Your Ultimate Guide to Buses On Rhodes – Tips for Tourists

When it comes to using the buses on Rhodes it can be a little confusing sometimes. Especially with the language barrier there is for some people, it can be quite a daunting task trying to figure out how to get where you want to go and which bus will take you there.

Here, I want to talk to you a little about the bus service in Rhodes. This way you will have a better understanding of what to expect should you visit the island.

All the buses on the Rhodes island start at the Central Bus Station in Rhodes Town.

From here you can get pretty much to any destination you wish to visit. You can buy your tickets from the bus station or you can buy them from the driver when you board.

Buses On Rhodes - Bus

This was the photo I took at Rhodes Bus Station that I wanted you to see, and the driver wanted to be part of it all!

Two companies, KTEL and RODA, operate the buses in Rhodes. They maintain their vehicles well, and most of them are equipped with air conditioning for passenger comfort.

On saying that there has been an occasion or two when I have used the bus and the air conditioning as not been working, so something to think about!

During the summer months the buses are quite frequent and usually you will see one pass every 15 minutes or so.

One of the major issues with the bus service here in Rhodes is the sheer number of people that use them. It is very cost effective and due to this you can be met with large crowds once you board.

Buses On Rhodes - Rhodes Bus Station
The Buses On Rhodes – Ticket Office

On occasions the buses are so full they will not stop to allow more passengers on, and they will display ‘Bus Full’ on the front so people know the reason why it passes them.

When you board a packed bus, the driver actively shouts to everyone, urging them to move to the rear of the bus, making room for more passengers to board if possible.

Normally the driver of course will be shouting in Greek and also in English, but if you are not sure what he is saying at any time you can assume it is for this exact reason.

The Bus Stops on the street are marked and they are not difficult to miss in all honesty.

On most there is also an English translation underneath the Greek so you will know what you are waiting for.

Most of them display a timetable for that particular route you are on as well!

Buses On Rhodes – A Downside

A downside of the bus service here in Rhodes is that you can’t get where you want to go directly unless you are in Rhodes Town. This makes getting around Rhodes somewhat difficult sometimes when choosing the bus as your transportation method.

Rhodes Bus Stop - Buses On Rhodes
Buses On Rhodes – The Standard Bus Stop Sign

For Example

If you arrive here by plane and need to take the bus to Faliraki, there is no bus service from the Airport to Faliraki.

In this case you need to travel in the opposite direction in which you want to go, get to the main bus station in Rhodes, then change for the bus to Faliraki.

What is actually a relatively short distance will in fact take you up to 2 hours to achieve.

This is a common problem when you are living on one part of the island and need to travel, sometimes having to change bus in Rhodes City cannot be avoided.

On saying that, most of the time you will get a good service with the buses, and hey, there is nothing like meeting the locals too right?

If you ever need a timetable or general information on the bus schedules the contact numbers are here!

  • KTEL – +30 22410 27706
  • RODA – +30 22410 26300

I have also made an up to date copy of the current timetable too for any of you that might find it useful 🙂

Click Images To Enlarge

You will also find a special bus service from the bus station in Rhodes which is dedicated to journeys back and forward to the Water Park only!

This is a common bus route as the Water Park is very popular so you will have no trouble getting there should you wish to visit.

The Taxi Conspiracy!

Well, you have probably heard me mention the taxis already, but this is something I did not mention earlier.

While you are waiting for the bus to pay for your 2 Euro journey to Rhodes Town, you will see Taxis stopping and trying to lure people in to take them instead for 5 times the price.

As I said before, they are trying to make a living, but this is not allowed. If the police catch them they are in for a heavy fine. Something you should maybe be aware of!

So, from here, you should have a better understanding of how the bus service works here in Rhodes.

If you need any more information about the buses on Rhodes let me know.

Just leave a comment below and I will get back to you!

