The Occupations in Rhodes – Island Life at Work

I want to talk to you briefly here about the occupations in Rhodes.

Now when I say occupations, in this instance I am not referring to the history of the island and the people/countries that have occupied it in the past, but more about the working life here.

Of course Rhodes has survived many historic events as I have talked about in the history pages on this site, but how has that affected the local Rhodian people of today?

Well, as these historic events were happening, the Rhodians had to be able to adapt at that time in order to survive.

They Were Able To Change And Adapt

For example in the Middle Ages, the island had to deal with The Roman Empire, The Knights of Saint John and the Ottoman Rule.

In order to get through these times the local people had to be able to not only conform, but also to revise their way of living.

Over the years the island and its people were a great naval power, and later it fell to commerce during the Ottoman rule and the Rhodians were able to produce a very strong fiscal growth for themselves.

As this growth later diminished a lot of the local people turned to the land. They favored farming and living off the land. They looked after animals and took care of the agriculture.

Occupations In Rhodes – Tourism

As you are most probably aware, due to the location and its beauty, Rhodes has now become a hot spot for tourism.

Tourism in Rhodes - Occupations In Rhodes
Tourism In Rhodes Old Town – Mstyslav Chernov (Wikimedia Commons)

Naturally this has boosted the island in a massive way, as millions of people visit during the summer which has led to the flourishing of businesses.

Nowadays a lot of the occupations in Rhodes that you will see being undertaken will be connected to tourism.

Of course this is where the money is, so it is only natural for people to look for work in these areas.

There is a demand for work when the summer comes and people are happy to get stuck in and do their part for their slice of the pie.

The Old Way Of Life

On the other hand, there are those who prefer to embrace the old way of life. A lot of the local people still love to spend their time on the land growing their own food and taking care of their own.

Me personally, I have some friends that love being outdoors. One of them has

some land filled with olive trees, and he makes his own olive oil and sells it. Another friend has his own allotment and grows his own vegetables which he sells to small shops. I really respect them for that!

There are others that earn their way by keeping bees and producing honey, others go fishing for a living and earn their crust.

If you visit the island, you will see a lot of the time people like this set up a small stalls on the side of the roads on certain parts of the island. The tourists stop in their thousands every year to taste and buy a little something.

Living Off The Land - Occupations In Rhodes
Living Off The Land – Occupations In Rhodes

Occupations in Rhodes – Other Skills

Embroidery, carpet making and Greek Pottery are also popular here with some local people designing, making and selling their work. These are definitely things not to miss.

I think it is great that people come here and see the highlighted areas such as the Medieval City, The Acropolis of Lindos and The Ancient City of Kamiros etc, but some of these other hidden little secrets can allow you to really see the pride the Greeks have!

They undoubtedly have skills when it comes to handcrafts, and some of the work they produce really is breathtaking. If you get the chance to see it, do not let it pass you by!


As you can see, although the island is dominantly tourism when it comes to the working life here, there are other areas too which can be easily overlooked.

Have you visited Rhodes before and tasted the beautiful homemade honey or the amazing olive oil? Maybe you have seen some of the ceramics produced here by the local people?

I would love to hear your thoughts.

Leave me a comment below and I will get right back to you!

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28 thoughts on “The Occupations in Rhodes – Island Life at Work”

  1. What about working online? I make animated films, so could in theory pack up and move to Rhodes and base myself there. Does Rhodes have good enough Internet for online workers? 

    Do you know of any others incomers that work in some kind of online role? The thought of being able to work in such a lovely environment really does sound appealing.

    Maybe there are others who work online in Rhodes and could give me some information. 

    If so please comment underneath.

    • Hey Ray, yes of course, there are people that do work online too.

      A lot for the big establishments now have their own websites. These naturally need to be maintained and updated, and I know a couple of people that actually do this for a living.

      I would not say it is a run of the mill thing, there are not many doing this, but there are some.

      It is not a bad place to work from home either 🙂



  2. Nice website, you feel on holidays reading this and I could feel the fresh air from the sea. Interesting to learn the traditions and the cultures from this island too. Life seems going easy there, and nice people. 

    How long is necessary to stay and visit to fully appreciate the island? is the cost of living high compared to the continent? Is it possible to travel from the island to another all year round? 

    I have been in Greece few years ago, but not Rhodes Island. I am looking forward to maybe visiting.

    • Hello Joel and thanks for your great questions.

