Ancient Kamiros in Rhodes – The Complete History Revealed

Although I have lived on the island for many years now, I am ashamed to say that I have only visited Ancient Kamiros In Rhodes a few times.

Considering how much there is to see and learn here, I am sure after this handful of visits, I have only touched the surface of the history in this location.

I actually live approximately 15 Kilometers from this ancient city. With this in mind I promise to make another trip here to take some photographs for you to see. For now though, I will share some pictures with you later in this post that I have made from previous visits!

The Dwellings Of Ancient Kamiros In Rhodes
The Dwellings Of Ancient Kamiros In Rhodes

The Discovery

Although the ancient city is centuries old, an archaeological project and excavation was undertaken by the Italians in 1914 which uncovered and revealed much of what you can see today.

Ancient dwellings, bath houses, the market area and ancient Doric columns were discovered and they now sit here in all their glory for the world to appreciate.

This excavation came about, as naturally the city was buried under the earth over time. In 406 BC, the inhabitants of Kamiros vacated the area of to live in the new city that had been established – Rhodes. This led to the city being abandoned and lost.

The Location Of The Ancient City Of Kamiros In Rhodes

Kamiros is one of the three ancient cities (and the smallest) to be developed on the island of Rhodes. Lindos and Ialyssos were the other two. Later these became the foundations for the city of Rhodes itself.

It is located on the West Coast of Rhodes at the foot of the Akramytis Mountain and runs close to the beautiful sandy beach of Ayios Minas. It is approximately 35 Kilometers from Rhodes City to The Ancient City Of Kamiros and takes 45 minutes by car and bus!

  • An Ancient Water Supply - Ancient Kamiros In Rhodes
    An Ancient Water Supply

The Early Occupation Of Kamiros

In the nearby village of Kalavarda, an ancient Necropolis (cemetery) was uncovered in 1859 which lays to the West of Kamiros. The findings within this cemetery suggest that the Achaeans (Mycenaean Greeks as described by Homer) occupied and resided in Kamiros during the prehistoric period, which was before the arrival of the Dorians (although Homer mentions that Kamiros was founded by the Dorians along with Lindos and Ialyssos)

The history of Kamiros has been uncovered by the findings of a number of other cemeteries in the nearby area. The Makry Langoni Cemetery for example, revealed the finding of the Stele of Krito and Timarista which I talked to you about on the Rhodes Archaeological Museum page. This is now where this 5th Century Sculpture can be found on display!

Other artifacts have been recovered from various cemeteries in the vicinity of Kamiros too. Items in the form of tools and pottery show that Kamiros was an agricultural area and exported goods such as olives and wine to mainland Greece and other parts of the Mediterranean.

The Archaeological Site Of Ancient Kamiros In Rhodes

Plan Of Ancient Kamiros In Rhodes
Plan Of Ancient Kamiros In Rhodes – Thank You To Google Maps

Ancient Kamiros today, is an archaeological site which is open to the public for you to visit.

Having survived the same earthquake that obliterated The Colossus of Rhodes, the ancient city was reconstructed in 226 BC.

It is a Hellenistic site and because of this, it displays some key features with typical formations and designs from this era.

When it comes to the structures it is divided into 2 sections: Public and Private.

The city was built into three uneven and different sections.

  • The Market Area (Agora Square) and also the lowest section.
  • The Residential Area which is located on the hills.
  • The Acropolis at the peak of the city!

The Market (Agora Square)

In the Market area on the North West corner you will see two columns of an ancient temple. These are said to be dedicated to Apollo, The Greek God of Music, Poetry, Healing and much more and they date back to the 2nd Century BC.

As you make your way to the East of this ancient temple you will encounter the Fountain Square. The fountain itself was actually made up of six Doric (architecture) columns which have been restored.

A second square was built later on, and this had a water well in the middle. When this was built, the original fountain was refurbished and modified. This took place at the start of the 3rd Century BC.

Ancient Kamiros in Rhodes – The Residential Area

From the Market Area, running all the way through the city, is the main street leading up to the Acropolis. Laid out on the left and right of this street are all the ruins of the ancient dwellings. This residential area connects the low level market area with the Acropolis at its peak!

Personally, I love the residential area. The ruins really speak to you and it is not hard to imagine how things used to be in days lost, and the way life was. Standing there at the doors of ancient houses that were inhabited centuries ago is quite a special feeling.

In this area you will also find other dwellings that housed bathing areas.

Ancient Kamiros in Rhodes – The Acropolis

At the peak of the city you will encounter The Doric Temple Of Athena Kameiras. This replaced an earlier temple that was also destroyed in the 226 BC earthquake.

To the North of the temple you will find what is an ancient water supply which dates back to the 6th Century BC. This was in use until the 3rd Century BC, as a large Stoa was later put into use.

