helpful and look forward to renting one soon especially in Rhodes. 

    Thank you very much for this insightful post.

    1. Chris Towers

      Hey Riza, yes age and experience is something you need to be aware of when trying to rent a car in Rhodes.

      All of them have rules when it comes to age and how long you have held a license. Some companies require you to be 22 years old and driving for more than 1 year. 

      You will find variations on this, but this is a general rule of thumb.

      Let me know when you are making your final plans to visit, and I will be happy to help you dig out the best deal.

      Thanks Riza


  7. Rika

    Hi Chris,

    It seems too me like Rodos Cars Rental is the way to go.  Not too big and you get the personal touch with decent insurance and assistance.  Can you tell me what is the driving speed limit for Rhodes?  Do you drive on the left or right side of the road?

    Thanks again for a very helpful and informative post!

    1. Chris Towers

      Hello Rika.

      Yes for sure Rodos Cars is a good choice, but you will always have people that are loyal to what they know.

      In all honest, most of the big names here do offer  good service, and Rodos Cars is up there with the best of them on the island. 

      In answer to your questions, we drive on the right side of the road here in Rhodes, and the speed limits are as follows.

      In the city and in the villages the speed limit is 50 km per hour.

      On the open roads, the speed limit is 80 km per hour, and certain areas are 60 km per hour. They are all clearly marked.

      Glad you enjoyed the information here, if you need anything more let me know.

      Thanks Rika


  8. Nick

    Thank you for a wonderful review, Chris!  

    I love Rhodes but I have not been there for over 20 years so I expect it’s changed quite a bit since my last visit. 

    That said, we will be taking our next summer holiday in Rhodes and I will rent a hire car for the family.  I normally rent from Hertz or Avis, as I assumed the big companies offer a less risky insurance package and more reliable cars.  I hadn’t given the smaller local companies a thought but it does sound a though this might be an option to look at them again.

    Is it normal to expect to pay a premium for car collection and return at the airport as opposed to local collection?

    1. Chris Towers

      Hello Nick. 

      In all honesty I have never heard of any rental car company charging for collection or delivery at the airport at all.

      I know many people that work in the rent a car business here and I have also worked among some of them here on the island, and I have never once heard of someone being charged for this.

      This is something to be on the lookout for without a doubt, and if you are challenged for this payment, I would question it.

      Thanks for your question. I hope I have been some help.


  9. anthony

    Hello, This is some really great info. I’ve never been to Rhodes, Can you tell me a little about it? Like what is there to do or see? I love to travel.

    1. Chris Towers

      Of course Anthony.

      The things you are looking for are right here on this sit (and there is a lot more coming).

      If you go through on the Start Your Tour Here link, this will take you to the beginning. At the bottom of each page you will also see links to relevant areas of interest.

      Here you can take a look at how to get around, see some history, check out Lindos and The Medieval City. Rhodes Town is also another great place to look into.

      Just feel free to browse around and see what is on offer. Of course, give me a shout if you need anything along the way.

      Thanks Anthony.


  10. Emma

    Hi Chris what a fantastic piece of information. We love holidaying in Greece and Rhodes is one of our favourites. However we always find the whole renting a car thing a bit of a headache and I will not drive over there as I feel that the drivers are so aggressive.

    My husband drives for a living so he copes with it fine. Now that we know about your site we will be using it on a regular basis. If you had to recommend one specifically which one would it be?

    Thanks Emma

    1. Chris Towers

      Hey Emma, great to hear from you. I hope you are visiting Rhodes again soon.

      I know what you mean when it comes to driving. Sometimes, if you are not used to it, or you are in a foreign place, not all people are comfortable to get behind the wheel.

      The best advice for this, is to simply take your time. Let the others be aggressive. I treat them all with the contempt they deserve, and I ignore them. 

      It is good to have a car, as getting around and seeing the island is made all the more easy. Do not let other people on the road upset your holiday 🙂

      In my opinion, I have to offer Rodos Cars Rent A Car as a first choice. I have used many services, but these guys always seem to offer me the best deal and I have never once had an issue.

      Let me know when you are coming back! 

      Thanks Emma


  11. Shelley Ann Morgan

    Hi Chris.

    I have traveled to a few countries, and this information would have helped for these other countries too. I knew nothing about hire cars in terms of insurance, and international licences. I will certainly keep your website in mind when I travel to Greece.

    Your comment about drivers in Greece made me laugh. ​European drivers are more daring than some. My mother is from Spain, and when I visited Spain, Barcelona – I couldn’t believe how the traffic seemed to flow in what seemed a chaotic manner, however there were no accidents.

    My mother does not drive, driving lessons didn’t go well when she was younger. Ha ha ha. When you travel to a country it is so important if you can receive first hand information, from someone who knows the drill.

    And when you hire a car, it’s not something that many people have much knowledge about. So you just guess the process. You’ve left the guess work out. And should we travel Greece, we will definitely be looking up your website.

    Thank you for sharing your expertise and such valuable information!

    1. Chris Towers

      Thank you very much for your comment Shelley Ann.