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32 thoughts on “Your Ultimate Guide to Buses On Rhodes – Tips for Tourists”

  1. Good information Chris.

    I don’t know if I will ever get to visit Rhodes, but I know if I ever do, by reading your post I’ll feel like I’ve been there before.

    Keep putting more information out and the better I’ll be able to get around if I ever make it there.

  2. Hello Chris
    You are right, the bus service here in Rhodes is confusing and not convenient at all. Only if you are in Rhodes town you have easy access but also it is not that simple to find your way. Sometimes you prefer walking 🙂

    Thanks for sharing the time table for the buses and the directions. It is very helpful. I think as a tourist is good to have it printed if you want to use this way of getting around.

    Thanks again for a very informative and helpful article, So much to learn…

    Living there, do you use frequently the bus service? If you want to go to kameiros skala or the butterfly valley it is easy to take the bus?

    Have a nice afternoon.


    • Hey Cristina!

      Yeah, I mean the bus service can be a little confusing for some people and I can see why.

      As a tourist is is not always easy to decipher the Greek language to understand what bus leads where. It often leaves people looking for someone to speak a little English to help them. If you are good with timetables though, you can actually figure out what you need to do and where to go.

      Personally I do not use the bus service all that often. On saying that, when I have used it, they have provided a good service for me. I have no complaints.

      The only thing I guess I would like to see is a more frequent service during the high season summer months. The island gets very busy at this time, and the buses get full. Many times I have seen the buses simply passing stations where people are waiting because there is no space on board. It would be great to see something done about that!

      Thanks Cristina


  3. Great information on buses in Rhodes. Sounds like this is the perfect option when I am in Rhodes town. 

    I am glad they also speak in English, because I do not know any Greek. 

    When I travel to another country, I never drive. I prefer the taxis or buses. Sometimes I prefer the taxi, just because it is less of a hassle, less crowded and I feel more comfortable talking one on one and no worries about missing my stop. 

    To me that is well worth the extra cost! 

    Great information as always Chris.

    • Hi Leahrae, great to have you here once more.

      I know what you mean by having the comfort and hassle free taxi journey instead of the bus, but to be honest it all depends where you want to go.

      If you are going any distance then the taxis can be considerably more expensive. I know sometimes paying a little more can make your life easier, but just be careful not to be taken advantage of.

      For example, if you took a bus journey from Rhodes to Lindos, it would cost you a small amount. Maybe around 5 or 7 Euros. Yes it takes longer, and it stops along the way, there are other people etc. In a taxi though, it would cost around 45 to 50 Euros, so there is a huge difference.

      Something to look out for and be aware of.

      Thanks Leahrae.


  4. Hi, I am going in July to Rhodes. I am asking about the bus from Faliraki to Rhodes and the way around. Would it be easy? I have to go daily for 5 consecutive days. Thanks

    • Hi there Lina, thanks for getting in touch and for your question.

      You will be pleased to know that the bus service between Faliraki and Rhodes Town is easy to use and the service is very often in the summer months.

      From Faliraki, the journey will take between 25 and 30 minutes to get to the town.

      No matter where you are staying, there are plenty of bus stops available to catch your transport and virtually all of the buses will make their way to the center. There is no need to change buses.

      You will not have any problems.

      I hope this helps, and I am here if you need something more.

      Thanks Lina!


  5. Hi Chris,

    Moving around by bus is cost effective, and it is great you have even included in your article the bus timetables. 

    I find this article very useful with the tips and tricks to move around in Rhodes using the bus services. For instance, it is great to know the signs are also displayed in English, how they deal with full buses, and it made me smile thinking about the bus driver shouting in Greek for the passengers to make space. I have seen that as well in other countries. 

    Is it possible to buy a ticket for 10 trips or do you need to pay in cash each bus ride individually? 

    Thanks for sharing all these helpful tips.



    • Hey there, nice to have you visit me and thanks for your question.

      Before I answer it though, I share your point of view when it comes to the humor with the bus drivers. It can be very funny, especially when they are running behind schedule and the buses are full. 

