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The Island Of Rhodes is a beautiful place. Known also as the island of the sun it is located northeast of Crete and to the southeast of the Greek mainland. It is also known as the island of the Knights, which takes its reference from The Knights of Saint John who occupied the island in years past!

The island of Rhodes is the largest of the twelve islands in the Dodecanese!

Millions of people pass through the island each summer for their holidays and this is due to its tropical climate and history. Rhodes is famous for the Old Medieval Town located on the north of the island and also for the history of the Rhodes Colossus among other heritage sites!

The climate of Rhodes is generally a warm one. In the summer months, the temperatures can sometimes be uncomfortable (especially if you have to work) sometimes hitting 40 to 45+ degrees Celsius (104 to 113+ Fahrenheit) depending where you are on the island. In the winter of course these temperatures drop – but never to freezing levels. I think the worst I experienced was around 6 degrees Celsius (43 Fahrenheit), so nothing compared to other countries.

As of today the island has around 115,000 people living here which is not that many at all when you consider other cities around the world! Around 65,000 of Rhodes Map and Flag - The Island Of Rhodes

these live in The City of Rhodes itself!

As you can see on the graphic below with the simple map of Rhodes, the island can almost be said to be in the shape of an arrow. This is something that many people notice and comment on!

From the top of the island to the bottom it distances at just under 80km and it is just short of 40km wide (at the widest point). Not that big really eh!?

I myself took a drive around the island a little while ago, and from point A (my home in Ialyssos) all the way down the west coast and back up the east coast back to point A took around 5 hours by car! I guess this gives you an idea of its size without bombarding you with numbers alone 🙂 It is around 230km though, if you are interested!

Although the island is full with the sites displaying breathtaking history, it is also a very robust business with lots of hotels located throughout the island. The areas of Ixia and Kolimbia for example have their skylines completely dominated by hotels and restaurants.

No matter where you are from and what you are looking for, there is something in Rhodes for you!

See the video for a really beautiful introduction to Rhodes.

So, this is a brief description of the island and of course there is a lot more to see here 🙂 I have included an interactive map on the top right side of every page for you to look around, and there are some options for you to take a look deeper into the information here on the bottom of the pages.

Come and take a closer look at what Rhodes has to offer!

Let me know too if you would like any other information! If you need me you can always contact me or leave me a comment below. I will get right back to you all 🙂 There is nothing I like more than hearing from all of you all out there.


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  1. Indasa

    Amazing! Going to Greece is one of my dreams! 

    Finding your tour of the island of Rhodes has ignited my interest in that dream once again. I have a home in Costa Rica and I thought I was used to warm temperatures but 45 Celsius is outrageous! What do people do to say cool there? Also, what would you suggest as far as budget for a first time visitor there?

    1. Chris Towers

      Hello Indasa and it is nice to hear from you. Greetings to you there in Costa Rica.

      Although I will say some of these temperatures can be excessive, it is not all the time. In areas such as Lindos it is normal to be up in the high 30’s Celsius so it is important to take care.

      :Lots of water is needed to keep you hydrated and of course take regular stops and have a rest. It is easy to be the victim of hot temperatures especially if you are not used to it. 

      There is nothing to be afraid of or to stop you wanting to visit. Just common sense is needed.

      As for budgets it is hard to put a figure on it. It all depends on the length of your stay, where you want to stay and the general type of holiday you want.

      If you hit me up on a private message, I can find a better ball park figure for you 🙂

      Thanks Indasa, I appreciate you getting in touch.


  2. Emily Hii

    Hi, when I was studying in UK, I traveled around the world. 

    I love islands and historical places! How come I never come across the Island of Rhodes? I would have loved the place for sure. 

    I shall include this in my next trip. I don’t think I would enjoy the hot weather though! I hope the accommodation and transportation fee are affordable for a backpacker?

    1. Chris Towers

      Hey Emily

      Yes you can find good prices for sure and if you come out of the high season when the weather is not so hot, you will get a better deal.

      Except for the big 5 start hotels, you can also find local villas, which in my opinion offer a better experience. You will make some great memories this way!