      First of all I am happy yo enjoyed taking a look around the site. It pleases me that you got the feeling of being here while you were looking through the information. It shows i am looking after my visitors 🙂

      When it comes to visiting the island, it all depends on your interests and the purpose of your visit. Many people come only for the sun and just want to relax at the beach or around a pool. For this a week is a perfect stay!

      If you want to tour around though and soak in the history and the sites, a couple of weeks will allow you to see pretty much all of it.

      The prices on the island have of course risen in the last years. The crippling debt problem has affected Greece as a whole, but as a holiday maker you do not feel it. You can still travel here and have a great time without overspending.

      Living here can offer testing times though yes. Prices and taxes are going up and the salaries are going down. I’ll tell you something though, it is not enough to put me off living here. Although the prices are somewhat higher than they used to be, the mainland and other places in Europe are no better off!

      Travelling island to island is possible too yes – All year around. There is a service here operated by Blue Star Ferries and they make daily trips between the islands and mainland Greece! You can get all the information and prices from their website here. Blue Star Ferries.

      Hope this information helps you Joel. If you need something more, do not hesitate to let me know!



  3. Hi, Chris!

    What an amazing place this is. I loved reading your post and it truly made me want to go and visit soon.

    When would be the best time to go there with the family? When is it not too crowded and the weather is nice?

    We’re not the typical tourists as we enjoy taking the time to getting to know the local people and their day-to-day activities.



    • Hi there Eliane.

      You are very wise to consider the time of year for your visit, that’s for sure.

      Sometimes the temperatures can get really uncomfortable in the summer, especially if you are not used to it.

      The local people work all year though. So whether you make the decision to visit in the winter or the summer, you will see the locals hard at work providing for their families.

      I have made a page within this website which talks about The Climate Of Rhodes, so I hope this offers you more of the information you are looking for. If you read some of the comments too, I have expanded on the information with other people that have had similar questions to yourself.

      Let me know if you need something more though, you know where I am now 🙂

      Thanks Eliane!


  4. I think that I would like to taste homemade honey from Rhodes. 

    Even though it is a tourist hot spot, somehow I think that I would still find that old world charm. As you say, there are still those that live the old way of life. 

    Oh, but to flavor this culture sounds so wonderful! You are so lucky to live here and your website is perfect for telling the story about Rhodes.

    • Hey Leahrae, great to have you back once more.

      Yes, the honey in Rhodes is absolutely delicious. All made here on the island – it is one of the tastes that people like to take home with them.

      The hot spot in Rhodes for the honey is in a place called Siana which is on the west coast of the island and further to the south. It is around a 1 hour drive from the city of Rhodes.

      It is well worth the journey too. There are lots of outlets that sell the honey, as well as the honey factory itself. There are also plenty of shops that sell all sorts of delicacies, including a strong alcoholic beverage called Souma. Not for the faint heart this though and only to be served with food 🙂

      You are right too, I am lucky to be living here, and I am thankful for it everyday. It is great for me to have access to all that Rhodes has to offer and to share it here for people to see.

      Thanks Leahrae!


  5. This is nice to read, a nice history and an update of what’s going on in day to day life there in Rhodes. 

    Reading on how some of my favorite foods are made was nice. The olive oil and honey and the way tourists are welcomed is wonderful. 

    I have a friend who visited Greece and brought me a gift of olive and lavender soap. That was really nice. Are soaps and essential oils made in Rhodes?

    • Hi Janine and thanks for your question.

      Rhodes is a hot spot when it comes to the making of honey. There is a small village on the island down the west coast called Siana, and this is where it is all made. They have the honey factory and you can go and taste and buy it there. It is quite beautiful and many tourists flood the area during the summer months.

      Also this village is famous for making the alcoholic tipple known as Souma. It is a very strong drink which is served perfectly with food. Not for the faint-hearted though. It is extremely strong, so drink it with caution 🙂

      As for the making of soaps on The Island Of Rhodes I am not sure. I know there is a family run company in Corfu – Greece that makes it. I think it is called “Patounis”. This is something I do not know a lot about I will be honest with you. For sure I will investigate it, and if I find out something I will let you know!

      Thanks Janine!


  6. Hi Chris,

    I’m glad I’m here again on your website to read one more of your articles about Rhodes.

    This time you share a great article about what people do in Rhodes as an occupation.

    I guess Rhodes might be beautiful and it shares with the tourists so many things, tourism has become the main source of income for many countries and people, and I think it’s nice to share what every place has to offer to people to visit the place. And I’m sure Rhodes has so many beautiful and interesting places to offer.

    It’s also nice to read what people do there as a regular job, and it’s important that some people keep on the regular occupations of each place, this way they can keep traditions and the “lifestyle” of each place.

