Lindos Village in Rhodes – A Vision Of Greek Serenity

One of the focal points for tourists while visiting the island is Lindos Village in Rhodes.

In my opinion this is with good reason too. Only a few days ago I took a trip there myself to take some photographs (which I will show you here) and I am always amazed when I see this historic and beautiful location.

I have lived on the island of Rhodes for many years now, but I never get tired of visiting Lindos. There is always something you miss, no matter how many times you see the place.

Situated down the East coast of the island and a little under 50 km from Rhodes Town, it is considered to be the gem of Rhodes. Believe me when I say, it is an absolutely breathtaking location!

Now, I do not know about you, but I have looked around the internet and seen lots of information about Lindos. Some of it is brief, some of it swamps you with history and some material can even be quite confusing.

Here though, I want to take you on a tour of The White Village. I will talk to you about what I think based on my own experiences. For the history, please see The History Of Lindos In Rhodes section.

Lindos – My Advice To You

The White Village - Lindos Village In Rhodes
The White Village Of Lindos

Before you decide to visit Lindos I really recommend you wear a nice pair of comfortable shoes.

In the village itself, you will find there can be a lot of walking to be done if you want to see most things, and some of it will involve making your way up and downhill.

If you do not have good footwear it can spoil your experience. There is nothing worse than being able to see a historical place like this, only for it to be destroyed because you have sore feet.

Walking up to The Acropolis can be quite a challenge for some people too, so do not get caught out!


When visiting Lindos, it would be crime to forget your camera. Make sure your camera (or your cellphone with a camera) is fully charged and ready to go. You are going to need it. There is a lot to soak up here, and you will not regret having amazing photographs to look back on from your visit.


Protect yourself from the sun too! You will find that Lindos gets very hot, especially in the summer months. Like I say, I was there not long ago (in December) and even then I was sweating from walking up the hills and the heat.

You need to be ready. Make sure you have sun cream, a sunhat and lots of water with you. You will be thankful for them later.

Lindos Village in Rhodes – The Village

Lindos was founded by The Dorians back in 2000 BC (approximately). The area was utilized well as it offered a good vantage point looking out over the waters and it had a solid harbor too. This was perfect for the protection against pirates during that time.

The island of Rhodes in the past has been occupied by many forces. In the history section of this website, you will see I have talked about the presence of The Ottoman Empire, The Roman Empire and more recently The Italians!

Because of this, Lindos really does contain elements of all these periods (and more) making it a unique and special place to see.

Up To The Acropolis - Lindos Village In Rhodes
Up To The Acropolis

Even today, you can still witness the old cobbled and narrow streets that make up the village. Because of these cobbles, this is why I suggest good footwear for your visit.

The one thing I like about Lindos, is it is one of the few places on the island you can walk around without the challenge of traffic.

Cars and motor transport are not allowed in this area, so you can walk around freely without having this in your mind.

The other option (which I am against personally) is to see the village with the aid of a Lindos Donkey.

A lot of people use these as a way to get around. You pay a small fee (I do not know the price as I have never, and will never use one) and you can ride a donkey with a guide and they will show you around and even take you up to The Acropolis.

Personally I would prefer them to be left alone, and let the people walk around themselves and get some exercise, but I will not rant here!

The Buildings In Lindos Village

As you make your way around the streets of Lindos, you cannot help notice the old and historic structures that line all of the streets.

Lindos is considered a national landmark, so over many years the essence of the

village has never changed. All the old buildings are stonewashed white and are from the 17th and 18th century.

Church Of Our Lady - Lindos Village In Rhodes
Church Of Our Lady

Although some of these dwellings are now owned and lived in by wealthy people during the summer months, some have been turned into guest houses.

Should you have a few extra coins you are welcome to stay in one of them!

Personally, I love the fact that most (nearly all) of them have kept there original shape and meaning. Of course with time, work needs to be done in the way of restoration, but this has in no way marred what Lindos stands for!

The village is very authentic and it is protected by a preservation order!

