Filerimos In Rhodes – A Complete Guide Through Time and Nature

One of the most beautiful and regularly visited attractions on the island is Filerimos in Rhodes with its Mountain and Monastery!

I personally like to visit this area on a regular basis, and I make a regular walk around the village of Ialyssos before taking the steep and winding road to the top of this mountain where its peak sits at just under 270 meters in height.

If you choose to walk (or take the road by bicycle) it will certainly keep you fit, but it also provides you with beautiful fresh air and great exercise.

Do not worry though, for those of you who prefer not to stretch yourself too much, you can also take the same road by car or other means of transport 🙂

Filerimos In Rhodes can be found on the west coast of the island and is approximately 15 Kilometers south of Rhodes City itself.

It is lined with beautiful pine trees (among others) and at its peak it offers a breathtaking view of Rhodes City, Ixia, Ialyssos. Kremasti and Diagoras Airport.

Also, on the top of the mountain you will find the ancient archaeological site of the Acropolis of the Ialyssos ancient town with the Temple of Athena Polias.

Filerimos In Rhodes – The Church

The Church and Monastery - Filerimos In Rhodes
The Church and Monastery – Filerimos In Rhodes

The Church situated here dates back to early Christianity. Before this religion became the power that it is today, a lot of the early shrines, temples and altars were converted into churches and this location was one of them.

The church here on Filerimos Mountain in Rhodes was dedicated to the Virgin Mary and since then has been well-known for accommodating The Icon Of The Virgin Of Filerimos!

It was brought by a monk from Jerusalem and the name ‘Filerimos’ is named after him.

It is said that this icon stayed on the island of Rhodes until 1523 (from the 13th Century).

The Knights Of Saint John built a Monastery during their occupation, and it is here that the icon was later kept

The Knights later took the Icon to France after the Ottoman Empire took control of Rhodes in 1522. From there it went via Russia, Malta and Italy.

The Icon is now located in The National Museum Of Montenegro and has been there since 2002.

Filerimos In Rhodes – The Monastery

The Filerimos Cross In Sunlight - Filerimos In Rhodes
The Filerimos Cross In Sunlight

It would probably not surprise you to learn that the Monastery built by The Knights Of Saint John was destroyed during the Turkish Rule. As with so many other beautiful structures, the Ottoman Empire left a lot of damage in its trail.

Along with many other structures, the Italians rebuilt this Monastery during their occupation. During their rule it was open and operated by Monks from the Capuchin Order.

War came though, and the Monks left for Italy, and since then the Monastery has been closed.

Even today though, you can visit this wonderful site and have a good look around. It is open to the public and you can visit for a small entrance fee. 3 Euros to be precise.

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The Path To The Cross

Although I appreciate and love seeing the Church and Monastery of Filerimos, my favorite area is that of the path to the cross.

What I like most about this, is you walk west along the long path to the cross itself passing 14 concrete stands that display and tell the events that took place from the sentencing of Jesus Christ by Pilate to his ultimate crucifixion.

The Path starts at the sentencing, and ends on Mount Golgotha. The Length of the path is the length Jesus Christ carried the cross on which he was crucified.

Although this is indeed a terrible event, I find it very touching. I walk down here quite often, and every time I do, it makes me shiver. It is wrong to say I like it I suppose.

The Path To The Cross - Filerimos In Rhodes
The Path To The Cross

It is a sad story, in a beautiful setting. I respect it. I think this is a better word.

On a lighter note, the path is lines with peacocks which really do make the path wonderful to walk down. They are scattered in their hundreds and really brighten the area when they open their amazing feathers.

Filerimos In Rhodes – The Cross

The Cross is located at the most western point on Filerimos Mountain. It stands at just under 50 Feet tall (16 Meters) and is made from concrete.

Although it is not always open, at the base of the cross is a door. This leads inside where you can walk up the spiral staircase and stand on the arms of the actual cross.

From here the scenery is unbelievable. It offers you complete tranquility along with some amazing photo opportunities.

  • 10th Century Church - Filerimos In Rhodes
    10th Century Church On Filerimos

Filerimos In Rhodes – Overall

Personally I love Filerimos In Rhodes.

I think the history is amazing, the setting is beautiful and there is a lot to learn.

Walking away from Filerimos Mountain with disappointment never happens on my account.

Admittedly, a more meaningful and enjoyable experience awaits those who put on their walking shoes and take the winding road to the top on foot.

You will appreciate the Monastery and the Path To The Cross all the much more if you have worked for it 🙂

See The Video For Some Spectacular Views From Filerimos

Well, I hope this information sheds some light onto the Mountain Of Filerimos for you, but if you do have any questions or thoughts, feel free to let me know in the comments below. I love to hear from you all and I will get back to you.