      Let me know if you get a plan of action into place and I will happily help you out with looking at some good deals.

      Thanks Emily


  3. Paul

    Hello Chris

    Rhodes sounds awesome and I would love to visit some day.The weather is perfect for me and what history abounds. You are very lucky living on this beautiful islands and with so few people. I’d be interested to know if there is a wave or two at the beaches that would certainly get me over the line.

    You’ve created a yearning in me mate and would love to cross paths with you one day in Rhodes



    1. Chris Towers

      Thanks for reading Paul.

      Yeah get yourself over here, I am waiting for you with a cold beer 🙂


  4. Renton

    Great Post! I think Rhodes sounds like a very interesting place indeed! The temperature sounds a bit scary though, so I am not sure If I could cope with 40 degree temperatures although It may be worth it to see such a magnificent place. I think the historical aspect, like with many places is a big draw for tourists.

    Rhodes is definitely on my radar now thanks to you!

    1. Chris Towers

      Hey Renton thanks for reading.

      You can always take your time to visit the historical sites during the low season/Winter periods too. It is not essential that you visit in the high Summer season. I will admit, it does get damn hot, and it can spoil your enjoyment if you are not used to it.

      Try May/June time or September/October for a cooler experience 🙂

      Hope this helps.

      Thanks Renton


  5. Emmanuel Buysse

    I know Greece is beautiful, never went there yet but soon we will, but to see Rhodes, wow.

    This island looks amazing, and it has lots of nature left, since not too many people live there.

    Combined with the beautiful weather, it is awesome.

    One question, how warm is it there, in an average year?

    1. Chris Towers

      Hey Emmanuel

      Well, in actual fact approximately 115,000 people live on the island, so it is well populated. For the size of the island though it is more than enough. In the South of the island, you will get a lot more closer to open land and nature, whereas in the North it is more built up.

      In answer to your question, if you check out the climate of Rhodes page, it will offer you a lot of information as to the weather. From here you can decide which time of year is best for you.

      Thanks my friend.


  6. Shy

    Seems like such a beautiful place to visit.

    Something for everyone.  Awesome video makes me want to visit there. Castles and beaches and just so many things. I have never traveled much but this seems like a wonderful place to go.

    The water park seems like a lot of fun too.

    If I ever wanted to travel I now know where I would want to go.

    Thank you for the awesome video.

    1. Chris Towers

      Thanks for reading and getting in touch. Happy you found the information useful


  7. Stratos K

    Being a Greek myself I am ashamed to say that I have never been to Rhodes. It is one of the two island I want to visit sometime in the future, this and Santorini, but due to work and family it has been impossible so far. 

    But, I will definitely one day because it’s one of the most famous touristic islands in Greece and everyone should see it at least once in their lives. I just have to find the right time to do so. 

    Thank you for the tour.

    1. Chris Towers

      Hey Stratos, do not worry my friend.

      You are not the only Greek not to have had the chance to see Rhodes. I myself was in Athens some time ago, and I was surprised how many locals I spoke to that had not visited Rhodes.

      Fear not, there is always time, and the island is not going anywhere 🙂 We are waiting for you as and when you can make it!



  8. Shai Shmuel

    HI Cris,

    I’ve been to Greece 5 times, and never thought about a visit to Rhodes, it seems like it is worth a visit.Thanks to your article I have much more information and passion to go for a visit this summer and I will do so for sure!

    My favorite part when traveling to Greece is afternoon lunch in a traditional taverna at Sunday noon.

    Thank you for your helpful article.

    1. Chris Towers

      Hey Shai.

      A lot of people also come here for the great dishes and restaurants.

      I agree, a nice glass of Ouzo and a few snacks while looking out to the ocean cannot be beaten 🙂

      Hope you manage a visit here soon!



  9. Connor

    Greetings Chris,

    As someone who travels regularly I will definitely have to put the Island of Rhodes on my destinations list! I found this article to be really helpful for learning a basic overview of what Rhodes has to offer along with some interesting history and statistics. 