Lindos Village in Rhodes – The Church Of Our Lady

As you walk around the village of Lindos you cannot help notice the beautiful Church of Our Lady (Theotokou Church) and its bell tower. Located next to the village square, it really it a focal point of this beautiful area.

It was constructed in the 14th Century (approximately) and it was actually renovated by the Grand Master D’Aubusson of The Knights Of Saint John in 1489. It was he that constructed the bell tower and even today you can see his coat of arms which it clearly visible.

This is definitely a church to stop and see. Inside it is decorated with ancient paintings and the floor is made up of black and white pebbles. It is a magnificent setting.

  • Wonderful Scenery Of Lindos - Lindos Village In Rhodes
    Wonderful Scenery Of Lindos

Here are some photographs of Lindos Village In Rhodes that I took for you. I captured these in the winter months so you could see them without the large crowds!

Lindos Village in Rhodes – The Village Today

Lindos Village has been kept in its authentic state, and there is a lot to see and do.

As you make your way around the old cobbled streets, you will see that a lot of the structures have been made into shops.

You can freely pick up all of your souvenirs from here. There is a lot in the way of choice too.

Also, you will find lots of nice Greek Tavernas where you can stop and get out of the sun for a nice cool drink or a bite to eat, and there are also some bars too.

If you want my recommendation, visit one of the cafeterias that have an open-top roof. Sitting under the nice umbrellas with a cold juice and soaking in the sun with the beautiful views cannot be beaten!

Watch The Video For Great Footage Of Lindos Village in Rhodes And The Acropolis

Lindos Village in Rhodes – Overall

To sum it all up, I love Lindos.

I love being around all the old structures, the cobbled streets and seeing a place that has stayed the same for generations. It has a really warm and friendly feel to it and it is not a place you can get bored.

There is a lot to see, and in my opinion, even if I went one thousand times, I would still miss something! A great place.

The only thing which can be a little irritating is the crowds. During the high season it can get very busy. Being jammed in like that all together and mix in the hot sun, it can make you want to leave.

That being the case, if you visit in the high season, arrive early. This way you will avoid the crowds and you can see most of the things before the sun hits its peak!

There is no entrance fee to see the Village of Lindos in Rhodes, but if you go up to The Acropolis there is a fee of 6 Euros to pay to go inside.

If you arrive by car, it is worth knowing that you need to park your car in the designated parking area where you need to pay!

So, do you have any questions about Lindos Village in Rhodes?

Maybe you have seen this amazing location and have something to share from your experiences.

I always love hearing from you all. Please leave your comments below and I will get right back to you.

Learn Lots More About Lindos And Its History. Click From Below To Continue Your Tour.

22 thoughts on “Lindos Village in Rhodes – A Vision Of Greek Serenity”

  1. Hi Chris – I am very glad to have stumbled across your page. Ive thoroughly enjoyed reading about Lindos. I wonder if you could help me – I have never visited Rhodes (yet) and maybe will this summer – my family (grandfather) comes from this island, Lindos in particular – should I visit I would like to find out about my family, where they lived etc – do you know how I could go about this? I believe some distant relatives still live there, but I don’t know their name! I look forward to hearing from you! Catherine

  2. Hi Chris,

    I like this post regarding Lindos Village. It’s very informative and I like the way you’ve layed out your content, making it easy to read.

    The Church Of Our Lady looks very interesting, and is something I’d definitely be interested in.

    The YouTube video showing Lindos Village And The Acropolis looks stunning.

    These type of holidays, where there’s a lot of history and scenery are my favorite and Lindos Village looks like an amazing place to visit.

    Thanks for sharing.

    • Hello Steven and thanks so much for your comment. It is great to hear from you.

      Lindos is certainly full of history, so if this is what makes a vacation special for you, then you will really love it here.

      Although you find the video great to see, believe me, there is nothing like seeing it all with your own eyes and in person 🙂

      Thanks Steven. Happy you enjoyed your visit.


  3. Hi Chris

    The village of Lindos looks amazing. I have never heard of it before but its cobbled streets and buildings make it so attractive and it sets the scene for some truly wonderful culture. 

