The Island Of Rhodes – An Insight Into The Modern Times

So what do you think of the island of Rhodes as it is today? Have you visited to see it for yourself? Maybe it is on your list of things to do? 🙂

In this summary of the modern times section I want to briefly discuss the island over

the last one hundred years up to the present day!

Naturally in the last one hundred years a lot has happened (which probably does not surprise you considering the history here) but lets take a little closer look and briefly discuss the way of things.

The Island Of Rhodes After 1912

After the Turkish occupation which ended in 1912 the Italians seized and occupied Rhodes.

The Rhodian people actually cooperated with this strategy and they were hoping soon to be integrated as part of Greece.

To this day you can see clearly the influence of the Italians with the structures, and in all honesty the previous generations too!

The Knights of Saint John, the Turkish and the Venetians have all left their mark here and this is what makes it the wonderful place it is today!

Modern Days In Rhodes - Summary Of The Modern Times
Modern Days In Rhodes – St Nicholas Tower (Rhodes Harbor)

Commander Mario Lago

It was during this time that Mario Lago (The Italian Commander) instructed the building of the islands first hotel.

He wanted to increase the tourism on the island and in 1924 work began on the hotel that would be called the Grand Hotel Roses.

In 1927, officials opened the Casino, and shortly afterward, builders constructed three more hotels in the town center.

They also commissioned extensive restoration work on the Palace of the Knights, Filerimos, and the Lindos Acropolis.

Additionally, significant construction and building efforts revamped the harbor. These efforts aimed to enhance the island’s appeal to potential visitors.

The Confrontation

During these times the Italians treated the Rhodians very well and showed them compassion and consideration. Later though, Italy suffered a rise in bureaucracy and fascism thus leading to huge developments and changes in policies throughout the country.

Because of this, the Rhodian people were refused the right to stand alone.

This went on to cause a massive defiance to the conquering country and after the triumph over the Axis of World War 2 (Hitler, Mussolini and Emperor Hirohito) Rhodes came under British policy until 1948 (March 7).

On this day the Greek flag was raised and allowed to fly proud above the Governor’s Palace!

Anthony Quinn - The Island Of Rhodes
Anthony Quinn
Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

The Island Of Rhodes In The 1960s

When Rhodes and the other Dodecanese Islands became part of Greece, tourism surged dramatically. This increase occurred because authorities declared all the ports tax-free, making items like alcohol and cigarettes incredibly cheap.

This of course led to a massive influx of people wanting to visit at this time!

Then came the 1960s and after the on location filming of the movie hit ‘The Guns Of Navarone’, Rhodes was on the international stage!

Rhodes gained recognition as a prime location for holiday makers, and the first flights began arriving in the early 1960s.

Today you can still visit Anthony Quinn bay, this bay refers to the actor Anthony Quinn, who bought the land here during the filming of the movie.

See The Beautiful Anthony Quinn Beach In Rhodes

The Island Of Rhodes Today

Since these times the island has prospered. The tourism levels are high and the

island has a magical beauty that can never be forgotten once you experience it. It

has been said it is in the top five locations worldwide as the choice for a holiday destination!

Put the history, the culture, the sites, foods, nice climate and friendly people all together and you have the perfect recipe for a wonderful visit!

So what do you think? Are you tempted for a visit?

Maybe you have been here before to this amazing place and have something to share?

Leave me a comment below and I will get back to you.

Learn More About The History Of Rhodes Here. Click The Tour Buttons Below.

26 thoughts on “The Island Of Rhodes – An Insight Into The Modern Times”

  1. Wow Chris, thank you for this article. It was very informative and you definitely have made me want to go back. 

    I have been to Rhodes, but it was a very long time ago when I finished my A’ levels with my sisters and we had a great time. Seeing your pictures and reading your history reminded me of that wonderful holiday. 

    I am now much older(!) and have children of my own so wondered if there were any areas of the island that you would recommend for families with children – mine are 10 and 12? 

    I look forward to hearing from you and thanks again for the information. 

    I quite fancy a visit to Anthony Quinn Bay!

    • Hey Gail, it is great to hear from you and of course it is wonderful to learn you have been to Rhodes before.

      I am sure you would see some changes should you visit again, but it is all for the better 🙂

      Now you have children, of course you need to consider their needs while on holiday. There is a lot for them to do, so do not worry about that. In all honest they can pretty much take part in anything you like, whether it be visiting the sites, relaxing, taking a boat trip etc.

      In my opinion, the only thing that can be a curse for children is the hot sun. I see so many people come here with small children and the heat is simply too much for them.

      Maybe consider coming in the low season when the weather is not so hot, and they may enjoy it a little more!

      Thanks Gail. Hope to see you here soon.


  2. Greece is still on my list (not sure how I haven’t made it there yet), and you make a strong case for a stop at Rhodes. I’m a huge fan of beautiful beaches and historical ruins and, as a Caravaggio fan, I’d love to learn more about the Knights of St John while visiting (though he was ordained on Malta).