    It’s always difficult when visiting a new place to find a local perspective and learn about the real nature of the place you are visiting. I can see that you have worked hard to put together an authentic resource for travelers without just promoting tours or sightseeing. 

    I also really enjoyed the video you added, it gives such a different perspective to see a destination instead of just reading about it. I can see that based on the climate it is a likely summer destination but what would you recommend as the ideal months to visit Rhodes?

    Thanks for sharing, great read!

    Cheers 🙂

    1. Chris Towers

      Hello Connor and thanks for visiting.

      You know, I wanted to build the site in exactly this way. In my opinion, people have endless access to holiday brochures telling them all the best places to stay and the excursions that are available.

      Because I live here, I wanted to offer my own personal view (with my own photographs) so people can get a genuine picture of what it is like here.

      I think holiday brochures are all well and good, but they are there to serve a purpose, and that is to encourage people to spend money.

      I think if people come here with a clearer picture of Rhodes and what is on offer, they will be offered a better stay.

      This is why I have designed the website as it is, and there is a lot more to come 🙂

      In answer to your question, it all depends on what you are looking for and what you like.

      If you like the sunshine and the hot weather, July and August is for you.

      If you like it a little cooler and not too crowded… May and October are good choices.

      If you want medium weather, nice days to see the sites, then June and September are worth trying,.

      This is my opinion of course, and you are welcome to come when you like 🙂

      Thanks Connor, it is nice to hear from you.


  10. swangirl

    My husband and I have always dreamed of going to Greece and I would love to see Rhodes. It seems like a great mix of island and city, beaches, historical landmarks and a beautiful vacation spot. 

    It is larger than I imagined so I am sure it has plenty of options for different travelers. I would have to go in the fall, winter or spring. Summers sound too hot for me, but that is fine. When is the most affordable time of year to go to Rhodes?

    1. Chris Towers

      Hey there,

      Yes there is pretty much something for everyone in Rhodes. Whether you like history, relaxing, visiting the beach, nightlife – you will find it all here.

      The high season runs through July and August, and this is when it is also at it its hottest. Naturally, the prices are higher during this period.

      If you look for the low season, the weather is not as painfully hot, but you can still enjoy some nice weather. I would say the best time to come in this case is May or June. You will also find good weather in September too.

      I hope this helps



  11. Steve

    I have never had the chance to travel the world, but Rhodes has always been in the back of my mind . Thanks for sharing this, you gave a great review on this and I appreciate that. 

    Are there many ex pats from America living there as I did not see the cost of living posted? What about senior living as I am a senior? Medical? 

    Spectacular video as well.

    Thank you and greatest of luck to you and your success.

    1. Chris Towers

      Hey Steve

      Although I would not say that are many in number, there are a few Americans that have set up home here. Even if they do not live here all the year around, they have property so they can come back and enjoy the island as they wish. As for numbers, I am not sure.

      When it comes the cost of living, it has fallen in line with the standard costs of Europe. It is more expensive than it used to be, but we also have to consider that Greece suffers with a serious financial crises. It is not as bad as it is made out to be though in my opinion. I have a comfortable life here.

      When it comes to looking at medical care etc, that is something that you need to look into. If you are retired, and you have your own medical care, then sometimes this can be transferred so you get the benefits.

      Let me know if you need more in depth information, and I can put you onto someone more in the know.

      Thanks Steve


  12. tim

    You’ve planted a wonderful seed for me to find out more about Rhodes.  

    It’s been over 20 years since I’ve been to the Mediterranean and I think you have given me motivation to return.  I enjoyed the video post in your article as well.  

    How is the current economy for tourists visiting?  What are best months to visits for warm weather?

    1. Chris Towers

      Hey Tim

      The hotter months are July and August, and if you like it hot then this is the time to come.

      If you prefer it a little cooler, May/June and September/October are good choices too.

      The economy in Greece is slowly getting better yes. It affects more the people that live here, and to be honest, it is not really felt by visitors to the island.

      Occasionally you see a rise in prices when it comes to things like fuel and cigarettes, but on the whole, a holiday maker can come and enjoy a holiday without feeling too much of a pinch.