    You’ve painted a very nice description with this article and walking the streets and dropping in on the odd cafeterias sound like a good time, while the rooftop bar sounds like a wonderful place to share a beer

    Truly a bucket list certainty 

    Thanks mate


    • Thanks Paul, I appreciate you passing by and leaving your thoughts.

      Just for you to know too, the rooftop bars offer a really great experience. A nice cold drink, sunshine and some stunning views. It is postcard material 🙂

      There is a lot to see here, If you manage to get here you will not be disappointed!

      Thanks Paul!


  4. Hi Chris, I don’t know what to say apart from the fact that you are making me really want to go and visit Lindos. It looks old, quaint and beautiful. I love visiting places like this where it is so nice to wander around and see the lovely buildings and the old cobbled streets.

    I can appreciate the advice on wearing comfortable shoes as there is nothing worse than having sore feet and trying to keep walking about.

    I am seriously thinking that I really would like to visit Greece and Rhodes as you always make it sound so good.

    • Hello Cheryl and thank you for your kind words.

      I am happy that you like what you see here and it leads you to want to make a visit. Never say never, just do it 🙂

      I am a big believer in wearing the best footwear to when it comes to looking around these ancient sites. It can be really painful on the feet if you come unprepared and it can lead to a lot of discomfort. Why ruin your day eh?

      Lindos is an amazing place. I love it here. The history runs so far back and to stand there and appreciate it is quite a feeling.

      So, get yourself some comfy shoes Cheryl, and I will see you there 🙂

      Thanks for reading!


  5. It’s great to read an article that is based on your own experience and recommendations – it means so much more than the many impersonal lists of things to do and facts etc that are online.

    Lindos looks like a beautiful village – and it sounds like it’s definitely better to visit out of peak season. Those blue skies are making me desperate to get some sun and away from the miserable, cold UK!

    • Hi Louise and thanks for reading.

      I know what you mean when it comes to the UK weather. I am originally from Manchester and also lived in London for quite a while. I got so tired of the rain and the cold. It never stops does it?

      I am not sorry I made the move here and yes OK, sometimes in the winter months it can get a little cold, but nothing like the UK! 

      It can get very hot though during the peak season, so if the really high temperatures are not for you then avoid July and August. It is also very busy during this period.

      Lindos especially takes some punishing heat if you are not used to it. Just for you to know!

      Thanks Louise, I hope you can make it here on the island soon!


  6. Aраrt frоm thе bеаutіful Aсrороlіѕ that саn bе reached bу fооt оr dоnkеу, оnе оf thе main аttrасtіоnѕ оf Lindos іѕ the оld theatre оf the tоwn, 

    Thе Dоrіс ѕаnсtuаrу оf Athena Lіndіa is аlѕо wоrth ѕееіng. 

    Various accommodations of аll саtеgоrіеѕ as wеll аѕ tаvеrnaѕ, cafes аnd romantic bаrѕ саn bе fоund іn thе еnсhаntіng Lіndоѕ.

    • Indeed you are right my friend. 

      In the village of Lindos itself, there has been a lot of work done to ensure people enjoy their visit.

      Lots of the old building have been turned into shops and restaurants like you mention. Some great comfortable bars too.

      Some people do chose to stay in the village for their holidays as come areas have been made into villas and/or small hotels.

      Because of the expense though, most people stay outside of the village of Lindos itself. There are many big hotels in the area, most of them all inclusive.

      And yes you are also quite right, the ancient theater is located off the North East corner of the Acropolis. It is nice to see, but there is not a lot that takes place here these days.



  7. Hi Chris,

    I love the pictures. Lindos looks like such a beautiful place to go. You can definately see some of the history in the buildings and paths.

    I love the simple but important little tips you gave (footwear, water etc) as it’s nice to know beforehand that you are more likely to be walking to get the best out of your visit.

    Do you have any recommendations regarding accommodation in Lindos and what approximate the tariff ranges may be?

    Kind Regards


    • Hello Marita.

