Getting Around Rhodes And Experiencing The Important Places

When it comes to getting around Rhodes there are a few options.

Many people often approach me asking for directions or the best method of transport to take, so I wanted to offer some information also on this site.

Getting Around Rhodes - Bus
The Bus Service In Rhodes

It is not unknown for people to have problems when choosing a method of transport to get to where they want to go when they visit the island.

I want to just cover your options, as if you are not careful, you can be taken for a ride (and often not the ride you were looking for).

Some people may know (or not know) there is not actually a train service or tram system on the island. The island is small and it is certainly something that is not needed here in my opinion.

Some people still look for it though.

If you want to get around the island you have these choices.

Now at the bottom of this page you will see the options to look more into the information you want, I hope this makes it easier for you rather than throwing all the information on one page.


When it comes to getting around Rhodes, the most complaints I hear from the tourists is due to the service of the Taxi’s.

They can be a little rough on you when it comes to the prices. Do not get me wrong, they are nice guys and girls and they are trying to earn a living, but they can also take advantage of you if you do not know what you are doing.

Getting Around Rhodes: An Example!

When I first moved here and I was still a little wet behind the ears – I made one mistake that taught me a lesson for life.

My home is in Ialyssos on the west coast of the island, about 7 km from The City Of Rhodes. I knew it was about 15 Euros to do this 10 minute journey by taxi, but I thought what the hell, it is a beautiful day.

I put on my shorts and flip-flops and decided to have a nice walk instead.

About half-way I realized that I had not timed my walk to perfection and was running a little late, so I flagged down a taxi!

Now bear in mind I had already walked half way! – How much did it cost me? 15 Euros, the same price as the full journey would have cost me to start with!

Getting Around Rhodes - Rental Car
Rental Car – A Great Way To See Rhodes
By Riley, via Wikimedia Commons

Needless to say that was the last time I ever took a taxi. Your best option is to take the bus or to rent a car for the days you want to get out and about!

Anyway, I digress, but just keep your wits about you and if you do take a taxi, make sure you ask them to put the meter on!

Click one of the images below for the type of transport you are interested in!

Let me know if you need any further information!

You can also leave a comment below.

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34 thoughts on “Getting Around Rhodes And Experiencing The Important Places”

  1. Question Chris, why not buy a bicycle and use it for transportation?

    It seems like you could go everywhere you needed except on rainy days as it would be a little rough.

    Good thinking on ways to get around, I know if you are there for just a few days you might not want to spend the money on a new bike but maybe you find a used one at a sale.

    • Hey Fred.

      Yeah I mean, to buy a bicycle here while you are on vacation would be a costly way to do it, and then you would need to consider costs for taking it home again with you. People do not tend to do that.

      Renting a bicycle and having use of one for an allotted time is more convenient and a lot more popular.

      If you check out my Rhodes Bicycle Hire section, it will offer you a lot more information.

      Thanks Fred, and let me know if you have any more questions.


  2. Hi Chris

    Great article you wrote here, and thanks for this great advice, I know first hand that when traveling to a new country where you are not familiar with the local arrangement and the language, taxi’s will try to make a buck of unsuspecting tourists – and that is about right just about anywhere!

    So it is good to know what to look out for and when you know what the fares are from point A to point B – it is always the way to go with Taxi’s – tell them the price – not the other way around!!

    Thanks for this!

    Cheers – Orion

    • Thanks so much for getting in contact Orion.

      Yes, I suppose when it comes to tourism, the local people can take advantage sometimes. This does not necessarily mean it has to be a taxi or a bus driver, it can be anyone.

      It is always good to go abroad armed with a little knowledge of what to expect and maybe learn a thing or two before you land.

      This can really help you enjoy your time more and not get taken advantage of as much!

      Thanks Orion. Nice to meet you and thanks for your visit.


  3. Chris

    Do you think a bike would be a good option for day trips around the big towns. How hilly are the big towns, will I need to buff up my legs before getting their. I like to ride for about 15-20 miles a day if it is fairly flat.