      I hope this clarifies it for you Tim.



  13. Michel

    The Island of Rhodes looks like a spectacular holiday destination. The people that live there must feel like they are permanently on holiday. The coastline is gorgeous and I love the Greek houses stacked on the hill.

    The castle looks like my cup of tea. I love history and visiting castles with a history makes the journey through time even more realistic.

    I had better start saving, I would like to visit Rhodes.

    1. Chris Towers

      Thanks Michel.

      There are a lot of ancient sites here on Rhodes for you to appreciate. The Medieval City is just one of them. If you like history and soaking up ancient times, then this island is a great place to visit.

      To be honest, yes, the island does have a permanent holiday feel to it, but when you are one of the unlucky ones that has to work, it can take the shine off it sometimes. I am not complaining though 🙂

      Thanks Michel. I appreciate you passing by.


  14. Joey Alnutt

    Great article Chris, Rhodes looks like a wonderful place, who doesn’t love a warm climate? 

    The history and culture itself on the island sounds fascinating, and I myself am especially interested in the restaurants 🙂 I would love to get the chance to visit some day. How long have you lived there for??

    Have a great day!

    1. Chris Towers

      Hey Joey and thanks for passing by and getting in touch.

      I have lost track of how long I have been here now, it is many many years. On saying that, I also have not got tired of the restaurants and the Greek Cuisine 🙂

      The weather does add to the enjoyment too for sure!

      Nice to meet you.



  15. Joseph Ferland

    Nice tour!  Information you provided is sure to make any visits to the Island Of Rhodes far more enjoyable for the traveling tourists.  Love the fact that you have a translation plug in for anyone from anywhere.  

    Temperatures seem to be nice and warm in general which has to be a strong attraction for the tourism there. 

    Personally, I love being around water and the thought of being on an island makes this tour even more alluring.

    1. Chris Towers

      Yeah Joseph the weather here certainly is an attraction as a lot of people do come to soak in the sun and take time out on the beaches.

      If you are a lover of being near the water then there are plenty of options here for you 🙂


  16. Chris

    A really interesting destination for a holiday – makes a nice change from the more common options that people take on. 

    I’ve never visited the island but from what I can see in the video you’ve supplied – the buildings and the scenery look absolutely spectacular. 

    What are the prices like on this island from eateries and bars – are they bumped up because it’s a holiday destination?

    1. Chris Towers

      Hey Chris.

      To be honest you will find when it comes to dining out or going for a drink, the prices are pretty standard in comparison to the rest of European destinations.

      I would not say there is a vast difference in pricing.

      However, if you go into the center of The Medieval City in Rhodes for the night life, you may find you a paying higher prices than if you went to a small bar out of town. I think this is pretty normal too.

      Like anything, you get what you pay for. If you want a nice restaurant, with good service and high quality food, you pay more naturally. 

      To be honest, there is something for every one hear, regardless if you have a high or a low holiday budget.

      I hope this helps 🙂



  17. Marlinda Davis

    Wow, this looks like a place I need to be. I’m from and island with a similar climate but its just so small there’s nothing to do. I love the architecture of Rhodes too. Do you know how diverse it is and if there are much racial issues here? Also, what’s the crime rate like?



    1. Chris Towers

      Hey Marlinda.

      Thanks for reading and for your questions. 

      I guess like anywhere, there is an element of crime yes. Although there are not really racial issues here, the crime is there, but not like you see elsewhere.

      A lot of the time I guess you will hear about petty theft or something of this nature, but being an island with little in the options to get very far, it is stamped on quite quickly.

      Certainly nothing to serious to worry about or to put you off visiting 🙂



  18. los

    Hi Chris,

    Thanks for this article. I really enjoyed reading it. I have yet to visit the island of Rhodes. I have heard many good things about the island and that’s why I wanted to do some research on it. I am very happy that I stumbled upon your website as it covers everything anyone would ever want to know about the island.

    Keep up the great work.