    I’m sure I will love to visit Rhodes one day!

    • Hey there Alejandra, great to have you back, I hope you are keeping well.

      Yeah, I mean it is important for every place to maintain its infrastructure don’t you think? I know the island of Rhodes is a touristic island, as are thousands of other islands world wide, but let’s face it, the tourists are not always here and there. There are seasons to consider, and out of the summer season, these places need to have stability.

      People working in the public sector, farmers and thus are so important. There are people here that make their own olive oil, grow their own fruits and vegetables in order to make a living. Sometimes I see them working so hard, but always in the background. The produce they deliver is taken for granted, and these people go very unnoticed.

      This is why I thought it was important to give them a mention. So next time you are on holiday, and you see someone digging away in an allotment on the side of the road, do not take him or her for granted. The meal you eat that night might come from that very person!

      Also, you might like to know, some of these people that make their own fruits and vegetables etc, sometimes set up a small stall on the side of the road in the hope some people stop to have a taste and maybe buy a little something.

      If you see such an opportunity, make sure you stop. Some of the foods and other items available are delicious, and fresh! Better than you will get in the supermarket anyway 🙂

      Thanks Alejandra, nice to hear from you again!

  7. Hi Chris,

    Great article. I’ve always wanted to travel to Greece but the only place I ever hear about is Athens…the birthplace of the Olympics. 

    Whenever I think of Greece I always think of Greek Mythology…you know, Zeus, Poseidon, etc! Your website is very informative and gives a wealth of information about Rhodes, Greece. 

    Greece has a rich and full history, whether it stems from reality or mythology it’s very, very interesting. Visiting Greece is definitely on my travel bucket list!

    I always considered the people who work there. I mean we all need attention when on holidays, whether it be in the hotel, or out having a meal, but I never considered the other occupations that you mention. I agree with you when you say they can go unnoticed.

    Thank you.

    • Hi there Phyllis and thanks so much for your comment. It is nice to meet you.

      Yes there is a lot that goes on behind the scenes when it comes to the work in Rhodes. Like you say, when you are staying in a hotel, it is taken for granted that the place is clean, your beds are made and the waiters will bring you your drinks. These are the people on the front line so to speak (among many others of course).

      There is a lot that goes on behind the scenes too like I mention on this post. I just thought it would be important to highlight the hard work they also undertake. It seems a shame for them to consistently go unnoticed 🙂

      Thanks for your interest, and it is nice to know you find Greek Mythology enjoyable to follow. There is a lot of history here, and if you ever manage to get here you will really enjoy it.

      Start working your way through that bucket list 🙂

      Thanks Phyllis


  8. What a more beautiful or more romantic place to write about than this island in Greece!!.

    What a beautiful place this must be. When reading this, the mind just goes off to the olive orchards and fishermen at the wharf’s.

    It is great writing. It captured me immediately.

    Are you a full time resident there or are you a tourist also? What strikes me here is the diversity.

    • Hello Mike and thank you for your comment.

      I am happy you liked the information here and it offered you a little bit of a journey 🙂

      I am actually from the UK originally, but yes – I live here now on the island of Rhodes in Greece.

      I have been here for over 10 years. If you like, you can take a look at my About Me page, and you can read a little about myself and my journey that brought me here 🙂

      Thanks for your visit Mike 🙂


  9. I have never been to an olive tree plantation before. It would be cool to visit one on the Island of Rhodes and hopefully be able to witness the actual oil-making process from start to finish.

    Is that even possible for tourists? Well, anyway, its great to know that there are many very talented and crafty entrepreneurs on that Island. Just curious, what types of fishes do people normally catch over there?

    Great article as always!

    • Hey there thanks so much for passing by and of course for your question.

      Olive oil is very popular here and a lot of tourists that visit never leave without taking some home. This also goes for the honey too 🙂

      As for seeing the making of the olive oil in action, indeed you can do that. There is a small village on the east coast of the island called Archangelos. Here you can visit the Olive Oil factory and see how it is all made, and of course you can sample some too.

      As for this fishing, it is very popular too and a lot of the fisherman provide the fish for the restaurants.

      All around the coast of Rhodes you will find fish such as the Mediterranean Damsel, Saddled Sea Bream, Garfish and Painted Comber.

      These are the ones I know of from the front of my mind, but I am far from a fisherman so I am no expert here 🙂

      I hope this answers your Questions Farhan!

      Thanks 🙂


  10. Awesome Article!

    Just so you are aware, I have never been to the Island of Rhodes but it does seem like a very interesting place to visit.

