Sightseeing On Rhodes – Do Not Miss Out Essential Locations

Sightseeing On Rhodes - Greek Flag

Of course if you ever decide you would like to undertake some sightseeing on Rhodes there are numerous places you can visit. Let’s face it, you come to a place to see what it has to offer with regard to history and beauty!

Well the island of Rhodes is just the place and some of the attractions are simply breathtaking!

A lot of people have problems when it comes to the sites.

What to see? Where to go? How to get there?

Here I want to show you around the island’s places of interest. This way you will be able to decide what places are of interest to you, where they are and what to expect.

Whether you want the peace of a quiet beach to soak in the sun or you would like to see the Old Medieval City in all its glory, there is definitely something for everyone here on the island of sun!

You can even visit Rodini Park, and although you are close to the middle of a city, you would never believe it once inside.

Sightseeing On Rhodes: Where To Start?

Well, to be honest, it does’t really matter as long as you do not miss anything out 🙂

What I want to do here is guide you through the sites and allow you to dive further into the areas of interest. Naturally there are a thousand of things to see and do in Rhodes so I will divide them up as not to swamp you with information all at once.

Take your choice from the tour buttons below.

If you need any extra information, don’t forget I am here and am happy to answer any questions you may have! Leave a comment below.

Check out this video below for a preview of the things to see on the island.
Click Below And Start Your Sight Seeing Tour Of Of Rhodes.

28 thoughts on “Sightseeing On Rhodes – Do Not Miss Out Essential Locations”

  1. Hey Chris, another great post about Rhodes – a beautiful place.

    I may never get to go there, but If I ever need a place where I want to travel and vacation, then I’m gonna keep the Island of Rhodes in mind.

    I’d love to see the medieval city.

    • Hello Fred, never say never my friend.

      Modern technology has made the world a small place and it is never more than a few hours flight to get to where you want to go. Where are you from by the way?

      The medieval city in Rhodes is a really special place, and one I recommend everyone to see during their lifetime.

      People come from all over the world to see it, so why not join in on the excitement? 🙂

      Thanks Fred


  2. Hello Chris

    Great article and video. You are certainly ‘drawing me’ closer to your destination of choice.

    I am seriously considering a trip. Your website is awesome and it will be my travel guide. Great job!



    • Hey Michelle and thanks once again for your visit. I can see you have become a regular here. Thank you 🙂

      I really hope you can make it here one day. It is a great place and one that will give you many memories.

      I am waiting for your arrival!

      Thanks Michelle


  3. It is fascinating that the medieval city is so well preserved.

    Do you know if there are guides available to explain the history as you go?

    • Hey there.

      Yes for sure there are guides do not worry. In actual fact if you come to Rhodes on a holiday, you will get a lot of information either from your tour operator or even in your hotel.

      A lot of the time, welcome meetings take place for the people arriving on their holidays and they can arrange a tour for you without any issues.

      I would say this is probably the easiest way to go about it.

      I also know a couple of people that work in tourism and I could happily put you onto them too if you prefer that route.

      Just let me know 🙂

      Thanks for your question, and yes, the medieval city has been preserved exceptionally well. It is a beautiful location and one not to miss.


  4. Hi Chris, I always say that you sell Rhodes to me every time I see your posts. It always looks a great place and a beautiful place to visit. There are so many lovely places to see that it was difficult what to look at first.

    I definitely do intend to visit your beautiful country sometime and will certainly ask your advice when I do for where to stay.

    • Anytime Cheryl. I am always here 🙂

      There is a lot to see and appreciate on the island, so it is important to plan ahead if you do not want to miss out on anything.

      Let me know whenever you need information and I will happily help you out.



  5. Wow! There is so much history hidden on that island. I love medieval castles and their mysterious history. The Old Medieval City would be probably the first place I would visit for sure! 

    Do you know if there were any mysteries or medieval drama happened in the Palace? 

    Rhodes Island is definitely my next stop when in Europe next time.

    • Hey there Anna and thanks for getting in touch.

      I also am a lover of the medieval sites. I love walking around them and visioning what life must have been like back in the day!

      I pay a visit to the medieval city here in Rhodes quite  lot. In the winter time, it is quiet – and this is when you can really see and feel the history.

      A lot has happened in years past Anna yes. There is a lot to say when it comes to Rhodes Medieval City. 

      For this reason I dedicated a whole section to it on the site. If you click on this link for The Medieval City, you will find all the information here! (including The Grand Masters Palace)

      Hope this helps you, and of course I am here if you need something else!



  6. Great article. 

    Rhodes has been on my bucket list for some time, and this article and not least the photos, have not slowed that interest down!

    About the food, if I want to try what the locals like most, what should I order?

    How is the nightlife, discotheque or pubs and the key areas?

    • Hi Johann and thanks for your questions.

      As well as seeing the sites here, it is natural to take some time out for yourself and relax.

      The nightlife here is very good, especially in the summer months. If you visit the Medieval City in the evening the place is full with people visiting the bars and restaurants.

      To be honest you can be spoiled for choice when it comes to going out. There is so much on offer, so you will have no problem finding something to suit your taste!

      As for your question on the food, I have a section on the website dedicated to this. Have you read it? If not you can find it under the Traditional Food In Greece area. I hope there it answers some of your questions.

      If you need more though just let me know 🙂

      Thanks Johann


  7. I have heard about how great a place Rhodes is.

    I nearly had a chance to go and visit while I was on holiday in Marmaris – Turkey which is a ferry boat ride away from Rhodes.

    I’m assuming it is very similar to Turkey in terms of landscape, architecture and the people might have similar customs as the Turks as both people have lived side by side for centuries.