    1. Chris Towers

      Thank you Los, I am happy you enjoyed your visit and you found the information useful 🙂

      Let’s hope you manage a visit to Rhodes soon!


  19. Paul

    Dear Chris

    Thanks a lot for the tour of the Island of Rhodes. Yes I felt like I am on the island when I watched the awesome and beautiful video.

    I came to know Apostle Paul came to this island on his missionary journey and it also seems like, when we visit this island it will be like a pilgrimage with lot of history related to Christianity can be found as well.

    Definitely Rhodes is an awesome place to visit and it’s on my bucket list. The video is great and I enjoyed watch it.

    Wishing you great success!


    1. Chris Towers

      Thank you Paul, it is good to know your enjoyed your visit here to my site.

       There is a lot in the way of history here and you will see a lot when it comes to Christianity too. It is quite an amazing setting.

      Hope to see you here soon 🙂

      Thanks my friend.


  20. Cinderella

    When I started reading, my worry was about the weather and I am glad to see there is warm weather. I love travelling and seeing the beauty of our world and breath taking sites,  and I am sure this Island has plenty, my dream is to try their food.  Also interesting to learn that it’s among the 12 Islands Of Greece.

    Can I get in touch with you when I decide to visit, it would be interesting to have someone who knows the place and what other things to expect to see if I decide to take a summer trip.  

    I live in Italy.

    1. Chris Towers

      Well, it is all here for you.

      Great weather, lots of delicious food, fantastic sites and places to see, and a great atmosphere.

      You definitely need to plan a trip, and you are not a million miles away there in Italy.

      For sure, look me up when you make your visit, no problem at all 🙂


  21. Kevin

    Thanks for your post on the Island of Rhodes. I think that you may be a Rhodes scholar on the subject. The island reminds me of Corfu. I had visited there, when I was an American Air Force member stationed in southern Italy; I took the ferry overnight, out of Brindisi. We stayed in a touristy area, but explored most of the island on mopeds.

    That was great, because we got around cheaply and got to see a beautiful part of Greece, which, I later learned, looked like parts of the Caribbean.I miss Greece; you’ve made me miss it more. 


    1. Chris Towers

      Thanks Kevin, it is great you have managed to land in Greece before and you managed to get to look around a little.

      The scooters and mopeds are on offer here too in Rhodes, so maybe you can relive a little of your experienced in a different location in this amazing country? 🙂

      Nice to hear from you


  22. Jurgen

    I’ve been to Greece several times, but never to the Island of Rhodes. Your article gave me inspiration as we are planning to go back to Greece next year in the summer, so maybe it’s time to finally check it out.

    One thing I love about Greece is the hospitality of the local people. Is this also on the Island of Rhodes?

    1. Chris Towers

      Absolutely Jurgen, the hospitality here is fantastic and you will not be disappointed.

      If you have been in Greece before then you will settle right in do not worry. There is lots to see and lots on offer and if Rhodes is one place you have always missed out on, it is for sure worth seeing.

      Thanks my friend.


  23. Kenny

    Thanks for this insightful review of Rhodes. I am planning a family holiday early next year and I hope I will be able to convince my wife to consider Rhodes as an option after reading your review. We have always wanted to explore the Greek islands and Rhodes looks like a perfect setting.

    You cover the history and attractions very well indeed. 

    Thanks again, Kenny

    1. Chris Towers

      Hey Kenny.

      Would be great to see you and your family here my friend.

      Feel free to have a good look around here and see what is on offer and hopefully you will manage to persuade your nice lady to plan a visit 🙂

      Great to hear from you and let me know if you need anything!



  24. Joo

    Thank you for showing us this beautiful Island of Rhodes. I know I’m going to visit it some day. 

    Looking at your website just makes me so excited and want to bring this day much earlier! The drive around the island seems manageable, if broken up over a few days and taking it slow, to see the people and places. 

    I’m going to zoom into each place of interest on your other posts. 

    1. Chris Towers

      Hey Joo, nice to hear from you.

      Yes, feel free to jump in and have a look around, there is lots more coming too 🙂

      Just ask me if you need anything!

