The Alluring Charm of The Seven Springs in Rhodes

One very beautiful location and one you should not miss out on is The Seven Springs in Rhodes.

Also known as Epta Piges or Επτα Πηγες (in Greek), it is in a gorgeous setting within beautiful deep woodland with amazing flowing waters which ultimately lead to a small lake.

Within this beautiful setting you will have the chance to see and come close to lots of wildlife such as Peacocks, Tortoises and Geese.

You will also find Crabs and Fish making their way through the springs!

You will find this area located approximately 30 Kilometers South of Rhodes City as you head down the East coast and a little over 3 Kilometers inland from an area called Kolimbia!

Believe me, this place is a real treat and can also be ideal to escape the hot sun.

Entrance To The Seven Springs In Rhodes

Why Visit The Seven Springs in Rhodes?

In my opinion, if you want to enjoy nature at its finest and escape the hustle and bustle of the cities and villages, The Seven Springs is the perfect place to come and get away from it all.

As with Rodini Park and The Butterfly Valley, this area really takes you into another world.

Here, you can take a relaxing walk along the forest paths and have a dip in the fresh water lake.

This area has been described as quaint, charming and colorful place by many who have visited and remains a favorite for a lot of tourists and locals alike.

I have been here on many occasions and I absolutely love it.

Once you’ve explored the area and enjoyed some peaceful moments, you can head to a charming spot to grab a bite and a drink. Nearby, there’s also a perfect place to pick up souvenirs.

It is a really great day out!

The Flowing Water Of The Seven Springs in Rhodes

The Purpose Of The Seven Springs in Rhodes

The name ‘Seven Springs’ of course suggests that there are seven different water supplies, and they ultimately join and flow into a lake.

These seven unique natural springs consistently supply water throughout the year, ensuring a refreshing flow even during the soaring temperatures of hot summer months.

The lake (where all of the waters gather and round up) is actually a man made lake.

It was built by the Italians during their occupation of the island and it is kept full by use of a damn.

This water supply was then ultimately used to supply the area of Kolimbia with fresh water.

From the springs (and the Loutanis Lake), the water flows through a long tunnel which was constructed back in 1931 and runs for 186 meters in length.

This is a really wonderful set up and has proved very popular with the tourists! You will see why to!

  • Entrance To The Tunnel
    Entrance To The Tunnel

The Attraction Of The Springs

As you follow the path of the water, you will come to the tunnel which ultimately allows the flow of water to the man made lake.

Now, this tunnel runs underground through the forest and it stands to reason that it is very dark inside.

What you will see a lot of people doing (and you are welcome to join them), is kicking off their shoes and socks, and stepping into the flow of water and walking through the entire length of the tunnel to the other side.

I have done it, and it was amazing. I had great fun!

The water flows over your feet at ankle height and it is quite tight inside, so you need to walk one person behind the other.

Having a torch can be beneficial too. For those who are claustrophobic, just know that about half-way, there is a widening in the tunnel which serves as an air shaft.

This is a great place to take a small break.

It is an exciting journey through, but can be quite frightening if you are not used to tight spaces.

Of course if you have children with you, be on the look out for them as it might give them the creeps!

If you are not the type to take on this journey, you can also go to the lake by walking through the forest on the designated path!

Once at the lake you are welcome to take a swim.

Also, for you to know, this lake is the only place on all of the island where you are able to swim in complete fresh water.

When To Visit The Seven Springs In Rhodes

The area of The Seven Springs is always open and you are welcome to visit any time, be it during the summer or the winter time.

There are no entrance fees to pay either.

To make use of the restaurant and souvenir shops, which only operate during the summer months, planning ahead is essential.

There is a good parking area too where you can park your vehicle without charge!

I have listed some contact details for The Seven Springs here should you need them!

  • Seven Springs, Archangelos, Rhodes, Greece, 85102
  • Telephone – (+30) 22410 56259 or 56417
  • Email –

The Seven Springs In Rhodes: Overall

Personally, I think everyone should experience this setting if you are on the island of Rhodes. It is quite wonderful.

The nature, the wildlife, river and the exciting tunnel will offer you a really great time and it is perfect for getting out of the heat and away from the busy areas for a while. 10 out of 10 for me!

If you have any questions feel free to leave them in the comments below.

I will get right back to you.

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20 thoughts on “The Alluring Charm of The Seven Springs in Rhodes”

  1. Wow, this looks beautiful. As someone who has always appreciated being out in nature instead of in a busy city, this site looks very inviting!

    You’ve made another convert! We plan on visiting Europe in 2020 and neither nor I have ever been down to the Mediterranean (German and Scandinavian ancestries.) We will definitely add Greece, the Island of Rhodes and the Seven Springs to our itinerary!

  2. Hi Chris,

    The Seven Springs looks like such a beautiful place to visit!  My son is a history buff and we love going to places where we learn the history of it, thank you for sharing the history of the springs and lake built by the Italians. 

    How interesting that it’s the only fresh water hole on the island!  You mentioned there was a designated path through the forest if you didn’t want to take the tunnel, my concern is that the tunnel may be a bit slippery from algae on the stones.  

    I broke my ankle and am still working on walking confidently on uneven ground…is the path through the forest fairly worn or is it pretty uneven ground?  Are there maybe better places to visit for those with handicaps?

    • Hey Kris.

      Actually the path is not too bad. If you take your time then you will be fine, as you would be in the Seven Springs tunnel too.

      When it comes to walking, you just need to be careful. With the island having so many ancient sites, it is only natural that some do not have modern walkways etc.

