Learn More On The History Of Rhodes Greece

Welcome to the history section of my website. Now the history of Rhodes Greece is of course an extremely in depth subject and there is so much to read and learn.

When we talk about the history of Rhodes and Greece as a whole, there are libraries packed with information. So fitting it all onto this page is naturally an impossible task.

Very often people visit Rhodes, and because there is so much in the way of history here, they sometimes spend a lot of time figuring out what the best places to see are, and they lose time actually visiting them.

In this section on history, I will go through the different periods in history so you get a taste for all of them.

From here you can go and see the Visit The Sites section where all this history is located.

The History of Rhodes Greece - Ancient Kamiros
The History of Rhodes Greece – Ancient Kamiros

What I want to do here, is introduce you to the history of Rhodes in a way that is not going to blow your mind.

We could of course go into details and  talk about Helios (the Sun God) and Zeus (The Lord and Master Of the Earth) and many others regarding mythology, but I know this is some in depth material.

Of course, I will cover this, but I wanted to delve first into the history of The Island of Rhodes itself!

Rhodes Chapters

Now we can look at the history of Rhodes Greece in chapters or era’s if you prefer to call it that.

The long history of Rhodes divides into the following categories.

As we move along I will be talking about all these in more detail!

When you look at the island of Rhodes as a whole, the history literally stares you in the face. From the Acropolis of Lindos to the Medieval Old City Of Rhodes you cannot visit the island and not notice it’s wonderful history!

Ancient sites like Kamiros and Filerimos overflow with history, creating an undeniable sense that you both feel and see! The Temple Of Apollo is also another place that will take you back in time!

Holiday makers visit the island every year to see the sights in their millions just to get a taste of what the island has to offer, and many of them come back for more.

So Where Did Rhodes Come From?

The First Myth!

The History of Rhodes Greece - The Temple Of Apollo
The History of Rhodes Greece – The Temple Of Apollo

Well, the roots of Rhodes actually came from the poet Pindar according to ancient myth. It is said that Zeus, as master of the earth wanted to subdivide the earth to all the Olympian Gods but Helios (the Sun God) was not present when this took place and was not included in the process!

Being angry with this wrongdoing, Helios upon his return made his feeling known to Zeus and he asked for the next land that would rise above sea level be claimed his own!

As this conversation was happening it can be said a miracle took place, as a beautiful island rose above the sea level. It was the island of Rhodes!

Helios went on to make this the most alluring island in all of the Aegean Sea!

The Second Myth

It is also said that the island of Rhodes stems from yet another myth.

This myth explains that Rhodos (the daughter of Poseidon – The God of the Sea) was the love of Helios! It is said that Helios was so in love with Rhodos that they were married and had seven sons and one daughter. One of these sons (Kerkafos) went on to have three children namely Lindos, Kamiros and Ialyssos!

These children then went onto build the three largest cities on the island, which are still here to this day! Lindos,Kameiros and Ialyssos!

The History Of Rhodes Greece: Further Myths!

It is also thought that the daughter of Poseidon (Rhodos) took the name of the island on her own and others say the name Rhodes originated from the word ‘Rhodos’ as it is the Greek word for ‘rose’.

Which one do you prefer or believe? I personally like the first myth 🙂 but who is to say it is the correct one?

Now come and discover more about the history of Rhodes! If you have any comments or questions so far contact me and let know! Also, you are welcome to leave your comments at the bottom of various pages on the site too! I always love hearing what you have to say.

By the way, if you are a lover of history, be sure to check out The Rhodes Archaeological Museum section on this site.

This place certainly is amazing and will really open your eyes into the history of the island.

Learn More About The History Of Rhodes Here. Click The Tour Buttons Below.

50 thoughts on “Learn More On The History Of Rhodes Greece”

  1. Greek mythology is a fascinating subject. I remember learning a lot about it in school (not sure if they still teach that these days or not).

    I would love to visit some of these historical sites in Greece one day, such as Rhodes and others. Looks like a really great place to do some cool photography, which is one of my favourite things to do when travelling.

    • Hello Darren. It is nice to hear from you.

      I also studies a little Greek Mythology in school although I admit the tuition was somewhat limited. It was always covered in a class in brief, and there never seemed to be anything dedicated to it completely. I was always sorry for this. As you say, I am also not sure if it is part of the current curriculum for schools anymore.