      Thanks my friend.


  25. Lucas

    Hey Chris, thanks for introducing the island of Rhodes to me. I’ve not visited Greece yet but I am looking to and I just might stop by Rhodes. 

    I’m a huge fan of medieval buildings so the Old Medieval Town would be a blast ! Although, I probably ain’t coming in the summer haha, 40 degrees is a bit too much for me 😛

    1. Chris Towers

      Lucas hey, great to hear from you.

      40 degrees can be a little tough for a lot of people yes, so a cooler month maybe a better option for you. May or October is a great time to look around,

      Seeing the Medieval City in Rhodes is awesome, and you can enjoy it all the more when the sun is not scorching you.

      I hope you manage to get to Rhodes during your visit to Greece, let me know if you can make it 🙂

      Thanks Lucas


  26. Joel

    Hello Chris, how are you? Many things have changed since the last time I came here, good job. I like your website which is a reference to what I am trying to do.

    I visited Corfu and cruised on the Aegean Sea but the Turkish side a few years ago, fantastic trip. I still wish to visit Rhodes Island and spend some time there one day, but I have to be patient till my business gets better.

    Thank you, wish you the best


    1. Chris Towers

      Thanks Joel, it is great to have you back here my friend.

      I hope also one day you get to visit Rhodes. Corfu is also beautiful as are some of the other Aegean Islands, but there is something very special about Rhodes 🙂

      Waiting for your business to pick up and hope to see you here soon.

      Thanks for getting in touch Joel.


  27. Tommy Diependaal

    I’m yet to explore the Greek islands. I am from the Netherlands but living in Laos now these days and wow – 40 to 45 degrees is sweltering. That’s warmer than Laos in the hot months!

    When would be the best month of the year to travel to Rhodes Island when the temperature isn’t too hot? My wife sees pictures from some friends of ours that go regularly to Greece and asks if we could go for a holiday.

    Great info regarding the island and your site are is to navigate with a lot of info to share

    1. Chris Towers

      Thank you Tommy. I have been to The Netherlands myself a few times, but never to Laos. Never say never though 🙂

      If you check out my information on the Climate Of Rhodes, you will see all the information there for best times of the year to visit depending on temperatures. It is a common question, so check out the comments area too and you will get lots of additional info.

      Thanks Tommy


  28. Kevin E Beasley

    Wow! This sounds like a wonderful place to visit! I would be interested in visiting the historical sites here someday.

    Where would you recommend as a first site to visit to get an overview of the history of the island? What is your favorite historical site? 

    Thanks for the introduction to this amazing place!

    1. Chris Towers

      Hi Kevin

      To be honest when it comes to Rhodes, it is hard to choose a favorite place to visit. 

      Because they are all so important, it is good to try and see them all.

      If this is not possible due to time or other reasons, then for sure The Medieval City In Rhodes and The Acropolis and White City of Lindos are vital not to miss out on.

      If you have time to spend, get around as many places as you can 🙂



  29. Jacqueline

    Hi, Wonderful information! 

    I have visited Greece once in 2006 which included a trip to Mykonos, which was glorious. Until I read your post, I hadn’t considered a visit to Rhodes. All I knew was what most people know i.e The Colossus of Rhodes, which must have been a site to behold.

    How is the Scuba Diving? One of my favorite things to do. We have a home in Spain, I am placing a trip to Rhodes on my list of things to do on one or our visits.

    1. Chris Towers

      Hey there Jacqueline

      2006 was a long time ago, so I think you are ready to take another trip to the Mediterranean 🙂

      Mykonos is also very beautiful, I have been there a couple of times, and it is breathtaking. I would go back for sure.

      I am happy I have chosen Rhodes as my home though, I love it here and yes you are right, The Colossus Of Rhodes is the one thing that springs to many peoples minds when Rhodes is mentioned, although it was destroyed so long ago. It made an impression!

      Scuba diving is actually very popular here, and there are special trips that you can do where you can make certifications and courses. I know one of the instructors actually who does this for a company called Water Hoppers. Let me know if you need more details and I will get them for you.

