The Beautiful Village Of Pefkos In Rhodes

One of the main holiday resorts and one that is very popular with tourists is the area of Pefkos In Rhodes.

Pefkos, also called Pefki in Greek (Πευκος/Πευκοι), sits just over 55 kilometers south of Rhodes City along the island’s east coast.

It is also not far away from the village of Lindos (about 4 Kilometers). It is a short distance and easy to get to.

The Name ‘Pefkos’ actually means ‘Pine Tree’ and the village gets its name from the sheer volume of these pine trees which you can see all over the area.

So, Pefkos is Pine Tree, and Pefki is the plural – Pine Trees.

Of course, I have my own views on this area, and you are entitled to yours too.

Here, I will tell you what it is all about, a little about Pefkos in days long past, and what the attraction is that makes this place so popular today.

You can let me know your thoughts later on.

A Little History On Pefkos In Rhodes.

There is not a great deal to tell you here if I am to be honest.

I asked some friends who own a bar/restaurant in this area about what it was like years ago, and they shared their insights with me.

Years ago (before the 1970s), this area was not so popular to the tourists and there was little here back then.

It was a haven for fisherman as it sits on the coastline, and a lot of people also used to come from all around the island and stay here to grow their crops.

It was simply too far from them to travel on an everyday basis, so they set up small apartments to stay in as and when required.

Pefkos in Rhodes was famous for olive growing too and people had land for producing and distributing foods such as tomatoes and grapes.

My friends also told me that times were hard back then.

People used to break sweat to earn their living and put food on the table for their families.

These days seem to be a distant memory, as a glance at Pefkos in Rhodes today reveals little of the land owners’ previous life dedicated to agriculture.

It also known that back then, there was nothing in the way of electricity and running water.

There was only the sun, the sea and the sand.

Nothing stopped the Greek people from taking their relaxing times though.

Despite lack of facilities, thousands used to abandon their homes and come and stay in Pefkos to enjoy the summer months.

Of course, this was before life started to get in the way. Nowadays, people have to stick to their routines to survive.

The Village Of Pefkos In Rhodes
A View Of Pefkos
Norbert Nagel, Mörfelden-Walldorf, Germany, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Pefkos In Rhodes – The Modern Day

As the 1970s came along, the area of Pefkos started to attract the tourists.

As the years progressed and the 1980s approached, many tourists visiting the island sought to emulate the activities of the Greek people.

Basically to enjoy the sun and never mind the facilities or other obstacles.

As this trend continued people slowly began to develop the area.

As more people arrived, some realized the benefit of having a place to stay overnight.

Here and there small dwellings were set up and were available to rent.

As time went by, more facilities started to take shape.

Small shops and outlets were made available for people to buy small snacks and the odd souvenir or two.

Then a restaurant popped up, then another shop and so on.

It was indeed something of a simple project, but it never stopped there.

It continued to grow and these days tourists in their hundreds of thousands visit Pefkos in Rhoodes.

They are greeted with many shops, bars, cafeterias and restaurants.

There are also countless villas now available to rent.

The one thing I particularly like about this area, is that most of the accommodation is self-catering and it is a world away from the ‘all Inclusive’ setup.

Because of this, there is a great atmosphere in Pefkos, as most people venture out of their villas and soak up the fun and excitement of the local area.

This is really great as it keeps open the local run family businesses.

  • A Local Hotel - Pefkos In Rhodes
    A Local Hotel

Pefkos Beach

The main beach in Pefkos (also known as Lee Beach) is a really great place to relax and hang out during your stay.

It contains all the usual facilities such as sun beds, umbrellas, toilets and a place to change your clothes.

It is a wonderful location to enjoy the beautiful blue waters and to catch a lovely tan.

This beach has also been given a Blue Flag Award which is a certification from the Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE).

This basically declares that the beach and its waters are perfectly clean and safe for you to use with peace of mind.

It is a lovely sandy beach and the water is very shallow as you wade your way in.

You can make a gentle walk into the water without fear of the ground falling away from you under the water level.

This makes it ideal for people visiting with children.

There is an ample car parking area for people who arrive with wheels and the beach is also easily accessible by foot too.

Here you will also find plenty in the way of restaurants and bars/cafeterias so there is no problem with you finding refreshments.

For those of you interested in undertaking water activities, you will also find outlets on the beach where you can hire jet-skis and speedboats.

Because of the area it is in, and the amount of people staying in the area, the beach can become quite busy.

This is not a problem though as there is a lot of space and it offers a great atmosphere.

Watch This Great Video For Some Stunning Views Of Pefkos!

Pefkos In Rhodes – The Tourism

Many people ask whether or not Pefkos in Rhodes would be ideal for them.

For sure there are lots of bars and clubs, so would this be ideal for an older couple that are not really into the bar scene?

Would it be a perfect place for children?

Well, fear not here. The way this area is laid out, it suits everyone.

It is actually quite a large area and yes there are nightclubs, bars etc. But you go where you want to go.

