The Serenity of Lindos Beach in Rhodes – Your Ultimate Beach Escape

In my opinion, Lindos Beach in Rhodes is one of the nicest beaches on the island. Although this is the case, I feel there are some things that you need to be aware of should you decide to venture here as part of your stay in Rhodes.

I have personally been to this beach on many occasions. When I have had the time to relax and I have been in the area, I have always tried to make this beach my number one choice.

Despite this, I have come unstuck on the odd occasion too. There are ups and downs, positives and negatives, good and bad, however you want to call it, so Let’s take a look in some more detail!

The Location Of Lindos Beach in Rhodes

Relax on the Beach - Lindos Beach in Rhodes
Relax on the Beach – Lindos Beach in Rhodes
Prelvini, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Yes, it goes without saying that Lindos Beach is on the island of Rhodes in Lindos. It lays down the East coast of the island and just a little over 50 Kilometers south of The City Of Rhodes. By car, it is about a 1-hour drive, just to give you an idea!

Once in Lindos itself, the beach is only a few minutes away from Lindos Village by foot.

There are actually two beaches in Lindos. The main one is called Megalos Gialos (Μεγάλος Γυαλός in Greek) and this means ‘The Big Beach!’.

The other is referred to as ‘Lindos Pallas Beach’ and you will find this one somewhat smaller in size than the main beach and a lot quieter too. So, if you like peace and quiet, opt for the second one.

Enjoying The Beach In Lindos

The main beach is made up of beautiful golden sand. As you walk into the sea you will find it is very shallow and it is crystal clear blue in color. As you venture a little further out you will notice that the sand falls away and the surface becomes rocky and with pebbles beneath the surface of the water.

You can walk quiet a long way out long before the water level reaches waist height too. This is really great if you visit with children as the shallow waters allow them to play without fear of them going under!

When it comes to services at Lindos Beach in Rhodes, they are plentiful. You will find sunbeds and umbrellas available to rent for the day (for a small fee), showers, changing areas and water activities. You can also hire small motor and pedal boats to enjoy the water away from the coast line!

There are also places open to take a snack and a drink should you choose to. The beach bars in this location are really nice to visit and very friendly.

To top it all off, you can lay on the beach, swim in the water or relax at one of the bars while soaking in the magnificent view of The Acropolis Of Lindos and its white village!

Before The Crowds - Lindos Beach In Rhodes
A View Of Lindos Beach From The Acropolis

Things To Be Aware Of

The beach is actually at the bottom of a steep hill which runs from the village of Lindos and through the parking areas.

There is not a lot of space when it comes to actually parking at the beach and most of the time you will need to park at the top of the hill and walk down!

This is fine, until you decide to finish your day at the beach and you need to walk back up the hill. It is steep, and tiring. I have done it a few times and it has left me short of breath. I do not consider myself unfit at all, but it tested me.

This is something to think about if you are with older people and/or children! Also, bear in mind that it gets really hot in Lindos and it is not uncommon to have temperature over 40 Degrees Celsius. Not fun at all when needing to walk uphill.

Kicking The Rocks

You may wonder what I am referring to here when I talk about ‘kicking the rocks’. This is something I have done and it is damn painful.

Be careful when swimming in the sea at Lindos Beach in Rhodes. Once further out in the water, there are some huge rocks that actually sit at a height just under the surface of the water. Because you are in deeper waters by this point, they can take you by surprise.

I was swimming there a couple of years ago and as I did so, I kicked one of these rocks without realizing it was there and took the nail of one of my toes. It goes without saying the rest of my day was ruined. So watch for them!

Take Care With The Heat

Like I have said already, it gets really hot in Lindos especially in the high season. With this, the sand on the beach can be scorching hot.

I remember one time I was relaxing on the beach. It was really hot and I decided to go in the water for a few minutes to cool down.

As I got off my sunbed and went to walk across the golden sand to the shoreline, (stupidly as I did not take any footwear), I learned my lesson fast.

Serious burns on the soles of my feet was the result and it took all the skin off!

I had to go to hospital and I needed a few days off work too. I was not able to stand for nearly 1 week. So, do not be stupid like me, take some beach footwear with you as the sandy surface burns in the heat.

Also, it goes without saying, look after yourself and your loved ones. Make sure you have plenty of sun cream, sun hats and lots of water. You will be grateful for them.

By the way, I kicked the rocks and burned my feet on separate visits, not at the same time. So, there is some good news within all this too 🙂

Lindos Beach in Rhodes – Overall

Despite the steep hill, the rocks and the hot sand, this is a wonderful place to stay and relax for a day. All the facilities are there for you to have a really nice time and you will see holiday makers from all over the world enjoying this area.

