Unlock The Rhodes Archaeological Museum – A Visitor’s Guide

You will remember that we have already talked about The Rhodes Archaeological Museum within The Medieval City section of this website (see the The Archaeological Museum In Rhodes page). There we covered the structure itself, why it was built and where it was located.

Here though, I just want to offer you a taste to the works of art that can be found here and allow you to see why this museum attracts thousands of visitors every year!

This museum is famous for the displays of some compelling and symbolic works. These include Sculptures and Paintings, and a few of them I will now discuss here.

Helios (The Sun God)

Helios - The Rhodes Archaeological Museum

A marble head of Helios (The Sun God), found in the Castello area of the Medieval City, is on display here. See The Grand Masters Palace for more on the Castello.

It has been said that the temple of Helios was located in this area and the head was actually found next to one of the Knights Inns.

It was the Inn Of Provence, which is located on the right side as you walk up Ippoton Street, also known as The Street Of The Knights.

There is good reason for this, as the ancient temple of Helios is said to have been in this location!

The Rhodes Archaeological Museum – Ancient Statues

There are also a couple of ancient statues on display within the museum. They are full size and made of stone and are referred to as Kouroi.

The word Kouros in Ancient Greek actually means “male boy/male youth’, and  Kouroi is the plural tense.

These statues depict these young males who are without clothing and in a forward motion stance.

They were found in The Ancient City Of Kamiros and are from the 6th Century.


Greek Goddess Aphrodite - The Rhodes Archaeological Museum
Greek Goddess Aphrodite

In the museum you will also found 2 breathtaking and incredibly beautiful statues of Aphrodite. She is the Greek Goddess for Beauty, Love and Pleasure.

One of them dates back to the 1st Century and is made of marble.

This statue portrays Aphrodite in a kneeling position, freshly emerged from the ocean, with her arms elevated to squeeze water from her hair with her hands.

The museum calls the other statue the Thalassia. The Greek word Thalassa actually means Sea, and this comes about as originally Thalassa was an evil spirit of the Sea!

Actually found in the Sea, which gives the second statue its name, it dates from as early as the 4th Century.

Raised from the west of the island, the statue stands nude and is as tall as an average-sized human being.

The Rhodes Archaeological Museum – Timarista And Krito

Timarista And Krito - The Rhodes Archaeological Museum
Timarista And Krito

This amazing artifact portrays a mother and daughter. The story it tells is of an eternal separation; Timarista holds Krito, while Krito touches her mother’s shoulder. The hair of Krito is short which displays a sign of grief.

This display was originally taken from The Ancient City Of Kamiros Cemetery and it dates back to the 5th century BC. It is what is known as a ‘Stele’.

The word Stele refers to a stone slab (or wooden for that matter) and mostly they are taller than they are wide.

In the old days, people used these slabs for funeral and memorial purposes.

Other Artifacts

Throughout the museum you will find hundreds of other interesting objects. Ancient coins are on display which date back to the reign of The Knights.

There are lots of engravings from early days also here to see.

Researchers have also found other objects from ancient cemeteries, such as those in Ialyssos. Items such as old pottery, amulets and jewelry can all be witnessed here in the museum.

You can even see some of the coats of arms that have survived from the graves of The Knights.

  • The Courtyard - The Rhodes Archaeological Museum
    The Courtyard

The Rhodes Archaeological Museum – Overall

I know I can sometimes appear to be repeating myself, and I promise I do not mean to.

But even though I sit here and try to demonstrate what the museum has to offer in the form of writing and pictures, it will never be able to highlight what it is like in real life.

To see this place, and to be in the presence of all these ancient findings really does take your breath away.

As you walk around the history touches you, and you travel back in time with little to no effort at all!

It really is a fascinating and extraordinary place to see.

See The Video For A Tour Around The Rhodes Archaeological Museum

So what do you think of This amazing location? Does it interest you? Have you been here and seen it?

