The Climate Of Rhodes And Keeping Safety In Mind

Aside from the history, the beaches, fun and all the other areas the island has to offer, the climate of Rhodes is one of the main reasons why millions of people flock here every year.

There is an issue when it comes to the weather on the island. Some people come here and cannot wait to go home because it is too hot and uncomfortable. Others like the heat but come at the wrong time of year and experience the cooler climate.

Although not all people like the extremely hot temperatures, between April and October there is a perfect climate for everyone to enjoy!

The climate is generally hot and dry in the summer while in the winter there can be rain sometimes, although probably nothing like what you are used to.

In the winter the temperatures rarely drop between 5 or 6 degrees Celsius and it never drops below freezing.

1 month or so either side of July and August you will find very tolerable temperatures to enjoy your stay! You will find average temperatures of 20 – 25 Degrees Celsius.

If you love the burning hot sun, then July and August are for you! Be warned though, temperatures can be in excess of 40 Degrees Celsius at this time of year, so come well prepared.

In all my years here I have seen rainfall once between the start of May until the end of September so any time between then you will not be disappointed 🙂

It is said that the island of Rhodes enjoys the sun for approximately 300 days of the year. This is the reason why Rhodes is one of the main tourist hot spots worldwide. The Mediterranean climate takes a lot of beating 🙂

Sunrise at top
rajagopal, CC BY-SA 4.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons

The Climate of Rhodes: Be Aware

When you holiday in Rhodes always make sure you carry sun cream with you. It is so important to protect yourself from the rays and in the high season it can be a matter of minutes before you can suffer with sun burn!

Sometimes you will experience nice winds on the island which can lead you to think it is not as hot as it actually is.

Many people make this mistake and go home later in pain, so think ahead! There is nothing worse than having to visit the sites and spend the rest of your holiday with sore skin!!

If you have any questions about the climate or weather in Rhodes let me know!

Maybe you are planning a holiday and need information for the time of year you wish to visit? Leave me a comment below and I will get back to you!

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56 thoughts on “The Climate Of Rhodes And Keeping Safety In Mind”

  1. I have lived in Texas, Southern Utah (close to the Grand Canyon) and now Florida. 

    The average temperatures in Southern Utah was between 120 and 130 Fahrenheit. I loved it, so I know I would go when you say it is around 40 Celsius. 

    This is perfect weather for me! So July and August is great. Is this the low or high season during this time? I am hoping that since it is so hot, I can get a good deal on airfare and hotel too?

    • Hey Leahrae.

      July and August is considered the high season yes and it does get very hot indeed. Sounds like it would be perfect for you 🙂

      Although at this time you may find the prices a little higher than what you would in the low season. If you plan to visit in July/August time it is always better to book in advance!

      Thanks Leahrae


  2. Hello Chris

    You are right, even in December, you can find very warm and nice days.

    This year, I have to tell you that there were days in February when you didn’t even need a jacket. I have lived in Rhodes for a few years and I love the warm climate even if sometimes in the summer it is too much:)

    the previous August in Lindos, it reached even 50 degrees Celsius.. it was very very hot.

    When it is like this, you just take care in the day, sun cream, air conditioning, plenty of water, and in the night you can enjoy swimming in the Aegean sea:)

    Beautiful island and thank you for sharing, it was a nice read.

    Have a nice day


    • Hey Cristina, it is great to meet a local person 🙂

      Yes I remember those temperatures in Lindos last year. If I also remember correctly, they closed the Acropolis due to the heat to avoid people being exposed to the hot sun. It was a little too much I admit.

      As you say though, it is not all bad. In the winter months it is still nice enough sometimes to walk around in a t-shirt. In the past I even went swimming in the Aegean Sea on Chriatmas Day, not bad at all 🙂

      Thanks Cristina. It is really great to hear from you.


  3. I think I would like living there. It sounds like one can spend a lot of time outdoors and I love that.

    Another enticing article! Also it gives one the complete picture for holiday planning!

    • Thanks Dianne, I am happy you find this information interesting.

      This is actually what I wanted to achieve when it came to building this site. There was not a lot around when it came to looking into the island of Rhodes as a whole.