    • Hey there and thanks for reading 🙂

      I myself have made this boat trip that you mention but of course I went from Rhodes to Marmaris. It is a very peaceful and pleasant journey and the scenery is breathtaking.

      There are also a lot of Turkish people that live on The Island Of Rhodes, and you are right to a point, their cultures are similar in many ways. The Turkish community here have had no problems settling into the way of Greek life.

      Next time you get to visit Marmaris, be sure to make the journey across to Rhodes. You will not be disappointed!



  8. Rhodes looks like a pretty amazing place. What a cool story that you were able to move to a place that you loved to visit.

    I do most of my accommodations with hotel reward points. Are there any hotels that have rewards programs there?

    Also, how long of a stay would you recommend to take it all in?

    • Hi Dustin and thanks for your questions.

      When it comes to the hotels and finding accommodation I will be honest and say I have not heard of a reward or point system in use, but that does not mean there aren’t any. Do me a favor and send me a private message from the contact page, and i will look more into it for you.

      As for the duration of your stay, I would recommend a 2 week vacation. In 1 week you can see a lot, but it is surprising how fast the time passes and it is still easy to miss out on what there is to offer.

      Over 2 weeks you will definietely get to see most of the island.

      Hope this helps Dustin, and do not forget to send me that message so I can dig a little deeper for you.



  9. Hello Chris

    While thinking where to take my summer vacation that is not too expensive, a friend suggested Greece.I was surprised that it did not cross my mind, I’m from Europe so flights with EasyJet to Greece and neighboring islands are cheap.

    While looking more into it, your page came up and I’m really excited, I`ve never been to Rhodes Island.Now I like my time in the sun but sightseeing in a foreign country is a must, how else is one to learn about a place than sight see?

    But before I can get there, I have to find a flight.Could you please advice where to stay while on the Island but on the cheaper budget? I don`t mind out of the way bed and breakfast.

    Another question I`d like to ask you as a local is, is it safe there in the evenings?I don`t plan using taxis.

    • Hey there yes I am happy to help you out here with your questions.

      When it comes to the island of Rhodes it is considered pretty much safe. There is very little that goes on in the way of crime and people walk the streets quite safely at night.

      In the years I have been here, I personally have never experienced any trouble, and to be honest I also do not know anyone who has. So you can have peace of mind.

      When it comes to finding accommodation in Rhodes you have a lot of options. There are many bed and breakfast places you can stay, and depending on the timing of your you visit, you can get good package deals with the accommodation included.

      On saying that, I am happy to help you out. If you want to let me know when you plan to visit Send me a message on the contact me page) and I will do some hunting for you… No problem 🙂

      Rhodes is a beautiful and wonderful place to visit, and some of the sites you will love 🙂

      Look forward to hearing from you Roamy


  10. Hi Chris,

    I remember your site, i must have visited already before and also now, another nice article.

    Just a question, are you living in Rhodes? I like Greece very much as does my girlfriend. We are considering options to move to Greece. And just like the first time I saw your site, again it gives me inspiration to go there with the option to start a new life. Also here in your article the diversity is very attractive for us.


    • Hi Philip.

      Yes I do live on The Island Of Rhodes. I have been here for around 10 years.

      I understand the thought process that needs to go into moving to a new country. It is worth it in the end, but just make sure you cover all your bases first.

      If you need something along the way feel free to let me know. I can help you out for sure.

      There are a lot of plus points to living here, but like everywhere you need to survive and make good choices.

      I am here if you need me 🙂

      Thanks Philip


  11. Wow, a great place to visit, it has everything , The Medieval Town, beaches, forests, nightlife.

    Actually, I will consider this in my next vacation plan . However, I have to have a look at the prices and vacation offers from my country and I strongly believe it would be a great experience.

    • Hi Sam and thanks for passing by here.

      Rhodes actually does have pretty much everything that you need to enjoy a great vacation!

      When it comes to booking prices can vary from company to company and of course the time of year that you visit has a bearing on the price too.

      Let me know Sam if you need something when it comes to booking. I know a lot of people here in the tourist industry and i am sure i can find some further information for you.

      You know where I am if you need me 🙂



  12. Wow there seems a lot to do and see on Rhodes. If we were to visit ow long would you recommend spending there?

    If longer than a day is there accomodation and food available etc, or would we need to go off the Island?

    How about getting around, or is it all very close together?

    • Hi Mark and thanks for your questions.

      Rhodes has a holiday environment, so when it comes to accommodation and food they are plentiful I assure you. It is one of the most visited islands in all of Greece, and no expense is spared in making sure people’s stay is as comfortable as possible.

      When it comes to the duration you want to stay, of course it is up to you. Some people come and stay for 3 weeks, others 2 weeks and of course a short break of 1 week.

      Day trips are not unheard of too.

      I have prepared a full section on getting around Rhodes too if you are interested to take a look 🙂

      I hope this answers your questions 🙂

      Thanks Mark!


  13. Wow what an amazing place! Do you travel for a living or is this just a life passion?

    Why did you pick Rhodes? My family loves to visit historic sites. The medieval castle looks awesome. I bet there is a ton of history there.

    What was your favorite thing about your trip?

    • Hey there.. well no, I am not on a trip or vacation or anything like this.

      I actually made the decision to live in Rhodes some years ago after some changes in my life opened doors for me to be able to do it. If you read my About Me page, you can see all of my story there 🙂

      There is indeed a ton of history here, wherever you turn to be honest. So if your family is a lover of history they would simply love Rhodes. And the Medieval Castle is only just the start 🙂

      Thanks for reading!



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