The last time I was there, I was amazed to see everyone having such a great time.

There were children playing, people singing and dancing, others enjoying a meal, more in the bars and so on.

It all fits together really well and everyone can enjoy a great time! It is with good reason that Pefkos is as popular as it is.

What would you prefer here?

  • An all-inclusive hotel so nobody goes out or even take the time to enjoy a local restaurant, bar or the beach?
  • Everyone enjoying the local family bars and restaurants and creating memories, experiences and friends you will never forget?

I know which way I would go.

Pefkos In Rhodes Overall

I love Pefkos. I think it offers the ability for people to meet each other and come together to make your stay really enjoyable.

The atmosphere is amazing because everyone goes out to have fun.

The beach and the water activities make it a great location too, as do the sheer number of shops and outlets that provide everything you need.

It is a very peaceful place during the day and you will see most people relaxing. By night though, the place really lights up and everyone is eager to have a really great time.

It is a warm and friendly place and everyone is welcome.

If you want a true Greek experience and lots of enjoyable moments, Pefkos in Rhodes is a safe bet.

So, what do you think?

I would love to hear from all of you. Maybe you have had a holiday here in Rhodes and stayed in Pefkos?

Maybe you are looking for more information for a future trip?

All of your opinions and thoughts are important to me. Just leave me a comment below, and I will get right back to you.

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12 thoughts on “The Beautiful Village Of Pefkos In Rhodes”

  1. I absolutely love Greece and would definitely go again every chance I get.  I particularly love island-hopping because, like you, I prefer my holidays where I spend time checking out the local scenes, bars and haunts; away from the big hotel/resort areas.

    I have not been to Pefkos but reading your article makes me want to!  So I will include Rhodes on my list of islands to visit next time I’m in Greece.  I enjoy the food from the islands more than on the main land … I always return home with unique curiosities as mementos.

    Thank you for the heads up on Pefkos!

    • Thanks Cath! 🙂

      I appreciate you reading and considering Rhodes as part of your next holiday plans. Pefkos you will love for sure, but in all honest you will love all the island especially if you have not seen it before.

      Looking forward to your visit!


  2. This is an interesting post! It is pretty cool that this was a sort of remote fishing and farming location and even though life was hard, it must have been rewarding to be able to work that close to nature and to be able to provide for your family. I think it is great that it has developed into such a great place and it never forgot its humble beginnings which is evident by the fact that some of the units are self-catering.

    It is also great that the beach and the waters are perfectly clean because you really don’t see that just anywhere these days.

    What is the food in Pefkos like?

    Thanks for sharing this information!

    • Thanks Renton.

      I agree, to come from such basic early beginnings, Pefkos really has developed into a wonderful location.

      When you talk about the food, the delicacies in Pefkos are in line with the Greek Mediterranean Diet. If you check out the Traditional Food In Greece section on this site, it will offer you more information.

      Thanks my friend, and let me know if you need anything more.


  3. Thanks for sharing this great review on the island of Rhodes and while I was reading through this article I realized I haven’t really gotten the time to travel to Greece and honestly have started making plans to go there during the summer as to enjoy the beaches and clubs and have loads of fun.

    • Thanks Seun. Nice to have you here.

      Rhodes is always waiting, and Pefkos is a great place to enjoy yourself. So, we will be seeing you here soon 🙂



  4. Hi Chris,

    Excellent article about one of the great tourist spot of the area of Pefkos in Rhodes. I feel the natural scenery of different locations which is very beautiful. 

    I think it will be nice for entertainment with family. I am interested to know about price and costing per individual for enjoying this different location. Thanks for sharing this excellent tourist spot.

    • Thanks my friend.

      if you want to know more with prices and arrangements, I need to know a little more information.

      If you go to the Contact Me page, fire me a private message with some further details and I will happily help you out.



  5. Hi that’s really cool, I went to Cyprus some years ago. I loved it. I would love the opportunity to go to Greece, but I think if I do that now I will try and incorporate Rhodes into my trip. Excellent review of this nice little resort of Pefkos. 

    I would ask though do you feel it is as safe to stay at a resort that is a little out of the way as opposed to a larger more well known one? 


    • Hi Kenny, I hope to you can make a visit to Rhodes someday!

      When it comes to being a little out of the way of the more built up areas, do not worry at all. Pefkos is very well established and you will be more than happy and safe in the area.

      Looking forward to seeing you here 🙂


  6. This location sounds like a really fun place to visit for all ages.  The beach looks nice and there is plenty to do during the day and night.

    I have children, but it looks like the place is easy going and my husband and I probably can have a few drinks and have the kids there too.  Is it expensive to stay in Pefkos?  

    Your making me jealous now, I will look into this place a little more for my next vacation.

    • Thanks Kris

      Pefkos is very much a family place yes. If you decide to go to a restaurant or bar in the evenings, you will see lots of families out with children. in fact, the whole area accommodates children really well.

      As for prices, of course they vary depending on where you stay. On saying that, you can always find a really good deal in this area.

      I hope this helps




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