    You mention that tourism has grown – do you feel that it’s overcrowded at certain times of the year? Still nice to visit in the off-season (if there is one)? 

    Thanks for the great info!

    • Hey Jason, thanks for passing by!

      Yeah, you have a good question here when it comes to crowds. 

      In the high season it can get a little swamped when it comes to the amount of people visiting. It means that you will be waiting longer to see the places you want, more queues, higher prices etc.

      During the low season you will have a more enjoyable experience in my opinion. The weather is still nice, all the attractions are open, but you will avoid the huge crowds.

      The winter time is also a nice time to visit. Although most of the tourist areas are closed, there are places to stay and you can still see the sites. This is when I get my opportunity to travel around and get some photos, when it is quiet 🙂

      If you are interested in The Knights Of St John then you will certainly have places here to appreciate. The Palace Of The Grand Masters, Kritinia and Monolithos Castles are perfect for this!

      Hope this helps you Jason, I am here if you need something else!



  3. I am tempted indeed to take a visit now to Rhodes. 

    That beautiful beach with the tranquil blue water looks very compelling, so I want to make a visit soon. 

    It reminds me of where I am from in the Caribbean. Seems as if we share some things in common, nice food good climate and friendly people. 

    What an interesting history!

    • Hello there Carol and great to hear from you.

      I have never had the opportunity to visit the Caribbean, but I would really love to. It is nice to know I am living in a place with some similarities 🙂

      Some of the beaches here are really beautiful. Tsampika Beach and Anthony Quinn Bay offer a complete relaxing and fun experience and if you like the blue waters, then these are for you.

      Make your plans and have a visit here 🙂 You will love it.

      Thanks Carol.


  4. Hey Chris

    I would love to go to Rhodes one day. It is definitely on my list of places to go. I didn’t know much at all about the history, but just about what it has to offer today. 

    After reading this I would love to see more of the history when I finally get there.

    Thanks for the information!!



    • Hey there Chris and thanks for passing by.

      A lot of people come here these days and enjoy a relaxing holiday. There is a lot to do here and naturally lots to see. 

      You cannot walk the streets however without seeing the history, and the island would not be what it is today without the previous occupations.

      There is so much on offer in the way of history that you cannot help but soak some of it up. But look around and you will see more modern structures and a way of life all rolled into one in a historic setting.

      Make sure you get here, you will love it 🙂



  5. Funny thing is I never knew The Island Of Rhodes even existed before reading this

    I now feel silly that I never knew such a beautiful island with very interesting and elaborate history existed before today

    Thanks for this great and interesting article

    I’ll definitely write it down as one of my places that I need to visit on my bucket list

    Best wishes


    • Hey Finn, thanks for getting in touch.

      You know, there are a lot of people that have never heard of Rhodes. For me it is somewhat strange as it is quite a famous place. On saying that, I am sure there are a lot of locations considered important that have never heard of either. 

      When people talk about Athens, I would say a large percentage of people know where it is, but some of the Greek Islands – maybe not 🙂

      I am happy you found the information here interesting though, and if you ever make it here let me know 🙂

      Thanks Finn!


  6. Your post makes me want to visit Rhodes! 

    I had never heard of it before, but now I am intrigued. We are going to be studying ancient Greece this year in history, so this is fun modern information to supplement with it. 

    Who doesn’t want to visit a place with rich history, warm beaches, and wonderful people?

    • hey Katie, thanks for getting in touch.

      I hope some of the information here will help you as you progress in your studies, and of course if you need something more, then I am here when you need me.

      You are right too, the people, the place and the history here make it well worth seeing. I am lucky enough to live here, so I have no complaints at all 🙂

      Thanks for your interest Katie, and I appreciate your comment


  7. There are a number of Islands that have provided strategic value to armies in the past, and Rhodes seems in that same category, hence the changing of hands from nationality to nationality.

    Fortunately in times of peace it means we get to enjoy the rich variety of cultural influences that they leave behind.

    • Hi again Keith, thanks for coming back once again and leaving your thoughts.

      You know I guess this is what makes this island so special. It has had its history for sure, and like you say, battles have come and gone, different cultures have occupied, famous people have been here for studies and it has left a history that would take a life time to study.

      Coming here to the island now allows you to witness all of these different generations, as a lot of the structures and other artifacts remain. It really is the most beautiful place.

      If you ever have the opportunity to visit Keith, I strongly recommend it!

      Thanks again, and come back soon 🙂


  8. It looks so beautiful! I have been to Chios, but not Rhodes. My husband and I have been thinking about taking a trip with some friends over Christmas, but hadn’t decided where. We will definitely look into Rhodes now.

    The bit that sold me was where you mentioned the marks made by different occupiers over time. We really loved Trieste in Italy for the same reasons!