    If it is hilly a small motorcycle work work well for me.


    • Hi John, that is a really great question.

      In answer to it, I will try to be thorough with you.

      If you tackle the individual villages and local areas, there are some hills yes. I would say if you are cycling regularly like you say (15 to 20 miles per day) then I think your fitness level would easily cope with them.

      If you want to tour the island as a whole, then I would suggest motorized transport. Although the island is considered to be quite small, the distances are too much for being on a bicycle.

      If you check out the Rhodes Bicycle Hire section John, it will give you a lot of information with regards to cycling on the island. There is a company here too called Rodos Cycling and they can offer days out and small tours to see some of the areas.

      I hope this helps you. If you need something more, you know where I am!



  4. Such a funny story about your ‘green behind the ears’ story, sorry but I had to laugh, Chris.

    It just goes to show, not only because of your walk, but everything in life needs to be evaluated! NO matter how simple. Great tips and thanks for sharing.


    • Yeah you know Michelle, we all have to make mistakes to learn our way.

      Naturally that day, I did not realize I was making a mistake by taking a taxi. What could be more simple right? People laugh when they hear my incident and I guess it is funny, but I still want my money back all these years later 🙂

      Never again!

      Thanks Michelle. Nice to hear from you.


  5. You really do write about Rhodes to make it so inviting!

    If I ever make it there I’m sure I’ll do a great deal of walking. Bicycle would be a second choice.

    Of course if it were to be a very short trip, I would resort to car rental.

    • Hey Dianne and thanks for your thoughts.

      I suppose when it comes to moviong around and seeing places, it comes to personal choice when they are looking at travel options.

      Some people do not want to drive at all. Other people prefer to take a bus and check out the area as they pass through. Like you, some people would choose a bicycle. There are many different way to see the island.

      The main thing is, if people want to see certain places, and they can get there the way they want, the transport system here has done its job 🙂 I just hope the information on my site helps people with some decision making.

      Thanks Dianne!


  6. Hello Chris,

    Very helpful information for people who are planning a holiday in Rhodes. As you say, using a taxi is not always the best solution but of course, sometimes you just have to for different reasons, no driving license, late hour and you can’t take the bus, or you want to go out for a drink.

    In these cases, it is better to ask from the beginning the price or to have on the taxi counter.

    Any way to rent a car for a holiday is the best solution because you have the opportunity to see many beautiful sights. Bikes are not my favorite, I am afraid:)

    Thank you for sharing with us this helpful information and I think any way of getting around you choose in Rhodes you will have a great time.

    Do you think buses are a good solution? But I see you already have another article about this so I will have a look.

    Thank you


    • Yeah I agree with you Cristina.

      Although using a Taxi is not my favorite choice, there are times when people will have no choice but to use them. Like you say, if someone comes on holiday and they forget their driving license, sometimes a taxi is the best option especially if you want to get to your destination fast and not waste your day.

      I know a lot of people use the taxis as a routine, and they seem quite happy with them. They simply do not want to drive, or they want to drink a beer or two and not drive. I cannot blame them for that.

      I just think it is important for people to know that can work out quite expensive if you are using them often.

      Personally, I think the bus service here operates a good program. They are pretty much always on time and they get you where you want to go safely. In the summer they can be somewhat crowded though. In 40 degrees heat this is not always fun. This is the only downside to them.

      Thanks Cristina. I appreciate your comment and questions. Nice to hear from you.


  7. Hey again Chris

    Well, you are touching some points which very much connect me to my experience in Greece.

    This one is to do with your taxi experience. You probably realize by now that a Mediterranean mind works different. It looks for every opportunity to make the extra buck even if it’s deceptive. Half distance should be half price. Period.

    I hope your taxi experience is a one off. i thought you were visiting but i now realize you moved there.

    Good luck


    • Hey Eli, yes I have lived here on the island now for many years.

      The experience with the taxi was a one off I can assure you. I got my money needlessly taken, but it was the last time I ever used a cab here. 

      OK, they made a few extra bucks that day like you say, but they lost hundreds with what I would have spent on further taxi journeys.

