The Acropolis of Lindos in Rhodes – A Monumental Expedition

So, here it is, The Acropolis Of Lindos In Rhodes – The illustrious, remarkable and distinguished setting on this beautiful island in the Dodecanese.

Located 55Km South of the city of Rhodes and down the east coast, this area is the most popular when it comes to tourism.

Here I want to talk to you about this famous and historic location. Why is it here? Who built it? What was its purpose? Also, I will touch upon some things you should know before you arrive here to make your visit an enjoyable one.

So, lets take a walk uphill from the White Village of Lindos and have a look inside The Lindos Acropolis.

The Ascent To The Ancient Acropolis

The Entrance - The Acropolis Of Lindos In Rhodes
Entrance To The Acropolis

From the white village of Lindos you will see signs which point you in the direction of the uphill climb to the acropolis which sits at 166 Meters high. Now, I will warn you that some people will find this climb quite testing. This is something to bear in mind if you have children with you or people that find it difficult climbing hills and stairs.

As you ascend, you will have numerous opportunities to capture stunning photographs, given the breathtaking panoramic views of Lindos’ beaches and the spectacular rocky landscape that unfold before you during the journey.

On your approach to The Acropolis entrance you will see the open door ready to welcome you. As you go inside there is a booth where you need to pay for entrance. The last time I was there it was 6 Euros per person, but there are special discounts for children and pensioners. Anyway, the price of 6 Euros is well worth it for what you get to see.

The Exedra Relief Of Trimolia (The Warship)

As you pass through the entrance gates you are on the first level of the Acropolis of Lindos in Rhodes. Here you can see a wonderful view of the bay to your left side. On the right, you will witness the huge flight of stone steps which take you into the higher level of the Acropolis. These steps were built by The Knights of Saint John.

At the foot of the steps before you make the uphill climb, you will see a beautiful carving into the rock of an Exedra and Trireme in relief. A Trireme is an ancient vessel with 3 banks of oars.

Back in 170 BC, the people of Lindos wanted to pay respect to the Greek Sculptor Agesander. With this, a carving of the front of his Trireme into the rock was made, and the Exedra is said to be from the same time and was used as the headquarters for the Lindian Nobles. This what you see here is the work of the Sculptor Pythokritos in the early second century BC.

Exedra and Trireme - The Acropolis Of Lindos In Rhodes
Exedra and Trireme

The Acropolis of Lindos in Rhodes – Climbing The Knights Steps

Okay, before I go on I want to warn you, these steps are steep, and there are a lot of them 🙂

The last time I visited I was with my girlfriend and my father. Trying to impress them and assuming I was fitter than what I am, I started the climb at some pace.

Let’s just say I was laughed at when they caught me up at the top and I was completely exhausted. Not only that, my girlfriend suggested I go down again with my father for a photograph opportunity.

Just take your time, I am talking from experience.

Also, please be careful here. You are after all on an ancient site. Just take it slow as there is not much in the way of safety precautions as you climb up. As you make the ascent, the left side of the steps is completely open and can be easy to fall if you are not careful!

Once at the top you will be at the highest level within the Acropolis of Lindos in Rhodes and you will enter into the castle.

Inside The Acropolis of Lindos in Rhodes

The Knights Steps - The Acropolis Of Lindos In Rhodes
The Knights Steps

Once you pass through the gate at the top of The Knights Steps you will enter the first room which is lined with ancient slabs displaying Greek Inscriptions. These you will find all lined up on the left and rights walls as you pass.

Past here you enter into an open area where you turn left and then back on yourself. Then you will pass through the Knights Castle and find the old store rooms of The Acropolis.

From here the views are stunning, and to the left you can see the old medieval walls and the magnificent view offered from inside this amazing structure.

As you continue moving forward you will see on the right side a huge set of steps which is the climb up to the Huge Hellenistic Stoa (a large walkway from Ancient Greek Architecture) which dates back to the 3rd Century BC. It sits at just under 90 meters in length and had 42 Doric columns across its front. This really is a superb place to see. The history touches you.