The original water supply could accommodate six hundred thousand liters (600,000) of water or 600 Cubic Meters, and this could provide water for up to four hundred families.

Watch This Short Video For Some Stunning Views Of Ancient Kamiros


How can I sum this amazing place up? Amazing? Breathtaking? Wonderful?

It is hard to put such history and beauty into words.

When you walk into Ancient Kamiros In Rhodes it really does take you back in time, and you immediately want to walk around and learn as much as possible.

If you ever wanted to literally taste history, you will get it here!

I love the ancient ruins, the monuments, the dwellings and layout. They really speak to you.

Wherever you walk, there is something of interest. Not only that, but as you walk up to the higher ground near the Acropolis, you have the most amazing sea view staring right at you.

It really is a picture from a postcard.

If you ever manage a visit to Rhodes, then The Ancient City of Kamiros is a MUST SEE!

You will find it open in the summer months between 8 am and 8 pm, and the entry is 3 Euros per person!

I hope this information here gives you a taste of what this city has to offer. If you have any comments or questions please feel free to leave them below.

Have you visited the Ancient City Of Kamiros? Maybe you are planning a future visit and would like to know more?

Either way, I always love hearing from you all. Please leave your comments below.

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28 thoughts on “Ancient Kamiros in Rhodes – The Complete History Revealed”

  1. This island looks amazing, it makes me wish I had visited the last time I went to Greece. 

    Unfortunately for me, when I was a younger lad, I trekked to the party Island of Greece, that being Kos (great fun at the time). 

    With little knowledge of the Greek history, I wasn’t too fussed about visiting these wonderful places that you’ve pointed out, like Kamiros. 

    I’d never heard of this place. It’s now on my bucket list, cheers.

    • Hey Nigel, great to hear from you.

      I think a lot of the younger generation is always like this. It is normal to want to hit the beaches and the clubs, drink a few beers and generally relax. There is nothing wrong with this at all.

      Unfortunately, when we are younger, the parties are always more important than site seeing. I was the same to be honest. It was only when I got older I started to appreciate the history of places and wanted to learn a little more about countries I was visiting.

      Next time you are in Greece, be sure to check out what you missed last time. Rhodes is an awesome island and The Ancient City Of Kamiros is amazing. You will not regret seeing it 🙂

      Thanks Nigel.


  2. Hi Chris, I’ve been bouncing around on your site and I am learning a ton of what The Island of Rhodes has to offer. Very interesting. 

    Were you born in Greece or what took you there? The architecture of the Ancient Kamiros site is incredible and the history too. 

    So much to learn here. 

    Thanks for this informative article. 


    • Hi there Lyndsay.

      I was not actually born in Greece no, I am from the UK originally.

      I have been here for many years now as life gave me the opportunity to do so. If you check out the section About Me, you can see all my story there! I hope you like it.

      As for The Ancient City of Kamiros, I agree, it is a stunning place. It is actually one of the more popular attractions on the island simply for its history and views. It is a place I recommend everyone to see if they are on the island.

      There is a lot of history and a lot to learn here, and it is a must see for anyone interested in the lost years!

      Thanks Lyndsay


  3. Hi there, great review. You really articulated it well to make it interesting and poignant. 

    Rhodes is an amazing place. I have been, but unfortunately when I went I was young, and we were only interested in going to the nightclubs all night and sleeping all day :). 

    If I were to go back now I would take my time looking at all those wonderful sights and history that you describe in your posts. Kamiros is so drenched in history you can feel it just by looking at the pictures. Beautiful. And it was good to know that they enjoyed their olives and wine!

    • Stefanie, hi and thanks so much for getting in touch!

      Great to know you have been to Rhodes. OK it is a shame you did not get to see much except the nightclubs and the back of your eyelids, but we all have to be young right? 🙂 I myself have enjoyed the nightclubs here, they are not too bad and well worth a visit. Nothing to be ashamed of there!

      Kamiros and some of the other sites on Rhodes are well work looking at though. As you say, great history and lots to learn. If you make it back again, lets hope you get a better look around.

      I am always here, so let me know if you ever make plans. I will get some information together for you to see as much as possible,

      Thanks Stefanie.. nice to hear from you.


  4. Hi Chris,

    It’s always a pleasure to visit your blog and read another amazing article about Rhodes, this time you share Ancient Kamiros in Rhodes.

    I would love to visit it one day, must be an amazing opportunity to visit this place, it’s amazing how they could build a place like this, everything used to work perfectly. They used to think about everything. 


    • Hello there and thanks once again for passing by!

      It is amazing I agree. To think that places such as this were built and utilized long before having the benefits of technology that we know today!

      I often think if some of the more modern structures will still be standing in thousands of years such as Ancient Kamiros is. What do you think?