      Lesson learned 🙂 That was many years ago now.

      On saying that, I would recommend anyone on holiday to use a taxi, even if it is only once. Just to say they had the experience.

      Thanks Eli, I hope you are keeping well.


  8. That’s a pretty interesting article mate.

    I’m always fascinated by the little tricks and sometimes scams that tourists are subjected to, and since I travel quite a lot it’s always good to be up to date, 

    I have not been to Rhodes yet, but if I go there I will remember about this article. 


    • Hi there Stefano and thanks for your visit.

      To be honest, this is the one thing I hate to see, people being ripped off.

      Of course this does not only happen in Greece, it happens all over the world, and it has happened to me. There is no worse feeling.

      My point here is not to name and shame people. It would not benefit anyone, and if anything it would just land me in trouble.

      On saying that I am allowed to express my experiences, and people are allowed to learn from them.

      Like anywhere, if you walk around blind, people will take advantage (for the best part), so I hope the information here gets through to the people the plan to visit the island.

      Thanks Stefano.


  9. Thanks for the information. I’m sure it will be useful if I ever make it over to visit your beautiful island.

    My wife and I recently took a trip to Panama. And we heard the same thing about the taxi drivers there. Luckily we were able to use Uber. I’d imagine it’s only a matter of time until this is available there. 

    Yes it may irritate some taxi companies. But I’m sure it would be a welcome opportunity for drivers to go into business for themselves rather than work for others.

    • Hi Dustin and thanks for passing by.

      To be honest, when it comes to a small island like Rhodes – I will be very honest and say I would be surprised to ever see something like Uber here.

      There are lots of ways to get around the island already, but I do not think the island here has the infrastructure to support such a scheme as Uber.

      Hey, I may be wrong – but we will see!



  10. What valuable information! I’m planning a trip to Greece next summer and had in the back of my mind “how do I even get around?” Honestly, I can see myself overpaying without even knowing, I bike everywhere at home, so I really appreciate the links to rent!

    I’ll definitely be utilizing this site to get all of my info for my trip.

    A great read! Thank you

    • Hey Moriah..

      I know a lot of people come here with little knowledge of how to move around. There are a lot of options, and it is always good to know a few things, including prices.

      I am happy you found this information useful, and if you need anything before you get here feel free to let me know.

      Happy to help you out 🙂



  11. I really like your idea of making Rhodes an easier place to navigate through. 

    With this day and age, roads and maps are constantly changing and a lot of people don’t know what they are getting into. Within your site, you offer the best modes of transportation and what to look for and look out for. 

    A great navigation tool in my opinion.

    • Hi Rob and thanks for passing by.

      I must admit I did not see the website I am making as so much as a navigation tool, but simply as a source of information for people to get the best out of their stay here.

      I think it is important to understand what to look out for like you say, and the more information people are armed with, the easier things will be.

      It is also nice for people to be able to read information about this island. The sites, places of interest, a little history and culture for example.

      But the navigation 🙂 You have me thinking now! I will maybe look to incorporate something like this into the pages in the near future.

      Thanks Rob, I really appreciate you getting in touch!


  12. My girlfriend really wants to visit Rhodes.

    You provide here some great information. I guess taxi drivers are the same everywhere, try to take advantage on tourists who aren’t familiar with the status quo.

    I think we will rent a car to travel around the island. We do like to ride on bicycles and thought it could be nice to take a trip within the city with it.

    How is the bicycle rent service in Rhodes? Do you recommend it? Do you recommend taking a bicycle trip in the city at all?

    • Hey there Jacob, it is great you are considering a holiday here with your girlfriend.

      I think when you mention the taxi drivers you are dead right. I know what they are like all over the world, and I will be honest I have overpaid wherever I have been, so why should Rhodes be any different? 🙂

      As for the bicycle hire, I do have some information on the website for this. It is a great way to move around over short distances and the prices can be very reasonable.

      If you check out the Rhodes Bicycle Hire section, you will find all you need to know here. On saying that, if you need something more, you know where I am 🙂

      Thanks Jacob, and hope you get here soon!


