Exploring Kremasti in Rhodes – A Complete Journey of Contrasts

Although the village of Kremasti in Rhodes is a popular one both for locals and for holiday makers, I will be honest and say it is one of my least favorite areas on the island.

First off though, please do not be put off by my thoughts here. I would never discourage people from avoiding a place simply because I do not like it. I have a lot of friends here, and they struggle to see what my problem is with Kremasti, but hey, I want to be honest with you. Make your own mind up though.

An Insight Into Kremasti in Rhodes

Kremasti is a small village on the west coast of the island of Rhodes. You will find it approximately 12 Kilometers away from Rhodes City as you make your way down the west side towards the airport. The translation of the word ‘Kremasti” from Greek means ‘Hanging’.

The last time I checked, it had a population of approximately six thousand people.

The Library In Kremasti - Kremasti in Rhodes
The Library In Kremasti

One of the main beauty spots of Kremasti is the Panagia Katholiki Church and the Library!

To my knowledge this is one of the largest churches on all the island (if not the largest) and I will be the first to admit, it is extremely beautiful.

Even if you visit Kremasti only to see the church, it will be a well worth trip for you.

The Library is also a beautiful structure that you can see pictured here.

The Main Street Of Kremasti In Rhodes

The main street in Kremasti, well – that is basically what it is.

There are many shops and shopping areas for you to look at. Bear in mind though, that this area (in my opinion) is not set up as a tourist area.

You will find places which sell decorating equipment for example, butcher shops, handcraft and sewing shops, clothes repairs and electrical services.

Of course, you will also find the standard Greek coffee shops and take away outlets.

There are some hotels around the area and some smaller apartments, but they lay outside the actual village itself or on the back streets.

Kremasti is famous for the big annual festival on the island which is held on August 15th. On this day the Greek people celebrate the Assumption Of The Virgin Mary.

You can read about the public holidays and festivals here.

Approximately over a ten-day period for this festival, they close the road in the evenings and they have stalls set up where you can buy some lovely Greek delicacies, visit the church and witness musical performances and dancing.

Also, they set up quite a good sized fun fair for the children to enjoy. Again this festival is well worth visiting if you are on the island during this time.

Norwegian Spirit underway in Strait of Rhodes opposite the Kremasti Beach Rhodes 3 September 2018
The Beach Of Kremasti in Rhodes
Pjotr Mahhonin, CC BY-SA 4.0 https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Kremasti in Rhodes – The Beach

Kremasti also has a nice stone beach with beautiful waters looking out towards Turkey. This is of course popular with the tourists, as further down there are some big all-inclusive hotels. In the area there are also some smaller family run apartments for you to stay! There is a lot going on in this area when it comes to water sports too. There is a surfboarding center and you see lots of people hitting the water here.

As with Ixia, the stones on the beach can get a little sharp, and also the water here can get a little deep close to the beach itself. If you are with your children, be sure to have this in mind.

The Reasons I Dislike This Area

OK, so let me be honest with you and tell you the reasons why I am not a particular lover of Kremasti.

One of the main reasons is the layout. The main street is very narrow, and you will find the road is always congested with lots of traffic. If you are trying to drive through, it is a headache – trust me.

I managed to capture a photograph which you can see below. This was on a Sunday, and I planned for a quieter time to be able to show you how narrow the street is. I think I did Okay 🙂

Even as a pedestrian though, it is extremely noisy and frustrating, and sometimes you feel like you are putting your life at risk when you need to cross the street.

High Street Of Kremasti - Kremasti In Rhodes
The Narrow Road Through Kremasti In Rhodes

I remember having to walk through the area a couple of years back, and when I got home I was physically ill after breathing in all the exhaust fumes from the various forms of transport.

Never Again.

Because the airport is close by, the village of Kremasti is also extremely noisy. The aircraft need to fly really low over the village during take-off and landing and I know a lot of the hotels nearby get a lot of complaints.

To close, I will just tell you, that not long ago I went with my girlfriend into Kremasti.

We were in the vicinity and decided to get something to eat. We stopped at a small place to take some nice Greek bites and we sat down.

The sheer noise and smell from the road and the air put me off my food. Finally, I just left without eating it – and in a bad mood!