      Like you say, they covered all angles. Market area, bath houses and water supplies to the different dwellings. It is all the kind of thing we take for granted today, but planning was needed back then!

      It is a great place Alejandra, make sure you do not miss this ancient city if you are ever in Rhodes.

      Thanks for reading!


  5. Hi Chris – Wow – Kamiros looks like an incredible archaeological site.

    Many thanks for describing the history and layout – this will help when I visit! Your slideshow really gave a good overview of the site with the amazing doric columns.

    When is the best time of year to visit Kamiros? Does it get super busy in summer? Alisa 🙂

    • Hello Alisa, thanks for reading.

      Yes, in the summer it can be quite challenging with the crowds. It is very busy during the high season (July and August) but it is also very hot. Kamiros is all out in the open, so you need to be careful and take the required precautions from the hot sun!

      After saying that, it is an amazing place to visit and you will enjoy it no matter the time of year. It is just that you may find it a little more comfortable for example in May or October.

      I personally love Kamiros, it is rich in history. I wanted to provide the photographs for people to see what it is like, but you can never beat seeing it for yourself 🙂

      Thanks Alisa, nice to meet you.


  6. The Ancient City Of Kamiros in Rhodes is certainly a place I would love to visit. Ever since I’ve been reading your posts, I get a deep desire to visit Rhodes. I will put it on my travel list for 2018. I enjoy visiting ancient sites and this looks fascinating indeed.

    As I read your post, I couldn’t help but think about what life was like with the ancient people there. I am sure a tour will make it more realistic for me. 

    My daughter studies architecture and I have no doubt she will enjoy visiting with me. 

    Do you think Ancient Kamiros can inspire her modern architectural designs?

    • Hi there Carol, nice to see you.

      You know, you touch on an important point here.

      It is one thing to see photos, videos and listen to other people tell you how good or bad something is. But seeing it for yourself really opens your eyes.

      When I visit Kamiros, I really do sit stunned and mesmerized by its beauty and its history. Like I say, you can really touch and feel the history. You can imagine the people of old walking these old areas alongside you.

      I love it here, and there is a lot to learn too. I always come away from this location educated and appreciative!

      When you see some of these old residence buildings, bath houses, fountains and columns.. well .. WOW.. 

      When it comes to your daughter and her architecture, I am sure she can learn something. Inspiration will hit her for sure. I think it will show her the grass roots of what architecture was like, long before modern technology came along to help with designs.

      Ahh bring back the old days eh? 🙂

      Thanks Carol. Let me know if you need anything else. I can also find some literature and information for you and your daughter and send it on to you. No problem!


  7. Hi Chris

    I plan to visit Rhodes with my grandchildren next summer but not sure if Kamiros would be too much for them. 

    It looks awesome to me as I love history, but would you recommend going there with kids as well? 

    I just showed them pictures from your web and my kids have been very interested in the surroundings and all ancient buildings, but I need to be sure it is not too complicated for kids?

    Thanks for a great overview, very helpful before my trip to Greece

    Regards, Marty

    • Marty, it is a great question and you are right to ask!

      I know many people that have been there with their children, and they have had no trouble at all.

      Like anywhere, you just need to keep an eye out. It is an ancient city, so the pathways and the walking areas can be a little tricky in areas, so it is important to make sure they stay on their feet and not fall. How old are they?

      If they like the photos, and are interested in this type of setting, then they are free to visit and they will be quite safe. 

      Just bear in mind the weather, as the area is out in the open. In the high season it can get quite got. Maybe this would be too much for them!

      Apart from that I think you would be fine.

      Let me know if you need something more Marty. I hope to see you in Rhodes soon



  8. Hi, I visited Greece once, by only made it to Athens – which I loved! 

    I hear so many good things about Rhodes too! Many Norwegians travel there for a bit of sun. Isn’t the ancient history exiting though? 

    Hopefully I will make it over to the Mediterranean one of these days and come for a visit!! 


    • Hello Nina, thanks for your comment!

      You are right, and as it goes there is one lady over in Norway that visits Rhodes every year and she is also called Nina 🙂

      She comes here with her husband and they stay in the area local to me near Ialyssos.

      Lots of people from Norway do indeed visit the island in the summer. This also applies to the Scandinavian countries as a whole. Danish, Finnish and Swedish tourists also make their way here in their thousands to soak up the sun.

      Most of them always always tell me how happy they are to get away from the cold weather, especially the ones from Finland!

      When it comes to the island of Rhodes, it is the history that sounds out above all the rest. Places such as Kamiros, Lindos, Filerimos and The Medieval City are simply amazing. There are no other words for them. They are a must see for you Nina.

      Do not miss out on Rhodes next time you are in the vicinity!

      Thanks again. Nice to hear from you!


