The Roman History Timeline – An Exciting Journey

When we start to talk about the Roman history timeline I can assume that all of us (or nearly all of us) have this wonderful image of brave battles and strong able men.

The likes of Richard Burton in Cleopatra from 1963 with the beautiful Elizabeth

Taylor, or the strong Russel Crow in Gladiator. Am I right?

Roman Soldiers - The Roman History Timeline
Modern portrayal of Roman soldiers (legionaries), CC0, via Wikimedia Commons

They portray this wonderful history and I think it is history that should never be forgotten.

When it comes to the island of Rhodes, the Romans also had their presence in its history which is what I will talk about here.

The 3rd Century BC

By the end of the 3rd Century BC the Romans had become increasingly involved with the on goings in Rhodes and they made their presence notable at this time. They were observed throughout the entire Eastern Mediterranean, it is fair to say.

On saying that, Rhodes did its very best to remain at peace with the Roman Empire.

It was a new chapter and the Rhodians opted to be amicable!

In gratitude for their camaraderie against Antiochus the 3rd and Philip V, the Romans awarded Rhodes land in Lycia and Caria, but not all Rhodians shared mutual feelings!

The Roman History Timeline – The Romans

With Rhodes doing well when it came to the waters around, the Romans went on to declare Delos as a complimentary harbor in 167 BCE.

Delos is an island near Mykonos and is said to be one of the most historical places in all of Greece!

The significant role of Rhodes in ancient commerce meant that its business suffered greatly, forcing the island to sign agreements to accept the same friends and foes as the Romans.

Cassius Longinus (Roman Senator)

Unfortunately this treaty with the Romans was a complete and total disaster for Rhodes and it had a calamitous impact.

After the elimination of Julius Caesar (13th July 100 BC until 15 March 44 BC), the Rhodians refused to assist Cassius Longinus (October 85 BC – October 42 BC) in his fight against his enemies.

Because of this Cassius besieged and crushed the island of Rhodes in 42 BC, and with this over three thousand pieces of artwork were taken back to Rome.

Julius Caesar
Julius Caesar
Maximus123450, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The Roman History Timeline – Overall

Although the Romans presence here was short-lived, I can say with certainty they left their impressive history here on the island!

It was more about the actions that the Romans took in a short space of time more than the time they took to do it!

I would love to hear your thoughts too. What do you think about the Romans?

Do you think they were a generation of criminals, bully’s or other? Or do you think they were warriors of their time doing the things they did for the greater good?

Leave me a comment below and I will get back to you. I would love to hear your point of view!

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24 thoughts on “The Roman History Timeline – An Exciting Journey”

  1. My answer could only be the roman’s looked at the strength behind Cassius. And once the strength was long gone they withdrew their help. 

    My thoughts are the Cassius should have made a fast attempt to get another strong backbone to on behalf of them. 

    The Romans weren’t wrong though, they played politics and hope it didn’t go back to them.

    • Hello John and thanks for your thoughts on this,.

      You obviously know your history when it comes to the Roman Empire (more than me for sure it would seem) so I am happy to hear your thoughts and opinions on this.

      Many Thanks


  2. Dear Chris!

    I absolutely love your post on The Roman History Timeline in Rhodes!

    I love Greece, History and I love Art, so all of these passions come together all in one place!

    Do you live on Rhodes or are you near enough to travel there?

    I have only been there once on a 3 week cruise and the island of Rhodes definitely did not disappoint!

    Thanks, Barb

    • Hey Bard, I actually live here on the island of Rhodes, for many years actually.

      I first came here is 2002 for a holiday and fell in love with the place. Later on, and after some personal life changes I managed to make the move here permanently. If you read my About Me Page you will get my story of how I ended up here!

      Great to know you have also landed on the island in the past. As part of a cruise, I am guessing you stopped here only for a day?

      If you manage another trip let me know 🙂

      Thanks Barb


  3. I think it was one of the most iconic historical periods of all time. When I think of history class or history in general I think of Roman history, so you are right in saying it should never be forgotten.

    I feel like they should also never be forgotten because of the way they all acted. Like you said, they were a very hard working and passionate population and I think it is something we can all continue to learn from.

    • Hi there Sam and thanks for getting in touch.

      I do not think many can argue that the Roman Empire were a hard working and strong force in their day! 

      I think a lot of people are the same too – say the word history, Julius Caesar springs to mind. I think it is one of the most iconic and remembered force in history.

      A lot of people do not know they had a presence on the island of Rhodes though, so it is new information for many 🙂

      Thanks Sam.


