Rhodes Town in Greece – The New Town

Although today I am going to be talking to you about Rhodes Town In Greece, I want to go into a little more detail with reference to the New Town!

I have already mentioned The Ancient Rhodes, and this indeed holds the foundations of what the town is like today, but when were all these structures built that we see in these modern times?

Naturally (and as you would expect) the town of Rhodes now holds all the services that you need, the same as any other town or city in all honesty.

Whether you need to go to the bank or post office, do some shopping or simply go to drink a beer or a coffee, it can all be done here. Originally though, builders did not construct many of these structures to house these services.

Actually, the Italians constructed most of what you see in Rhodes Town today during their occupation of the island after 1912.

Builders made some of these structures from scratch, while they refurbished others to suit the requirements at that time.

Okay, so let’s take a look around!

Rhodes Town in Greece – The New Market

The New Market - Rhodes Town In Greece
Rhodes Town In Greece: The New Market

Florestano Di Fausto designed the New Market building.

He was famous for many architectural projects all over the Mediterranean, and this is one of them.

The building construction started in 1925 and it was fully functional 1 year after that!

It is located opposite the street of Mandraki Harbor and it is a huge white polygonal structure (7 sides).

On the front of the building you will see lots of small cafeterias all lined up side by side.

In my opinion they all sell pretty much the same thing. So if you want to stop to eat or drink something, you will almost get the same service from all of the outlets.

All the shops have seating outside and are quite popular with the tourists who want to drink a beer or eat a small sweet.

Just Take Care

I don’t like that these outlets, in my opinion, are way overpriced, and you can’t walk down the street without someone approaching, and sometimes even taunting you, to sit down and spend your money.

Falling for it once was enough and never again.

I remember stopping with my partner and we stayed for 20 minutes or so and I ordered a large beer and she had a coffee. A small sweet each, and 35 Euros later we left.

Too expensive.

Each to their own though I guess.

Enclosed within the 7 sides of the structure there is a huge open courtyard. Inside here you will find more outlets offering their services.

You will find butchers here, souvenir shops and fisheries.

You can also buy different fabrics, clothing and accessories.

It is nice to look around in this beautiful setting and I would recommend all visitors to Rhodes see it for sure.

Just keep an eye on your expenditure 🙂

Also, from this area you have a beautiful view of The Palace Of The Grand Masters with a perfect photo opportunity.

Don’t miss this!

Rhodes Town in Greece – Mandraki Harbor

Right opposite The New Market and across the main street you will see Mandraki Harbor in all its glory.

To the left you will see the Stag and Doe columns and the St Nicholas Tower which stands guard at the harbor entrance.

The Stag And Doe - Rhodes Town In Greece
Rhodes Town In Greece: The Stag and Doe

The Knights of Saint John built this tower in the 15th Century to bolster defense against Turkish attacks.

Standing just in front of this area is The Evangelismos Church. This was again built by the Italians, and the same architect holds some of the the credit for its design as he does for The New Market – Florestano Di Fausto. The other architect involved was Rodolfo Petracco.

The church was built as a Catholic Church for the Italian occupation, but today it is the main Greek Orthodox Church on the island. Let me tell you too, it is worth seeing. Most of the times the doors are open, and if you get the opportunity to look inside – you will not regret it. It is simply beautiful!

Scanning your eyes to the right you will see the three windmills which I discussed with you on The City Of Rhodes section. Originally there were 14 or 15 of these windmills in place, but today only 3 remain. They were used to process the grain that came in with the ships to the harbor.

See The Video For A Look Around Rhodes Town In Greece

The Other 2 Harbors

Although a lot of people will tell you that Rhodes Town is relatively small in comparison to other towns and cities, it has a lot going on when it comes to the services arriving by water.

Because of this you will find another 2 harbors just south of Mandraki!

The next one down is known as the tourist port (also called Emborio). This is the case, as all of the huge cruise liners that stop in Rhodes use this area of the water to dock and depart.

Some of these huge cruise ships that come in are certainly worth seeing. To be

Cruise Ship In Rhodes Harbor - Rhodes Town In Greece
Rhodes Town In Greece: Cruise Ship In Rhodes Harbor

honest, I never appreciated just how big they are until I got up close. I do not know how the hell they stay afloat to be honest. I thought the Titanic was said to be huge, but it was nothing compared to the size of these.

In this area you will find it quite busy with people, as they are always coming and going from the ships. Also, taxis line up there to collect and drop off people as well as the big buses offering island tours.