      Yes, you can find the information you need on Rhodes, but it is scattered around the internet on different blogs and websites. I wanted to put it all in one place and add my personal touch to it. Living here helped me do that 🙂

      Thanks Dianne, it is nice to hear from you.


  4. Thank you for providing thst great information. I totally understand how someone can become totally miserable while on vacation by not properly preparing – as I did that once. So giving your readers a heads up is very helpful and thoughtful.

    Reading through your article definitely makes me think that we should add Rhodes to our vacation list. We’ve vacationed before during the Christmas holidays, so this location seems perfect.

    Thank you so much for sharing and giving us another travel idea.



    • Hey Yvette. I can see you have visited quite a few pages now and left your thoughts on the comments. As always it is nice to talk to you.

      Just be sure to give me a shout if you need anything. There is a lot to see and do here, and the weather can play an important role during your stay.

      I am here if you need something.



  5. Sounds like visiting Rhodes for us would be ideal for the Christmas Holiday. I am not very tolerant of the super heat.

    I am excited to visit. Your website gets me very excited about all the sites to see. Since I do not care much for winter here in the states it will be a nice holiday reprieve.

    If we were to plan a holiday trip are the tourism destinations more limited? We have a found a lot of trips made centered around holidays lead to many places being closed.

    • Hi Christina.

      Well, Rhodes is mainly a place for tourism in the summer time yes, but it is still very beautiful in the winter too.

      Although the weather is not always perfect (which sounds ideal for you) there are still many places of importance open for you to see.

      I personally like it here on the island when it is out of season. You can see the places without the crowds. OK it does lack the holiday atmosphere I suppose, but this is a small price to pay.

      When you see some of the sites in the winter, you can be the only one there. Think of that. Alone and standing around hundreds and even thousands of years of history. There is not other feeling like it.

      You will love it here in the winter time, so do not think twice 🙂

      Thanks Christina


  6. Hey there, Chris.

    Lovely article. I have a travel bug, and ‘traveling’ through your website gets me so excited!

    I am seeing/learning enough about The Island of Rhodes, that it just might be on my bucket list sooner than I think.

    Thanks for all the great tips and suggestions. Watch out, here I come, and I love the warmth – any time of year!


    • Hi Michelle, thanks so much for your nice words.

      It is great that you feel like you have had a small tour of the island during your visit here on my site.

      Although there is nothing like visiting and seeing it all in person, it is nice to know I am doing something that is giving people a positive feel.

      And you are welcome anytime 🙂 The weather is getting nice and warm now.

      Thanks Michelle


  7. I have never considered Rhodes as a holiday destination – probably because from Australia EVERYTHING is so far away.

    Also I live in the subtropics, so when I holiday I tend to find somewhere cooler!

    However, you have me interested in considering travelling here in the future. One day when I have loads of money and can spend months travelling it will be on my to-see-list!

    • Hi Megan and thanks for getting in touch all the way from down under 🙂

      I have also been to Australia but it was many years ago. It was in the winter time too, but I still really enjoyed myself and the weather stayed really good for my visit.

      I agree it is far away, just as you are far away from everything when it comes to travel (unless you go to New Zealand) 🙂

      If you ever do make your way to Europe, be sure to have Rhodes on your list. It is hot in the summer months, but you will love it here for sure.

      Thanks Megan. It is great to hear from you.


  8. This looks like a wonderful place to visit! 

    Recently, I’ve been thinking quite a bit about doing more traveling. As I get older, my mind shifts more and more from “things” to “experiences”. 

    Memories and experiences are things that can’t be taken away. 

    I’ve been adding to my list of places to go and this destination has just made the list. Great post and great information!

    • Hi Sherman and thanks for your thoughts.

      I will admit I have gone down the same road in the past. I always went for the things to own rather than the things to experience.

      I always remember when I was younger, there was this new Walkman that came into the stores (yeah that’s how old I am) and I was adamant I wanted it.

      My family were never well off when it came to finances, but one summer there was an educational trip planned with the college I attended, and my Mom gave me some money to get me through the planned week ahead.

      You know what I did right? You got it… straight to the store, and the Walkman was mine.