Be sure to enjoy the other attractions on the West Coast Of Rhodes too!

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24 thoughts on “Filerimos In Rhodes – A Complete Guide Through Time and Nature”

  1. Mountain Of Filerimos definitely does look amazing – is on my to do list when I will come to visit Rhodes.

    Great pictures you have taken.

    Just one question – you write it is located around 15 km outside Rhodes city. What is the best way to get there? Is it to rent a scooter or go on a guided tour? Personally I am not too crazy about the guided bus tours, so hope there are other options.



    • Mike, great to have you here my friend.

      To be honest, Filerimos is easily accessed so you have no need to worry.

      There is a direct road that will take you there and although there are bus tours (which i am also not crazy about) you can walk up to the top, cycle, go by scooter or car.

      The walking can be quite intense if you are not used to it, as can the cycling, but going up with scooter or a rental car is the most popular.

      It is a great place Mike, with some stunning views and amazing history too. You will not be disappointed 🙂

      Thanks for your visit and your interest.


  2. I loved the description you made of the way up to the cross. I could almost visualize the landscape even before looking at the pictures.

    Although I need to say, the picture showing the Path to the Cross is absolutely beautiful. I think the light produced sort of a special effect (I really don’t understand much about photography, it’s just a way of saying that I thought it was a gorgeous photo shot).

    Is this a crowded place to visit? It seems to be a wonderful spot to meditate and enjoy some tranquility.

    Having that in mind, should anyone worry about the best day and time to go there?

    • Hi Eliane, it is nice to hear from you and thank you for your observations and your questions.

      I will be openly honest and say I am not a master photographer either. I do my best, but I am far from a professional. I took all of these photographs myself, so the one you refer too was captured the way it was with a little luck too. It did turn out nice though, I agree! 🙂

      When it comes to visiting Filerimos, you just need to take into consideration the temperatures. If you visit the island in the high season, it can get quite hot. Sometimes this can spoil the experience, but to be honest, when I go up this mountain, I do it early in the morning before the sun hits its peak and the crowds start to gather.

      It is a popular spot, so yes, many people visit. This is by no means a reason for it to put you off though. It is never so crowded that it becomes frustrating.

      I hope this answers your questions, but I am here if you need something else!

      Thanks Eliane.


  3. Hello. 

    I had a look at your site and I must say it makes me want to visit Rhodes. 

    One of my best friends is Greek and was born in England. She talked to me about wanting to visit there many times. 

    Your site is very informative. I would imagine seeing this place can be emotional yet beautiful. I love the cross with the walk through of the door, very interesting. 

    I live near the Mountains in Canada and it’s breath taking. 

    Best of luck with the site, it looks great.

    • Hi there Kim. Thanks for passing by and sharing your thoughts.

      It is great that you have a friend there that has Greek Heritage. Does she often tell you stories or teach you some of the language?

      Greece is an amazing place to see, and Rhodes is quite beautiful yes.

      The cross on Filerimos Mountain is sensational and offer beautiful views of the islands west coast. Definitely a must see during your visit.

      I have never been to Canada. It is a place I want to see though. My Grandfather when he was alive used to travel there once every couple of years to see friends. I was offered the opportunity to go with him on one occasion, but was unable to due to work commitments. (Typical)

      Should another chance come my way, I will not turn it away again!

      Nice to hear from you Kim, and hope to see you and your Greek friend on the island in the future!



  4. Travelling is my patron too. 

    I love Greece and Rhodes is one of the islands I always wanted to visit! 

    Based on your review Filerimos Mountain is definitely one of the ‘must-see’ places when visiting this beautiful Greek island. 

    It looks like it has that orthodox spirit and, of course, lots of medieval history. 

    I really hope I will have a chance soon to visit Rhodes.

    • Thank you for getting in contact Anna, it is nice to hear from you.

      Rhodes as a whole is a beautiful island and there is a lot going on in the way of things to see and do.

      As you say though, Filerimos is a ‘must see’ location. It really is so peaceful and tranquil. I love it here.

      There is a lot of history on the mountain too as you will see during your visit. It is hard to put it into words in all honesty, it is one of those locations you visit, and never forget.

      Hope to see you here soon Anna!



  5. First of all Chris, I must admit I have never been to Rhodes, nor to Greece actually. 

    But I have to say, reading your blog has made me want to add a trip to Rhodes to my bucket list. 

    Especially the Walk to The Cross in Filerimos, and the way you describe it, well… 🙂

    The way I imagine it, it is filled with mysticism and with awe. It must be absolutely overwhelming!

