Rodini Park in Rhodes – Your Ultimate Guide

Welcome back, and today I want to talk with you about the Rodini Park In Rhodes.

I have been lucky enough to visit this park on many occasions and I have to tell you it is one of the most beautiful and peaceful places I have ever seen.

During my visits there, I have taken many photographs, some of which I have shared with you on the photo gallery below. I hope you like them.


What I like about the park is it is located almost in the middle of Rhodes City. Although just 3 kilometers from the center, walking inside Rodini Park feels like traveling a million kilometers away into tranquility.

You will never comprehend you are almost in the middle of a city.

Like I have said in previous sections of this website, the main road on the island of Rhodes goes all the way around the island. It is the same road, so it is hard to get lost.

As you head north towards Rhodes City from Lindos, you’ll reach a large set of traffic lights and a junction. At this point, you will find Rodini Park in Rhodes City on your left side.

Use the map I have given you above if you need it 🙂 And do not worry, it is very easy to find!

Rodini Park in Rhodes – A Little History

Documented records show that Rodini Park in Rhodes holds a unique status as the first-ever landscaped park, and it is likely one of the oldest parks still in existence.

Even dating back to Roman times, people frequented the park, enjoying its beauty and tranquility.

People believe that a language school, founded here in 330 BC, attracted famous figures like Julius Caesar in years gone by.

The Romans even built the water channel here (an aqueduct)

Also, inside the park there is a large water tower. In the ancient times it is known that this water tower provided water for the whole city of Rhodes. It is not certain when this water tower was constructed though.

At the end of the pathway there is an archaic tomb which is believed to be the tomb of Ptolemies. I will openly admit I do not know the source of this information, or how valid it is, but it is still worth seeing!

Time To Relax

Peacock - Rodini Park In Rhodes
Rodini Park in Rhodes: A Patrolling Peacock

Once inside the park, you will feel completely at ease. Your frame of mind can

instantly be relaxed as this amazing place takes you away from reality.

A beautiful river flows through the park, where turtles and fishes navigate its waters, and lovely wooden walkways cross over it.

The huge pine trees mixed with the wildlife found here make it a real treat to experience. There are ducks on the water, deer and peacocks patrolling the pathways, and there are waterfalls along with some extraordinary views.

It all sounds perfect doesn’t it? Well that is because it is!

Bench seating is available for you to sit and rest your feet. Just sitting there, breathing in the clean air and appreciating life’s quiet moments, surely makes it worthwhile, right? Additionally, there’s a children’s area to keep the little ones occupied and prevent boredom.

See The Video For Some Beautiful Views In Rodini Park

Rodini Park in Rhodes – Overall

Rodini Park is well worth seeing for sure, but I want to tell you something that I have noticed when it comes to talking with visitors to the island.

A lot of people miss out on this amazing location. I do not know why to be honest, maybe it is because it lies off a busy road, and people get tired to try to find parking. Maybe they drive past it without even realizing it is there? I have no idea.

Let me tell you though, if you ever manage to visit The Island Of Rhodes, then Rodini Park is a real gem. It is free, so you can come and go as you please. So why not pass by and admire its beauty? Enjoy the Photo gallery here!

  • Some Beautiful Stonework - Rodini Park In Rhodes
    Some Beautiful Stonework - Rodini Park In Rhodes

Like I say, the entrance to Rodini Park is completely free. You will find it on the Lindos Avenue heading North towards Rhodes. The telephone number (should you need to make any inquiries is (0030) 22410 73077.

Well, that is all from me for today, but if you have any questions or have something you want to share, just drop me a comment below.

Have you seen Rodini Park for yourself?

Are you planning a visit and want to know more?

Just leave your comment below.

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40 thoughts on “Rodini Park in Rhodes – Your Ultimate Guide”

  1. Hi Chris,

    We were in Rhodes in 1978, and visited, among many other things this Rodini Park. In those days, there were monkeys and goats, and at nights there was a wine festival with free retsina and other Greek wines. You had to pay an entrance fee, however, which came with a nice little wine glass. Is all of that gone now?

    • Hey Ronald

      Although time has passed since you visited Rodini Park back in 1978, the essence of the park is still the same.

      If you walk through the park now though, you will most probably be accompanied by Deer and Peacocks as opposed to the monkeys and goats that you mention.

      There is a wine festival that still takes too. It is there towards the end of August for everyone to enjoy 🙂

      Any plans to return to the island Ronald? Nice to hear from you.


      • Thanks Chris. No, we don’t have any plans to visit Rhodes in the near future. There are so many other beautiful things in the world… But we still have fond memories of the island. So who knows…

        Thanks again. Cheers!