      After that, I went on the outing with the college and had the worst time. Everyone had a few coins in their pockets to enjoy a burger or a drink. Me? Nothing. I had my Walkman.. but nobody cared!

      That was a big eye opener for me, and from a young age too.

      Exactly right Sherman, life experiences and fun are much more important than the things you own. Memories can never be taken from you. 

      By the way… The Walkman is long gone, I do not even remember what it looked like, but I remember that trip where I lost out!

      I look forward to seeing you here my friend. I do not have a Walkman waiting for you, but the invite of a beer. Sound good?

      All the best Sherman!


  9. Hi Chris

    Once again I am stunned by the great information you give out to people interested in visiting Rhodes!

    This post really helped me to easily understand when and why certain periods of the year would be better for a pale Norwegian as myself.

    300 days of sun during a whole year sounds like paradise, and yes I am pretty sure the rain and cold weather is nothing compared to Scandinavian countries for example!

    Thanks for my reading!


    • Thank you Thomas and really nice to hear from you again.

      I think it is very important to consider the climate and temperatures before travelling anywhere. 

      Rhodes can get very hot, especially in the high season, and if you are not ready for it well, it can destroy your holiday.

      You will be pleased to know that plenty of people from Norway visit Rhodes ever year, and most leave with lovely sun tans :). I am sure you would love it here my friend!

      As you know, I am from the UK originally so believe me, I know all about cold weather and rain. I think Scandinavia suffers with lower temperatures though.

      I remember some years ago i was in Finland towards Christmas time and Ooh it was COLD. Beautiful place, but next time I will visit during the summer.

      Goes to prove that checking out the climate before travelling is important 🙂

      Thanks once again for your visit Thomas.

      See you soon!


  10. Wow, I can hardly believe that Rhodes gets so little rain. you are so lucky to be in a place like that. 

    I don’t like extreme heat though either (even at the beach) so I would definitely avoid here in August.

    What would be the best month do you think to visit? I don’t have kids so it doesn’t have to be in the summer.

    Which month would have the best combination of warm weather and few crowds? 


    • Hi there Amy and thanks for your question. 

      To be honest your question is a common one. Many people like yourself do not like extreme temperatures. Other people love them.

      Naturally, with the hot temperatures comes the high season. This results in more people, so with you not liking the really hot sun, May and September/October would be the best times to consider.

      At the start of the summer season (May) there is nice weather. There is very little in the way of rain and you will certainly be able to see all you want to see comfortably. September and October you will see the same kind of scenario.

      But hey, let’s not forget the winter months too. You can still get a great look around the island in January. Yes, you will see some rain, but there are still nice days to be had too.

      I stay here on the island all the year around, and i have some lovely days out in the winter months. A couple of years ago, i was on the beach on Christmas Day.

      It is not all bad you see 🙂

      Thanks for getting in touch Amy, and if you need some more information just give me a shout 🙂


  11. I’ve never been to Rhodes but it looks beautiful and will have to add it to my list, I love Florida and the hot weather, so I think the temperatures in Rhodes will be something I will like too.

    I like how you describe the weather in detail which makes for a better experience for when to actually go. Great info and with 300 days of sun no wonder its one of the main attractions.

    Do you live there all year around?


    • Hey Jeremy.

      Indeed I do live here all the year around. Every year, for the last ‘many’ years 🙂

      I love it here too, and like you I really enjoy the hot climate.

      Originally i am from the UK, and it was always raining. I always remember my youth, stuck at home and unable to get out because of inclement weather.

      Although I miss my younger days, I do not miss the rain, wind and snow 🙂

      The hot climate is for me and Rhodes certainly provides that!

      I am happy the information here is useful for you and I hope it encourages you to pay a visit here soon!

      Nice to hear from you Jeremy.



  12. Great insightful information regarding temperatures of the island Rhodes. 

    I personally have never been to Greece maybe someday I hope to, and have a great experience.

    Seasonal weather does play an important role when wanting to travel anywhere across the globe. The islands of Greece must be beautiful and enjoyable.

    Overall, I appreciate your concern for climate.

    • Hi Mykala, nice to meet you 🙂

      Greece is an amazing place, and in my opinion is a country that most people would enjoy.