Further down you will see the port of Akandia. You will know this as all the time (or most of the time) the Blue Star Ferries come and go delivering goods to the island. This is more of a commercial harbor, but you can take the Blue Star Ferry across to other islands in Greece, such as Kos, Santorini and Crete if you wish to do so.

Rhodes Town in Greece – The Important Buildings!

As you walk North on the sea front from The New Market, you will be on Plateia Eleftherias – Eleftherias Square. Heading up, there are some important buildings in place which you should be aware of.

On the left side first of all you will see the Bank Of Greece. A huge structure, and despite the financial issues in Greece as of this moment, this building really is a beautiful structure. As you continue, you pass by the courthouse and then onto the post office and the town hall. At the very end of the street is the old theater which as of this moment is not in use.

Opposite the street and at the side of the Evanglismos Church you will see The Governor’s Mansion.

All of these structures were built by the Italians during their occupation here from 1912 until 1943.

  • The Bank Of Greece - Rhodes Town In Greece
    The Bank Of Greece

At the very tip of the island you will see the Rhodes Aquarium. This is simply an amazing place. It looks very basic from the outside, but once you go in, you go down a set of steps into the underwater caves. This is definitely a must visit if you are in Rhodes.


Now I want to be honest with you here. If I was to sit and talk to you about all the ins and outs of what New Rhodes Town has to offer, it would take me months to write, and weeks for you to read it all. But I do hope this gives you a little insight of what it is like here.

I have been out today (the day of writing) and taken some local photographs which you can see on the gallery above. I will just apologize in advance, as it was very busy in the town this morning and it was hard to get some good shots with all the traffic. So I ask for your forgiveness. Summer is approaching and it is hard to find a quiet moment 🙂

So, do you have anything to ask? Have you been here and had the chance to capture your own memories on camera?

I would love to hear from all of you. Leave me a comment below and I will get right back to you.

Learn More About The City Of Rhodes. Click From Below For Further Reading.

32 thoughts on “Rhodes Town in Greece – The New Town”

  1. Wow! Rhodes Town (or the New Town) looks absolutely beautiful and quaint. it’s too bad about the vendors. 

    It is such a turn off everywhere when we travel, when we are hounded to purchase things. It really takes away from the experience and leaves a bad taste in my mouth but I do understand they are just trying to make a sale. 

    It is so neat that you live here! If I ever come and visit, I will head straight to the market! ~ cheers!

    • Hey Lyndsay, nice to hear from you.

      I think the market area in Rhodes Town is actually quite beautiful. I like the atmosphere and the surroundings and it is always popular during the summer months.

      I know what you mean when you say it can leave a bad taste in your mouth when you are constantly being approached by shopkeepers. I mean, no means no right? 

      Me too I understand that they are doing their jobs and trying to make a living. Most of the time I am very patient with it all, and polite. I simply refuse and say no thanks.

      The problem is, if you are in the area for some time, it can become rather tiring and irritating.

      On saying that, this should not be allowed to destroy your experience. It really is a lovely place and it should be visited by everyone.

      Thanks Lyndsay, hope to see you here soon!


  2. This was a beautiful page that walks you right through these parts of the island. I loved all the little details you included, about the shops and the views.

    The aquarium with the underwater caves sounded like something I’d definitely love to experience. I would’ve really loved to see some photos of it, but at least now if I go there someday I’ll really get the full effect 🙂

    Thanks for the post, I saved it to my travel folder!

    • Hello and thanks for reading. 

      I have only touched on the Aquarium here yes, but in the coming days/weeks I will be making a lot more developments. I do have a trip planned to go to the Aquarium (and other locations) and will speak with someone there for more information.

      I will gather as much as possible and dedicate a section on this site to the Aquarium itself. It is all coming don’t worry 🙂

      I am happy you like the information here and you found it interesting. If you need something more from me before you visit the island be sure to get in touch!



  3. I have yet to go to Greece, but it is definitely on my bucket list!

    After reading this post about Rhodes Town it made me want to add it on my list of places to see in Greece.

    The history behind the historical monuments and places made it interesting to read plus I learned a few things! 🙂

    Thanks for sharing this post it will help with my travels.

    • Great to meet you Christina, thanks for reading and taking the time to leave me your thoughts.

      When it comes to Rhodes Town there is a lot to see, and it can be quite easy to get lost in all the history and culture that is on offer. Here I am just outlining some details and brief information to help people along.