      Well, if you like photography, then Rhodes is certainly a place to have your camera at the ready. Naturally there are all the ancient sites as well as some amazing scenery. I think it would be perfect for you if it is one of your pastimes while on vacation.

      Thanks Darren.


  2. The history of Rhodes is very interesting, I didn’t know any of that information.

    I would love to go there. You make it sound like a beautiful place.

    Keep up the great site can’t wait to see more!

    • Hey there and thank you. I am happy you enjoyed the information here. Happy you learned something you did not know before.

      Do not worry, there always additions coming to the site. I am constantly researching and making new material.

      Thanks, I really appreciate you visit and kind words.


  3. Hey. I absolutely loved Rhodes when I visited. The very air is magical.

    The ancient history of Greece is fascinating to me and always has been. I had not known those myths about the origin of Rhodes before! Thank you for that.

    I want to go back! So much to experience there!


    • Hello Annie, I am really happy you enjoyed the reading here. How long is it since you visited Rhodes?

      There have been many changes to the infrastructure on the island in the last years, but the history will never change. Some of the places are amazing to see and there is so much to learn too.

      As for the myths, which one is your favorite?

      If you ever manage to visit again, I am sure you will notice the changes here. Let me know when you come back!

      Thanks Annie


  4. Wow I would like to spend at least a month in such a place.

    I’ve enjoyed this article and will come back for much more reading!

    • Thank you Dianne, I really appreciate your visit.

      Even in one month you would still not see everything. Maybe longer? 🙂

      Feel free to come back any time and if you ever have any questions just let me know!



  5. Hi Chris,

    Interesting article. Like you, after reading the myths of where the island of Rhodes came from, I preferred the first myth you mentioned.

    I was wondering what famous people lived on the island of Rhodes during its long history. For instance what famous philosophers, physicians, writers, or artists have lived here during its long history that I would maybe know about?

    I know that Hippocrates was a famous Greek Physician that came from Greece, did he have any known connection with the island of Rhodes?

    Kind Regards


    • Thanks so much for your interest David.

      In answer you your question, the list is vast when it comes to talking about people who have resided on the island of Rhodes in years past (this even includes right up until the present day).

      Of course there was Chares Of Lindos, who was the brains behind the design and building of The Colossus Of Rhodes back in 280 BC.

      There as also Hieronymus, the 3rd Century Poet, Diagoras – the 5th Century Boxing Champion (originally from the village of Ialyssos in Rhodes) + many more!

      When you mention Hippocrates, he indeed was a Greek Physician but he was actually from the island of Kos back in the time of Classical Greece. Whether or not he actually visited Rhodes, I will be honest and say I do not know. I cannot find any material with reference to him visiting the island, but for sure it is not impossible that he did.

      Actually, if you visit the medieval city in Rhodes, you will find a square, fountain and street inside there named named after him – Ippikratous!

      More up to date, you will remember the actor Anthony Quinn, who stared in the film The Guns Of Navarone. Some of this film was shot on location in Rhodes, and he bought a small beach here, now called Anthony Quinn Bay! (Originally it was called Vagies Bay)!

      David Gilmour, the main artist behind the rock band Pink Floyd also has property here on the island.

      The list can go on, but it gives you an idea 🙂

      Thanks David and hope this answers your question!


  6. Did you know that an ancient name for Rodes is OPHIUSSA, and that same name OPHIUSSA is also the ancient name for Oestriminis, the Cónii-Lusiberian territory(present day, Portugal) in the most Ancient Western Atlantic Land of HIbéria ?

    • Hello there Rogerio

      I am going to be completely honest with you and say ‘no’. I did not know that at all.

      I am aware of the word ‘Ophiussa’ and I know it means “Land Of Serpents’. It was a name given to territory in Portugal by the Ancient Greeks.

      I had no idea it was the name for Ancient Rodes though!

      I will say thank you to you for that. It is always nice to learn something new!

      Much appreciated Rogerio!


  7. Such an interesting place, When i was a young man of about 18, i camped for a night in a rather secluded area and got a bit freaked out. 

    During the night it sounded like people were running past my tent and I could here shouting. When i investigated there was nobody there. I learned the next day that i was camping in an area where there was a battle in antiquity.

