Afandou In Rhodes – A Local Greek Village

Welcome to Afandou in Rhodes. This is a village that is not just any other tourist destination on the island. Afandou, one of the island’s largest villages, is a place that has mastered the art of subtlety and surprise.

Located just a whisper away from the capital, this village’s name, derived from ‘afandos’ which translates to ‘invisible’, gives a nod to its clever historical tactic of staying out of sight from raiding sea pirates.

You’re going to find out about Afandou’s legacy, one that’s deeply connected to the adventurous days of Mediterranean piracy. The village’s past mixes seamlessly with the natural tapestry of Rhodes – nestled on a productive seaside lowland and protected by rolling lush hills. Every corner of Afandou seems to echo tales from a bygone era, inviting visitors to uncover its secrets.

This isn’t just about historical charm – it’s also about the warmth of a community that has seen generations flourish. Here you can feel what it’s like to be part of this timeless area, where the waves of history have shaped the present.

In my opinion, the true spirit of Afandou is not just preserved in its history but is vibrantly alive, felt through the daily rhythms and the friendly greetings of the locals.

So my question to you today is, are you ready to wander the same pathways that have been trodden for centuries? If you are, the rich history of Afandou awaits. Let’s take a wander further into the heart of the village – the quaint square, the local crafts, and the undeniable charm of tradition – continues to thrive.

Afandou In Rhodes – Village Life and Local Crafts

Afandou Village - Afandou In Rhodes
Afandou Village – Afandou In Rhodes

Imagine wandering down the winding streets of a Greek village, where each turn brings a new discovery, and you’ve found yourself in Afandou. The village square, or ‘plateia’ as the locals call it, is the center of this charming place. This is where friends meet, where laughter fills the air, and where you’ll be greeted with warm smiles that invite you to join the community, if only for a moment.

The Greek meaning of Afandou, ‘invisible’, comes alive as you explore the hidden corners that showcase the village’s traditional architecture; each stone structure tells a story of history and survival. The old world charm isn’t just something to observe, it’s a feeling and it draws you into the slower pace of Greek village life.

Let’s not pass up on the local tavernas either that serve up authentic Greek dishes, where families have been perfecting their recipes for generations. Don’t worry too much about finding the ‘best’ spot, because here, every place you step into has a character of its own. From cafes that spill onto the square to bars where the ouzo flows as freely as the conversation.

This isn’t just about enjoying the aesthetics – it’s also about connecting with a population of roughly 7,500 locals. The residents maintain a lifestyle that’s authentic and still very much tied to traditional Greek ways, be it the folklore, the food, or the fabrics.

As we prepare to look into where you might stay and what you will do during your visit, remember that Afandou isn’t just a destination, it’s an experience. The village not only embraces visitors with its picturesque charm but also with a variety of amenities that promise an unforgettable stay.

Staying and Playing – Afandou in Rhodes

In Afandou, finding a place to rest your head is more than just booking a stay; it’s about discovering your home away from home. Whether you favor the independence of a holiday apartment, the personalized attention of a family-run studio, or the facilities of a comfortable hotel, this village caters to everyone. And I’m here to help you narrow down those choices with some recommendations.

Imagine waking up to the sound of waves on Afandou Beach, stretching over 4 kilometers of sand and pebbles. This beach isn’t only special for its spaciousness; it’s also a proud holder of the EU Blue Flag, a testament to its cleanliness and the crystal clarity of its waters. Families love it here for the calm sea, which is as welcoming as the village itself.

For those who enjoy a little sport with their scenery, the Afandou Golf course is a must-visit. Designed by the renowned architect Donald Harradine, the course offers panoramic sea views that might just distract you from your game.

But Afandou has more than just its beach and golf amenities. Venture out to discover the village’s collection of water sports for a rush of adrenaline or enjoy a leisurely ride on the local train that shuttles between the village and the beachfront. This mini train isn’t just convenient but it’s a nice reminder of the slower pace of life in the village.

A Seaview From Afandou In Rhodes
A Seaview From Afandou In Rhodes
Afandou Beach - Afandou In Rhodes
Afandou Beach – Afandou In Rhodes

Cultural Encounters and Exploration

Afandou isn’t just a place to relax by the sea or play a round of golf; it’s a village filled with culture and connections. The Church of Our Lady Katholiki stands as a tower of beauty, inviting you to step inside and admire the wall paintings that have told stories for centuries. Each August, this church becomes the central attraction in Afandou, as the festival gets underway with beautiful celebrations.

Your stay in Afandou is made more convenient with the village’s advantageous location. Just 20 km from the historical center of Rhodes Town and the same distance from Diagoras International Airport, Afandou strikes a balance between accessibility and seclusion. Want a taste of nightlife? The famous village of Faliraki is only a stone’s throw away.

I think the greatest asset of Afandou is its landscape, with olive and orange orchards, ideal for those who love to wander, explore, and immerse themselves in nature.


Unless you are someone who like to explore you can easily pass over the village of Afandou. It is not considered really an attraction on the island where you would make it part of your inventory to see, but I really recommend you do not miss it.

Have you visited the village? Maybe you have stayed in one of the local apartments or hotels during your stay.

Leave a comment below and I will get back to you.

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  1. afandou no longer weave carpets. you will not even see them for sale in local shops i live there so i know for sure


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