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The West Coast Of Rhodes is my favorite side of the island. Full of beautiful and historic attractions, the West coast is not to be missed

The Village Of Paradisi In Rhodes

The Village Of Paradisi In Rhodes

Another place which is worth seeing during your stay on the island is the village of Paradisi in Rhodes. Paradisi Village sits just outside of Diagoras Airport and has a population of approximately three thousand people. It is 15 kilometers away from Rhodes City. As with the village of Kremasti, the main road runs from…

The Village Of Siana In Rhodes

Saint Panteleimon Church - Siana In Rhodes

One beautiful area on the island (and often overlooked) is the village of Siana in Rhodes. I have been here so many times and it really is the most gorgeous little village on the island. I personally love it here. You will find Siana village on the west coast of the island and down towards…

The Village Of Theologos In Rhodes

Theologos In Rhodes

Heading South on the West coast from the airport, you will find the village of Theologos in Rhodes. This area is also known as ‘Tholos’. It is approximately 20 Kilometers from the city of Rhodes. The word ‘Theologos” actually means ‘Theologian‘ or ‘The Word Of God’. I wanted to tell you that, as a lot of…

Ixia In Rhodes

Ixia In Rhodes - Courtesy Of Norbert Nagel (Wikimedia Commons)

Hello again, and welcome to Ixia in Rhodes. This holiday area is located between 5 and 6 Km South of Rhodes City down the west coast of the island. Ixia is a popular area for tourists and every year hundreds of thousands of people choose this area to stay for their holidays. This is the…