  9. Wow! Kamiros sounds like a place I’d really like to see. I’d love to stand in that marketplace and experience for myself the residential area. 

    If I ever get to Europe, I want to go to Rhodes and I want to see Kamiros. 

    Are there guided tours available? Are the buses expensive? 

    It sounds like the people are friendly. I can’t wait to meet them.

    • Hello Joe and thanks for getting in touch. Nice to hear from you.

      Kamiros really is a breathtaking place yes. When you walk among the old ruins the history really touches you. It is a fabulous place.

      When it comes to the buses you can see all the timetable and prices on ‘the buses on Rhodes‘ page. If you need something more though feel free to let me know.

      When it comes to tour guides, the answer is yes. You can of course go your own way or you can take a tour there. If you talk to your holiday representative during your visit they will offer you more precise details when it comes to prices and what to expect.

      Hope this helps you. I am here too if you need something else.

      Look forward to seeing in Rhodes and Kamiros soon Joe!



  10. What a gorgeous place! 

    If I lived anywhere in Greece I’d be Island hopping. it’s all so ancient and beautiful. 

    I was once in Brugge, Belgium, another medieval city whose 15th century buildings have somehow survived all these years. 

    Beautiful pictures of Rhodes and I remember reading Homer and Virgil thirty years ago. A mythical place to be!

    Lucky you and thanks for the great information!

    • Hello there Lauren, great to hear from you.

      The Ancient City Of Brugge is one place I have never visited. I am ashamed too, as I have been to Belgium many times. The last time I was there I wasted my time completely by going to a soccer match (shameful).

      I would love to see it though. I have seen many reviews and a lot of people say it is not so cheap, but hey, this is the price you pay to see something historic and beautiful!

      Ancient Kamiros is very reasonable priced though. At only 3 Euros per person as the entrance fee, it would be a crime not to see it.

      This is one place not to miss in all honesty. It really is rich in history and it is also a place you will not forget. It is amazing.

      Hope you get to see it someday too 🙂

      All the best Lauren, and thanks for your interest.


      • Hi Chris,
        Thanks for your reply! You still have time to see Bruges! Enjoyed the extra insight on Ancient Kamiros. Greece is on my short list of places to go now.

          • Thanks Chris! Hope to get out there soon as it’s been a while since I’ve seen some good ancient ruins! Happy New Year!

          • Hi there Lauren. Glad you like the information here and it has tempted you to visit.

            If you like ancient ruins then The Ancient City Of Kamiros is the place to see without doubt.

            There is a lot of history at this location and it is a place that really will take you into the past. Make sure you do not miss out on it 🙂

            Thanks Lauren, and Happy New Year to you too. Have a great 2018!

            All the best!


  11. Looks awesome. It always reminds me of how many things I don’t visit on my own in my own home state and town.

    This site looks like there’s a lot of history to unpack. It’s interesting how much we think we know about the past and yet still have so many mysteries to unfold.

    Thanks for sharing and love the pics.



    • Thanks Michael. 

      There is always history on our doorsteps yes, but not many of us appreciate it simply because of that.

      People travel all over the world to see and find out new things, and sometimes their own doorstep is overlooked.

      I have had one friend of mine (for many years now) and he is from the  central Italy. In his own town, he has history that you would’t believe. He has always taken it for granted though.

      He was born there, and once told me – I can always come to see this. It is where I am from. I can see the sense of what he says too, but then reminded him of how many millions of people travel the world to see his place of origin well.. he understood what I was saying.

      He is from Rome by the way, and did not go to see the Colosseum until he was into his 30’s

      Happy you enjoyed the information on Kamiros Michael. I will be passing by this location again soon, so I will gather some new photographs.



  12. The Ancient City Of Kamiros looks amazing. So much history. 

    I would love to walk among these structures and imagine the people who walked the same paths thousands of years before me. I am a little unclear about something though. 

    You mentioned that Kamiros was occupied by the Achaeans in the prehistoric period. Do you mean they occupied it by force, or simply that they were the first known to reside there?

    • Hello Will and thanks for passing and visiting this wonderful ancient city.

      There is indeed history to be appreciated here too. Thousands of years in fact. Believe me, walking around on the paths of old is a marvelous experience.

      If you are like me, you can really picture how they lived and you can imagine yourself being there during this lost time.

      I also appreciate your question.

      When it comes to who occupied the ancient city and where and how things happened can sometimes be put down as myth.

      While I was doing my research, I found out that the Acheans actually arrived in the city after the Minoans. It is said that the Minoans actually stayed within the city in peace. This was until the Acheans appeared against them.

      This is the words I found – “Arrived Against Them’. A lot can be left to the imagination don’t you think?

      My interpretation is the Acheans took the city by force. I am sure my view on it could be challenged though.

      Thanks for getting in touch Will. Really nice to hear from you.



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