      This site is talking about Rhodes in particular, but naturally there is a lot more to Greece than just the island of Rhodes. There are hundreds of other islands too, and of course you can find the amazing cities of Athens and Thessaloniki on the mainland.

      If you do get the chance to visit Greece I do recommend you do it. You will really love it.

      For Greece as a whole, it does have very high temperatures in the summer. It is something people need to be aware of before they travel here. Arrive unprepared and it can really destroy your mood if you do not like the really hot temperatures. 

      A little research ahead of time will save you a lot of pain and will allow you to book at the time that suits you best.

      Thanks for reading Mykala, and hope to see you soon 🙂


  13. Hi Chris, great information! 

    I know the climate is one of the first things I check into when I pick a travel location, so it’s great that you are sharing this. 

    When you do get rain, does it usually last all day or just for an afternoon shower? Sometimes an afternoon shower can be really refreshing. 

    Also, how hot does it get in August? I actually really love the heat so maybe the warmer part of the season would be a good option for me. 

    Thanks again!

    • He Leslie.

      To be honest, you do the right thing.

      I know a lot of people that have come here, and it has simply been too hot for them. So much so, that is has destroyed their vacation. It is always better to check on the weather and climate before arriving here off guard.

      The rain in the summer – well to be honest it is non-existent. Occasionally you may see a spot of rain in the early days of May and again from the middle of October. It is not always the case though.

      Sometimes the showers only last a few minutes. I remember one time, I saw it rain really heavily, but after it stopped, and one hour later, you would never had known it had rained at all.

      The island gets it fair share of rain in the winter months though. January and February being the most common. From March though, the sun starts to come back again 🙂

      In answer to your question for the August forecast, it can get extremely hot. On average you are looking between 40 to 45 degrees Celsius. On some parts of the island, such as in the Lindos area, it has hit 50 degrees Celsius in the past. So although you like the hot weather, just take the necessary safety precautions.

      Thanks for your questions Leslie, and if you need something more, you know where I am 🙂


  14. Rhodes sounds like such a perfect place to visit. The climate seems just right for people who enjoy warm climates. It is certainly ideal if you want to spend time outside.

    Very good tip about staying hydrated too. I am from the Southern United States where it is constantly humid and very hot. 

    I tend not to notice how dryer climates affect me as much because it is not as extreme.

    Does Rhodes have a lot to do outdoors?

    • Hi there and thanks for getting in touch and for your question.

      I have been to The United States although it was a long time ago. I was visiting New York to see family. Unfortunately I did not experience nice weather. It was close to Christmas and it was too cold. It is hard to get used to the zero temperatures after spending so much time in the sun! 🙂

      In Rhodes, it is very important to stay hydrated. Not enough people appreciate how hot it is, and in the high season I have seen people falling down. Lots of sun cream, shade and water are necessary. 

      This is important also when it comes to answering your question. There is a lot to see and do when it comes to the outdoors. A lot of the attractions here are all outdoors, especially when it comes to visiting the sites. It is important to be protected.

      There is also a lot to do when it comes to water activities too. Be it diving, snorkeling, windsurfing and so forth. Because you are in the water, it is easy to forget about the sun and its hot rays. Again it is important to take precautions!

      Hope this answers your question 🙂



  15. Wow, this does sound like a great place to visit or even live. I was just telling someone earlier how I love places that are warm, sunny, and near beaches.

    This seems to have all 3 of those things. The only thing that would make me not want to go there are the winters. I do not like lots of snow and it being very cold.

    Thanks for the information though, I will have to try and visit this place at least for a vacation in the near future.

    • Hello there Michael and thanks for letting me know your thoughts.

      Well, to be honest – I would like to put your mind at rest.

      The winter period here in Rhodes is not as cold as you think. I have lived here for many years, and the temperatures during the winter months never fall below 6 or 7 degrees Celsius. Snow? What is that? I have not seen that for years either 🙂 

      The last snow on the island of Rhodes was actually not long ago, but it was very light. It tends to fall in the higher mountain areas, but it lasts a short time. An hour later, you would never know it had snowed.

      Trust me, people struggle more with the hot temperatures here than they do with the cold.