Either way I would love to know what you think, so just leave me a comment below if you have something to share.

Also, if you have any questions just let me know, and I will be happy to help you out!

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28 thoughts on “Unlock The Rhodes Archaeological Museum – A Visitor’s Guide”

  1. I am not a big museum person per se, but I could totally visit this museum. 

    I am already intrigued by the island of Rhodes and would love to visit. 

    The court yard of the museum, believe it or not, really looks the most interesting to me. How long does it take to view the entire museum at a slow pace? 

    Should I allow a full day?

    • Hey Learhrae.

      Yes, I mean there is a lot to take in when it comes to visiting this museum. There are thousands of artifacts on display, and let us not forget the majestic Grand Masters Palace just around the corner.

      They both offer a beautiful insight into the history of Rhodes which I think you will like.

      I will also admit, I do not buzz when it comes to museums as a rule. This one is well worth seeing though, so you can get excited, just a little 🙂

      With this museum and the Grand Masters Palace, you can easily set aside a day to see these for sure.

      Thanks Leahrae, great to see you.


  2. I think the Aphrodite image in your post is the same one featured in L. Durrell’s book about the Marine Venus marble statue. The Crouching Venus/Aphrodite statue is also one of a kind. A bit small but still stunning. 

    I’d like to mention the outside courtyard gardens are worth seeing as well (especially on a hot summer day!). If you love Byzantine era architecture, this Knights Hospital of St John resembles a typical Byzantine inn. 

    Try not to miss the room with the Arkasa mosaic floor. It’s worth checking out. 

    The admission is quite reasonable, about six euros, but this was two summers ago in 2016. In any case, it’s probably one of the prettiest museums on the island. 

    Unfortunately, during my visit, many rooms weren’t accessible. Hopefully, more rooms will be open to the public in the near future.

    • Hey there, thanks so much for reading.

      It is great to learn you have visited Rhodes and The Archaeological Museum.

      You will be happy to learn that since 2016, the museum has opened all of its doors. I know there was a lot going on in the way of refurbishment, and to my knowledge this has all been completed.

      During your visit, did you also see the Marble Head of Helios and The Knights Of Saint John funeral slabs? I am not sure if these areas would have been open during your visit. Let me know 🙂 Personally these are my favorite exhibits.

      Thanks for your visit. It is really nice to hear from you. Are you planning another visit at all in the future?


  3. Me, my wife and children are planning on a vacation soon. We are looking at places we might want to visit. 

    The Grand Canyon was our first option, but after reading this it may not be anymore. This museum is very cool and the island of Rhodes looks like an awesome place. It seems to be packed with history where ever you look. 

    Although I have left my thoughts for you on this post, I have had a good look around your site and all that you talk about really appeals to me. 

    I will let you know what we decide to do. I will speak to the boss first (my wife) 🙂

    Great article and thank you.

    • Hello James, great to have you here.

      When you talk about visiting the Grand Canyon, WOW. I have never had the pleasure to see this for myself and I am in awe of people that have.

      The nearest I have gotten is on my 85 inch Television. I have one DVD with music by the German Band Tangerine Dream. It is a complete viewing experience and the title is Canyon Dreams. Maybe you have heard of it? If not, watch it. It is amazing, and maybe it will be the closest I ever get to seeing this magnificent place.

      Rhodes is also a magnificent place. There are many beautiful places in the world and I guess each one has its own character. Personally I love it here. I love the history, the culture and the way of life.

      The Archaeological Museum is fascinating and it is only once of the locations that will leave you mesmerized.

      Do not miss out on The Grand Canyon, but if you get the chance to make a longer journey, I am sure you and your family would love Rhodes too.

      Thanks for getting in touch James, nice to hear from you.


  4. This article yanks hard at me, and is tough to resist. 

    I’ve had great interest in ancient Greece since college when my favorite class was ancient history (strange for a mechanical engineering major). 