      Of course to see it all with your own eyes, well it cannot compare. Photographs on a website and the real thing are completely different. So I hope Rhodes stays on your bucket list and you manage a visit soon and witness it all for yourself 🙂

      Thanks for passing by Christina!


  4. I remembered reading your article before on a walking tour but well, it is such a surprise to see how much this island offers. 

    Same as others, I have heard of Greece but pardon me that I have never heard of island of Rhodes before. 

    I am sure to check out this place when I visited Greece next time! 

    Thanks for your sharing!

    • Hi there Susan, thanks for your comment.

      Of course I think almost all of the earth’s population has heard of Greece. Many have not visited though, and like you, many people have never heard of Rhodes at all.

      I was actually surprised at this, as it is one of Greece’s busiest islands when it comes to tourism. The reason being, is there is so much history here and tons of things to see and experience.

      It only came to me how many people had never heard of Rhodes since I started building my website here. So in reflection, I am happy to be offering information to people who plan to visit (or have already visited) but also happy to make people aware of the island that never knew of its existence.

      Let me know when you plan your next visit to Greece Susan, and make sure Rhodes is on your list 🙂

      Thanks for getting in touch, it is great to meet you.


  5. I must say this has been a delightful reading. 

    As travelers, me and my girlfriend will benefit a lot from your writing and information regarding the beautiful island of Rhodes. 

    We have never had the chance yet to visit Greece but I literally want to buy a ticket now and depart for it tomorrow. I appreciated a lot your cultured comparison between the new and old city, the honest description of the New Market (I’ll visit it but won’t surrender to those sticky sit down beggars) and the nice list of must visit spots you named and described as if I asked a tourist guide. 

    Top notch! The page has ended on my favored sites list! 

    Thanks for your writing and remember, do not apologize for the business of your country, as half Italian I well know how busy streets can be from time to time! 

    Best regards!


    • Hellto there Thomas, it is really great to hear from you and thanks for your visit here.

      I am naturally happy that you found the information here useful, informative and interesting. I think it is important for people to have some background knowledge of a place before they get there. Sometimes you can be caught off guard, and having a place to come and check things out and having someone to talk to can really help during ones stay.

      Of course, wherever you go, there are people waiting to take advantage. Although i am not using this website as a platform to name and shame places or people – there are things to watch out for 🙂

      I see you mention you are half Italian, and I have also visited Italy. I will also admit that I was taken for a ride there too during my stay. I paid way to much for certain services, but hey – it was a learning curve!

      Aside from these issues, there are some really amazing places to see and Rhodes Town is absolutely beautiful. It is a must see during your visit. The market area is also really great and has a wonderful atmosphere, as does the main high street.

      Just keep your wits about you, as yes, there are people trying to sell you stuff on a regular basis as you walk around, or trying to lure you into a restaurant. 

      Don’t worry, you would have a great time if you managed a visit. Let me know if you make some plans for the future. I will buy you a nice cold Greek beer – the best 🙂

      Thanks Thomas, nice to meet you.


  6. They are all just beautiful pictures of a very beautiful area. I am so totally ready to visit Rhodes and see all that it has to offer. 

    I saw a cruise ship in one picture. Do you know what cruises port here? I think that economically, this would be the most feasible way for me to visit for the first time. 

    I know there is so much to see, but I can at least get a small taste for this wonderful place 🙂

    • Hello again Leahrae, really nice to have you back here.

      The cruise ships and visiting the island by boat is something I am going to be expanding on as my information here develops.

      For your information though there are a lot of different companies that stop in Rhodes as part of their schedule. so you will not have any issue at all getting here by boat. 

      At the moment I am communicating with some of the companies and soon you will have further information here and will be able to book your cruise online direct from this site. I am just waiting some confirmation from them and I am negotiating the right terms.

      If you go online and just Google “which cruise to Rhodes” you will be given some good choices.

      I hope this helps you out for now. Of course I am also happy to make some inquiries for you on this side. Just let me know if you need my help.

      Thanks Leahrae


  7. Thanks for the wonderful tour of Rhodes Town. It was really interesting to read about the history of the buildings.

    The town has some amazing looking architecture and looks like a great place to explore. The underwater caves at the aquarium sound fantastic and definitely worth visiting. 

    Good to get some insight into which places to avoid being ripped off at too. Thanks for the tip!

    • Hi and thanks for getting in touch.

      No matter where you travel, there are always places that will attempt to get more from you than they should. 