Kremasti Overall

Please know, I am not trying to deter anyone from visiting Kremasti. It is a village on the island that I feel needs to be seen.

Like I say, the festival and the church are not something to be missed.

I am just telling you my own personal experiences, not trying to put you off.

Many people love the village of Kremasti In Rhodes, so you need to visit and make up your own mind!

I just feel I have given the area many chances, and I have a lot of experience to know it is not for me!

Do you have a different opinion? Have you been to Kremasti and left with the same frame of mind as me? Or did you like it? I would love to hear from you all.

Leave a comment below and I will get back to you!

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28 thoughts on “Exploring Kremasti in Rhodes – A Complete Journey of Contrasts”

  1. Rhodes sounds like a nice place to visit if I ever get to Greece. Your reluctance to explain right away why you do not like Kremasti made me think I was going to end up reading a creepy ghost story that occurred there. Then you said Kremasit meant “hanging”. I thought maybe the ghost had been hang before it died. 

    Then it turned out you just don’t like traffic and loud noises. You could have gone into a real frightening story there.

    Other than that let down 🙂 the information did rise my curiosity about the village and the Greek Island.

    • Hey there and thanks for getting in touch. Yes, no creepy stories for this place – not that I have ever been aware of anyway, but I can see why you were preparing yourself to be taken in that direction.

      Without doubt, there are some nice things to see. The central church is certainly worth a visit and some of the shopping outlets are really pleasant.

      For me though (personally) it is somewhat spoiled by the heavy traffic and noise pollution. It is a small village and it is simply not designed to carry that volume of heavy traffic. It makes it very irritating, as a driver and as a pedestrian.

      See it though, Kremasti is a place you have to experience for yourself and make up your own mind 🙂

      Thanks my friend. Nice to hear from you.


      • Hello Chris

        We have been going in the summer to Kremasti for the last 15 years, simply because it’s people are genuine, kind and generous, something you haven’t mentioned in your comments. It’s also one of
        the oldest villages in Rhodes and functioning round the whole yes while others are almost shut.

        I understand your frustration about traffic, but it’s Rhodes problem and not Kremasti, as the only road leading from the airport to Rhodes goes through the tiniest street in Kremasti, which wasn’t designed for cars, and even the big jumbo touristic buses go through the same way, it’s an urban problem and Rhodes has to solve it.

        Kremasti has a lot to offer as it has many small chapels, ruins, restaurants, food is tasty and prices are reasonable. You might find some nice wild beaches away from the touristic beaches full of rented umbrellas in rows. Also if you like kiting or surfing there is no better place on the island, I guess it depends what you like.

        Thank you for sharing your opinion

        • Thank you so much for getting in touch and giving me your take on Kremasti.

          I agree with the points you make too, and yes, there are many places in Kremasti to appreciate such as the tavernas, the church and other areas. I will never deter anyone from visiting Kremasti. Hey it is worth it just for the church alone don’t you think? 🙂

          The traffic though is definitely the bug bear for me. It is an Urban issue you are quite right, and I have also made reference to the same problems in Ixia and Paradisi.

          The problem in Kremasti though, is the traffic comes to a stand still. Yes, the buses and the cars use it and it is a busy road (and the only road) to and from the airport, but you still have people parking on both sides bringing the traffic to a grinding halt.

          Only yesterday I had to pass through, and it took me near 30 minutes to get through because one person decided to pull over and to hell with everyone else. Despite the cars and buses sounding their horns, he cared not. When he finally came back to his car, he was oblivious to the amount of people he had upset and the chaos he had caused.

          Is it his fault? Ok there is no parking there(supposedly), but is there adequate parking in Kremasti? In my opinion there is not.

          It is open all year around too like you say, but it is a constant headache for me.

          It is great you like it, and I am happy of course that you mention its good points. The people are indeed very friendly, and actually I have made a lot of friends there.

          For me though, I go through Kremasti because I have too, but I get out as soon as possible too.

          Actually, I go there more often than not to use the Supermarket Tsisimiri. All of the people in here are my friends, and I am always greeted with a smile and friendship! it’s the best supermarket too!

          Thanks again for your opinion, it means a great deal to have your experiences shared here with me.

          Maybe see you soon on your next holiday? 🙂

          All the best to you.