      Hope this offers you a little comfort 🙂

      Thanks Michael


  16. Hello Chris!

    First of all, I love your site because Rhodes is one of my favorite places in Greece. 

    After seeing your post I think I’ll revisit soon! And this time I’ll try between April and October where it will not be that hot as you suggest. 

    Swimming on the beach on Christmas day sounds like my ultimate dream to be honest. 

    Thank you for reminding me how much I like Rhodes!

    • Hello there Antonis. 

      Just for you to know, April is the normal starting time for the summer season, and the end of October is when it ends. These times are quite cool when it comes to the temperatures.

      The high season (and the hottest times) arrive in July and August. There are also some really hot and beautiful days in September too. 

      Just decide on a time which is best for you, and do not come when it is too hot (unless you love the heat).

      Swimming on Christmas Day is a beautiful feeling too. There is still sometimes great weather here to enjoy the beaches. So if it is your ultimate dream, then just do it 🙂

      Thanks for getting in touch my friend!


  17. Oh the climate sounds perfect in Rhodes! 

    I do like the nice hot sun, so I think that August is the perfect month for me! 

    I use sunscreen whenever I am out on the beach, just doesn’t make sense to get sunburned and then have to deal with that. 

    What is the average temperatures in August then? 

    Also, are there a lot of nice beaches I can go to? I do love sunshine, and being at the beach 🙂

    • Hey Leahrae, once again I see you visiting me.

      We have spoken before and i am fully aware of your love for the beaches 🙂 I have not yet completed the beaches section on my website, but it will be coming soon. Until then, just know there are tons of beaches here for you to relax on.

      Some are the big and more popular ones. there are also some nice tucked away beaches where you can get a lot more peace and quiet too. All coming soon Leahrae 🙂

      I always advise people to wear sun protection too. The sun here can be extremely hot, and on certain parts of the island in August the temperatures can be close to 45 to 50 degrees Celsius. Lindos is famous for its high temperatures, so it is important to take care.

      When the beaches area here is ready to go, I will give you a shout 🙂



  18. Really? you have so much sun for days and weeks on end? That’s crazy! 

    Funny I have never even heard of Rhodes before I came across your post. It definitely sounds like the kind of place I need to put on my list of places to see in the world, although I would definitely be a fall person because I am one who can’t stand HOT HOT weather.

    I do enjoy the idea of being on the beach for Christmas though! What kind of food do they have? Like whats native to the area?

    • Hi Johnny, great to have you here.

      I think it is important to consider the climate and weather forecasts when planning a vacation away somewhere. 

      Rhodes can get particularly hot during the summer months, and like you, there are thousands of people that simply cannot stand it.

      I had one friend of mind come over last month, it was at the start of October. For me the weather during this time is very nice. Not too hot, not too cold, pretty much perfect I would say.

      My friend though found it far too hot, and his wife more so. It is all up to the individual.

      If you know what your comfort zones are, then why come during a time you would find uncomfortable? It is always better to check 🙂

      As for the food here in Greece, I have some information on the Traditional Foods here. Come and take a look 🙂

      Hope this helps you Johnny. Hope to see you again!


  19. Wow that sounds like an awesome place to be! This is definitely my kind of vacation.

     Do you have like a list of cool places to go there? And which places to stay are best? I think a page on that would be really great.

    About the sun lotion comment, I agree that 100%. I went to Mexico once and the breeze on the beach made it seem cooler so I burned like crazy! 

    Wear the lotion, people.

    • Hey Gisele, I really appreciate you getting in touch!

      The sun cream is essential for sure. It can be very deceptive when you have a cool breeze, and you can byrn faster than you think. Sun cream definitely a must 🙂

      As for the places to see and places to stay, it is all being developed. I have already made a start and you can see more on the Sightseeing On Rhodes section.

      Of course if you need more in the mean time, just drop me a line and I will get the information to you 🙂

      Thanks Gisele.


  20. I had no idea about Rhodes? Where is it?

    You made a very good point about using sun cream, even when the wind is blowing – the wind can’t stop the sun from shining its hot burning rays upon our skin!

    Plus sun 300 days per year? That’s amazing.