    • Hey Dave, quite a night that would have been for you I am thinking? 🙂

      Well, here in Rhodes you might be interested to know that camping is not allowed at all!

      There are no organized camping areas on the island. There used to be one in Faliraki, but back at the start of the Millennium it was closed down and made into apartments. 

      Also be warned, that camping out in the wild on the island of Rhodes is also forbidden. It is actually illegal. Some people do try to get away with it, especially on remote beaches, but it is not allowed.

      More often than not, these people are moved on very quickly!

      It is a shame though don’t you think? It would be lovely to spend the the night out under the stars with the warm evenings and the clear skies. 

      It can be dangerous though. The weather here gets very hot, and no chances can be taken when it comes to being in the wooded areas and cooking with an open flame or even smoking.

      Lots of serious fires have occurred in the past through negligence, so in the end it is better to find a hotel 🙂

      Thanks for getting in touch Dave!


  8. Good day to you!

    I would like to thank you for taking the time for making this page on the island of Rhodes. 

    My son is a home-school student and he is studying Greece and it’s history this week. We came upon your site and the way you present the information did not overwhelm or bore him. 

    He stayed actively engaged and enjoyed his research of the island.

    We hope to add it to our itinerary when we do our global travels!

    • Thanks so much for letting me know that the information here helped you out.

      I know home-schooling can be challenging and it is sometimes a struggle to find the information you need to complete the work needed.

      There is a lot to learn when it comes to the history of Greece. Of course on this site I am only talking about the island of Rhodes, but if there is something more that you need that is not covered here just let me know. I will be happy to help you out 🙂



  9. Thank you so much for sharing all this information with us. 

    The history of this island which is outlined well in this article would entice any one who loves to travel to visit historical sites. 

    I would love to visit the ancient ruins. I think I have found our next destination for our summer holidays next year.

    What would you recommend as the best time of the year to travel there?


    • Hello Cath and thank so much for getting in touch!

      If you are keen to see ancient ruins and experience thousands of years of history, then Rhodes will definitely suit you 🙂

      There is a lot to absorb and appreciate here, and there is always a really nice time to be had. This goes for Greece in general to be honest.

      When it comes to choosing the best time to visit, it depends on a couple of things.

      The most important is the amount of people here and of course the temperatures.

      The high season (July and August) gets very hot in Rhodes, and there are a lot of people too. So if you do not like excessive temperatures and crowds, this may be a time to avoid.

      There is great weather in May/June and September/October too. It is still busy but not as much as the high season. Lots of people prefer these periods.

      If you want to see the sites, then a cooler temperature is better. August can be very uncomfortable and it can spoil the experience for you.

      These are just guidelines of course, and my opinions. I made a section here on The Climate Of Rhodes that may offer you some more guidance 🙂

      Hope it helps you Cath, and if you need more just let me know!


  10. I keep coming back to your site and reading this. 

    I really must just bite the bullet and just go to Rhodes. The history looks fascinating and right up my street. 

    I keep putting it off and putting it off, but 2018 is the year I will visit Rhodes! 

    Thanks again for sharing and for giving me such an in-depth and detailed history of such a beautiful island.

    • Hello Sean.

      Naturally, I am happy you keep revisiting my information here and checking out the information I have provided for the island of Rhodes.

      It is a place I would recommend everyone to see, even if it is just once in their lifetime.

      There is tons available in the way of history and I promise you – you will love it here.

      What is the reason you keep putting it off? Do you know?

      I know sometimes people get put off by distance. People that visit from the USA or Canada for example have quite a long journey ahead of them. None the less though, they do it 🙂

      Others get put off by money. I know it can be tough planning a holiday. I am just curious 🙂 

      I can get you some great deals here. So if your 2018 plan gets put into practice, just let me know and I will do what I can to help!

      Let’s hope to see you here soon Sean!

      Thanks for passing by!


  11. I like the second myth where Rhodes and Helios fell in love and had eight children. 🙂

    I think the history of places in the world can be so interesting as everything is unique and has its own story.

    I also love to travel and look forward to seeing many beautiful places in the world. It’s great to know more potential sites for my family and I to visit. Rhodes looks like a great choice with its appealing history.

    Thanks for this article!

    • Hello Megan and thank you for taking the time to get in contact 🙂

      The history in Rhodes runs very deep. There is so much to comprehend when it comes to looking at years past on the island. This is what makes it what it is to be honest.