      I have seen people with no disabilities fall over simply because they are not careful.

      Take your time, and you will be OK!



  3. The Seven Springs in Rhodes sounds and looks like a great place to visit, thanks to your post. 

    You did a great job of taking me on a journey of this place and allow me to experience it through your eyes. I enjoyed your pictures that went along with what you were describing to me on the journey through the 7 Springs. 

    I agree with your comment at the end of your post, this does sound like a place that is “quite wonderful”. 

    Do you have any pictures of the wildlife that you could post on your blog? The Geese, Tortoises, or Peacocks?

    That is cool. Again, thanks for taking me on this journey of a wonderful place.  

    • Absolutely Todd.

      I need to wait until the Summer months to get some more good photos, and I will post them here!

      Thanks for reading, I am happy you enjoyed your visit.


  4. We are thinking of planning our next family holiday in Greece and this is one place that I hadn’t heard about. 

    We’re planning to visit Athens (obviously) and were thinking about also Corfu and Crete. We’re still in the planning stages so I was wondering if you could tell me how far the Seven Springs in Rhodes is from Athens and the other two I mentioned. Also, is it easy to get to the island? Love the photos and video!


    • Hello Erica.

      The Seven Springs is actually on the island of Rhodes. Corfu and Crete are also islands. Athens is on the mainland of Greece so to travel there you will need to plan transport by either plane or boat.

      If you travel to Rhodes from Athens by plane, it is about 1 hour. It is very easy to get here from the mainland so do not worry!

      I hope this helps.


  5. Great article Chris! 

    I’m Greek and have spent over a year in Rodos when I was in the army, admittedly a long time ago, back in the early 80s. 

    However, I didn’t know of the 7 Piges!I Of course, I wasn’t a tourist then and times where different, if it somehow may serve as an excuse. But no, I was unaware of this place. 

    Very interesting post and a wonderful website to which I plan to return. There is quite a lot of information about the island here. I would like to visit Rodos again, since I haven’t been back since the army to be honest and will seek out and visit the Seven Springs, for sure.

    While in the army, I spent about a month and a half in a guard post, in Aghia Eleousa. Out of the tourist zone back then and inside the forest, it was a magical paradise. No sea, no sand, just forest. That’s what I liked about the island. It’s diversity. 

    Thank you for this marvelous post that allowed me to travel to my past and gave me one more reason to visit this fantastic island! Maybe I’ll get to meet you when I visit. You are a lucky person to live there. Enjoy!

    • Thank you very much my friend.

      I also have visited the area you mention. In actual fact, it is only 30 minutes for me to travel there. Eleousa is indeed beautiful and yes, it has the beauty of the forest just like Epta Piges does.

      I hope also you can come back to the island.  I understand being in the Army is far from being a tourist, but if you love nature, then The Seven Springs is for you.

      Let me know when you arrive, I will be waiting 🙂

      Thanks Ioannnis


  6. I have always had a dream to visit Greece and this location seems beautiful with natural scenery and fresh water with a little bit adventure. 

    Now I found this post on The Seven Springs I will definitely visit this place in future. 

    Thanks for sharing this information and I am going to bookmark this page.

  7. This looks natural and beautiful. I am fascinated by the history around the Seven Springs in Rhodes. It is quite attractive.

    Are you sure about the no entrance fee? I think this is fantastic as people can just visit and have fun and connect with nature.

    Are there any age limitation for visitors? Thanks for the education I think is definitely a place to visit for holiday. 

    • Hello there and thanks for your question.

      There are no age limits to visit The Seven Springs. All ages are welcome.

      I would only say that because you are in nature, it is important to be careful.

      If you take children, or if you are older and not so steady on your feet you may want to take extra care.

      Apart from this, you will be just fine 🙂



  8. Hi Chris,

    I am glad i came across your post as I have been planning on taking a trip to Greece next spring and I didn’t really want to do the touristy places.

    I never heard of the seven springs but it looks great! Tranquility and peace is just what I am looking for.

    is this a good location to take a 2 & 6 year old? is there anything to do there for kids of their age?

    • Hi Tarun, great questions and I am happy to answer them for you.

      With The Seven Springs being a place of nature and peace and quiet, you can very often see children that get bored.

      A lot of them love the experience in the tunnel, but apart from that, it is a quiet place.

      Because of this, there is a small area dedicated for playing games and some good kids stuff to keep them occupied.

      As with most places, if you go with children, just keep them in your eyesight. Because of the forestry and running waters, it can be easy to lose your footing as a youngster, and nobody needs unwanted accidents.

      I hope this helps.


  9. Those photos are beautiful! I love how peaceful it looks and the uniqueness of being able to follow the water underground on a hot day. 

    I like to travel and am planning my 2019 holidays, so any information I can find helps me out a lot.  

    Is Seven Springs pet-friendly for small dogs? Bella has traveled to the EU before so I know the routine.

    • Hi Ginger and thanks for getting in touch!

      Although i am not really aware of any dog restrictions, if you do take your baby to locations such as this it is advisable to keep her on a leash!

      The Seven Springs for example does have wildlife there, and sometimes there can be unwanted incidents.

      Before travelling, if you call the number offered on the post here, they will be able to offer you more solid advice.



  10. Hi Chris,

    This sounds like an amazing and magical place to go and visit. I would love to walk through the tunnel, it sounds like an incredible experience. I will definitely be putting Rhodes on my list of places to visit! Thank you for your review, and for opening my eyes to this very attractive location 🙂

    • Thanks for reading Celeste.

      it is a beautiful place indeed and should not be missed out on if you are ever in Rhodes.



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