    Thanks for sharing!

    All the best,
    Mike Jay

    • Hi Mike and thanks for reading…

      Well, yes 300 days and more of sun per year sounds fantastic. It is too, but only if you take the correct precautions.

      I have fallen victim to sunburn in the past, and believe me, some of the temperatures that arrive here – it does not take too long.

      Sun Cream is paramount, as without it, you are destined for a uncomfortable stay 🙂

      As for more on the location of Rhodes in Greece, come and take a look at The Island Of Rhodes information page. It it offers some geographical information and other areas of interest.

      Hope it answers your question 🙂



  21. Hi Chris 

    Loved the site and you have definitely got me thinking I need to get back to Greece some time soon. 

    It now looks like Rhodes. I was with a friend the other day who is booked to go to Rhodes in three weeks. Lucky people! Ill show him your site for sure. 

    He went to Cyprus last year and was wondering how it compared. Do you know? Anyway thanks again.

    Positively Keith

    • Hey Keith.

      To be honest, it is some years since I have been to Cyprus. so I am far from an expert when it comes to comparing it with Rhodes.

      After your friends visit here, he will be able to give you some more solid information. I would love to know too 🙂

      When I was in Cyprus I was serving with the military, so had little time to see the place as a tourist. But I do remember there were some beautiful places, but time has passed since then.

      By the way, why are you not coming with him? 🙂

      Thanks Keith


  22. Yes! Rhodes has definitely been on my list for a while! There are just so many places to see!!

    Thank you for the tips on travel times… “never drops below freezing” is what got me hooked, haha! I live in northern Canada… where quite oppositely, it’s cold and snowy most of the year.

    Actually, this August, me and my husband both have the opportunity to take vacation leave from work, so I would love to suggest Rhodes to him – as August sounds like a good time to go!

    • Hi Mel and thanks for getting in touch!

      I have been to Canada although it was some years ago. It was actually over the Christmas period and oohhh I was so cold!

      I loved it there though, and I found Canada and the Canadian people such a buzz. I had a really great time. I just cannot do the cold 🙂 I guess this is why I ended up in Rhodes.

      If you make plans to come in August, be sure to bring plenty of sun protection. The temperatures here can hit 45 degrees Cesius in some places, so the complete opposite of Canada like you say 🙂

      Thanks Mel


  23. Rhodes Island looks amazing! I would love to go there!

    Is it one of the more popular greek islands? Is it very touristy?

    When is the best time to go for the warm weather?

    Thank you so much for this informative post, you’re really making me want to visit Rhodes.


    • Emrah hi again 🙂 great to see you once more.

      As far as I am aware (according to statistics) Rhodes is around the sixth or seventh most popular destination when it comes to tourism.

      Athens I know hits the number one spot, and why not? It is the Capital of the country after all and it boasts the beautiful Acropolis and Parthenon.

      Also I know Crete hits quite a high standard when it comes to tourism as does Mykonos and Kos.

      On saying that Rhodes is a very busy place when it comes to the visitors here, and yes, there can be occasions when you can call it touristy.

      If you want a great holiday you have to think about your preferences. Some people like it really hot but do not like crowds. Some people like the weather a little cooler but they do not mind so many people. In this case it is hard to say.

      If you want heat and do not mind the crowds, August is perfect. If you want a more quiet experience and you do not mind the cooler temperatures then May – June and September – October are good times to see the island.

      Does this help you? If you need more let me know 🙂



  24. Wow, great article on the climate of Rhodes.

    I am a hot climate person, so I will be going in August! This sounds similar to the Canary Islands, where the trade winds blow making it feel cooler than it is.

    So yes, sunscreen is very important for sure. I would love to be able to go swimming during December. What is the water temperature then?

    • Hey there, great to know you will be coming here in August 🙂 the drinks are on me haha!

      The climate here is tropical, and you can say it is similar to the Canary Islands yes. It is a common problem for people here too with the wind. Because of this wind sometimes people do not realize just how hot it is.

      They feel cool and relaxed, the guard comes down and before you know it they are having sleepless nights because they are in pain. Sun cream is a must. I never go out without it!