  13. I actually laughed out loud at you saying “and often not the ride you were looking for.” That’s definitely something I want to avoid lol.

    Their taxi service sounds a lot like New York’s: better not appear too tourist I think.

    Thanks for the info! Hopefully one day I’ll be able to put it to use 🙂

    • Hey Ashley thanks for getting in touch, and of course it is nice to have my humor appreciated too 🙂

      Let’s hope you get here one day, it is a real treat and one you should not miss out on should the opportunity present itself to you.

      Let me know 🙂



  14. Hi Chris.

    This is a great post, I definitely intend on travelling as much as I can. I’d love to visit Rhodes.

    I’ll definitely take your advice and use the services you recommend.

    Would you recommend that I rent a car or a moto to get around Rhodes?

    • Hi Emmanuel.

      Great to know you liked the information here.

      There are many ways to travel around the island and to be honest it comes down to personal choice. It also depends on how far you want to go.

      In my opinion (only my opinion) Iw would choose the car.

      it is more safe than the motorcycles especially if you are planning to travel further out. They are also a cheaper option than the taxi’s and they take less time than the bus service. You can see where I am going with this I think 🙂

      For me the car would be first choice every time. But hey, we are all different 🙂

      Hope this helps you out!

      Thanks Emmanuel


  15. Well, Greece is on my bucket list of places to visit and I am sorry to say, I hadn’t heard of Rhodes until today!

    What a find!

    Thank you for your direct and easy to follow advice. I will be bookmarking this page for future trip planning

    Thanks so much!

    • Hi Jordan and you are most welcome 🙂

      A lot of people tend to overlook Rhodes when it comes to finding out more about Greece.

      Although many millions of people visit year in and year out, I am surprised by the amount of people who have never heard of it. So, glad to be of service to you 🙂

      Let me know if you ever need anything more for your future vacations!

      Thanks Jordan


  16. Wow Rhodes sure does look like an amazing place. My boyfriend and I have the Greek Islands on our list of top places to visit.

    I think the bus is a great option for some, but I really hate to waste time while I’m traveling so we probably would rent a car.

    What is the parking situation like?

    Is it easy and affordable to park in most areas?

    • Hi there Katie!

      Travelling around on the bus is definitely one of the more cost effective choices, but I understand when you say you prefer to spend your time on the move rather than waiting around for transport.

      Renting a car is also a very common method of transport, and the rent a car companies here offer a pretty good service when it comes to prices and insurance. There is more on seeing the island of Rhodes by Rent A Car here, if you want to take a look that is 🙂

      As for the parking you will find most places quite simple to leave your car. Most of the attractions have free parking so there is no problem.

      The only difficulty is when it comes to Rhodes Town and Lindos.

      These areas are very popular and also very busy most of the time. Finding a space can be more challenging and in these areas you also need to pay a little. There are machines to use, simply insert the coins for the amount of time you want, then display the ticket you are given on the car dashboard.

      I hope this helps you, but if you need something more feel free to let me know!



  17. Rhodes looks like a wonderful place to visit. Even if there are no trains or trams, it doesn’t look too difficult to get where you wish to go.

    Thank you for the suggestion to look at the bottom of the article. I was able to better visualize the transportation options available with the images provided.

    Do they offer Uber there?

    • Hello there Kay and thanks for getting in touch!

      Yes there are lots of options here when it comes to getting around and there is not much reported in the way of people having too many problems.

      With the island being quite small there is no requirement for trains and trams. If you ever get to visit you will see why 🙂

      As for the Uber service, at the moment the answer is NO, it is not available here yet.

      To be honest this is something I am not keen on at all. Only last week I saw on the news there was an accident with one of these cars (I forget where it was). I think technology is all well and good, but I think also it can go too far.

      A lot of people here rely on the transport industry for work. Rent A Car, Bus Drivers, Taxi Drivers and so on. I think introducing something like Uber here would upset a lot of the locals.

      Thanks for your interest Kay. If you want any more information I am here!



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