    The way you describe the peacefulness of Filerimos is something to look forward to, especially during a holiday away from the hustle and bustle of more western lifestyles. 

    There is no doubt I am visiting Rhodes. I can’t let it go!

    • Hello Giulia, thanks so much for reading and for your kind words.

      You know, I have been up this mountain many times, and it always amazes me. The hardest thing to do though, is explain it so people so they get a good picture of what it is really like.

      All my words and a thousand photographs still could not give you the true picture (although I have done my best), so you will need to see it yourself to get the full experience.

      You are absolutely correct too, it takes you away from the hustle and bustle of the more common attractions. Rhodes Town is very much the heart of the island, and to a certain degree has been westernized. Although I love the city of Rhodes, I am also happy to get away from it again. It is too busy all the time for me.

      Filerimos and its amazing cross and monastery though, I never get tired of these!

      I hope you manage a visit soon Giulia to see it all for yourself in person.

      Thanks, and it is nice to meet you.


  6. I spent two years in Europe in the mid 2000’s, and I’m disappointed that I never made it to this majestic Greek island. 

    Part of the reason I never made it there was because I had never heard about it, not even a blip on my radar! Europe is huge and is filled with so much history, so I can’t be surprised that I overlooked this place. 

    I want to go back to Europe in the future, and after learning about this, Rhodes (thanks to you) it is now definitely on my list! Filerimos Mountain that you talk about here looks absolutely amazing. The views – Wow!

    I love Greek food, do you have any suggestions on where I can find some great places to eat in this area? Are there restaurants nearby?



    • Hello Chris, really nice to meet you my friend.

      A lot of people do seem to overlook the island of Rhodes when it comes to considering a holiday. I guess if you are not actually from Europe, there is every chance you (and others) have never heard of it.

      Rhodes is actually very high up on the list of places to visit for vacations, and millions of people every year flood the island to soak up the sun and the atmosphere.

      So, get yourself back to Europe and catch up on the things you missed out on first time around 🙂

      Filerimos in Rhodes is a wonderful place, and as you pointed out, the views are exceptionally beautiful. Go up there on a clear day and you can see for miles. It is complete bliss.

      You will be pleased to know too, that there is a restaurant at the foot of the mountain in the village of Ialyssos. It is a very nice restaurant indeed and one of my Greek friends actually owns it. His name is Petros (Peter) and he makes amazing food. I am not just saying that because he is my friend either! The name of the place is Filerimos Restaurant (fittingly)!

      I will be making a review on his restaurant soon. Meanwhile, I made a section here on Traditional Greek Food. Check it out 🙂

      Thanks Chris, and hope you get here soon!

      Best Wishes


  7. Very beautiful pics you have here. 

    It’s cool that the Filerimos Cross is accessible at least sometimes. Most historical sites are never open for the public to climb. Even though they probably wont allow most tourists to stand up there on the arms of the cross. I would absolutely love to go up there. I always get a thrill from man-made heights.

    It looks like there is no rails up there either. Is that an actual person standing up there? Awesome. I can barely make him out but it does seem like there is somebody there in your Filerimos Cross picture.

    • Hey there, thanks for visiting.

      The Cross on Filerimos Mountain is a great place to see. i agree that a lot of places do not allow you to climb up or on the monuments, but when open, tourists are allowed to go up the staircase inside the cross and stand on the arms.

      It is actually very safe up there, as the arms that you can see in the pictures here are actually also the walls from the inside. When you stand, the walls come to about waist height (for an adult). So you are correct yes, there are no railings as such, but it is safe!

      On this photograph, it is not actually a person that you see. The doors at the bast of the cross were closed when I made this picture, so what you see it a trick of the light. Effective though eh? And I was lucky 🙂

      Thanks for getting in touch, It is much appreciated.


  8. Hello Chris 

    I learned a lot from visiting your site today. Thank you for the great information. 

    You clearly put in all you know and love about the place. Your posts, images and overall content reflects it all. 

    Filerimos Mountain looks beautiful indeed and so rich in history. Rhodes is on my bucket list, and I hope to visit your island in the future.

    • Hello Sarah, nice to meet you 🙂

      I am happy you like the information here and believe me, Filerimos Mountain with the monastery and cross are only a scratch on the surface of what there is to see in Rhodes.

      All of the island is filled with history and culture and I am sure you would enjoy a nice stay should you be able to get here.

      I like Filerimos a lot, as it allows you great views of the island’s North West Coast. Once upon the top of the mountain, you can see for miles on a good day 🙂

      I hope you are able to tick Rhodes off your bucket list soon Sarah!

      Thanks for your interest.


  9. 21 degrees Celsius (which is around 70 for us Americans I believe) sounds fantastic right now. 