      December is actually quite nice too here in Rhodes. Of course the temperatures are a little lower than what you would experience in the high season, but some days you are still hitting 15 or so degrees Celsius.

      I have been swimming here in December and January before now, and although you feel a little bit of a chill when you first get in, after a minute or two it is perfect 🙂



  25. I visited the island of Rhodes last October, and I remember it being very, very hot.

    It was too hot for sightseeing on some days though. Sometimes we visited a pool or restaurant somewhere instead.

    We visited the Acropolis of Lindos in the early hours, and then hit up a restaurant that had a lovely pool, which was just perfect.

    The old gated city is simply fascinating for photography lovers – I loved it!

    • Hey Marlaine, how are you? 🙂 I hope fine!

      It is great to know you have been able to visit the island of Rhodes and I know what you mean when you talk about the heat!

      If you are not used to it, it really can be too much. It is easy to retreat somewhere that has a cold pool and a few drinks! On saying that it would be a shame to leave the island and not see the attractions here.

      For this reason you did the right thing, and it is the best way to tackle it!

      In the high season it starts to get really got from around 11 am, and this stays all day until about 7 pm. To combat this, getting there earlier is the best approach!

      Lindos is the hottest place in my opinion, but this rule can apply in general if the temperatures are too high!

      Of course the Medieval City goes without saying, it is quite something isn’t it 🙂

      Thanks for sharing.


  26. Hey Chris,

    Rhodes Island woo hoo!

    Sorry I’ve heard so much about it I got excited when someone finally writes about it. I would to one day visit there, Is it true that there are a lot of shipwrecks there than anywhere else in the world?

    I love going to places to check up on interesting stories like the story of Mercy Brown. On second thought, is it real true story or was that made up?

    • Hey Riaz and thanks for your comment.

      I need to clear something up here as I think you may have your wires crossed.

      Indeed here in the port of Rhodes (Greece) there is a shipwreck and there are others too (one dating back to the 18th century).

      When it comes to Mercy Brown you will find this is relevant to a vampire event in Rhode Island in the USA back in the 1890s. Different place but a similar name so I will forgive you 🙂

      On saying that I still hope you will get to visit Rhodes Island in Greece too one day and enjoy the beautiful weather and history (among many other things) 🙂

      Thanks Riaz


  27. I have never been to Rhodes but I am really keen on going.

    I just love the warm weather and having lived in Senegal (West Africa) for the last 6 years I am now back in Sweden. Here we get our share of rain and wind and generally miserable weather.

    I am planning a trip to the sun with my family soon, where would you recommend we go? Two adults and two kids, 4 and 9 years old. Rohdes seems like a good affordable choice with plenty of sun.

    Thanks for a great article.


    • Hey Jojo thanks for your visit and your interest in Rhodes.

      I have never personally been to Africa but I have friends that have been and they speak really well of it. I can certainly understand the differences in weather too when it comes to comparing it with Sweden.

      Last year there was one friend of mine here who worked for a tour operator and she was from Sweden. She always told me how cold it was there and when she finished here in Rhodes at the end of last summer she was sad to leave!

      Rhodes is a great holiday choice for all the family and many people do come here with their children. Like everywhere, just protect them from the hot temperatures sand keep them fed and watered and they will be fine!

      There is plenty to see and do here for all the family so you will not be let down!

      If you do some research you can find good deals to get you here and home again with a hotel included.

      If you need something more just let me know 🙂

      Thanks Jojo!


  28. Awesome article!

    I would definitely include Rhodes in my places to go this year.

    I would suggest you mention when are the best times to buy airfare tickets and find a cheap place to stay.

    Do you recommend good places to eat? And what are they known for when it comes to food?

    Would love to visit that place this year.

    • Hey Marc thanks so much for your comment and your queries.

      As I made this particular page aimed at the weather/climate of Rhodes it was not really in my mind to mention places to eat/air fares etc from this section.

      Of course all this information is coming as the site develops, so you will be able to see this soon.

      Lets just say that the cheapest times to visit and travel here are during the low season periods. May and June, September and October are cheaper than July and August. The weather is warmer too during the high season months.

      Prices for holidays and places to eat are all on the way 🙂




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