      I appreciate people also come here for the sun and the beaches, the restaurants and the bars, but the history and the beauty is where it is really at.

      It is very hard (almost impossible actually) to walk around and not see something in the way of history. It really is an amazing place and one I think you and your family would enjoy.

      As for the Myths I mention, a lot of people like the concept of the Helios and Rhodos love story. I will admit, it does seem very fitting. Let’s say is is the most popular with my female readers 🙂

      Thanks again Megan, and I really hope to see you here soon.


  12. Hey Chris.

    What a wonderful and enjoyable article about the history of Rhodes in Greece.

    I have enjoyed the valuable information about the history on the island. I also like the pictures, they are awesome!

    In fact, I am planning to visit one of the European countries this summer and I am thinking seriously to come to Greece.

    If there is any program which will help me more in that regard, please share it with me.

    Thank you.

    • Hello Haitham, it is nice to hear from you.

      When it comes to Rhodes, there is a ton of history to soak up. I appreciate that you like the photographs I have provided, but believe me, there is nothing like seeing the island with your own eyes 🙂

      The history on the island of Rhodes dates back centuries and there is so much to see and experience. It is an awesome place and something you should not miss out on.

      When it comes to offering you a program for your visit, it all depends on what you want to see and where you want to go. 

      Of course I have aimed this website at Rhodes, but as you say you may choose to visit Greece in general, it really does depend on which areas you choose and of course your budget.

      If you would like to contact me with some more information, I will be happy to help you out.

      Thanks Haitham


  13. I like the second myth the mos t- I’m a lover for hearing about romance and families and such. 

    It is awesome that Rhodes has such a history (I think that a lot of ancient historical stuff in North America has been destroyed, unfortunately).

    What are some things that you can do on Rhodes to learn about the history and mythology?

    • Hello there, thanks for your comment 🙂

      I think all of us like a little romance on some level, and to understand that this particular romance lead to the naming of villages through the off-springs is certainly a nice touch 🙂

      When it comes to the history of Rhodes, there is a lot to take in. Each place has its own story so there is a lot of information to absorb.

      The good news is, the information is accessible. On the island you will see tour guides both in the form of someone happy to show you around and explain – as well as books too. This is also the idea behind my website.

      Wherever you go there are also information boards explaining the history and origins of the places you are visiting. A lot of people take photographs of these too as there is a lot to read, and sometimes too much to remember.

      Also there is the Archaeological Museum to check out. Again you will find a wealth of information here and it is amazing to look around.

      Be sure to bookmark this site too. There is a lot more information coming, and eventually this will be a tour guide all on its own 🙂

      Thanks for passing by. I appreciate it. If there is anything else you need please let me know.


  14. Really informative article. Before reading this I had never even heard of the island of Rhodes, and now I’m very curious to learn more about it.

    Thanks for not making it too long but still including some of the most interesting parts of its history.

    Is it a very tourist dominated area or is there a good mixture of tourists and natives?

    • Hello Jakob, nice to meet you. Thanks for reading and for leaving a comment with your thoughts too.

      A lot of people do not know about the island of Rhodes. I was surprised by this as it is one of the top Greek destinations for tourists in Europe. But hey, you have heard of it now, so some knowledge gained 🙂

      Like I said in this post, the history of the island dates back centuries. In my opinion, you could spend a lifetime studying it all and still not cover everything.

      I wanted to mention the history though. I have done it mainly to be of interest to people who may wish to vacation here (or have already done so) and want to learn a little more. I will never intend for it to be a University Lecture 🙂 I agree too, paragraph after paragraph of intense information can be a little off putting!

      During the summer months the island is dominated with tourism yes. They arrive in their thousands every day. There are of course the locals too. Of course during the winter months the tourist season closes. This leaves a quiet spell on the island for 4 months or so until the season opens once again for the holidays.

      Hope this answers your question Jakob. Thanks again 🙂


  15. Great post! well laid out and informative, good effort.

    It has been a few years since I went to Rhodes, to be honest all I did was get drunk and sunbath. 

    After reading this post I would like to go back and actually see some of the history. Maybe a few beers as well 😉

    • Hey Anthony, nice to hear from you 🙂

      Of course it is great to know you have seen the island of Rhodes for yourself, and you know – a few beers sometimes is nice 🙂

      On saying that, there are other things to do lol. There is a lot to see and if you can manage a small tour here and there, you can experience quite a lot. The beer can be sought after in the night time.