      There are some countries where the driving and the system on the roads seems chaotic. Although I have never personally driven in Spain, I have taken my chances in Rome and Amsterdam. These were quite challenging, but finally everything went well and I came away without any scars.

      It is important to travel to a place equipped with the information you need to have a stress free time while renting a car. I am happy you found the information here complete and you got what you needed.

      Let me know if you need something in the future and I will be happy to help you out 🙂

      Thanks Shelley Ann, great to hear from you.


  12. flowstash

    When my friends and I travel we always chip in on a rented vehicle and take turns driving. And yes I agree having your own rented vehicle is totally better then having to wait for the cab or a tour bus. It’s like you said we live on their timeline and not ours if we always take the bus.

    I agree with you on the insurance tricksters. The big companies are the best when it comes to insurance. They can actually afford their liabilities vs. small companies that rarely feel obligated.

    1. Chris Towers

      Hello my friend.

      Yes, doing things to your own schedule and time frame is a far better method as far as I am concerned. There is nothing worse than to have to cut a day out short to satisfy someone else’s timetable.

      It is always important to ask about the insurance, even if you think you already know. Having all the information upfront is better than having surprises later if something happens.

      Thanks for reading 🙂


  13. Vicki

    Hi Chris and how wonderful to live is such a glorious place 

    It is on my bucket list to visit Rhodes in Greece as I have seen a lot online and it looks amazing

    I will definitely bookmark your site and go through you to book my rental and get any other tips on being a tourist while I’m there 

    Thank for being so helpful and I look forward to meeting you when I visit this amazing place

    1. Chris Towers

      Thank you Vicki, it is great to know that my information is useful.

      Renting a car and getting around is a great way to see all of the places of interest.

      I am here if you need anything during your stay, just give me a shout 🙂



  14. Genesis

    I always prefer to rent a car when on holiday. It just makes more sense and having your own transport means you can do things spontaneously, just explore, and have fun without worrying about buses or schedules. 

    I have heard that Greece is the perfect place to explore on a motorbike, though. Do these places also rent motorbikes, or is that a totally different area?

    1. Chris Towers

      Hey there.

      Yes, you can get around Rhodes with any form of transport you wish, although I would say a car is a safer option on the roads here.

      There are outlets for renting scooters, motorcycles and quad bikes (ATV). You can find them on the link here.

      Motorcycle Hire In Rhodes

      Thanks and let me know if you need something more.


  15. Jake

    I have rented a few cars from enterprise here in the USA, but I have never been out of the country to where I had to rent a car. I have been to Canada and Mexico, but I never drove in either of them.

    I found this very interesting to read because I remember being fascinated by how they drove in Mexico City. If I ever end up in Rhodes Greece I will be well informed. I have always wanted to visit Greece so maybe I will make it someday.

    1. Chris Towers

      Thanks for reading Jake. 

      It is always good to be informed when it comes to renting a car, so I am happy you found the information here useful.

      Hope to see you here some day 🙂

      Thanks Jake .


  16. Kit

    People often think of renting a car when the go on vacation and are flying to their destinations. 

    However, it can make sense to rent a car for a road trip. It puts the mileage on another vehicle, and you have the added protection of the car rental company helping you out if you were to break down.

    1. Chris Towers

      Yeah these are good points, but I want to let you know a couple of things when it comes to renting a car in Rhodes.

      First of all, because Rhodes is a small Mediterranean Island, the only way to get here with a car is by boat. This can be quite pricey.

      Also, if you rent a car in Rhodes, a lot of them tell you that you are not allowed to leave the island with the car. This is for insurance purposes. Most of the time, if people come to Rhodes it is because they want a holiday in Rhodes. The chances of the wanting to make a tour off the island (i.e a road trip) is small.

      Certainly visiting Rhodes is made far easier by traveling here with the plane. Most people do this. There are boats/cruise ships that come and go but only a few local Greek people will bring their cars across from the mainland.

      As a rule, it is better to take a rental car during your stay in Rhodes. Naturally, your point stands if you have a breakdown. Most of the companies offer a breakdown service should you need it.

      Thanks Kit, I appreciate you getting in touch and thanks for your comment.


  17. Inspired Marketing

    For someone who loves to travel this is a solid guide. Its good to know what you’re getting into before renting a car.

    Knowing that a small family-owned business could potentially fall through on their promises when it comes to support and insurance is crucial information to have when making a decision.

    From your recommendation it sounds like Rodos cars is a safe bet, I’ll absolutely check them out if I make my way out there!

    1. Chris Towers

      Hello there and welcome, it is great to have you here.

      Yes, Rodos Cars is a very safe choice when it comes to choosing a rental car service here. I have also used them and have never had any issues at all.

      It is always good to acquire important information before renting a car, and I am glad you found my post helpful.

      Thanks, and let me know if you ever need anything prior to a visit to Rhodes.


  18. Glenys

    Hi Chris,

    Thank you for this great article on Car Rental In Rhodes. You are right of course, when I travel I often ask myself “can I take my personal car on this trip?”

    As much I would like to…. alas so often the answer is no and I should just expect to rent a car when I get to my holiday destination instead.