      Thanks Jacqueline, and I am here if you need something more.


  30. Tucker

    My list of places to visit grows so much faster than I can check places off! I suppose this is a total first-world problem, but I very much enjoyed your information on the island of Rhodes.

    My favorite part of your article was when you talked about the history of the island, as well as some of the heritage site. Also, great video!

    1. Chris Towers

      Thank you very much Tucker. Great to hear you enjoyed your visit here.

      There is a lot of history here on the island, so be sure to check out the history section too. Lots more coming 🙂

      Thanks my friend.


  31. Elizabeth

    Ahhh, now I want to go to Rhodes. 

    Rich in history, beauty and wonder, it looks amazing! The video was a great touch to the visuals. Interestingly enough, this past week it seemed everyone was traveling to Greece – more to Santorini and other notable areas, but I am more intrigued about the Island of Rhodes for it’s history. 

    Thank you for guiding us through your hometown, hopefully one day i will be visiting.

    1. Chris Towers

      Hi Elizabeth and thank you.

      Rhodes is a very unique location and the history here certainly stands out. It is hard not to walk around and see the historical sites dominating many areas. If you like history, then Rhodes is certainly the place for you.

      I also like Santorini and some of the other Greek islands. They are very friendly and warm, and I enjoy visiting. There is just something special about Rhodes though.

      I hope you can make it here soon!

      Thanks Elizabeth!


  32. Kris

    Rhodes looks like a really interesting island to visit and yes, it does look like an arrow tip from above!

    We have winter in Australia at the moment so going there this time of year would be superb. 

    Being such a small island to get around would suit my family perfectly, they wouldn’t have time to go completely insane!

    Would Rhodes be a great place for families and children?

    1. Chris Towers

      Hello Kris and greetings to you all the way there in Australia.

      Yes, Rhodes is perfect for families. There is a lot for children to get involved with here and plenty to keep them occupied and entertained.

      Some of the bigger hotels are catered for with children in mind, so you have no need to worry there.

      There is lots to see and do here on the island, and to be honest, there are activities for the whole family.

      I hope this helps you. 

      Thanks Kris


  33. Traci

    Wow I didn’t even know about this part of Greece! I am super surprised about the 5 hour drive along the whole coast of the island which sounds like a great weekend drive!

    I am a history nut and love how you described the Medieval town. The Island of Rhodes is definitely on my list of places to visit after reading this article!



    1. Chris Towers

      Thanks Traci, I appreciate your passing by for a visit.

      A lot of people that come to Rhodes are actually not too sure on the size of the island. If you look at Rhodes on a world map, it is a small dot compared to other countries. But it is still bigger than what most people think once they arrive here.

      The 5 hour journey around the whole island is a really beautiful experience. I have done it a few times, and I enjoy it every time. There is some wonderful scenery to be taken in, and if you do this in the low season, there is not a lot of traffic and it can be really enjoyable.

      I recommend it 🙂

      Thanks Traci


  34. Paul

    Hi Chris. I don’t know whether you received my previous post.

    We arrive in July at midday then travel on the next morning.

    As we will only be there for a short time but could recommend an itinerary for 4-6 hours starting at Rhodes city?

    Also will my 19 year old daughter be able to drive a scooter?


    1. Chris Towers

      Hi Paul, by the sound of it you will only have a few hours to see some of the attractions. It is not the best, but better than nothing.

      To be honest, if you are in the area of Rhodes City, then for sure do not miss out on The Medieval City and The Grand Masters Palace. These are amazing places to appreciate and it would be a shame to overlook them.

      Also, not too far away, you will Find Monty Smith with the ancient stadium. This is also very much worth seeing and there is a fantastic view from there too.

      In Ialyssos you will also find Filerimos Mountain and its beautiful monastery. Another great place to see.

      It would be quite difficult to go further out than this due to your time restrictions.

      These are some basic ideas, but if you want more, just give me a shout.