      It must be very stressful for them, but I do see the funny side. I have a lot of respect for the drivers of these big vehicles as the roads were never originally built to take vehicles of these sizes. They do a great job in all honesty.

      When it comes to actually buying the tickets for getting around on the buses I know there are different options.

      You can of course buy the ticket for each individual journey, you can get a weekly ticket and a monthly ticket. 

      The actual pricing of them and the terms and conditions have always gotten the better of me though, and whenever I have asked I have come away even more confused. That’s the joy and fun of living in Greece I suppose 🙂

      I hope this half answers your question.

      I will however be making another attempt to gain clarity on this, as I will refresh this page with an updated timetable before the summer period in 2018 arrives.



  6. That was nice and detailed information, especially for people who might want to travel to the island of Rhodes.
    It is really better to know about a place before you travel there.

    I hope they do something about making bus services available from the airport to Faliraki. It would really be convenient for tourists.

    If ever I go there, I just hope I don’t meet the taxi drivers there:)

    • Hey Joseph and thanks for your comment and interest.

      The bus service overall is good for the island. Just sometimes you need to go a little out of the way first to get where you want to go. The example from the airport to Faliraki is one example, but there are other occasions when you will need to change buses to get to your desired destination.

      As for the taxi drivers, they are not bad guys. Most of them are quite friendly here and they offer quite a good service. Just sometimes they tend to bend the rules a little. This is my opinion only though.

      Others will tell you different and I guess if you asked one hundred people you would get one hundred stories. Just for me I find the service very expensive.

      Do not let me put you off though. You should still give them a chance and make your own opinion from there 😉

      You can see more about travelling around Rhodes by Taxi here, just to offer you more information!

      Thanks Joseph.


  7. Hi Great advice on using the Bus in Rhodes. Its a great way to see the island. Last time we were there we used the bus quite often.

    We stayed in Lialysos and regularly got the bus into Rhodes and then off to other places. Its was very quick and easy with minimal waiting.

    The only downside was the service seemed to end quite early! So when got the bus from Rhodes town to Faliraki for a night on the tiles we couldn’t get the bus back!

    Of course this was easily solved with a nice taxi ride back. So no big deal but worth keeping in mind.

    • Hey Steve thanks for your comment on your experiences here in Rhodes.

      It highlights one of the problems I am talking about when it comes to buses. Even if you had a late night service you would not be able to go from Faliraki back to Lalysos directly. Instead you would need to go all the way back into the city, then change the bus for your final destination. Certainly not want you want after a night on the tiles eh? 🙂

      In these cases yes, to take a taxi is a much better option and of course a lot faster, the difference is you pay a lot more.

      The daytime service with the bus is great yes, you do not wait too long (on average) but they do not run into the night to help out the people that enjoy the night life. But I suppose they have to rest sometime too 🙂

      Where did you stay in Lalysos if you do not mind me asking?



      • We stayed at Ialyssos Bay Hotel. Not the most luxurious location but we did get an extremely cheap price. And it was just a base to go and explore the rest of this incredible island. By bus and hire car.

        • Ah yes Ialysos Bay, this is the one along the road from the Electra Palace hotel if i remember rightly.

          Well as you say maybe not the most luxurious, but indeed the location is excellent for getting around and for something to do in the night time too.

          There are some nice restaurants on the main road down to the beach and there are things to see. This is what you need when you are on holiday. This area is actually the area where I live so i am fully familiar with it!

          Far better than being in a villa in the middle of nowhere 🙂 But I guess that depends on the individual!

          Thanks for getting back to me. If you visit again be sure to let me know 🙂 The beers are on me!


  8. I’m planning my vacations with my girlfriend and we are still looking for a place to go.

    We are between Europe or Latin America. Now that I have found your blog post, I will think about the Island of Rhodes. It seems to be an interesting place.

    The only thing I’m worried about is all this tense situation happening in Europe with all these wars and bombs.

    Anyway, I will keep analyzing scenarios!