    It is amazing to see these beautifully preserved pieces of ancient art as lots of Greek antiquity is something that has been devastated by acid rain and the ravages of time. 

    Handy that some of them were under water, I imagine.

    Are there any hints here about the lives of the merchants and mercenaries that wandered the region back before Alexander?

    • Hello there Tim, really great to meet you.

      Yes, unfortunately a lot of the wonderful pieces left to us from the ancient times have had time take its toll on them. It is a great shame. When you look at The Temple Of Apollo for example which sits on Monte Smith. These days is is supported by scaffolding and is really looking worse for wear. 

      Thankfully, a lot of items have been recovered and preserved which you can find on display in The Archaeological Museum. The artifact of Timarista And Krito recovered from the cemetery at Kameiros is a fine example.

      It is upsetting to see so much of this history slowly losing its elegance as time passes. On saying that, a lot of work goes into trying to preserve these ancient places. Sometimes it is not enough though.

      When it comes to the time before Alexander The Great, there is a lot of evidence of the people that lived here. Going back to the antiquity period, you can still witness the areas that were built by The Dorians. These places are called Lindos, Ialysos and Kameiros. 

      Lindos and Ialysos are still vibrant cities today and display a lot of the ancient artifacts and structures. Kameiros displays its ancient city preserved for you to witness in its entirety. It is quite beautiful.

      Hope this helps you Tim. Thanks again for your interest.


  5. Hi Chris, nice site. 

    My wife and I visited Athens some years ago and I was fascinated with the statues and columns we saw there.

    The masons in those days were incredible artists. I have often wondered at the amount of time it must have taken them to make. 

    I can see from your information throughout the site that Rhodes seems to have a similar style to Athens. I know recently there has been a huge museum opened near the Acropolis in Athens. Does The Archaeological Museum in Rhodes compare to that?

    You have reminded me of my previous visit, and I am going to dig through my laptop for all those photos I took back then. 

    Thanks John

    • Hi John, it is great to learn you have visited this wonderful country.

      I also have also payed a great visit to Athens. I did my tour around the Acropolis and took some amazing photographs. I really fell in love with the place. 

      The museum was open too when I was there and had the pleasure of walking around and talking a look. It is a huge place and filled with dazzling history and culture. I really loved it.

      The Archaeological Museum here in Rhodes (in my opinion) is also dazzling. I love it, and again it offers so much in the way of history. The museum in Athens, but for an experience I would say that is the only difference 🙂

      Thanks John, and yes – dig out them photos. I would love to see some of them too if you do not mind 🙂



  6. The Rhodes Archaeological Museum is one place I would like to visit one day. I glad I came across your article.

    All the Sculptures and Paintings that exist here makes this a worth while trip to Greece. Helios (The Sun God), Aphrodite: the Greek Goddess for Beauty, Love and Pleasure, & Timarista And Krito brings back memories from studying Greek History.

    Great information on the statues & artifacts within The Rhodes Archaeological Museum. Would very much like to see this place for myself.

    • Hello Daniel and thanks for your comment. It is nice to meet you.

      The Archaeological Museum in Rhodes really is a special place. It is filled with artifacts that can keep you mesmerized for hours. Every time I go, I see something different or new that I did not notice before. It is an awesome place to look around.

      I will be honest with you too, I never studied Greek History at school. I will be even more honest with you, I never really wanted to at the time. I was young and preferred to waste my time in school – only to regret it later.

      After moving to Rhodes though, and seeing all of this ancient beauty right in front of me, I was fascinated to learn more. This is one of the reasons I started this site to be frank. The more I learn, the more I want to share with people, and the more I share and tell people about it, the more I remember myself 🙂

      Let’s hope you get here and see this amazing place for yourself Daniel. Let me know if you can arrange it!

      Thanks again for getting in contact.