        • This is very true my friend.

          There are indeed many other places to soak up. Many people choose to come and go back to the same place year after year, and others prefer to spread their wings a little 🙂

          Whatever happens, it is nice to know you have good memories from Rhodes. If you are ever back on the island, look me up 🙂

          All the best Ronald



  2. Oh my. That looks lovely, and looks like the perfect answer to daily stress. 

    Your pictures are beautiful. The weight of history must be immense next to those arches. 

    I have to ask, why you used the term, “Water channel” and lined out, “aqueduct?” Do you explain this in an earlier post? If so, I’d like to see the link take me to your explanation rather than to Wikipedia.

    • Hi Laurie and thanks for your visit. I am happy you enjoyed the information here. Rodini Park really is a paradise yes. Peace and quiet, you cannot get better 🙂

      I simply used the phrase ‘Water Channel as this is what an aqueduct is. It is a means of directing water flow through an area such as a valley. There was not a special thought in my mind when choosing my wording 🙂

      Also, thanks for informing me about the lining out on the link to the aqueduct, this was not something I was aware of. I have fixed this.

      Thanks Laurie. Nice to hear from you.


  3. Wow, Rodini Park will be one of the places that I will absolutely visit one day. 

    I love places with silence, peace and the most important thing – a river. I mean are you kidding me? Everybody needs some fresh air these days with all these cars and fumes about. Plus with the jobs I am doing and everything else going on around me, I could really use some rest.

    Thanks for such a complete and readable site. I enjoyed it.

    By the way, it is so good that your site has provided many languages. It helps a lot.

    • Hello and thanks so much for reading and for getting in contact. it is nice to hear from you.

      This is one of the benefits of Rodini Park in my opinion, the ability to escape the noise and the traffic. You are quite right too, with life seeming to be all about running around with little time to ourselves, it is always fantastic when you can find a few moments to hide away.

      I love the fresh air, peace and tranquility, and the sound of the flowing river in Rodini Park completes the setting perfectly 🙂

      You will love it here if you come.

      Also, thanks for your thoughts on the translation feature on my website. People come to Rhodes from all over the world, and naturally English is not always the mother tongue for some of them. I though it would be nice to make everyone feel at home here!

      All the best to you.



  4. Rodini Park looks so cool! 

    I love when I stumble across articles that talk about hidden gems like this one. Where would you suggest staying in Rhodes if this was something that I wanted to see while I was there? 

    I’m unfamiliar with the island so any additional information about the logistics of getting there would help. 


    • Hi Charlie, great to hear from you.

      Because Rodini Park is situated almost in the city, there are numerous places you can stay.

      From small family villas to 5 star luxury hotel accommodation, there will be something here that meets your needs.

      At the moment I am in the process of reviewing hotels and places to stay. i will make them all available on this site soon for you to digest.

      The island of Rhodes is located in the Mediterranean Sea on the far South Eastern side of Greece. See The Island of Rhodes page for more information, and getting here is not that difficult.

      There is a very robust international airport here and there is also the ferry port. Again I am going to be covering these in more depth soon.

      If you need to know something specific beforehand, just drop me a line and I will be happy to help you out 🙂

      Thanks Charlie


  5. Thank you for sharing such a great place to visit. I will add it to my list. The pictures are great and they are not filled with people.

    • Hi Tara, to be honest this is what I love about living here.

      Of course during the summer months the tourists are more than welcome here to appreciate what there is to offer. Naturally a huge percentage of them take their snapshots too 🙂

      When it gets busy though, it is hard to capture a photograph without people in it. It is not possible in most cases.

      When you are taking photos of historic places, it can sometimes take the feel away from the end result don’t you think?

      A lot of the pictures you see on this site are taken by myself during the winter months. You can really get a feel for the places when they are quiet 🙂

      Thanks for passing by Tara. Maybe I will see you here one day soon!


  6. Hi Chris

    Reading your post about Rodini Park being so well situated in the city made me want to go and see it in person besides from the photograph prospective of the pictures and details you have set up on this post. 

    Your page in general is giving me really the lust of seeing this great place I have yet not visited unfortunately.

    Having a park so centered and with such story and overflow of animals situated in the middle of the city sounds a bit like a city centered mirage one can escape too when the city gets to ones nerves! 

    Great reading!

    Thank you for your well composed and informative writing!


    • Thomas, hi and thanks for reading.

      I will be the first to confess that the city can get on my nerves somewhat.

      I am originally from a big city, and I was brought up believing I could never really live any other way. Cities have opportunities, outlets, places to see etc.