      As you mention sunbathing too, I am going be be doing a lot of coverage on the different beaches here. Did you have a favorite during your stay last time?

      If you manage another trip be sure to take some time to see the sites. You will really enjoy it. There is a lot to see, learn and appreciate. You will not regret it.

      If the beer is absolutely necessary, let me know – I will join you for one or a few 🙂

      Thanks Anthony. Great to hear from you.


  16. This information is very helpful when it comes to the history of Rhodes Greece. 

    I will be planning a vacation trip here in the near future, learning about the God’s . I would also love Rodini Park. 

    I love to sight see, it’s my favorite thing to do on vacations. I will look back on this as I plan my trip to Rhodes Greece.

    • Hey there Rob, great to learn that you have the island if Rhodes in your sights for your next vacations.

      There is a lot to see here and there is a lot to learn too. Rodini Park is the tip of the iceberg, and there are many other breathtaking areas too. You will love it 🙂

      Keep my site at hand for sure. There is more information coming and I hope it will help you.

      Of course if you need anything along the way feel free to give me a shout and I will lend you a hand whenever you need 🙂

      Thanks Rob and hope to see you soon.


  17. I must say, you have all the information on Greece a person could ever want. 

    You have taught me some things I didn’t know, I would love to go to the Museum, and if I was planing a trip – you would be the person I would come to. 

    Thanks for the History lesson.

    • Hi Alan and thanks for getting in touch!

      I know that a lot of people visit the island of Rhodes, and they enjoy it. They see the sun and the sea, they relax and go to the beach. They enjoy nights out and see some of the sites.

      After saying that, there are a lot of people who leave without learning so much too! There is such a lot of history here, and wherever you turn there is something to learn and appreciate.

      While enjoying a holiday is all well and good, I wanted to highlight some of the areas of history in the hope people will also find it a rewarding and educational stay here.

      Thanks Alan, and give me a shout if you ever get here 🙂


  18. Excellent post about the history there. 

    I was so unaware that these things took place and now i’m walking away (or scrolling away) so informed. I feel like I have had a blast of the past. 

    I think more people should take an interest of what happened in the past, because it really is interesting to know and learn about our ancestors and how things we have and know and learn now, came to be.

    • Hi Tiffani and thanks so much for your interest.

      I agree with you wholeheartedly too. I think it is so important to look back and understand history. Without it, life would not be as we know it today!

      I appreciate all the things we have. Technology for one, the latest super cars, wonderful new buildings – the list goes on. But without foundations and past education in years gone by, I am sure the world would be a completely different place as we see it today.

      I think too many of us accept what we have in today’s age, and a lot of people do not spare a though for the yester-years – what do you think?

      Thanks Tiffani – nice to hear from you.


  19. Hey,

    It’s pretty fascinating how factual history and myths are intermingled.

    I studied history too as I have a degree in social science and I’ve always deemed it almost impossible to completely discredit myths as being just ludicrous fantasy.

    I find that myths are like little fables that speak of things that actually happened, but they couldn’t be seized properly by the minds of long gone observers. Hence, they were taken down on parchment in the form of stories that could be grasped more easily considering the kind of methods, tools and human development that were on hand.

    • Hi Pierre… I think you might a great point here when it comes to explaining myths.

      Long ago, there was no technology like there is today to document things that took place. As the years have past, stories have been told, some have been exaggerated and retold with opinions.

      I agree that some of these myths were in fact real happenings that took place which when you think about, it is pretty exciting.

      It is great to hear from you and to learn your point of view.

      Thanks Pierre!


  20. Hi There – this was a fascinating read – Rhodes is so full of history and ancient myth. I can’t wait to visit!

    I have a few practical questions – what type of accommodation do you recommend on Rhodes to really get to meet the locals and experience the culture?

    How long do you think I should make my trip?

    Many thanks


    • Hey Alisa thanks for your questions.

      This is a question that I can answer different to almost everyone, and it really comes down to personal choice.

      For the best experience (in my opinion) think small! That is my advice – but what do i mean with this?

      If I wanted a great experience, I would initially choose a small place to stay, not a big 5 star non personal hotel where you are simply a number. A nice small family run apartment would be just the ticket for me.