  7. Hi Chris, this museum looks like an amazing place to visit. My daughter would love this as she did a degree in Archaeology at University and all these things are of great interest to her.

    I would love to be able to see the statues as well as being able to read about them and all the artefacts you are describing like the coins.

    I found your post here to be both very informative and interesting Chris and if I ever visit Rhodes, I would most certainly visit The Archaeological Museum.

    • Hello Cheryl, many thanks for reading and for leaving your comment.

      I must admit to you, I have never studied Archaeology at all. I was never into history at school and if I am being honest – I was completely in the dark when I arrived in Rhodes as to why it was all so important.

      When I was at school and college, the personal computers were coming onto the scene, and I started to follow this course. I am not sorry, but as a result I found my education very limited when it came to history.

      Since moving to Rhodes, I have learned to respect and understand the importance of what has happened in the past. Not only here, but everywhere.

      There is still a lot I do not know, but most days I make an effort to learn and see something new.

      The Archaeological Museum is only a part of what Rhodes has to offer, and if your daughter is into all of this type of thing, then she will love it here. Let’s hope you can visit sometime 🙂

      Thanks again Cheryl, really nice to hear from you.


  8. Chris you are so lucky to live in such a wonderful part of the world 🙂 Do you fancy swapping countries? I promise you that it never rains here in the UK. lol.

    The Archaeological Museum is a must when I visit the Greek Islands. I enjoy reading about Greek Mythology but seeing the statues first hand would be an opportunity not to miss.

    Does the museum get really busy and if so what is the best time to visit?

    • Hey Jay and I have to say i caught you out here.

      I am from the UK originally, Manchester to be exact – and it ALWAYS rains there 🙂 so no deal haha – I am staying put! But thanks for the offer though, and nice try 🙂

      When it comes to Greece there really is so much in the way of history and the Archaeological Museums demonstrate this beautifully. The one here in Rhodes is simply amazing and definitely one you should see if you ever get to visit the island.

      The museum is quite busy as a general rule yes. For the time of day it is better to get there early in the morning before the crowds start to build up, but you also have to bear in mind the time of year too.

      Generally all the attractions are on a busier scale in July and August. May and October are far quieter but the weather is not as hot!

      I hope this answers your questions, but if you need something more Jay, just give me a shout!

      Regards to the UK 🙂



      • Guess what Chris?

        We are in your neck of the woods next week. We are visiting Rhodes Island for the first time. We have booked a villa in Kiotari and really excited.

        Funny you mentioned that you’re from Manchester. Me too. I live in “sunny” Stockport 🙂

        Any last minute recommendations, for things to do near Kiotari, would be appreciated.

        Where in Rhodes do you live?



        • Hey there Jay, great news. You will love it here 🙂

          Well, Kiotari is based more to the south of the island, and although there is a distance to travel to see Rhodes City, Lindos is close by.

          In this area you will also find lots of Sandy Beaches to enjoy and there is a lot that goes on in the way of entertainment too. There is a village called Pefkos which is nearby and this is certainly the place to go if you like a night out.

          Do not worry, there is plenty to be getting on with down there.

          I would only recommend sorting out your transport options. Even though there are things to see and do, it would be a shame to miss out on the other places due to the distance. Are you considering renting a car maybe?

          Have a safe journey here, and I am here if you need something 🙂

          By the way, I actually live more close to the airport in a village called Ialysos…. and I am from Bury in Manchester…

          Thanks Jay


  9. Hello Chris,

    The ancient history that surrounds Ancient Greece has always fascinated me, along with the lifestyles of the times.

    I have traveled a lot but haven’t had the opportunity to visit Greece and experienced it’s rich culture and history. I know a little of the culture today and mixed in with a beach some sunshine and a few beers, looks and sounds awesome.

    I know my visit is not too far away, and I’ll certainly be looking to visit The Rhodes Museum for sure.

    Thanks Chris

    • Hello Paul and thanks for your visit.

