Author: Chris Towers

The East Coast Of Rhodes

The East Side - Sightseeing On Rhodes

In this section, we are going to be discussing The East Coast Of Rhodes. Although not my favorite side of the island (I much prefer The West Coast), there is still a lot to see and do. There are a lot of places that should not be missed such as Lindos, The Seven Springs, Kalithea…

Diagoras Of Rhodes – A True Champion

diagoras of rhodes

I think it is common knowledge that the Olympic Games originated in Greece. Are you aware however, that a man known as Diagoras Of Rhodes (full name Diagoras Diagorides and in Greek Διαγόρας ὁ Ῥόδιος, which translates to Diagoras Of Rhodes) was an Olympic Boxing Champion during the 5th Century BC? Maybe you are not,…

Apostolos Trifonos – The Archbishop

Apostolos Trifonos

Another important figure to make history on the island of Rhodes was a man by the name of Apostolos Trifonos (also sometimes spelled as Tryphonos and seen as Απόστολος Τρύφωνος in Greek). He was the elected Archbishop of Rhodes from 1913 until 1947. As I have mentioned in other areas of this website, I do not…

Mario Lago – The Governor

Mario Lago

Mario Lago was born in Savona (North West Italy) in 1878. He was an Italian Diplomat, Politician, Statesman and Legislator. He played an important role during his time on the island of Rhodes and he was the appointed Governor of all the Aegean Islands from 1922 until 1936. First off, please let me say, when…

Diogenis Fanourakis – A Hero Of Halki

Diogenis Fanourakis

Some of us often wonder how we would behave when confronted with hostile situations. Would we stand and fight? Would we run away? Would we even go to the extent to sacrifice our own lives to help or save another? Well, I was really touched by the story of Diogenis Fanourakis (Διογένης Φανουράκης in Greek)….