  4. ChrisTowers–

    Thanks for such a detailed outline of the Roman Empire. I want to delve much more into it as I am going deeper in my journey as a Christian and I am trying to create a timeline for myself to follow… though I’m not sure if I will find myself more frustrated than prior to starting this research on my own.

    Again thank you for sharing. One of the best blogs I’ve found on history. Keep it up.

    -Nerissa S.

    • Hi Nerissa and thank you for your kind words.

      I am happy you found the information here pleasant to read and it left you wanting more.

      As you continue forward on your journey, I am always here if there is something you need to ask.

      Thanks 🙂


  5. The Romans ruined the world! No I’m just playing around, I haven’t read a lot of Roman history, maybe I will have to peruse around you site a little more. 

    Do you live in the area? In some of the comments it sounded like you were very familiar with this place. If so let me come and metal detect your yard lol.

    • Hey Jeff, thanks for your comment and for your sense of humor too 🙂

      Indeed I do live in the area. I have lived on the Island Of Rhodes from many years now, and over time have chosen to learn a lot about the history that has taken place here in years past.

      As for metal detecting my yard, I have beaten you to it. I didn’t find anything though, so do not worry. I saved you a job 🙂

      Thanks Jeff


  6. Great post about such a rich history in Rhodes! 

    I never knew that the Romans were only there for a short time. I also didn’t know that the Romans declared Delos as a harbor in 167 BCE. Next time I visit Mykonos, I will be sure to visit Delos as well. 

    I had no idea that it is one of the most historical places in Greece!

    • I Amy and thanks for reading.

      Indeed they did declare Delos as a harbor back in the day, and unfortunately this destroyed a lot in the way of commercial business.

      I will be honest and say I have never visited Delos, although I have been to Mykonos. 

      Delos is located just off the southwest coast of Mykonos, so if you do manage a visit, I would love your thoughts and maybe some photographs too 🙂

      Thanks Amy


  7. Truly a great read!

    I am always surfing the net looking for information on ancient times and the history of Greece really interests me.

    I love seeing all the pictures of the ruins and castles that once was. I had never heard of Rhodes until now. It looks and sounds like a place I would truly love to visit.

    It’s beautiful! and I think it is also really great that you have been able to follow your dreams and move there! I love how you have researched your new area and have looked into the history of Rhodes.

    I will be looking into one of the cruises that is available to visit the island. Thank you for taking me away from reality for a while and transporting me to an all new place to learn about.

    • Hey Debra thank you so much for your kind comment and interest 🙂

      For sure the island of Rhodes is flooded with history and if you really enjoy reading and visiting places that are rich with ancient history and culture then you will love it here!

      Since moving here to the island i really have taken the time to get to know my surroundings and what it all means. It is easy to go and look at somewhere and appreciate the view without fully understanding the reasons for its existence.

      I love travelling around the island and learning, and believe me – there is always something to learn here 🙂

      If you get the chance to visit the island on one of the cruise ships, you will land in the tourist harbor of Rhodes, and guess what – The Old Medieval City and its giant walls are standing right there to greet you. You will adore it for sure 🙂

      Let me know your plans for the future!

      Thanks again Debra!


  8. Hey there Chris,

    It has been about 15 years since I’ve read almost anything about the Romans, even though my name is Roman (lol). I am exploring to increase my knowledge on history. So reading how the Romans took over the location of Rhodes in a sort of betrayal perspective was a good read for me.

    So your question. I think that the Romans were basically jerks in this context. However, I think this also relates to another perspective – survival of the fittest. As humans, we naturally make effort to have the strongest of us moving forward (in the perspective of the survival of the fittest). The Romans were the stronger group, and they just took over a weaker group. Nothing personal; it is what it is.

    So yeah, I hope this brings some thoughts up!

    Thanks again for the read!


    Roman Rys

    • Hey Roman, thanks for taking the time to read up on the Romans 🙂

      I appreciate your train of thought on this and it is good to see that you can appreciate things from different angles.

      As you say the human race when cornered, will fight and do anything to protect themselves and their own. We become hunters and if this means dominating the weak, then so be it.

      The Romans at this time had power and strength and they used it to their advantage. It is easy to look back on things like the politicians of today do with a better solution, but fighting is fighting and survival is survival.

      I am sure too that other people will have a different take on this subject, as we all indeed have different opinions when it comes to all conflicts, so yes, we will see where this goes 🙂

      Many thanks for taking the time to comment here. Much appreciated 🙂


  9. The Roman Empire is one of the most influential groups of people in all of history, but I had never heard of the Island of Rhodes!