Of course, it goes without saying that all these original structures have had to go under reconstruction over time. Most of what you see today inside the Acropolis was the result of hard restoration work by the Italian Forces during their occupation of the island.

The Byzantine Church Of St John

To the North West Corner of The Hellenistic Stoa lies The Church Of Saint John (Ayios Ioannis) from the Byzantine. Built on the ancient ruins of an older church, this structure dates back to the 13th – 14th Century BC.

During the occupation of The Ottoman Empire, this church was actually utilized as a Muslim Mosque.

Unfortunately, during various excavations on the site, the South wall has been taken away as this allowed the removal of ancient inscriptions which were part of the wall itself.

It is a real shame to see the church in the condition it is now, but it is still really touching to see it for yourself.

The Church Of St John - The Acropolis Of Lindos In Rhodes
The Church Of St John

The Steps To The Propylaea

From the Church Of St John, you will clearly see the steps to The Propylaea (a Propylaea is an Ancient Greek Gate) and these steps are often referred to as the steps to heaven. This is said, as when you climb these steps, you have the feeling that you are climbing above the level of the clouds.

One you reach the top of these amazing steps, you are confronted with the Ancient Lindian Temple Of Athena!

The Acropolis of Lindos in Rhodes – The Temple Of Lindian Athena

The Temple Of Lindian Athena - The Acropolis Of Rhodes In Rhodes
The Temple Of Lindian Athena

If you remember the Myth I was referring to on The History Of Lindos section, I referred to Danaos who was the Son of The King Of Egypt. He and his 50 daughters left Egypt to escape his brother and 50 sons (Aegyptus).

The Temple they built in honor of Athena for their thanks with the escape, is this temple, The Temple Of Lindian Athena!

It is a little over 20 meters in length and 8 meters wide and what you see today is a reconstructed temple. It has been rebuilt on the grounds of the original temple and it was constructed in the middle of the 4th Century.

The actual area inside the temple is closed off and you are not allowed to pass by the barriers. However, you can get close enough to take some great photographs. If you look into the center of the temple you can see the base of where the statue of Athena stood.

This statue at the time was considered to be a masterpiece of Greek art.

Unfortunately the statue, along with other priceless treasures were transferred to Constantinople by Emperor Theodosios the second, and they were later demolished.

From this temple, if you look over the medieval walls out to the water, you can clearly see St Paul’s Bay. This is said to be where Apostle St Paul landed on Rhodes to preach the message of Christianity back in 51 AD.

Watch The Video For Some Stunning Views Of The Acropolis Of Lindos in Rhodes / St Paul’s Bay

The Acropolis of Lindos in Rhodes – Overall

I will openly admit it, I love The Acropolis in Lindos. The history is second to none here, and anyone visiting the island of Rhodes really does need to see this location.

As you move around the Acropolis you can see the information boards which explain exactly what it is you are looking at. I have also taken some photographs from my visit which I have put in the photo gallery.

There is a lot to appreciate at The Acropolis, and there is a lot to learn too. You will not regret your visit.

  • The Waters Of Lindos - The Acropolis Of Lindos in Rhodes
    The Waters Of Lindos

So what do you think? Are you tempted for a visit? Have you visited Lindos and The Acropolis before and have an experience you want to share?

I would really love to hear from you. I always like to listen to your opinions and thoughts.

Just leave me a comment below and I will get right back to you.

Learn Lots More About Lindos And Its History. Click From Below To Continue Your Tour.

20 thoughts on “The Acropolis of Lindos in Rhodes – A Monumental Expedition”

  1. I dare say that the Acropolis of Rhodes is much lesser known than the one on the Greek mainland, but that setting looks not to be missed.

    Thanks for advice on taking it easy. I imagine the heat is a major factor as well.

    So much detail to take in on this post.

    Its worth a second read.

    • Thank you for reading Keith, I appreciate your time.

      The word ‘Acropolis’ actually means ‘City By The Edge’. Many of them exist all over Greece and they were constructed as a means of defense against many enemies over time.