    A former student of mine just posted the pictures from his trip to Greece on Instagram. I’m not sure that he visited the island of Rhodes but it seems like one would miss out on a special destination if they skipped it. 

    It was sad to read about how religious landmarks become targets as the area was taken over. 

    Talk about tolerance for others, right? Does this make the island a very diverse place?

    • Hey Neil, with you mentioning the temperature, I am guessing you noticed the weather icon on the right side of the page? I have put there there, as I am sure lots of people will notice it. It might not be the most important thing, but you will be surprised at how often people ask me about the weather 🙂

      Tell me if your friend passed by Rhodes, it would be great to hear his points of view and stories if he did. It would be a shame if he missed out for sure, but there are tons of places to see in Greece, so I am sure he would have had a great time regardless. I would love to see some photos if he has? Let me know!

      The island is indeed a very diverse place and these days it is accommodating to all walks of life. The island has had its fair share of war and misfortune, and let’s hope no more comes. 

      The island has left a lot here in the way of its history and a lot of it can still be seen today. The Filerimos Mountain and Monastery is only one of the wonders for you to see.

      This location is definitely worth checking out if you ever make it here 🙂

      Thanks Neil


  10. Thank you for a great article and some great photographs too. I feel as though I have already visited.

    I am planning on a trip to Rhodes and this is definitely going to be one of the places I try to get to.

    Do you think the weather will be a little cooler for me to be able to do the walk in late September?

    I certainly couldn’t cope with it in the heat of the summer months.

    • Hi Karen and thanks for your comment and for your question.

      Wherever I go on this beautiful island I am always equipped with my camera. Even if I go to the same place multiple times, the shots I get are amazing and always different. Sometimes the sunlight at certain times can really make a place look magical!

      The walk up to the top of Filerimos is quite a way and can be a challenge if you are not used to exercise. With this in mind, it is important to consider the weather and temperatures.

      September is a perfect time to get stuck into this walk though. It is still nice and warm but not too hot to destroy your experience. There is a nice breeze at this time of year especially when you get to higher ground. Well worth giving it a try Karen 🙂

      Let me know when you make your holiday plans and I will offer you as much information as you need to enjoy your stay!



  11. Thank you for posting about this island and attraction in Greece. It’s not an area that is mentioned as often as Athens. For this reason, I enjoyed reading your experience. I would love to do the hike.

    Would you recommend certain times of the year that are better than other times to visit the area? 

    Are there any festivals or other special events in the area during certain times of the year?

    • Hi there, thanks for reading and for getting in contact with your questions.

      Your queries actually are very common ones, and for this reason I have written some material on them to help you and others.

      When it comes to the best times to visit Rhodes, the most important aspect is the weather and your ability to combat the high temperatures. All the temperatures are here on The Climate Of Rhodes page. It will offer you the best advice.

      As for the festivals that take place in Rhodes, they are plentiful 🙂 It is great to get involved too if you are here when they take place. If you look at the Public Holidays In Greece section, it will list some of the more important ones and when they take place 🙂

      Hope this helps you out 🙂



  12. Great photos:) and great article.

    As I can see the place is really impressive. The cross itself is wonderful and i wanted to ask something.

    If I want to visit the church can I go everyday? Is it open

    I suppose from the top of the cross you have a great view don’t you?

    When do you think is the best time to visit Filerimos? Is it any transport to the top or do you have to have your own?

    Thanks for a great article and looks like really worth seeing 🙂


    • Hey Cristina, some great questions here and it is my pleasure to answer them for you.

      The view from the arms of the cross is fantastic yes. Unfortunately, while visiting to make the photographs you see here, the door to the top of the cross was closed. I was not able to capture the images that I would have otherwise done that day. Fear not though, I will visit again and get the pictures from the top of the cross for you to see.

      The Cross is always there for you to visit and appreciate. There is no entrance for this, or fee.

      There is a 3 euro charge (per person) to visit the Church and Monastery though, and you will find it open everyday between 0800 and 1500 except for Mondays when it is closed.

      The hill to the top of Filerimos is there for all forms of transport. You can climb the  hill on foot, with a bicycle (if you are feeling fit), by car, scooter or by bus.

      To my knowledge the local bus routes do not travel to the top of the mountain, but it will drop you off at the base.

      It is important to know too, that during the summer months the temperatures can be very high, and for safety reasons the road to the top is closed and guarded by fire-fighters.

      In the past fires have happened through negligence, people smoking etc. No chances are taken these days, so after around 8 pm during the summer, you will be stopped from visiting.

      Hope this helps you Cristina, and if you need something more just let me know 🙂




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