    What a cool narrative to build a story around. Ultimately, it seems as if the Romans were all about dividing an conquering, and if you’re not for us you’re against us!

    I love reading about history, and I’ll have to study more on the history of Greece, as a whole. Isn’t that where Greek mythology comes from?

    • Hey Christian, thank you so much for your interest!

      The Roman history here is important to the island and of course some of the happenings here affected the island in many ways!

      I like to read this material also as without the Romans the island would not be as it is today! Many things need to happen (not always good) for things to change. I think this applies to all areas of life in all honesty.

      Greek Mythology also comes from Greece yes, you are correct. Just for you to know I am going to be adding some material later on with respect to Mythology, so this should clear a lot of it up for you 🙂

      Many Thanks


  10. I enjoyed reading your website as I always enjoy visiting Greek islands. It is also great that you’ve followed your intuition and dreams and relocated yourself to such a beautiful island!

    Your photos and images are very beautiful too.

    I also liked the way you’ve introduced the ancient history to someone like me who knows very little about it.

    • Hello Ayako and thank you. It is always very nice to hear back from someone who enjoys their visit to my work here 🙂

      Moving here was the best thing I ever did. I do not regret it at all and I do not miss anything from my old life back in the UK. If you ever get the chance to relocate to Rhodes it is definitely something I would recommend.

      I will be honest too, history was never a strong point of mine and it was certainly not something I studied.

      Since living here though, it really opens your eyes to how important history is and how it has shaped the world we know today! The amount of history here on Rhodes is absolutely powerful and breathtaking and it is certainly a place everyone deserves to see.

      If you want any more information on the history of Rhodes then I am here. Also just for you to know, my work here is expanding so I will be adding more information as time goes on 🙂

      Thanks once again Ayako!


  11. Hi Chris

    What an interesting post and a beautiful picture on the top of the page. I was on Rhodes many years ago when I took my mother and aunts on a cruise and we spent a day on the island visiting historical sites.

    I remember climbing up many steps (I don’t remember the name of the place!) and enjoying the beautiful view from the hilltop.

    I also lived in Rome back then, but I did know about this history about the Romans being on Rhodes Island, although I knew that the Romans did get around back then.

    As to your question, I think there was a combination of both, but perhaps more on the aggressive/bullying side… We tend to romanticize the history, but there was definitely a lot of violence and bloodbaths,

    I think. But I’d be curious to hear what you think!

    • Hey Ayako thanks once again for your visit 🙂

      It is great to hear you have visited the island of Rhodes before too.

      Actually the cruise option is very popular and a lot of cruise ships come in and out of the harbor on a daily basis allowing all the passengers to visit for a day. It is never long enough though I will admit 🙂

      As for walking up the steps and the hill you mention it sounds to me like the mountain of Tsampika! If I am right and this is indeed where you went, it has a lot of history.

      There is a monastery on the top, and it is believed that if a woman has a desire to have a child but has a problem to conceive, then they make the journey to the top of the mountain where they are blessed. It is said to work and women in the past have done this and been blessed with a child! If this is the case the child is then named Tsampika if it is a girl, and Tsampikos if it is a boy 🙂

      The reason for this is it is said that many years ago a representation of the Virgin Mary was found by a shepherd and this is where the monastery was later constructed and still stands today!

      There you go, a little more history for you 🙂

      As for the Romans I will agree with you when it comes to them leaning more to the aggressive side. It is indeed portrayed as very romantic when it comes to the big screen, but they are not an empire I would have liked to have messed with 🙂

      Thanks again!


  12. I’ve always admired the Romans and the impressive rise (and fall) of their Empire and I recently stumbled upon a documentary series that captured the stories of the ancient tribes and lands and their fight against Rome for nearly a thousand years.

    It didn’t mention Rhodes however, but when I read your story of their actions towards the Rhodians I was hardly surprised.

    What ever happened to the Rhodian art? Does it still survive today?

    • The Romans and their history is always something I find fascinating too Ryan.

      What is the name of the documentary you saw? I would to follow up on that and see it for myself. Maybe I have already? If you can give me more details i would appreciate it!

      As for the artwork that was taken by the Romans all them years ago, in all honesty i do not know what happened to it.

      I have one friend here who is massive on history and he is digging around for some information for me. He is more involved with the German and Italian occupations here but he has assured me he will look into it and get back to me.

      As soon as I know, you will know 🙂

      Thanks for readying Ryan and I appreciate your comment!



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