      Well that is all great for me, and I do like the cities that I have visited, but the crowds and the noise can irritate me too after a while.

      Rodini Park here in Rhodes is perfectly situated to get away from it all. After a few steps inside there is complete tranquility. I really love it. History, wildlife, trees and a beautiful river – you cannot beat it.

      Only a few weeks ago I was in London, and I tried to get away from it all in Hyde Park. It was a good effort, and I liked it there, but it does not have the peace and quiet Rodini Park has 🙂

      Thanks for passing by Thomas, it is really great to hear from you.


  7. Oh that is indeed an absolute gem! It reminds me of what I found in Cyprus. While we drove along the touristic things, there was this small place where you could park and stop and then walk for quite some distance through the forest. It was very unique and a fantastic experience.

    Anyway, when I go to Rhodes, I will definitely keep this park in mind. I prefer the free and beautiful places over the touristic beaches and attractions.


    • Hi Steven, great to hear from you.

      I am the same when it comes to discovering a new place. I think the tourist attractions serve their purpose, I think they are interesting and these are areas not to be missed, but it is off the beaten track where the most exciting times can be found.

      Sometimes there are little gems to be found like you say, and sometimes they are completely overlooked by the majority of people. Rodini Park is just like this.

      I will admit, before actually moving out here on a permanent basis, I came to Rhodes for my vacations. I fell into the tourist trap too.

      I hit the beaches, I went to the most popular attractions, I went to the bars to drink a beer, into the restaurants to eat the food etc.

      I missed all the little secrets that the island holds. Into the small villages you find the best bars, certainly the best food and the best times which you will always remember. You will also find Rodini Park.

      It is such a beautiful setting and I still remember the first time I walked inside. I really do not know how to explain it. HHmmm, Do you remember the tale by CS Lewis, The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe? Lets just say it is like walking into the back of that wardrobe into a different place all together.

      Thanks again Steven, it is really nice to hear from you. I hope you are able to manage a trip to Rhodes at some point.


  8. Thanks for this informative article. I agree with you that the Rodini Park is a beautiful and peaceful because the pictures say it all.

    It is also interesting to know that its one of the oldest parks that exist. I get the feeling that it’s the best place to visit just to chill out and have a break from the hassles of city life. 

    Are there any hotels near Rodini Park where people who want to to visit can put up for the night?

    • Hello there Zegu and thanks for your question.

      As Rodini Park is actually located close to the city of Rhodes, there are many hotels around the area where you can find a room for a few nights.

      In the city area, of course you will have a wide choice. From 5 star big hotel accommodation down to simple small bed and breakfast apartments – there will be something that suits your needs.

      As I develop here, I am going to be listing and reviewing a lot of the hotels on the island. Stay tuned for that 🙂

      Rodini Park is indeed a perfect place to relax and gather your thoughts. Although the city is outside, you would never believe it once you are inside. I visit Rodini Park often and enjoy the peace and quiet.

      In the summer there are a lot of people that visit. This is due to the high level of tourism on the island. But if you were able to experience it in the winter months, there is complete silence 🙂

      Thanks for getting in touch, and I hope I answered your question. Feel free to let me know if you have something more!

      Thanks Zegu.


  9. I was in Athens with my family about 4 months ago on vacation. We never left the city, but my wife and I had discussed other destinations within Greece. 

    I think next time we head that way we’ll have to do a little pond jumping and head over to Rhodes Island and check it out. 

    I knew nothing about Rodini Park before reading your article, but it’s on my radar now.

    • Hey Bill, thanks for reading.

      It is great that you have had the chance to see Athens. I also managed a visit there a couple of years ago and loved it. I still treasure the photographs and the memories.

      Like you say, it is a hop across the water. I am sure I will visit Athens again soon, as you should visit Rhodes too.

      I ventured by airplane and it is only a forty minute flight. Nothing at all. Definitely worth spending the time to check out a new place 🙂

      If you do manage to get over here then Rodini Park is for sure worth a stop. I love it here. Yes, Athens is a big city, and Rhodes is also quite a large place (not by comparison of course), but to walk in and be completely taken away from all the hustle and bustle after a few steps, well – there are not many places like that in the world 🙂

      Let me know if you ever get some plans in place for a visit Bill.

      Really great to hear from you.



  10. I have never heard of this island but Greece is on my bucket list for sure after reading your information here. I would not want to miss Rodini Park during my stay either. 

    I lived on an island in the Florida Keys for a while and being surrounded by water was so magical. It looks like Rhodes is perfect with the beautiful sea and such an exotic park. 

    Thank you for this gem of information.

