The Village Of Siana In Rhodes – A Journey into Authentic Greek Charm

One beautiful area on the island (and often overlooked) is the village of Siana in Rhodes.

I have been here so many times and it really is the most gorgeous little village on the island. I personally love it here.

You will find Siana village on the west coast of the island and down towards the south. It is actually just under 70 Kilometers from the city of Rhodes and approximately 5 Kilometers North-East from Monolithos.

Siana has been completely constructed on the side of Mount Akramitis and is a mountain village. This mountain is the second largest on the island, the first one being Attavyros Mountain sitting proud at 1216 meters.

So, What Is The Attraction?

To be honest, the attraction for me is the peace and quiet.

Sitting high in the mountains with fresh air and wonderful sea views offers complete tranquility. There is so much greenery, beautiful trees and fields and there is a lot here that has not been overrun and taken over by tourism.

Do not get me wrong, tourists are more than welcome here. It is just that it is a place where you visit, and then leave. It has not been taken over by huge hotels such as areas like Ialyssos.

There are wonderful views of the other islands just off the west coast (Alimia and Chalki islands) and again, these offer the chance to take the most amazing photographs. Think postcards 🙂

Siana In Rhodes – The Village Of Honey

A View Of Siana - The Village Of Siana In Rhodes

The village of Siana is mainly known for the production and selling of honey as well as the local wines.

You can buy the honey and wine from here to take home with you and you can also enjoy these delicacies from the local taverns.

The honey here is served with yogurt or ice cream and it is really refreshing, especially on a very hot summer day. The wine produced here is superb and well worth a taste. There is also another wine making village not far away from Siana which is called Embonas.


As well as the wine, there is another drink which is prepared called ‘Souma’. Although this is very nice, it is very strong. It puts whiskey and vodka to shame believe me. It is approximately 40% Volume, so if you drink one, forget about driving the car. Sometimes it is better to buy a small bottle and take it back home!

Siana In Rhodes – The Shops And Tavernas

I have been in Siana quite a few times like I have already mentioned. Every time I have ended up putting my hand in my pocket because I wanted to buy something.

When you walk into the shops here, it is all so very tempting. All the different sized bottles of Wines and Souma, jars and tins full of tasty honey and other sweets.

There are many shops to choose from, but most of them pretty much offer the same products for the same price. You will also see other outlets selling Jewelry and clothing.

All the shops are located on the other side of the street to the Honey Factory. Here you can also buy the honey and do some tasting!

The Church in Siana

Another one of the attractions in the village of Siana is the Church. It is the Church Of Saint Panteleimon built in the 19th Century.

This is a real pleasure to the eyes. When I first saw it I was mesmerized. It stands in the middle of the village and it dominates the entire area. While visiting, you cannot help notice it. If you have the chance, go inside too. Something not to be missed.

  • The Honey Factory - Siana In Rhodes
    The Honey Factory

Siana In Rhodes – Overall

I think Siana is a place that should be seen by everyone. Although it is small and a world apart from the city of Rhodes, it can be a really wonderful day for most people.

Maybe if you have children with you they may get a little bored, but overall I would make the trip to see it.

Even if you are not interest in honey and wine, the views around the area make it all well worthwhile.

Well, that’s all for Siana, if you have any questions please feel free to ask them in the comments below. Maybe you have something you would like to share? Maybe you have been to Siana and have your own thoughts and experiences?

I would love to hear from you all and I will get back to you.

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24 thoughts on “The Village Of Siana In Rhodes – A Journey into Authentic Greek Charm”

  1. Hi Chris

    Thank so much for sharing another nice place to visit in Rhodes.

    I’ve been there, but I must say I already have Rhodes on my Bucket list to visit again.

    Siana looks like a beautiful quiet place to visit and enjoy some good wine and honey.

    How do you get to Siana?

    • Hi again Alejandra. I remember you from previous visits. It is nice to see you again.

      Siana, although quite and quaint is well worth a visit. Yes fine, it does not have lots of activity when it comes to comparing it with other areas, but it really is quite lovely to see and I recommend it to everyone.

      Siana is easily accessible and it is located on the main coastal road on the west side of the island. Getting there by car, motorcycle, bus is all achievable with ease.

      The only thing I would say, if you make your own way there, just be ready for a challenge parking. Because the village is small, there is a not so much going on when it comes to dedicated parking areas.

      Aside from that, you will love it in Siana 🙂

      Thanks Alejandra. Come back soon!


  2. Chris

    When visiting the Island of Rhodes, the village of Siana would be a great day trip. We have many places around where I live that make and sell wine and honey.

    This would be a village that I would have to put on my list for a visit. I would like to put this area of the globe on my bucket list.


    • Hey John, yes this really is a beautiful part of the world.