Because of its setting, if you decide to visit, ‘go early’. If you leave it until later in the day you will not find space on the beach! It is very popular, especially with people from the UK and from Italy. Arriving early is important!

If you decide to enjoy Lindos Beach In Rhodes for a day, you will not be disappointed!

Watch The Video For Some Lovely Footage Of Lindos Beach In Rhodes

So, I will leave you to continue your tour around Lindos. Use the tour buttons below to have a look around.

Of course if you have any questions just leave them in the comments below and I will get back to you.

Learn Lots More About Lindos And Its History. Click From Below To Continue Your Tour.

20 thoughts on “The Serenity of Lindos Beach in Rhodes – Your Ultimate Beach Escape”

  1. I am traveling across Europe with my large family of 5 children and now I have to say I am checking out Greece before leaving for Mexico inland. 

    I thoroughly enjoyed navigating around your site. What a wonderful summary of Lindos Beach. Thank you. This makes me want to check it out for sure.

    • Thanks Leigh. I am happy you liked the information here.

      I have only been to Belize, but it was many years ago. Since then I have not had the chance to see Mexico. Maybe I will again someday.

      It is great to learn you are considering Greece to as a location for a vacation. You will love Rhodes for sure. The beach is very inviting isn’t it? 🙂

      Thanks Leigh. Nice to meet you.


  2. Wonderful place! I’m planning to go to Greece this summer to visit my sister who lives in Athens, and Rhodes island is our first place to visit. 

    Thank you for recommending this beautiful beach, it looks so amazing! Heaven! We will consider all your tips! 

    Great website, I’ll you it as a guide

    • Great that you are planning a visit here Soby, it is nice to hear. When are you coming? Do you know yet?

      Athens is not so far away, I assume you will be coming by plane? If so it is only a 45 minute flight. Easy 🙂

      Make sure you see this beach too in Lindos, it is a really great location for relaxation and a swim. You will love it.



  3. I find myself wanting to visit Rhodes even more now, being the beach bum that I am. 

    I prefer to watch for the rocks than worry about the sting rays that we have here. I bet that was painful though, I know. 

    Do you know what the temperature of the water is on average? I prefer warmer water. That would be the only deterrent….if the water were to cold!

    • Hey Leahrae, great to have you here once again.

      Hmm I think you have the worse deal with the Stingray. I will stick to the rock issue here I think and just be more careful.

      When it comes to the water temperature here in Rhodes it of course depends on the time of year you visit. If you use this neat little tool on the link below, it will give you a rundown of what to expect depending on the month you visit.

      Hope this helps you 🙂

      Thanks again, as always it is great to see you.


      Water Temperatures In Rhodes

  4. Thanks for the honest information about the beach! The hot sand on my feet I can deal with, but the rocks in the water would scare me! I don’t usually go too far out anyway. 

    The beach sounds beautiful, compared to what I’m used to. I think all beaches are beautiful, but I would love to go somewhere with clear water since I have never seen that. 

    Despite the hill being annoying to walk up, it would be an interesting change of scenery, and I think it would add to the beauty.

    I would also not be happy with it being crowded since it kind of takes away from the peacefulness. Other than that it sounds like an amazing place to visit someday!

    • Hi Josie.

      Yes I can see your points here.

      There are some obstacles to overcome (or at least to be aware of) to get the most out of your visit to Lindos Beach.

      The hill up and down to the beach can be quite testing and it is not for everyone. It can be a struggle for some people, especially in the heat.

      The crowds can be the biggest hurdle. Like me, you say you  do not like crowds. This being the case, maybe Lindos Beach would not be for you unless it was in the early or late season.

      It is not so busy in May and October, but between then it can get a little hectic.

      Maybe St Pauls Bay would be a better choice? It is around the corner and is normally a lot more peaceful.

      Thanks Josie


  5. I have always wanted to go to Greece as the beaches and white and blue architecture are so beautiful. 

    It is good to know about the beaches such as Lindos Beach with not only the good but also what to watch out for.

    I hope to go in the next 5 years and will keep this post handy. 


    • Hey Elizabeth, 5 years is a long time to wait, but it is better than never!

      Greece is a beautiful place and lots of places on the island of Rhodes still display the blue and white buildings. The beaches are amazing too and Lindos Beach is a gorgeous place to see and relax on.

      I hope to see you here sooner 🙂

      Thanks and it is nice to meet you.