      This is exactly what I love about Rhodes to be honest. There is so much to see, there is so much to learn, and every time I go out i see something new… The education you can get when it comes to history here is quite amazing – certainly from the museums.

      From there, you can simply go into relax mode. Forget everything. Like you say, an ice cold beer, a lovely beach and blue water – what more can you ask for 🙂

      It is quite a feeling to be able to do it. I have full appreciation for the island and its history and culture!

      I hope you get here. And if you do – the first ice cold beer is on me 🙂

      Thanks Paul


  10. Really nice.

    I would love to visit Greece including Rhodes one day for sure.

    I like the way you included a picture and description of each statue. I’m also interested in Greek “mythology’ so this was very exciting to learn a bit about each god/statue.

    I mean, it was their religion back then. Thanks for sharing your adventure!


    • Hey Jo and thanks for your comment and interest..

      I am glad you found the information here good to read.

      i have not yet incorporated Greek Mythology into the material here, but I am going too. It is on my list of things to do.

      Like you say, it is considered somewhat of a religion so I need to set aside a complete section of my website to cover it. But I am not afraid, and I will admit I will learn a few things too along the way. But that is what it is all about right? 🙂

      Thanks Jo, really appreciate you passing by!


  11. Hi Chris,

    You are one lucky man to live in such a beautiful, rich, diverse country.

    I’ve always wanted to visit Greece and now the Island of Rhodes. What time of year is the best time to visit?

    I want to surprise my wife with a trip in the near future.



    • Hey Jack thanks for your question.

      Well, I guess in many ways I have had a little luck fall my way when it comes to me relocating here. Just the right place at the right time maybe 🙂 I am not sorry anyway!

      When it comes to the best time to visit depends on the individual. Do you like it very hot? or not so hot? Do you mind the crowds? or do you prefer it more quiet.

      There is more on The Climate Of Rhodes here so you can check out the temperatures over the different periods.

      In May and June the weather is a little more comfortable and it is not as busy when it comes to the tourists being here. This is the same after the second week in September until the end of October.

      When it comes to talking about July and August, the temperatures can be very high, and the tourist count is a lot higher too!

      It all depends on your personal preference!

      Hope this helps Jack and I am here if you need something else!



  12. Hello Chris

    How are you doing this weekend, are you working or having fun in the sun?

    I really did enjoy your article on the museum, I love to visit museums as there is so much to learn in them and I especially love to learn about history.

    I have never been to this museum, but I will keep it in mind for the future because it sounds like quite an experience.

    • Hi Jeffrey, well to be honest, it is early morning now here in Greece, but I will admit that yesterday was fun in the sun 🙂

      I had a barbecue with my friends and also sipped on a cold beer. Not a bad life eh? 🙂

      I am happy you liked the information on The Rhodes Archaeological Museum. I also love to visit the museums and see what they have to offer. They are full of information and education, and this one in particular took my breath away. It is an amazing place!

      if you get the chance to visit Rhodes, then this museum is well worth a visit.

      Let me know if you need any more information Jeffrey, and thanks for getting in touch!


  13. This island must be something to see. Maybe one day I can venture to Greece. I would love to see this museum and all of the ancient artifacts and statues there.

    I know a friend who is planning a trip to Greece and I bet she already is planning to visit this island. I am going to mention it and see if that is the case and if not I will tell her to visit.

    I will also refer her to your site.

    • Hello Cynthia… thanks for your comment 🙂

      The Archaeological Museum here really is amazing. Something you should definitely see! It is full of ancient artifacts, and you can spend hours there appreciating all it has to offer.

      if you can ever arrange a visit I am sure you would love it. It is great that your friend is planning a journey to Greece too though. Let me know if she will manage to land on Rhodes. If she needs anything tell her to get in touch!

      And for sure. Let her take a look at the information here. I am sure there is some stuff here that will guide her in the right direction should she get here!

      Thanks Cynthia!



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