      Whether this be a restaurant or in a taxi, there are always a select few that try it on.

      I am happy to say that more often than not they play fair. But there are certain places and services I personally avoid. I am not going to name and shame people here as this is not the aim of my website, but they know who they are, and so do I 🙂 

      Sometimes you have to make the mistake and learn the lesson for yourself though, the same as I have done 🙂

      On saying that, there is a great deal of history here and lots of sites to see at great prices. I agree too, the Aquarium here is absolutely fantastic. I will be making a review of this location too in the near future, so stay tuned 🙂

      Thanks very much for passing by and having a read. I hope you visit again!


  8. This is really cool. This makes me miss traveling like I used to. 

    It is much harder for me to travel these days with various aspects of my life. The market is so gorgeous. I would love to visit just to explore the architecture in Rhodes Town. 

    I love all the old buildings as well. So gorgeous.

    • Hi there Austin and thanks for your enthusiasm.

      Rhodes Town is gorgeous, completely. I love it here.

      I am the same as you, I love travel and seeing new places. Sometimes our routines can get in the way though don’t you think? Whether it be money, work commitments etc. It can sometimes put things on hold for longer than you would really like.

      On saying that, if you do ever have the opportunity to visit this beautiful island, you would love it. The Market is indeed a great place. There are a lot of restaurants and coffee shops around too so you can sit and let the world pass you by in this great setting.

      There is a lot to see here, and wherever you look you will see something interesting which will stop you in your tracks to learn more. I hope you get here soon Austin.

      Thanks again, great to have you here.


  9. This is something to think about. I can see myself with friends and family in the pictures you have taken. 

    This looks like a place worth going to. Is it always busy over there? 

    Traffic seems like it will never disappear! They have beautiful historic buildings, and the town. What type of feeling did you have when visiting? I could imagine waking up feeling great and starting out the day with positive and fresh thoughts.

    • Hello Jonathan and thanks for having a look here at my information. I am happy Rhodes Town appeals to you.

      When it comes to the traffic in Rhodes, it can be pretty busy yes. In the daytime it gets a little hectic, especially in the high tourist season. On saying that, it is not a requirement to go by car, there are other options to get you around 🙂

      The historic sites and the general ambiance of the town is very warm. There is lots to see and it has a great atmosphere. For me (although I do not visit anymore as I live here) it gives me a positive feeling. With the fresh air blowing off the sea and thee beautiful scenery you cannot help but feel good 🙂

      I hope one day you manage to visit and see it all for yourself. It will be an experience hard to forget.

      Thanks Jonathan, nice to meet you.


  10. This is a very interesting article! I have always wanted to go to Greece and this gives me a place to make sure and visit. 

    I love the sea and would love to visit the Mandraki Harbor. Your photos are beautiful and your descriptions make me feel as if I am there. 

    Thank you for the tour. Katherine

    • Hello Katherine, I am happy you had a good tour around Rhodes during your visit to my website.

      The Mandraki Harbor is a beautiful setting yes. Many times I have taken my sandwiches and a coffee and simply sat on the walls of the harbor and admired the view. 

      There is a lot of activity around this area and you can watch a lot of the boats arriving and departing on a regular basis. Also in the distance you can admire the giant cruise ships which come to dock!

      This, combined with fresh air and the sound of the birds circling in the skies really can take you into a new place!

      Thanks Katherine. I appreciate your visit and you getting in touch!


  11. Hello,

    I visited Rhodes a few months ago and I had a blast!

    The water is crystal clear and the whole city is build of stones that makes an awesome impression.

    Also nice to mention is that there was an ancient world wonder Colossus built there, that was the biggest statue of the time in the world.. unfortunately, it was demolished long time ago I think by an earthquake and now you can see only the pedestal for it.

    Pity it doesn’t stand any more. Also, try a Greek salad and use a lot of olive oil on the feta cheese! mmm delicious! 🙂

    • Hey there Bob, great to learn you have been able to visit this wonderful island.

      You are absolutely right about The Colossus too. It was indeed destroyed by a massive earthquake back in 226 BC. I have presented some literature on The Colossus Of Rhodes Section which will offer you more information.

      A real tragedy it was taken away by the powers that be though, and as it is today it has never been rebuilt.

      I have heard of plans to build a new structure, but whether they come to fruition or not I do not know!

      As for the Greek Salad you mentioned, I agree, they are really tasty. I was lucky to have one only 3 days ago as one of my friends owns a nice Taverna here!