    I think it is really cool that the people that live their are able to embrace whatever style of living that they please, whether its old fashioned or “new”.

    • Hi there and thanks so much for your comment.

      A lot of the work on the island like I mention is with the tourist trade. But yes, the other work that people undertake is also important.

      I also have full respect for the Greek people as they are not afraid of hard work when it comes to working for themselves. There is nothing they love more than working on the land and growing their own food.

      A lot of the time these occupations are overlooked due to the huge tourist trade. It can sometimes take away the attention from the people in the background. They do an awesome job for sure.

      Thanks 🙂


  11. I remember visiting Rhodes some time ago when I worked on the ships.

    It’s a beautiful place with some wonderful little cafes and restaurants. I would recommend this place to anyone.

    Unfortunately I could only stay for one day. The ship I was on was sailing the same day it arrived. I’m sure if I had more time there would much more to discover.

    • Hey John thanks for your comment.

      Yes the cruise ships and other vessels are docking in the harbor all the time and like you say, sometimes they are only here for a few hours.

      I think most of them arrive in the morning around 8 o’clock and by 5 to 6 o’clock they are departing again.

      It does not give people a long time to discover the different places unfortunately, but the positive side is that the Medieval City greets you on your arrival, so this is a blessing for sure.

      There are a lot of small friendly cafes and restaurants too like you mention, and a lot of people have these as their main place of work. Small businesses are popular and a lot of the tourists like to use them to get a taste of Greece!

      Thanks for passing by John, and lets hope you can get here again, the next time for a little longer 🙂


  12. Hi Chris!!

    Wonderful article! I have been wanting to go to Greece for quite some time! Is there a certain time of year that is best to visit Rhodes?

    Also, if I were to stay in Rhodes, where would be the best place to stay? Are there any resorts there?

    Thanks so much for the information!

    – Nicole

    • Nicole hi, how are you? I hope fine!

      When it comes to considering the best time to visit Greece you need to consider the weather.

      In all honesty, the opportunities to see the island are the same throughout the year. Everything stays open from the beginning until the end of the summer season, so what ever you can do and see in May, you can also do the same in August for example, or October.

      The weather is the only difference. Depending on if you like it cool, hot, too hot 🙂 etc. I have some information on the climate of Rhodes here. Take a look and it might clear some points up for you.

      For the resorts, yes there are many. I do not have them on the site yet as I am preparing more information for this section, but they are coming. On saying that, if you want to know something with regards to times and places to book, let me know and I will help you out. Contact me here if you like, I am always around 🙂

      Thanks Nicole, I appreciate you getting in touch!


  13. Chris this looks like a destination I would enjoy.

    Your point on the tourist trap spots is spot on as with most destinations, but the locals is what I would seek out.

    Your article on The Way of Life shows the core of Rhodes and it’s people. Thanks for this great insight.

    • Hey there and thanks for reading.

      I will agree with you here, most people who travel to any destination world wide will always seek out the hot spots and the most famous attractions.

      This is not wrong by any means, after all, if it was not for these said attractions not so many people would travel to these areas in the first place.

      I just think that sometimes there can be really hidden treasures if you venture off the tourist path. This is something not many people do, and they really miss out on the real life of the place they are visiting.

      Rhodes is no different. Work your way into the inside of the island, away from the beaches and attractions and get to meet the locals in the villages. You will have the best time.

      Thanks again.


  14. This is quite a fascinating article on Rhodes.

    I visited Greece and few years back and unfortunately never made it to the island. I did meet a number of Rhodes citizens and they are a genuinely friendly and beautiful people.

    Many of the Greek islands are almost entirely un-populated during the winter months due to the lack of tourism and therefore work.

    I take it that Rhodes is different in this respect as there is still other kinds of industry on the island?

    • Hey Keith. thanks for your comment!

      Rhodes is populated the entire year yes. In fact, as far as number go, the population of the island (actually people residing here) is around 110 thousand – including me 🙂

      There is a lot of activity in the winter as people go about their daily business and it is anything but quiet.

      People do have their work even when no tourists are here. Like I mention, they have their own plots of land etc which they attend to.

      Of course there is a lot in the way of shops, coffee shops, banks etc which also allow for people to work. Mostly though, it is a quiet time. A lot of the Greeks tend to kick back and prepare for the next summer season coming along!

      It is great that you have managed to visit Greece too Keith. If you manage to plan another visit make sure you get to Rhodes. It is an amazing place.

      Thanks again!



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