  2. My daughter recently got married to a great man who is Greek and Italian. 

    They went to Greece for their honeymoon. Of course they went to Santorini which was amazing. I am glad they did not go to Kremasti.

    They live in North Hollywood so they get all the noise they need right there.

    Some day I want to visit Greece and I will still check this place out as you suggest even though it isn’t your favorite.

    • Hey there Curtis, yeah I mean it is all up to the individual.

      I personally am not a huge fan of the area, but I will never tell anyone not to visit.

      As it happens, the beautiful church that you see on the photographs here in Kremasti is very famous for weddings. Inside it is absolutely stunning and beautiful, so it is not a place to abandon and not see.

      I can certainly understand why your daughter was married in Santorini though, this is also a beautiful island. 

      As for Hollywood, you can keep that. I would probably dislike it there even more. I am not one for noise – at all! 🙂

      Thanks Curtis, and I hope you also manage to see Greece soon!


  3. Thanks for your honesty in the post!

    While the picture of the library looks great, you are probably right that the road congestion and the proximity to the airport is probably a major deterrent. Plus I would be concerned about the sharp rocks and deep ocean with my kids!

    Great post though and thanks again for your detailed and honest review.

    • Hey there, thanks for reading my point of view here on Kremasti.

      To be honest, this is the one problem Kremasti has that I cannot tolerate. It is the traffic.

      It is always so noisy and congested, it is frustrating to pass through as both a pedestrian and a driver. It does have its nice points though. The library as you say and the amazing church here. The church for sure should not be missed.

      It is one of the nicest churches I have ever seen and the inside is absolutely mesmerizing. 

      If the road through was a little better managed it would improve this area, but I do not see that happening any time soon!

      Thanks for reading. Nice to meet you!


  4. This is an interesting review on the Village of Kremasti. I couldn’t tell if you were trying to convince me to visit or keep me away.

    To be serious, I appreciate your opinions and showing all the positives and negatives about visiting there.

    Do you have any recommendations on where to stay for a tourist?

    • Hello Rick and thanks for getting in touch!

      Just for you to know, I will never recommend anyone to stay away. For this village I am simply expressing my own thoughts and opinions based on my own experiences.

      Like I say, I have a lot of friends that love Kremasti, and maybe you would too if you ever visited. I always think it is better for people to make up their own minds 🙂

      When it comes to places for staying during your holiday, there are many, and countless. It all depends on what you are looking for.

      In most villages you will find accommodation and there are hundreds of big hotels all around the island,

      Ixia is a popular resort if you do not mind being closer to the city. There are other options though such as the resort in Kolimbia and also Lindos!

      You are not without choices!

      Thanks Rick, and let me know if you need anything else.


  5. Hi Chris, I have Greece on my wish list and I hope I can make it soon.

    Thanks so much for writing this great honest review about Kremasti, It’s always good to know the good and the not so good points about one place.

    When the time comes to plan my visit to Rhodes, I will come back to read your website to make a trip plan.

    I’ve never been in Greece, but my son lived there for 3 months as his girl friend was doing a master degree there. Both of them told me Greece is a beautiful place to visit, they would love to visit it again. 

    I might talk to them so we could plan a visit soon.

    • Hello Alejandra. I seem to remember you contacting me before. I recall your son living here for a short time with his girlfriend. I am sure it was you that told me that!

      Anyway, they are right, it is a beautiful place and you would love Rhodes for sure. Most people do!

      I do believe though in honesty. Although Kremasti is not my favorite place on the island, I will never tell anyone not to visit. I am entitled to my opinion, but so are others. So please do not be put off by my point of view. If you ever land on Rhodes, you should still pass by to make up your own mind 🙂

      Of course when you arrive here, just let me know. I will help you as much as I can with the places to see and things to do. Of course you are more than welcome to use my information here on this site as your tour guide!

      Thanks Alejandra! Nice to hear from you.


  6. Kremasti seems like a very quaint village and definitely a place I could see getting a build up to go.

    I like that you point out the issue with the noise. There is definitely nothing worse than looking for a place to truly relax and ending up with constant interference.

    What area would you recommend in Rhodes that is better for someone looking for a more peaceful retreat?