    I am one of those tourists who like to book a car in advance (usually over the internet) and pick it up at the airport and drop it off back there so I don’t have to waste drive returning the vehicle on the other side of town and then I run the risk of getting lost and missing my flight!! (That would be AWFUL!)

    What is your worst fear when it comes to a rental car on holidays?

    1. Chris Towers

      Hey Glenys, great to have you here.

      To be honest, renting a car once arriving in Rhodes is far better than trying to get here with your own transport, and it is a lot cheaper too.

      Booking ahead is also a great idea especially if you are visiting in the high season when it is very buy. it is always better to pre-plan rather than get here to find everything fully booked.

      As for fears, I do not have any in all honesty. The process here for renting a car is very straight forward, even if you do it online. Just be sure to check the insurance details. Apart from this you will be just fine.

      Thanks Glenys. Let me know if you need something else.


  19. Daniella

    Hi Chris, Great article!

    The whole family is planning a trip to Greece next May, and we didn’t know where to go exactly. We thought of going to Crete, but when we saw your website, we finally decided to opt for Rhodes. Thank you for all the details about rental cars. It will come in handy once we get there.

    How is the traffic in Rhodes? Are there hours we should avoid?

    Thanks again!

    1. Chris Towers

      Hi Daniella

      If you come in May time having a rental car is a great choice to see the island.

      During this period it is not too busy as it is not the full high season, so you will get around with little traffic and congestion. No problems at all 🙂

      Thanks for reading, and I am happy my information here led you from choosing Rhodes over Crete!

      Thanks, and let me know if you need any more details prior to you getting here.


  20. Tiffany Domena

    Hi Chris! It’s very cool that you live on the island of Rhodes. There’s a very colorful history it seems.

    Regarding rental cars in Greece, it sounds almost typical of renting a car anywhere else, but why do you think it’s more of a pain to bring your own car? What obstacles make it so much of a pain?

    I’d love to visit the island one day. That’s a bucket list item for me.

    1. Chris Towers

      Well Tiffany, it is very expensive to bring your own car here on the island for the following reasons.

      Fuel: It is quite expensive to drive all the way from your home country, across Europe to get to the locations to take the ferry boat to Rhodes.

      Boat: As the island of Rhodes is a small island in the Mediterranean, the only access with a car is with boat, which again can take a nice sum of money from your pocket.

      Insurance: Bringing your own car usually needs you to contact your insurance company and arrange extra insurance out of your home country.

      There are of course numerous scenarios to consider, but overall, you will find it so much cheaper simply renting a car here on the island.

      I hope this helps you.If you need more just let me know!



  21. TJ

    Hi Chris,

    I really enjoy learning about vacation destinations around the world. I am creating a list with my wife and hopefully we’ll have a chance to go to Rhodes some day!

    I had the same question as another reader about the international license, but after reading through the comments I feel more comfortable getting that figured out.

    What is the best time of year to visit? I prefer to look at times that are less busy but still nice weather.

    Great information! Thanks!


    1. Chris Towers

      Hi TJ, happy  to know you found the answers you were looking for here when it comes to renting a car.

      If you check out my section on The Climate Of Rhodes, it offers lots of information about the best times to visit while bearing the weather in mind. Again in the comments, plenty of people have had the same questions. 

      If you need more let me know!



  22. Chris

    Hi Chris!

    I really liked the article! I had no idea there was so much to write about for renting a car on Rhodes Island! I really don’t think I have any questions after reading this!

    I can tell you, once I start traveling the world and make a trip to the Island of Rhodes this is where I’ll be coming to scope things out!

    1. Chris Towers

      Hi Chris and thanks so much for reading. I am happy I covered all the bases for you here.

      If you do find you need further information on anything, feel free to give me a shout.



  23. Phil

    I have been to Rhodes before and want to visit again. Last time I went, I could not rent a car, since I was only 19 years old and just had my driving license for a few months. 

    Next time I will visit there, I definitely will rent one. It’s just so much nicer to actually have the freedom to drive to any place you whenever you want to. 

    I don’t think Greek drivers are any concern to me, once you have rented a motor scooter in Thailand, you are immune to any madness on the streets 🙂

    1. Chris Towers

      Hey Phil I know what you mean when you talk about those crazy people on 2 wheels.

      The scooter drivers here are not overly cautious either, so it is always good to be on the lookout and have your wits about you.

      A car is a better option and it is safer. At least during your next visit you will be eligible to rent one, so you will have a better time with more freedom to go when and where you want.

      At least this way you will be able to see all of the island and its attractions at your leisure.

      Looking forward to seeing you back here Phil.



  24. CT

    It’s really great. When I saw your section on the butterfly valley in another post, I already had a question in my mind. Can I rent a car there?

    If you travel in Hong Kong, there is no need to rent a car because Hong Kong is too small and the transportation is very good.

    If I go to the USA, I must rent a car. If you have no car, it would be very inconvenience. I think this situation is ther same as Rhodes/Greece?

    So, you have provided me a lot of useful information. The most important is the criteria when I want to rent a car and some information of the driving environment.

    Thank you so much. If I go to Rhodfdes in the future, I will think of you.