    • Hey Kevin thanks for taking a look at my website.

      Of course you would be made very welcome in Rhodes and you do not really have anything to worry about.

      I know a lot of people tend to look at the situations surrounding Greece as a whole and it can be quite off putting if you look at the news.

      I promise you though Rhodes is a very peaceful island (as is Greece in its entirety to be honest) and we do not suffer threats of war here. It is of course something to keep your eye on as situations develop, but so far we are entirely at peace 🙂

      I hope you decide to give Europe a chance 🙂

      Thanks again


  9. Very informative about the buses and taxis there on Rhodes. I visited once and was very confused traveling around. You would think that the local people in charge of the tourist traffic would pay more attention to this stuff.

    I know the group I was with grumbled and complained as we waited around. At the time I had extra cash and did use a taxi. The price was a little high but it was so much more convenient. Definitely not as bad as the taxi’s in Rome!!!

    • Thanks for your input Dennis.

      Yes a lot of people do get confused when it comes to getting around the island. Of course the language barrier can play a huge part sometimes but also when you are in a strange place it is hard to navigate and get the information you need!

      I agree that taking a taxi sometimes is the common sense thing to do, and you are right, they do charge a little too much in my opinion. But I suppose others will be happy to pay a little more just to get to their destination speedily and without getting lost.

      And Rome!! yeah, been there and done that too, Although I thought the city was amazing it was also full of stress and the taxis there left me somewhat angry 🙂 Never again!

      Thanks Dennis


  10. Hi Chris,

    Thanks for the info bud.

    Greece is a place that I have always wanted to travel to and see.

    Don’t really know why but it probably has something to do with hearing about Greek Gods and Mythology.

    Rhodes seems like a pretty crowded place at times and sounds like the taxis are taking advantage of this by making as much money as possible.

    Can’t blame them though because the money they bring in during the busy season probably makes up a big portion of their yearly income.

    Is there a good time of year to go to Rhodes when it is not incredibly busy but still a good time of year to take in the sites?

    Thanks for this Chris.

    • Hey Jason thanks for passing by and having a look 🙂

      If you ever do make plans to come and visit Rhodes you will not be disappointed at all! There is a lot to see and the history really makes it a worthwhile vacation!

      For the taxi service yeah, I know the story with these and while I agree with your point about them needing to make most of their income during the summer season, I still feel they can do this without having the prices so high! But it is just the way it is. I cannot change it but I think it is right people know what they are in for!

      The high season here in Rhodes is from the start of July to the end of August. This is when most of the tourists hit the island and it is very busy! It is also the time when the temperatures are at the highest.

      I know a lot of people prefer to come either side. Holidaymakers come in May when the heat is not too uncomfortable and you can see the sites more easily without the big crowds.

      There is more on the climate of Rhodes here if it helps you decide which is the best time to visit.

      You will find a lot of things a little cheaper too including the flights just to get here. October is the same, temperatures a lower but still many things to see and do!

      Hope this helps. Let me know if you need something else 🙂


  11. This is really great information for buses on Rhodes.

    I have one question….where is Rhodes? I am not familiar with it at all. Looks foreign, so I know I would not attempt to drive, and taking a bus seems like the most economical and easy way to go.

    I can also see that planning ahead is key as buses do not go every where you need them to from the airport.

    • Hi and thanks for your questions 🙂

      Rhodes is actually located deep in the Mediterranean/Aegean Sea in Greece. It is northwest of the island of Crete and lies to the east of the Greek Mainland (Athens). Very beautiful, and yes foreign, if you want to call it that 🙂

      A lot of people do have a fear of driving and making their own way around simply because they are in a place unfamiliar to them. But it is really not as bad as people think.

      On saying that this is where the buses and taxis come in. The buses are by far the cheapest and most economical but like I said here, sometimes you have to go on a bit of an outward long journey before you get where you want to go.