      This is the thing with Lindos, it does take a little walking to be able to see the place properly. Cars are not allowed in Lindos Village and they need to be parked outside. With this in mind it is important to come aware and equipped.

      Footwear and refreshments are important, as if you come unaware it can spoil your visit.

      There are lots of places to stay in Lindos, accommodation is plentiful. This is actually an area of my site I will be introducing soon, and I will provide lots of information for various hotels, locations and prices. 

      Of course when it comes to price tags, it depends on what type of accommodation you are looking for, how many people are in your party and for how long you want to stay.

      Send me a private message if you like Marita, and I will get some solid figures for you.



  8. This looks beautiful and well worth a visit! Greece is such a richly cultured place with some spectacular locations and Rhodes in general looks well up there with the best of them.

    I’ve only been to mainland Greece and the island of Kos, but when I go back I’ll make Rhodes (and Lindos) a priority. 

    How long does one need to see the whole island at a relaxed pace? Thanks for this!

    • Hello Stephen and it is great to hear you enjoyed the information on my site. Thank for reading.

      Rhodes does indeed have some spectacular history and locations. It is a beautiful place. Lindos is breathtaking in my opinion, and a must visit if you are on the island.

      If you are a lover of culture and you admire history and want to have a good look around what is on offer, I would say 10 – 14 days will see you in good stead. Anything less than this you will risk missing out on some of the attractions.

      Thanks Stephen, it is great to hear from you.


  9. Hey Chris. Love your post. Gosh, I’m looking forward to my holidays in Greece. 🙂 

    I’m crazy for history and photography so Lindos Village is perfect for both because you need to be on foot to shoot great pictures and Lindos doesn’t leave you with a choice. 

    And the beaches are supposed to be insane.

    • Hi Aaron, that is the one thing I like abut Lindos Village. Pedestrians only 🙂

      Of course, to visit and see the island in its entirety, you do need a car or another form of transport to get around. Because of this, the roads are always busy and congested. Everyone wants to see everything.

      This makes Lindos more appealing for me. It is so nice to go inside the village and not have to deal with cars trying to get through.

      On foot is the best way to get the great photographs you want anyway.

      Thanks Aaron, and do not worry, your holidays will come around soon enough!


  10. This looks like a nice village, similar to where my grandparents lived in southern Italy. 

    Supposedly, Rhode Island in the US where I live, was named from the Island of Rhodes by Giovanni da Verrazzano. 

    You have some nice pictures of the village too. It’s not surprising due to all the history on the island, especially with the Greeks and Romans. 

    Thanks for the information!

    • Hi Kevin,

      Yes, I actually read something on this some time ago. Apparently Giovanni da Verrazzano saw a similarity of Rhodes in Greece with a small bay called Narragansett Bay back in the 1500’s. I will be honest and say i am not fully familiar with in depth details, but I was aware of it.

      Also, there has been a lot of history left on the island of Rhodes by the Italians from their occupation here. A lot of people see similarities from locations in Italy for this reason. Italian tourists still flood the island each year and they can witness what their past forces created all them years ago.

      Happy you enjoyed the information Kevin!



  11. Those steps you show in the first picture make me want to go and see what’s around that corner. I love older cities and towns and this looks really interesting.

    That’s a great time for wearing comfortable shoes. Many times that is not an issue for me but my wife is another story. It will be good for me to pass this information along to her.

    I like your recommendations about visiting a cafeteria with an open top roof. Lindos sounds like a great place to visit.

    • Hello Rick. Nice to see you here again for another visit!

      Lindos is very inviting, and what I like too is that you never know what is around the next corner. 

      There are so many little places tucked away in the village and you always see something new each time you go. It is a beautiful place.

      The comfortable shoes are a requirement though in my opinion. There can be a lot of walking on the agenda if you want to have a good look around, and sore feet can really spoil your day.

      Believe me too, the open top roof cafeterias and restaurants are really great to visit. They are really popular as it is great to soak up the sun and see the lovely views. You will not be disappointed!

      I really hope you get to see it all for yourself soon Rick!

      Thanks again!



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