    • Hey Ashley, thanks for your great question.

      To answer you, I think it depends on the individual in all honesty. While Kremasti might be a great choice for certain people, it is not for others (such as myself).

      A lot of people like the busy areas, so Kremasti would be a good choice for them, but on saying that, Ialyssos is also a good choice. Although it is still quite a busy and active area, it is a lot better in the way of layout.

      I find Kremasti suffocating, but in Ialyssos (although there is a similar amount of traffic and noise) it is a lot more bearable. The bars and restaurants are not on the main street (for the best part) and you can find escape from the busy areas. In Kremasti, well, you are lumbered 🙂

      On the other hand, if you like it really quiet and quaint, villages such as Theologos and Soroni are great for this. Here you can find a peaceful retreat and even meet the friendly locals.

      I hope this answers your question Ashley, but if you need more just reach out to me!



  7. I appreciate your unbiased review of the village of Kresmati. I like how you include the interesting places of Kresmati but also why you are not such a big fan of the village. 

    I did find the beach and the church beautiful though. Will have to visit the place to check it out for myself. When I do, I will make sure to drop a note on your post to let you know my thoughts 🙂 

    Great sharing and I look forward to more unbiased reviews from you!

    • Hey there Thomas, thanks for reading and leaving your thoughts.

      It is actually funny that I heard from you now, as this morning I was in Kremasti Village, yet again to be reminded why I am not a huge fan of the place.

      Traffic, congestion and smog all came into play and the struggle to park my car lead me to abandon the effort completely, and went to try my luck in Ialyssos instead!

      Anyway, I will not keep hammering on the same stone. It has its nice points such as the church and beach which you mentioned here. Actually, the church is breathtaking, so if you ever fortunate enough to be on the island, do not miss this!

      Thanks for getting in touch!


  8. Hi Chris, thank you for sharing. 

    This is a beautiful layout within your country Greece. 

    I love your in depth look at Kremasti Village as I did not know this place even existed. 

    Nice geography lesson for the day. Learning lessons like that at my age is very nice, thank you! 

    Keep up the great work and giving us information about Greece Rhodes in the future.

    • Hello Kristen, I am happy you liked the information here.

      If you had no idea the island of Rhodes even existed, then you would be in for a real treat if you actually visited! Where are you from?

      If you manage a trip here you would be able to see so much in the way of history and culture. Kremasti Village is only the tip of the iceberg!

      Thanks for reading, I really appreciate it!


  9. Hi Chris, this is another great review of places to visit in Rhodes. 

    Kremasti sounds nice for its church and festivals, mainly because I love food :), but i’m with you on those bad points about the heavy and congested traffic. 

    I wouldn’t like that either as I like to breathe in fresh air, and I certainly wouldn’t want to eat in It! But each to their own. 

    I must take another visit to Greece soon. Last time I went I lived on Greek Feta Salads (even for breakfast…no kidding), and when I got home to England I was making them everyday for weeks. I never could get them right because the olive oil is just not the same here, even if you buy a Greek one. 

    So next time I visit I must remember to bring some back!

    • Hey Stefanie, great to have you back here and thanks once again for reading.

      Yeah, Kremasti to me would be a lot better if it was not for the traffic. Actually it is something I despise about this area. 

      When it comes to outlets though, for example the food like you mention, there are some really good places. When the August Festival is on, there is a great atmosphere and all the street is lined with open air grills and barbecues. 

      Have I wet your taste buds yet? 🙂

      The Greek Salads are also a favorite of mine. I love them. I eat them all the time here, but I find I go to the local tavernas. Even with the correct Olive Oil I still cannot seem to master the art of perfection on my own.

      On saying that, let me know if you want some Olive Oil. I do not know the rules on sending this kind of product abroad, but will happily package some for you if you want it 🙂

      Thanks Stefanie. nice to hear from you again!

      Speak soon.


  10. Greece is on my bucket list of places to see and it’s great to have honest opinions about specific places. 

    I don’t want to spend my time in a place that I may not enjoy. I’d rather just read about it and make a decision to avoid it. 

    I noticed the stone beach. I’m not sure I would enjoy a stone beach especially when visiting a country famous for it’s beaches. Is this a common thing in Greece? Thanks for your honest review and opinion!