  6. Wow! I’ve always wanted to visit Greece and these photos are lovely! 

    When you are swimming in the water, can you see the bottom when the rocks are close to the surface? Peeling off your toe nail sounded painful! I hope this is not a regular thing that happens to people!

    I love learning about different places in the world, this was wonderful.

    • Hi Annie, do not worry. I actually only made this mistake the once. Now I use some old footwear when I go in the water. It is safer.

      I must not have been looking very well that day either, and the answer is yes, you can see the rocks under the surface of the water. I just guess I was distracted, talking and messing around, and it caught me off guard 🙂

      I am sure other people have given these rocks a good kick to by mistake, so if you are ever swimming here, just look out fort them!

      Thanks Annie, and I am happy you liked the information here.


  7. Sounds so great with a nice beach as I am sitting in the cold north of Europe:-) So hoping to be able to go to Rhodes within the next few months.

    Lindos Beach sounds nice, but maybe also sounds a bit too busy for me. If I would like to find a beach that is still beauftiful but not overcrowded, where would I go then? And is it even possible to find a beach like this in Rhodes?



    • Hi Mikael, great to have you here.

      Lindos Beach can be quite busy yes. If you are not really into crowds (like i am not) then it can get a little frustrating.

      In my opinion, if you go a little further you will find a beautiful place called St Pauls Bay. Amazing sandy beaches and more importantly, peace and quiet. I prefer this beach to be honest.

      I hope this helps, and hope to see you in Rhodes soon. 

      ps – sorry you are in the cold of North Europe. I know recently there has been a big freeze. We have not experienced it here, but I hope the warm comes to you soon!



  8. Sorry to hear about those bad experiences, but if you are still recommending Lindos Beach despite them, then it must be a superb beach. 

    I was in Rhodes some years ago but did not get to the beach due to wasting all my time on administrative hassles. 

    I had come from Turkey and customs took my passport and held on to it for over 12 hours for no reason. 

    I ended up going to Lesbos and spending time on the beach there instead, which was also lovely.

    • AAhh I will admit this is the first time I have heard of someones passport being retained. Especially if you say they had no reason to do it.

      I like to think someone has a reason to carry out such actions, but hey, sometimes I suppose people get chose at random for checking.

      Either way, I am sorry you were not able to enjoy the island while you were here. I have personally not been to Lesbos. Of course the world knows this place has its issues at the moment with the crisis there, but there must be some really nice places to see.

      I hope you can get to Rhodes again sometimes (hassle free of course). Lindos Beach is a great place, so maybe you will try again?

      Thanks my friend. Nice to hear from you.


  9. Wow, that looks really beautiful. I’ve never actually been to Rhodes before, but I have been to Athens. 

    Would this be mainly a summer time beach destination…like May through to October? Or would it be warm enough for the beach during other months as well? 

    I’m just curious as I seem to recall that maybe it gets a little cold in Greece during the winter? Just not sure….

    • Hey Mary, thanks so much for getting in touch and for your question. it is great to hear from you.

      As a rule (if you can call it that) yes, the beach in Lindos is mainly a summer destination. This is not to say you cannot use it in the out of season months though.

      I have been to this beach in January and it has been warm enough to enjoy the sun. It does get cold on occasion for sure, but nothing like other countries. I have never experienced temperatures below 6 or 7 degrees Celsius even in the winter months.

      The only thing, when it is out of the tourist season, you will find a lot of places in the area are closed. For example, the beach bars are not open and the sun beds are taken away. 

      Nothing that a small hamper and a towel will not fix though!

      Thanks Mary. Let me know if you need anymore information!


  10. For some reason Chris, I can so relate to your burnt feet experience. I burnt my face and shoulders in Italy many years ago when I went to the beach on a summer day. I found it pleasantly breezy and did not wear any sun cream. How short sighted of me! And yes, people do not realize how painful it can be to get sun burned!

    This said, I would love to see this sandy beach in Lindos that you talk about here. I prefer sand to pebbles anyway, and I can envisage how relaxing (and less hot) it must be to get there early in the morning or in the late afternoon and have a snooze on a lounger with the calm sea making that repetitive smooth sound of slow waves flapping on the shore. 

    Just beautiful.

    • Ahh another sun burn victim. Welcome to my club Giulia 🙂

      Yeah it is a painful experience, and it can really destroy your vacations if you are not careful. Saving all your money to make a great holiday all for it to be taken away for 2 hours of negligence.

      It is easy to catch the sun here though. Temperatures do get very hot and the nice breeze can make it very deceptive. Sun cream, sun hats and sun glasses every time for me now. Oh, and the footwear too 🙂

      I hope you manage a visit to Lindos some day Giulia, you will love it!




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