      In the smaller places, you will be greeted with friendship, the best accommodation and comfort, the best food and not the food made in the big establishments. (you know – the food that feeds 2000 people). There is a large difference in quality.

      With this in place as your roots, you are already on the right road to having a far better experience. Some of these small hotels have been around for years, and they have a lot of knowledge and advice when it comes to recommending good traditional food, culture and history.

      When it comes to a vacation in Rhodes, I think 2 weeks is a good choice. 1 week is also fine, but holidays go fast, and sometimes you cannot get to see everything during a 1 week stay!

      I hope your questions are answered here Alisa, but if you need more information just let me know 🙂



  21. I love history and have always wanted to visit Greece, so it was nice to come across the History of Rhodes.

    I love the architecture on Rhodes Island.

    When ever I thought of visiting Greece I never would have considered Rhodes. I would love to visit someday with my wife.

    This site was very helpful and informative.



    • Hello there Trev and thanks for passing by and reading a little bit on the history of the island!

      I am of course happy you found the information enjoyable and interesting.

      You should definitely visit Greece if you have the chance (everyone should) and there are lots of places to see.

      A lot of people do frequent the islands and a lot go to the mainland too, but Rhodes in my opinion is just special. Beautiful scenery, clean blue water, lots of sun – what more can you ask for ? 🙂

      I hope you get here with your lady soon 🙂

      Thanks Trev!


  22. What a fantastic site.

    I would love to travel the world some day. Now that I have seen this I am adding it to my list.

    Your site covers a ton of great information. Going to a place I never have been to before can be intimidating though.

    It is nice to know I could use one of the packages to solve all of this for me. When I do get to travel the world I will be visiting your page.

    Thank you.

    • Hi Scott and thanks so much for your kind words. I am very happy you enjoyed the information here.

      There are package deals for sure when it comes to booking a holiday here, but hey, do not be intimidated.

      Me personally, I am not a fan of package deals. Sometimes going off in your own direction allows you to see places and meet people that you would not otherwise be able to do.

      If you ever get the opportunity to travel, be sire to do it. Life is to short to look back only wishing you had done something. If you get to Rhodes, let me know 🙂 The beers are on me!

      All the best!


  23. As an avid traveler, after reading your article I would love to visit Rhodes Greece.

    The history of this island which is outlined well in this article would entice any one who loves to travel to visit historical sites. I would love to visit the ancient ruins.

    I love to taste the different native foods too when I travel. Do you have any recommendations for food choices?

    • Hello there and thanks so much for your comment and interest.

      I hope one day you manage to visit the island of Rhodes. The history here will leave you speechless in all honesty and if you are an avid traveler then you will not be disappointed at all.

      When it comes to the food in Greece, there is a lot of traditional dishes that simple must be tried. I have added some information on the traditional food in Greece for you to see on this website.

      I hope it helps you 🙂



  24. I went to to the island of Rhodes last year with my husband and we loved it.

    The history is amazing and I loved walking around among the ancient ruins.

    Thanks for sharing the fascinating history about this island. Your article has really brought it to life. It has so much more meaning to me now since I’ve actually been there.

    • Hi Celeste, I am happy to hear you have made it here to this awesome island 🙂

      The history is really important here and it is hard to miss when you visit isn’t it?

      From the ancient ruins located through the island, to Lindos, to the Medieval City and more, there is something to see wherever you go.

      I am happy this shed some light on some of the historical facts for you, and of course if you have been here to see it all with your own eyes then you can appreciate it more 🙂

      Where did you stay on the island out of interest? Let me know too if you plan another visit.

      A lot of people tend to come back to Rhodes time and time again simply because it is a beautiful place. If you feel the same I would love to know 🙂



  25. As much as I feel like I am doing you a disservice, the fact is that I really enjoyed your History of Rhodes Greece page.

    It is simply written and enjoyable. The pictures are fantastic and the order of the page is very inviting. Sorry, but I would not change a thing.

    Well done.

    • Hey Tony, well, what can I say? 🙂

      It is always nice to have someone pass their good thoughts to me with regards to the work I am doing here. I am happy you enjoyed your visit and found the information interesting.

      If you do think of something that could be better or different, please let me know 🙂

      I am always open to new ideas to make things more appealing!

      Many thanks, I appreciate your kind words!



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