    • Hello Katherine, it is really great to hear from you.

      Yes, you cannot beat the island life can you? 🙂 I love it. Rhodes is a small island really, and most places you visit you can see the beautiful blue sea. I would not change it for anything. There is definitely a big difference living on an island as opposed to the mainland.

      Rodini Park is definitely a must see if you ever visit Rhodes. It is amazing. Such tranquil place in a magical setting. It is really difficult to understand how you can walk off a busy main road which leads to the city of Rhodes and immediately be in another world. Peace and Quiet. The first time I visited I was gobsmacked.

      I hope you manage a visit here Katherine, and make sure Rodini Park is on your list of places to see!

      Thanks for reading.


  11. You know, in the States there aren’t really that many landmarks over 100 years old. Let alone Ancient Rome old. The reason I would want to visit Europe all over is because of all the historic landmarks in there.

    This old park would be a wonderful place to visit. Is Rhodes part of Europe or Africa? I’m curious to know.

    I like the look of the walls as you approach the inner-city park. I’m in awe of the Roman colliseum-like structure of them.

    It looks really peaceful and I imagine it was frequented by all the Roman elite in it’s heyday. You already said Julius Caesar had walked through before so who knows who else.

    • Hello Jason, and greetings to you there all the way in the USA. Thanks for visiting me here 🙂

      Yes, Rodini Park and other areas on the island have a massive history that date back thousands of years. This is why I love living here. I know the USA is quite new when you compare it to some other countries, and here is no exception.

      Rodini Park in Rhodes is based in Greece. I can see you ask where in the world it is, but if you click the map on the right of the page and zoom out, you will get a better idea 🙂

      If you check out The Island Of Rhodes page here, you will see some more statistics 🙂

      It is the largest of The Dodecanese Islands in Greece and lies just short of 500 Kilometers East of the Greek Mainland.

      This park is very peaceful. I go there sometimes to clear my mind and generally relax. Walk inside, and you are a million miles away from anywhere 🙂

      Thanks for your interest Jason.


  12. Thanks for another very interesting and informative post Chris. I love to read the posts on your website. This is another great one.

    The setting and surroundings in the park look so peaceful and tranquil. I love the pictures and can just imagine myself sitting on that bench clearing my mind and taking in the surroundings.

    I would not trust the bridge though. Do people still use it? I assume not.

    Have a great day!

    • Hi there Rika, really great to see you here again. I hope you are doing fine.

      You know, when it comes to Rodini Park, it is my favorite place to go and relax. It is indeed tranquil, peaceful and the perfect place to gather your thoughts and enjoy the nature.

      I really love this location. To sit and listen to the birds in the trees, see the peacocks patrolling around and watching the beautiful water flowing past you. It is a great site to see.

      As for the bridge, yeah, it looks a little dodgy doesn’t it 🙂 I will be honest and say I have never seen anyone trying to cross it. This does not mean it has not been tried though.

      Let’s put it this way, the next time I visit, if the bridge is gone, I will know someone gave it a shot 🙂

      Thanks Rika .. Nice to hear from you again!


  13. This park looks incredible with the old ancient architecture and the beautifully colorful free-roaming peacocks! 

    It’s so cool to think about what would have taken place there many, many years ago when Julius Caesar and other famous people might have visited. I can almost picture it. 

    Thanks for sharing! Your photos are beautiful!

    • Hi Jasmine, it is really nice to hear from you and thank you for getting in touch.

      I think this is what I love about being on this amazing island. There is so much going on, and wherever you go – there is history. Rodini Park is of course one of the beautiful attractions here, and there are many more,

      The amazing thing is, whichever attraction you decide to visit, you will be standing in a place where important events took place and of course historic figures once stood. (Julius Caesar like you mentioned). It really does add to the feeling of going back in time when you look at these amazing places.

      Another place of importance and one that I love is Monte Smith. Did you read the information I made on this too? Again it holds a great history and is a place I frequently visit (along with Rodini Park) to gather my thoughts and get some beautiful fresh air.

      I am happy you like the information here and the photographs I have made. I took them all myself. I never leave home without my camera as this is always something I see and want to capture. I really hope you manage to see it all for yourself one day!

      Thanks again Jasmine. If you need something more just let me know!


  14. Man, this place looks amazing and you have actually convinced me to go at some point in the future. 

    I love peacocks and they are probably my favorite bird. I am a big fan of nature and I love just relaxing next to a pond or in a park and enjoying the sun. 

    If I go to Rhodes in the future I will definitely visit Rodini Park.

    • Hi there Josh and thanks for reading the section here on Rodini Park.