      You are right though, when you hear the word ‘Acropolis’, you automatically think of Athens.

      The Acropolis in Lindos is definitely not to be missed though. Full of history and beauty, it is one of the famous locations on the island.

      Glad you enjoyed the information here Keith.



  2. I very much like the look of Rhodes. I’ve never been to Greece before, but it looks like a great place to visit and has so much history, it would be ideal.

    You’ve created a great post, full of information and I like the posts and YouTube video you’ve included. It makes me want to pack my bags and go abroad, instead of being in an office.

    • Hey Steven, I also find office work a little tedious I must admit. The problem is, it is the same thing every day. I have been there and done that, never again though.

      I am happy you like the information I have provided here on the Acropolis of Lindos. Just back them bags and say goodbye to the office for a few days. Rhodes is waiting for you 🙂

      Thanks my friend,


  3. Hey Chris, Thanks for a lovely article.

    The Acropolis at Lindos sounds amazing. The only Acropolis I ever visited is in Athens.

    I can relate to you when you speak about the steep stairs in the Acropolis and you cracked me up with your story..

    It is an interesting structure and I wonder why they would build something like that. We can assume from our view but we need to look at it from their view. THe Acropolis refers to the head part. perhaps it was a place of thinking and decision making.

    Thanks again.


    • Hey Eli, when it comes to the Acropolis of Lindos and its magnificent Acropolis, the history certainly does date back.

      It was fortified by many armies, The Knights Of St John, The Ottoman Empire, The Romans and others.

      It was actually used as a fortress and protected the island over many years from pirates. It was a stronghold for the island. 

      It was also a commercial shipping area too before it all went into the city of Rhodes.

      If you are interested you can read more about Lindos and the Acropolis here.

      Thanks Eli


  4. Wow, it’s a great walk-through you’ve provided here.

    Ever thought of doing a video walk-through, for those of us who might not get down to Rhodes but appreciate awesome, historical architecture? Maybe they don’t allow that, I don’t know…

    The drone footage was great though – such sharp resolution!

    Such a drag that history is replete with invaders stealing or destroying great artistic artifacts of a culture. Mankind has so little respect for our own common heritage as humans sometimes…

    So, you mention the Italians had the island for a time. Was that WWII? How long were they there? Was your family there then?

    • Hey there thanks for your questions and interest.

      The Italian forces were actually on the island between 1912 and 1943. During there stay they designed and rebuilt many establishments and their crafts can still be seen clearly today.

      Rhodes has had its fair share of battles over time and lots of history has been destroyed. It is the Italians that have left their impressions on the island without doubt, including the work they did on the Acropolis in Lindos.

      My family are not actually from Greece. We originate from the UK so no, I did not have family members on the island during this period of history.

      Thanks my friend. It is nice to hear from you.


  5. Hi Chris,

    Fantastic! Breathtaking! The history of this place is unbelievably rich. The myths are beautiful. 

    Your story is interesting to read and is very detailed. You really made me want to visit. I could feel your love for this place way before you admitted it at the end.

    I hope to travel Greece sometime soon, and I then I will definitely visit Rhodes and its Acropolis Of Lindos.

    Thank you so much for the wonderful story, incredible video, and lovely photos.


    • Thank you Julia, I am happy you enjoyed your visit here!

      Yes, I do love Lindos and its stunning Acropolis. I never get tired of seeing this historic location. 

      No matter how many times I visit, I cannot help taking photographs, even though I have them all from previous visits. There is always something I miss 🙂

      Thanks Julia, and I hope you can make a visit to Rhodes to see it for yourself.


  6. Absolutely amazing! I visited Greece several years ago and loved the feeling of standing on the same ground as an ancient civilization. The stories behind the architecture are just as amazing.

    The Exedra Relief Of Trimolia is one that I particularly want to see. As an avid fan of Sid Meiers Civilization, this is very fascinating to me! 

    Thanks for the inspiration!

    • Hi there and thanks for getting in touch!