      With the exception of it being a beautiful place, Siana produces honey like you have never tasted before. It really is a great product.

      Many people that visit Rhodes and taste the honey in Siana end up buying some and taking it home with them!

      Thanks John, nice to hear from you my friend.


  3. Hello and thank you for a very informative and interesting article. I think that peace and quiet is quite an attraction these days in a noisy world that causes so much stress in the way life happens day to day. 

    Siana seems from what you write as the perfect combination of peace and ancient uniqueness and I am definitely considering this place as a place to visit after reading your article.

    Thanks Chris


    • Hi Eli, I am happy you found the information here interesting,

      Siana is a world away form city life and it offers complete tranquility. I am from a big city where the noise and pollution never stops, so this village really is a breath of fresh air.

      If you do consider Rhodes and are interested in SIana in the future, just give me the nod and I will help you out as much as I can!

      Thanks Eli, nice to hear from you.


  4. The Village of Siana in Rhodes seems like the perfect place for me and my family to spend some quality time together.

    Because we live in a busy and congested city, there is nothing I want more than to go away, even just for a short period of time and just relax and bond with my family.

    The Church of Saint Panteleimon is a great attraction too. I love visiting old churches; I wonder if they also believe like other places do that when you enter a church for the very first time, you can ask anything and God will surely give it to you.

    • Hello Alice and thanks for your interest.

      I wanted to ask, where is it (other places that is) that you have heard of God offering you what you ask if you enter a church for the first time?

      I have never heard of this.

      When I received your comment, I also asked some of my Greek friend before I wanted to reply to you, and they also do not know of this. I would love to hear more if you do not mind sharing?



  5. I visited Greece more than 20 years ago, and your article really made me want to visit again! 

    I really enjoyed how you added some historical and cultural flavor to your post. You’ve obviously been there a while and have done your research! 

    I loved these photos you have provided of Siana too. So many fascinating places to visit.

    • Hi Daniel. 

      I have actually lived on the island for over 12 years. So yes, I certainly have had the time to learn a lot and see a lot of the places of interest.

      Siana if a beautiful village. Very picturesque. I personally love it here and it is certainly popular with the tourists too.

      There is a lot to see without doubt. Sometimes there can be too much to see all one go in all honesty.

      I hope this site of mine will offer some information for those who have not had the chance to see it all, or for those who have never been and are planning a visit.

      Thanks for your visit Daniel. It is nice to hear from you.


  6. Hi there and what a lovely looking village. I have not even considered going to Rhodes for a holiday but after reading this post, I will be putting it on my list of places to go for the future.

    Can you suggest the best time of year to visit? We don’t like it too hot but I understand it is probably going to be warm most of the year. I did notice from your beautiful picture of the church that the clouds looked rather stormy!

    We lived in the Granada Parque Natural for 6 years and these pictures give me a feeling of similar countryside, including the Olive Oil Factory which we had close to where we were in Valor, Granada.

    The butterfly valley sounds very interesting especially as we are into all kinds of wildlife. By the way, I suppose there are excursions to those islands you speak of? Thanks for the info!

    • Hi Ches and thank you for passing by and for getting in contact.

      The 2 islands (namely Alimia and Chalki (also known as Halki)) are accessible by a small boat trip. There is a small ferry service to these islands that leaves from the area of Kamiros Skala. To the best of my knowledge there are daily trips available. For this though, you are best to make an arrangement with your tour operator.

      These island are well worth a visit too. I have one friend who has a small property on this island of Chalki, and I went across last year for a long weekend. It was wonderful, and it has some spectacular views too.

      As for the village of Siana, the photographs are actually mine, and they were from last year during January. I apologize for the sky and apparent stormy looking clouds. Of course it was out of season and a little cold that day, but when I can make some summer photographs, I will 🙂

      Thanks Ches, it is really nice to hear from you. Hope to see you here on the island of Rhodes soon!


  7. It sounds so lovely in Siana, like a hidden gem. 

    The honey and wine seem like good enough reasons to visit, and getting beautiful views and a peaceful relaxing atmosphere are extra bonuses! The church looks stunning, a really beautiful building. 

    When would you say is the best time of year to visit? Is everything open all year round?

    • Hey there and thank you for your comment. I really appreciate you taking a look.

      Siana is a great place yes, but actually in the winter months there is not a lot going on. There are a couple of places open where you can get hold of some items, and a couple of restaurants where you can enjoy a meal, but for the most part Siana is a summer place.

      In the summer time this village is full with people enjoying the scenery and tasting the local produce. Definitely not a place to miss out on if you are in the island. I would say between June and September would be the best time to check it out.

      I hope this helps!



  8. Great post Chris!

    I have not had much of a chance to travel so far since I have been a student for most of my life, but one day I would love to explore Greece and its many islands.

