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Greek Customs is a way of life in Greece. Greek people are very proud of their customs and traditions. The tourists like to experience them too!

Occupations In Rhodes


I want to talk to you briefly here about the occupations in Rhodes. Now when I say occupations, in this instance I am not referring to the history of the island and the people that have occupied it in the past, but more about the working life here. Of course Rhodes has survived many historic…

The Way Of Life In Greece

Greek Family Life - Courtesy Of Zorlusert (Wikimedia Commons)

When it comes to the way of life in Greece I think people have their own opinions. Would you say they are hard-working? Would you say something else? I know only too well that a lot of people assume the way of life in Greece is easy. It is assumed a lot of the Greeks…

Public Holidays In Greece

Public Holidays In Greece

There are Public Holidays in Greece as there are in any other country, and the customs and culture in Greece would not be complete without the important events that take place through the year. We all love to celebrate with our families over the Christmas period, we all like to receive an Easter egg every…

Traditional Food In Greece

Customs And Culture In Greece - Dinner Table

One of the main cultures is the traditional food in Greece. The Greeks love to eat, and to experience the cuisine during your visit to Rhodes is a must. There are lots of places waiting to offer you the best in traditional Greek dining, and hey – you are on holiday, so why not eh?…

Customs And Culture In Greece

Greek Flag - Customs And Culture In Greece

Under this section for Customs And Culture In Greece, I want to guide you in the way of the done things here. There are many activities that take place in Greece which are not necessarily the done thing in other parts of the world. For example the food in Greece is amazing and should be…