      Yes i know about the Civilization games that you mention here. I have not played them personally but I know the story behind them. I think they are platform games where you build your own civilization in prehistoric times. I think so anyway!

      Anyway, if you are into history and like these times, then you will love Lindos. The Exedra Relief Of Trimolia is quite an amazing site to see, and there is a lot more here too!

      If you every get to visit Greece again, make sure you do not miss out on Rhodes and Lindos 🙂



  7. I have planned to visit Rhodes during the Summer (possibly some time in May) and this article on the Acropolis of Lindos in Rhodes is very informative and a great read. 

    Thanks for researching this for me. These pictures and images are absolutely amazing, where did you get them?

    Anyway, I definitely want to visit here and the sooner the better

    Thanks again for the detailed information

    • Hey Justin, it is great to hear you have some plans in place to see the island of Rhodes.

      All of the pictures on the website are actually taken myself (with the exception of a small handful). 

      I have taken the time to visit all the places and take my own pictures for people to see. i think it is important for people to see the places as they are, and not in pamphlets that have maybe been photo shopped to make things look better so they can sell a holiday!

      I think my own personal touch on things can often highlight areas that people are looking for that they cannot always find somewhere else. I believe in honesty 🙂

      I am happy you liked what you saw here Justin, and believe me, although for photos are mine, there is nothing like seeing this place for yourself!



  8. My girlfriend and me are thinking of spending our summer vacation in Greece, but we were unsure to which island we should go. This might just tip the scale :). Fantastic views and scenery!

    Do you maybe know how many people are there during the summer. Does it get crowded during the day?

    Probably best to be there first thing in the morning 🙂

    • Hi there Ziga, thanks for your question.

      To be honest, during the summer months, The Acropolis of Lindos is always busy. It is a very popular place to see due to its amazing history.

      With this in mind, it is better to get there early. Escaping the busy crowds and the hot sun is always an advantage.

      If you are not a lover of crowds (like I am not), then early morning is always the best choice. Also consider coming to the island in the low season. July and August for example is full season and it is at its busiest here. May or October might be a better choice.

      I hope this helps you.

      Thanks Ziga


  9. Hi Chris, thanks for sharing your experience and thoughts about this marvellous place. 

    Your review really helps in getting a good idea of what to expect and prepare for. The pictures and video are really selling it 🙂 

    The feeling you get when you are standing there, reliving history through these monuments, must be amazing. 

    All the best!

    • Hey there Olli, it is great to hear from you and thanks for reading.

      The Acropolis in Lindos is one of the focal points on the island, and in all honesty it sells itself.

      Millions of people visit this location on an annual basis, but a lot of people leave again without actually learning too much. 

      This is course does not apply to everyone, but i wanted to offer some information to people here that either miss out on this area, or are wanting to visit and learn something before their arrival!

      I am happy you found it interesting, and you are right too, standing here and seeing these monuments and the important history for yourself really is an eye opener!

      Thanks Olli, nice to meet you.


  10. Wow, Chris. You really do live in a beautiful place. The Acropolis sounds and looks amazing. I don’t know if I could make that climb, but it does seem like it would be worth the effort.

    In the U.S. it seems we don’t get such a historical view of the world. I love the idea of standing somewhere, like at the Temple Athena, and just imagining how it was hundreds of years before. 

    It’s a very romantic idea. I appreciate that you continue to share the beauty of Rhodes with us. 

    Thanks so much!

    • Hello Sunny and thanks for reading.

      You know, it is not hard to stand in a place such as The Acropolis here in Lindos and imagine what it was like in years past.

      To be honest, the history and the setting here talks to you. You can feel the history as you walk around. There are not many places like this I can tell you.

      I do exactly what you are talking about too. When I was last there, I went for the purpose to take photographs for this project you are reading, and i got lost in my own thoughts.

      To think about the important figures in history who were actually part of this amazing fortress. It makes us very privileged to be able to visit it.

      Make sure you take the journey from the US to see it Sunny, you will love it here!




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