      I also love Peacocks, and there are plenty here in this park. There is also another area on the island called Filerimos, and on the top of the mountain there you will also find many peacocks. They reside there in their hundreds. Well worth seeing.

      As you are a lover of peacocks, I am sure you know that the work “Peacock” is actually used to describe the male only. The females are referred to as “Peahens” and the young are called “Peachicks”. Did you know that? Just some trivia for you 🙂

      Rodini Park is well worth a visit and sometimes it can be overlooked. It is in the middle of the city (almost) and you can actually drive past it without realizing. Once inside though, it is like the city is not there. Complete tranquility.

      I hope you manage to arrange a visit sometime Josh.

      Thanks 🙂


  15. Your content is really awesome

    I love reading about culture and tradition tours. Before reading this I didn’t know about Greek cultures and traditions.

    I learned so many thingsfrom your post. I’m from Malaysia. Malaysia has many different religions, and of course has many different traditions too.

    Glad to see your post. Thanks man 🙂

    • Hi there Aiman and thanks for getting in touch all the way from Malaysia 🙂

      Although this post is aimed at Rodini Park, there is a lot of tradition and culture that spans almost everything you see and do here in Rhodes. I think this is why I love it so much.

      Wherever you go and whatever you do there is always something to learn, and you always find out things you never knew anything about.

      Every time I go to Rodini Park I see something new that I never noticed before, and I have been many times 🙂

      Also if you like reading about Culture and Traditions then I have assigned a specific section on this site aimed at just that!

      You can find it in the Culture an Tradition area 🙂

      Thanks Aiman, great to hear from you!


  16. Hi Chris, a great time article as I am shortly off to visit Greece and Rhodes is on my itinerary.

    I love reading about the history so I value the content you have provided. I had not heard of Rodini Park, but you have intrigued me now so will add it to my list.

    Great pics by the way, did you take them?


    • Hi Chris, it is great to hear you are venturing this way in the near future. If you do get the chance to visit then make sure you do not miss out.

      Rodini Park is only one of the hundreds of places to see, and you will not be disappointed with your stay.

      To answer your question, yes all the photos from Rodini Park that you see here were taken by myself. I went there one afternoon in the winter time to take some shots while it was quiet 🙂

      I am glad you like them.

      Thanks Chris, and if you need any more information before your Greek adventure just let me know 🙂


  17. I live in Greece and make lots of trips to the island of Rhodes to visit friends. I have a friend who lives somewhere in that area as I do remember she discussed it before with me.

    Rodini Park sounds very interesting and I’m putting it in my to do list. There seems to be a lot of history there which is what I’m always intrigued by. I would definitely go to the caves and the forest.

    I enjoyed reading this… thanks!

    • Hi Monica and thanks for your interest.

      Rodini Park is indeed a beautiful place to visit, It is so tranquil and if you like peace and quiet, this is the place for you 🙂

      It is great that you get to visit the island, and if your friend lives in the nearby area it would be a shame to miss out on this beautiful setting.

      Keep it on your to do list, and when you finally get the chance to see it, let me know what you think!

      Thanks Monica!


  18. Hi there, I have been wanting to go to Greece for a while to the usual destinations, where Rhodes does not seem to stand out.

    But after reading this post I am not only more knowledgeable about this particular destination but I now want to go there as well.

    I love history as well, so I think I would love this place!

    • Hi Dhanraj and thanks for your visit.

      If history is of an interest to you then you would love Rhodes for sure, as you would other locations in Greece too.

      It is rich with history and culture and you can look around endlessly obtaining more knowledge on subjects you would otherwise not be aware of.

      I do have a section dedicated to the history of Rhodes if it is of interest to you. You can find it in The History Of Rhodes Greece section on this site 🙂

      Thanks Dhanraj


  19. This place looks truly wonderful!. I feel peaceful just looking at your pictures. Are you travelling through this place or do you live close by?

    That first picture at the top of your blog post reminded me of something out of a medieval time.

    It has a feeling of age about it and it would be amazing to know what kinds of activities took place back in the day.

    • Hi Liz and thanks for reading.

      This Park really is as peaceful as it looks on the photographs I promise you 🙂

      I actually live on the island of Rhodes and Rodini Park is only 15 minutes away by car.

      The photograph you see on the blog post is the entrance, and if you look at The Medieval City In Rhodes section, you will see a lot of these places on the island display Medieval History.

      A lot of the structures you see were originally built in the byzantine, and The Knights Of St John made a lot of repairs to the structures back in the 15th Century.

      I am happy you liked the information.

      Thanks for your interest Liz.



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