    • Hi Brad, thanks for reading.

      Like I say, I do believe in being honest, but I would never persuade or try to convince someone not to visit an area simply because I do not like it.

      Kremasti does have things to offer, and lots of people do take the time to go and appreciate it. I have done the same and simply decided it is not for me. You may love it 🙂

      As for the beach, you will find on the island of Rhodes that most of the beaches down the West coast are with pebbles and stones. It is just the way it is.

      If you venture over to the East coast however, there you will find all the beautiful sandy beaches. A lot of people make this excursion as they are also not keen on the stones.

      Let me know if you need something more Brad 🙂



  11. Hi Chris,

    I love the honestly of this post. I feel that Kremasti village is a gem to visit on the island of Rhodes for sure. Do you know if you are able to actually go into the library building?

    I definitely appreciate your honesty regarding the noise level and on how busy the main street looks like. I probably would not stay there for a lunch or dinner but I would definitely visit the village to see its attractions.

    • Hey Anna, thanks for reading and for your thoughts.

      The village is very busy yes. Listen, I am not opposed to busy at all. i grew up in a big city and also spent a lot of my working life in London… So I know busy!

      I think the most frustrating thing about Kremasti Village is the amount of traffic trying to get through on a road that was never designed to accommodate the volume of vehicles that now use it. 

      I was there again today, and I was furious by the time I left, and i was only there 20 minutes 🙂 I think you get the picture!

      As for the library, I am going to be honest and say I am not sure.

      I went in the library sometime ago, but it was for work and I was actually looking for someone. As a rule though, I have never seen the doors open and I have never seen anyone entering or leaving.

      I am itching to find out more information, but seem to also hit further closed doors.

      If I ever get inside and have a free moment, my camera will be ready and I will have something to report!

      Thanks Anna, great to hear from you.


  12. I actually love and respect how honest you are with your review, because most people will tell you one side of the story and it is usually based on the positives. 

    I personally like to hear the negative opinions of others when it comes to traveling because you know what to look out for. 

    I haven’t been to Kremasti (or Rhodes) myself yet, but its interesting to know what the overall picture is like as I plan to visit there this summer.

    • Hello there, thanks for your visit.

      Sometimes it is important to know what to look out for yes.

      I actually had someone call me this morning for information, and after advising them they were very happy too with my honesty.

      You see, in my opinion, a lot of people come here every year for their holidays. They have saved hard to come here, and they come here to spend their hard earned money and have a nice time.

      Like everywhere, there are things to know, things to learn – or you can end up either out of pocket, or not satisfied in some other way!

      Honesty is the best policy in my book 🙂

      This is why I want to be honest when it comes to this information on Kremasti. I will never deter people away from seeing it, but people need to know it is busy, noisy and sometimes irritating. This way when they visit, they will not be surprised by it all!

      Thanks for getting in touch too, and hope to see you here this approaching summer season!


  13. Chris, as soon as you mentioned the position of Kremasti on the way to the airport from Rhodes City, I imagined the village must be affected by the noise pollution coming from the airport. And from the experience you describe, it appears I was right.

    Yes, I can see what you mean. I expect when visiting any quaint island such as Rhodes, what you want to find there is the peace and quietness typical of small villages. Yet, I expect Kremasti is a ‘functional’ village for the island.

    I’ve never been to Greece, yet I don’t think I’d skip Kremasti from my itinerary of places to see, maybe on my way from and to the airport 🙂

    • Hello Giulia, thanks for reading my latest addition to the website.

      I guess you describe it correctly when you refer to Kremasti as a functional village. It is exactly that to be honest and although tourists do pass through, it is not really a tourist area.

      The fact that it is so close to the airport can make Kremasti a very irritating place to tackle. Like I say in the information here, it is not my favorite place in the world.

      Aside from the noise and pollution, there is always so much congestion with the amount of traffic that passes through.

      It is funny that you should come and read at this time too. Only yesterday I had to pass through the village as I was on my way to Ialyssos, and a truck simply stopped in the middle of the road and the man jumped out and started selling his fish to the public.

      It did not seem to bother him that cars and buses were behind and all stuck because of him 🙂 Proves my point eh?!

      Thanks for reading Giulia, much appreciated!



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