      Thanks Paul


  35. Neil

    I’ve visited the Greek Islands a couple of times and there’s just something about Greece that makes it more relaxed and chilled out than France, Spain, and Italy – and other countries I’ve visited.

    Don’t get me wrong, I love these countries (each for different reasons), but when it comes to Greece – I just love the people, the food, drink, beaches, and especially the harbors.

    Now Rhodes is still on my list to visit, and I would love to visit The Medieval town – being a fan of history.

    And after watching the video, I now really want to visit Rhodes even more. 

    Living in England, we don’t get much sun and most of us look pale most of the year round lol. So the sun is definitely a huge bonus (plus another excuse) for taking a trip to the Greek Islands. 😉


    1. Chris Towers

      Trust me Neil, I know what you are talking about when you mention the English weather.

      Cold, grey and miserable mostly, I should know – I am originally from Manchester 🙂 I do not miss them cold days.

      I agree that there is something about Greece that is so inviting. Rhodes especially has a great atmosphere and there is a lot going on here.

      A lot of people do come for the sun and the sea, but like you, there are many that want to soak in the history too.

      I would say there is pretty much something for everyone in Rhodes.

      So next time you are heading out to Greece, make sure you land on Rhodes. A cold beer is waiting for you 🙂

      Thanks Neil, nice to hear from you.


  36. Thomas G

    Wow, I am surprised at the amount of people that reside in Rhodes city. I would never have guessed that.

    I have been to Cyprus, East of there and it seems similar in climate, though Cyprus has more micro climates as it is a little greener in places. 

    Are there spectacular sand beaches on Rhodes or more of the rocky type? As for landing, is the airport there very well serviced from all the main European cities?

    1. Chris Towers

      Hey Thomas, great to hear from you and thanks for your questions.

      The beaches here in Rhodes are really amazing. There are so many to choose from and in the coming weeks I will be adding a whole section dedicated to the beaches for everyone to see.

      You can visit beaches here and you will find each one has its own characteristics. There are sandy beaches, pebble beaches, beaches with rocks that you can relax on, shallow blue waters. There are beaches free from wind, beaches with a nice breeze if you prefer. You really are spoiled for choice.

      When it comes to the airport I will admit it is not my favorite place. In my opinion it is not so well operated and there are always a lot of delays and issues. On saying that, during the summer months it is served by most European Cities yes. Direct flights come in and out on a daily basis, so getting a flight here is not a big problem.

      Thanks Thomas and I hope this answers your questions.

      Let me know if you need anything else.


  37. Jenny

    Aahh this looks beautiful! I didn’t know a lot about Rhodes and I have never visited, but it’s definitely something I want to do. 

    Also I was kind of wondering about the sea and water temperatures. I have only ever been in Milos on vacation. Is it similar during the summer?

    Thanks a lot!

    1. Chris Towers

      Hi Jenny and thanks very much for getting in touch with your question.

      Rhodes and Milos do have a similar weather pattern yes. When it comes to the sea water temperatures, of course it depends the time of your visit.

      I have attached a water temperature chart here for you to look at. It will offer you the information you are looking for. Every month of the year is covered so I hope this helps you.

      Let me know if you need anything more.

      Thanks Jenny


  38. Matt’s Mom

    I absolutely loved the video. Wow, how beautiful the Island of Rhodes is. 

    I have always had Greece on my bucket list, but this I love. I am a beach lover, so to get the history along with sunshine and beaches……I am happy. 

    How many days do you really need to explore the island? I love to visit castles and old buildings and such.

    1. Chris Towers

      Hey Leahrae. Great to have you back once more. I am sure I have seen you on this post before with your thoughts 🙂

      If you are a lover of visiting the ancient places, then time can really go fast in Rhodes. There is a lot to see and take in, and I have been living here for many years, but there are still things I did not notice before.

      If you want to get the most out of the sites on the island, i would say a good 10 days will stand you in good stead. But believe me, it will leave you wanting more!

      The Medieval City you can spend all day in there and only see a fraction of it. (Just to give you an idea)

      Thanks Leahrae and I hope this answers your questions. Let me know if you need something more.


  39. OtakuGeno