      Thanks for reading Bob and I appreciate your comment!


  12. Thanks a ton for giving a virtual tour of this beautiful town that I never heard of before coming across this post.

    After reading this post, one cannot help but crave to visit at least once to this town and experience the beauty by actually being in the moment.

    This can be one of the destinations in my MUST visit list that for the summer vacations.

    The images added more beauty to your post and thus made the whole virtual tour experience a more real one.

    Thanks a lot once again for sharing about this beautiful town.

    • Hi there and thanks for your interest.

      I am of course happy you enjoyed the information here, but there is nothing like seeing it with your own eyes and having that moment that you mention 🙂

      Rhodes is definitely (in my opinion) a place everyone should see at least once in their life.

      Like you, there are many people that have never heard of Rhodes, which in all honesty does surprise me, but at least I am bringing this information to people to enlighten them to the beauty 🙂

      Thanks for your comment. I much appreciate it 🙂


  13. Wow! This is very interesting!

    I love the way you present the information. You took me on an imaginary trip and I could actually feel myself walking down the streets and smelling the atmosphere!

    I fell in love with the place without ever being there.

    Thank you for being my tour guide on a very relaxing trip!

    • Hi there Thia and thanks for reading and for your clear interest!

      Rhodes really is a great place to visit, and if you think what you see here is amazing, then for sure seeing it with your own eyes, feeling the warm sun on your skin and soaking in the fantastic atmosphere will certainly please you 🙂

      If you ever do manage a visit feel free to let me know, and I am also adding information to this site on a regular basis.

      So be sure to call back 🙂



  14. Very informational, I’ve never heard of Rhodes Town, but I’ve heard of Greece and I found this to be very interesting.

    Really great images. Thanks for making this website, this is great for travelers/nomads like myself.

    I’ve always wanted to visit Greece and now I am interested in visiting these places.

    I’m a photographer so I really enjoyed the pictures that you’ve shared. Great Job!

    • Hi Emonne and thanks for your kind words.

      Greece of course is a famous country in many ways. Although it is in the news a lot these days for all the wrong reasons, Greece is noted for its Mythology and Language.

      Saying that though, not everyone has heard of Rhodes, the same as you. It is a wonderful small Greek Island and is rich with culture and history.

      It is also flooded with wonderful photo opportunities, so I am sure you would love it being a keen photographer 🙂

      Great to hear from you Emonne, thank you!


  15. Thanks for giving us a little tour of this town, lovely.

    You make the information so compelling that anyone would want to take a trip to Rhodes Town.

    The scenic views from those images have captivated my thoughts about Greece, so I hope that I will be able to visit one day.

    You mentioned that your beer and coffee were too expensive. What about a stay over at a hotel? Is it very costly too?

    • Hi Carol, thanks for your questions!

      To be honest, when I am talking about the prices of things such as drinks, I am referring to this market area, and other similar establishments.

      Actually, if you were to go outside of the city into the villages such as Ialysos and Kremasti, you will pay a lot less than this. The City is always more expensive, the same in every country I expect.

      For the hotels, again you get what you pay for. The prices vary depending on what time of year you come.

      For the bigger hotels you can pay anything from 50 to 70 Euros per day per person. The smaller apartments will cost a lot less.

      A lot of people book the hotel with the flight as a package deal, for sure this way you can get a better price as an all in one offer.

      It all depends on what you want 🙂

      I prefer to go it alone and make my own way, but others like the security of things been taken care of for them!

      Hope this helps Carol, but if you need something more, I am here – don’t hesitate!



  16. Hi Chris,

    Greece! I have heard of this wonder from old times, to scriptures, and now today in this article.

    You describe Rhodes Town so nicely one cannot afford not to feel like going there. In my country are upcoming tours and travel agents and I think in their expansion they need to cover such places as you describe- especially the underwater caves.

    Beautiful article!

    • Hello there and thanks for your comment and for your interest.

      There is a lot to see and do in Rhodes and the underwater caves in the aquarium are the tip of the iceberg.

      Rhodes is one of the more famous islands in Greece, but there are many people around the world that have never heard of it.

      I was surprised by this, as every year millions of people flood the island for their holidays from all over the world.

      I guess you are right. Some travel agencies and tour companies do not offer certain places. Maybe due to lack of knowledge or the expense to make the tours. Who Knows?

      May I ask where you are from? This way I can take a look at some statistics. It would be interesting!

      Thanks again!



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