    When are the peak tourist seasons in Rhodes? Is the Christmas/New Year period particularly busy?

    • Hey Ellie thanks for your question.

      To be honest the Christmas/New Year period in Rhodes is very quiet, but still worth visiting.

      Some of the places are still open for you to have a great time and to be honest seeing the island out of season has a great plus point.

      You get to see the island as it really is and soak up the history. When there are few people around it really gives a great feeling and you can appreciate the sites without the crowds. To be honest I love that!

      The summer and tourist season is from April until the end of October and during these times it is quite busy. Out of season is from November until the end of March.

      Hope this helps you in your planning. If you need more information let me know!



  9. I absolutely LOVE Greece!

    I have been traveling there the past two years and one day hope to have a company and live there.

    Rhodes was an island I didn’t get to travel to last year, but want to for sure!

    Have you ever been personally? What led you to write this article?

    • AAhhh it is a shame you did not make it to Rhodes during your last trip to Greece.

      If you are looking to have a company over here there is a lot for you to know. I have a lot of friends who have businesses here and it is always good to be in the know before hand.

      If there is something you need then let me know and I might be able to find out information for you.

      If you look at my About Me page you will see I have been here personally.. I live here 🙂

      This is what inspired me to make this website and do more research. If you look in the internet in general there is a lot of information about the island of Rhodes, but most of them are simply trying to encourage you to buy holidays.

      I wanted to put a different angle on things and actually offer information that people would be interested in without trying to simply hope people will spend money!

      Hope to see you here soon 🙂



  10. Beautiful place.

    You have described the history of Rhodes very nice. Really, I could enjoy and learn more about the village, people and traditions. I hope one day I will be able to afford a trip to Island of Rhodes.

    I’ll follow your notice and I am very interested in beaches and accommodation. What do you recommend, hotels or apartments?

    • Hey there Deva thanks for passing by.

      I am happy you found the information here interesting and it has left you wanting more 🙂 If you do ever get the chance to see Rhodes, I recommend it. Let me know if you come sometime 🙂

      For the beaches and hotels etc, they are coming to the site soon. There is a lot of work for me still to do and getting things in order and added takes a little time. I do have lots of information though!

      Please send me a message from the contact form, and I will happily discuss with you the information you are looking for with regards to beaches, hotels and restaurants. It is the best I can do right now until the information is added to the site.

      Is this ok? i hope so.

      Thanks so much for your interest!


  11. Hello there,

    I have visited a lot of greek islands but I have never been to Rhodes.

    It is on my list of things to do to visit the Island. I am always having the best holidays in Greece, especially in the summer. I Just returned from Athens a few days ago and I had a marvelous time.

    Thank you for all the historical information you have included in your article. I know that Rhodes is a beautiful and interesting Greek Island and I encourage people to visit it.

    I know I will, one day.

    • Hi there Kiki and thanks for getting in touch 🙂

      I know a lot of people who have opted to see the other islands in Greece. I know Crete is very popular as are Kos and Santorini. Rhodes is definitely up at the top of the list when it comes to being one of the best though!

      The history here is second to non and it really can take you back in time when you see some of the sites the island has to offer. So put Rhodes on your list for sure 🙂

      I also have a lot of friends in Athens and I go there to see them on occasion. Again a wonderful place full with history and a great atmosphere! If you love Athens, then you will love Rhodes too!

      Be sure to let me know if you make plans to visit and I will give you some pointers 🙂

      Thanks again!


  12. Nice pics and a good background story on the island.

    I now want to visit that place, the waters are spectacular looking and it looks like a very walk-able island. I am already imagining myself sunbathing on that little beach lol.

    • Hi Mary, thanks for passing by 🙂

      Trust me there are a lot more pictures to come as I make developments here, and some of the photos I have are quite breathtaking.

      There are a lot of nice places to walk around and see. The island is very friendly when it comes to the sites and walking around. If you like walking then you will not be disappointed.

      There are of course many beaches here too, so which one do you fancy sunbathing on? 🙂

      For the beaches i am going to dedicate a complete section to them so you can take a look when they are ready!

      If you ever make plans to come and visit just let me know!

      Thanks Mary


  13. First of all, I just want to say WOW, what a beautiful place!

    I just added this to my bucket list! I was actually searching the web for new and beautiful beaches, and low and behold I run across your website, which I love BTW.

    The history was very interesting and the whole post great and informative!

    • Hey thanks so much once again for your visit here.

      I am of course happy the island of Rhodes interests you. I do hope this bucket is a long time away in the future, but be sure to get here as soon as you can 🙂

      The history is amazing yes and the beaches and the sites to see are coming too. I have not yet got around to adding them but when I do they will be here for you to check out.

      Thanks once again and keep coming back as there is always additions here.

      Also you can contact me privately if there is specific information you are looking for 🙂



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