      The airport is a problem when it comes to the buses (if you are not staying on route to the city) but to be fair, most people coming for holidays will take a taxi or one of the tourist buses provided with their holiday package.

      It is only the locals that use the bus from the airport really (95% anyway) as most people do not want to be humping and dumping luggage!

      During your stay though it is good to do a little forward planning like you say, or most of your day can be spent trying to find your way around!

      Thanks and if you need something more just let me know 🙂


  12. I can’t remember the last time I was on a bus. I am assuming from your information that this is mostly a rural setting?

    Since you can’t get a bus from the airport you would think that the cabs would be offering fares at reasonable rates instead of being chased off by the police.

    So I have to ask is the Island of Rhodes a very popular tourist destination?

    • Hey Maureen, yes for sure the island of Rhodes is very popular with millions of people hitting the island on an annual basis. It is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Greece and people from all over the world come here to see it!

      The island of course has rural areas but it also has the built up areas too, so the best of both worlds really.

      There is the main town/city of Rhodes which is heavily populated and there is lots to see and do, but of course you can travel outside this area to the more quiet places and soak up some tranquility 🙂

      You can take buses from the airport of course, the problem is sometimes they do not go where you necessarily want to go on a direct route, so you need to go out of your way to change buses to reach your destination!

      The taxis yes, I agree, sometimes if they offered a more reasonable fare then it would be better, but .. hey, more often than not they don’t

      Thanks 🙂


  13. Thanks Chris for your valuable informative guide.

    I believe that your site is very useful and helpful for any person willing to visit Rhodes.

    Giving an informative guide about the bus stations and bus routes and other transportation details is very useful, and unfortunately, there isn’t many sites paying attention to these fine details, so thank you very much about that.

    I just have an enquiry that I think will be very helpful yo people.

    Are there certain times of the day when the buses are most likely full and crowded? I think this information may help people to set their time table in a proper way to avoid such times.

    Thanks again Chris for this guide and looking forward to more valuable articles from you.

    • Hey there thanks for reading and for your question.

      To be honest yes. But you will not like the answer 🙂

      Come high season here in Rhodes the buses are pretty much always busy! When I am out and about I see people waiting for the buses from as early as 7 am. (They try to beat the crowds but actually they end up causing them).

      This will then go on actually for most of the day up until around 6 or 7 o’clock in the afternoon. What you need to remember is the buses are busy with people going to see what they want to see, then they are busy with people making their way back again!

      Also let’s not forget the locals, they also need to go back and forward between work etc, so all these people mount up!

      So I would say between 7 am and 7 pm expect busy. After this it will die off a little!

      Hope this helps and thank you for your compliments to my work here 🙂


  14. What is wrong with the bus companies, wouldn’t you think they would provide a service from the airport to Faliraki?

    There’s obviously an over abundance of trade that they will miss out on forcing most people to take a taxi.

    I understand when you say most bus routes get so busy in these holiday destinations, we find the same problem wherever we go. So many buses end up driving straight past due to being full but you usually find there’s plenty of buses on a service route leaving you only a short amount of time waiting for the next to come along.

    I bet there is plenty of trade for the taxi services in holiday destinations like Rhodes. We’ve seen this in action where we’ve been in the past, a taxi following the full bus and stopping at the bus stop when the bus has gone straight past when full.

    Thanks for your review,


    • Hey Simon thanks for your thoughts!

      Yes I agree, sometimes you would think they would put a little more thought into the routes provided and understand that people need to move around in different ways.

      It does force people to look for different options when it comes to getting around. Either that or suffering a long journey in order to save some money!

      When it comes to the taxis and their behavior I must admit it gets on my nerves a bit. They do exactly what you mentioned, they manipulate the system. Knowing the buses are full (or people are boiling to death waiting for one) they stop and usually get a passenger.

      It is wrong, but hey, this is something they do. I am not the police 🙂

      Overall though, the buses do a good job. They have faults for sure, but what doesn’t!

      Thanks Simon, nice to hear from you ?



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