    The village of Siana looks like my type of place: great views, fresh air, and good drinks! 

    I hope to try the Souma someday 😉

    • Hey there Bill, do not worry. I guess we all have to go through life facing up to things that need to be done. Studying is one of them. I was a Firefighter for many years, and it took me 7 years to get my masters degree in Fire Engineering Science, so I know all about study.

      Once you have all this out of the way, there will be time to travel later.

      It is nice to know you have Greece in your plans for future vacations, and you will not regret seeing Siana if you are in Rhodes. 

      Please be careful with the Souma drink though. I am not joking when it comes to the strength!

      Thanks Bill, and I hope you can start to travel soon and see some of the world.


  9. Siana seems so lovely. The honey, yogurt, and strong drinks (40% proof?) seem like such a treat. 

    But the biggest helpful tip you offered was the fact that it hasn’t really been overrun with tourism. That is the worst part about visiting well-known places – THE CROWDS. 

    It always seems risky to visit unknown places, but having your guides on hand have really opened my eyes to the possibilities of Greece and the Island of Rhodes. 

    How much should one save in order to visit this “Village of Honey”?

    • Hello Chase, thanks for your question!

      Siana is a lovely place, and there is no mistake, the strong drink (Souma) is 40% proof. It is very strong, so be careful when you drink it. It does not take much to be way over the limit.

      I agree too, I am not one for crowds. Of course when you come to a holiday destination you have to expect it, but it is nice to escape to small villages like Siana (for example) and get away from the hustle and bustle.

      Many people do visit this area though, it is not so quiet, but it is very pleasant. Well worth a visit.

      In answer you your question, the last time I was in Siana (not long ago) I stopped to take a coffee. I had a look around of course and finally spent around 80 Euros. 

      I took a lot with my money though. I took some Souma from there, lots of honey and sweets. It is well worth spending this and I think the prices for the products are very reasonable.

      Hope this helps you Chase, thanks for getting in touch. I am here if you need something more.



  10. Your description of Siana reminds me of my trip to Jamaica last year. 

    The home where I stayed was on a hill with a gorgeous mountain view just like Siana has. Of course it was as peaceful and quiet too. 

    The only thing missing was the honey and the yogurt as the island doesn’t have those goodies in abundance. I hope I can get to visit the island of Rhodes one day, and no doubt to see Siana too.

    • Hello there Carol. I hope you are fine.

      I have never been lucky enough to see Jamaica. I would love to though. The nearest I got was when I visited Dominican Rebublic some years ago. I would to revisit the area sometime, and get Jamaica within my plans. We will see!

      Siana here on the island of Rhodes is quite beautiful. Very mountainous like you mention and some of the small houses are very quaint and inviting. it is interesting you say you saw a similar setting in Jamaica too.

      Yes, here it has the honey and the sweets. It is a very famous area for this and lots of holidaymakers choose to pass through Siana to get a taste. Well worth it too 🙂

      I hope you are are able to see it for yourself one day!

      Thanks Carol, and I am here if you need something else.


  11. Siana looks like the kind of place I would like to visit. It may be because I am getting older but I do love places with great views and some peace and quiet.

    It’s great that you mentioned a warning of the drink called Souma. My wife and I hardly ever drink at home but we do like to have a drink sometimes on vacation. Information like this can be really helpful and something I will do my best to remember.

    Does this village ever have much of a problem with landslides as it is mostly built on the side of a mountain?

    • Hey Rick, thanks for passing by once again. it is not the first time I have seen you here and it is always great to have you back!

      I think you are the same as me on this one too. When I was younger I was all about going out and finding hot spots and busy areas, bars and nightclubs etc. As I am getting older though, I am also learning to appreciate more the nature and the quiet way of life. I love it. Do not worry, I am not wearing my slippers while talking to you 🙂

      The Souma drink that you can find here is really strong. Be careful. 

      I always remember (partly) the first time I tried it. I was with one friend and we had been out for something to eat. We planned on going on for a drink afterwards, until I had some Souma. Put it this way, the floor was very comfortable. Just make sure you are not going to drive is my point. Take care with it.

      You ask a great question too with regards to the landslides. On the island there are a lot areas which have hills on either side, and on the windy days you can sometimes see the rocks which have descended onto the main roads. You can see some movement on the land also when there is rain (although this is hardly ever in the summer months).

      In the village of Siana though, I will be honest and say I have not heard too much about this problem at all. it is always good to be on the lookout though!

      Thanks Rick and be sure to call back soon!


  12. This reminds me so much of my visit to Pisa and other small towns in Tuscany. 

    I haven’t been to Greece yet, but Rhodes is already on my list from one of your other posts. I absolutely love wandering through peaceful and quiet village-like towns, with old cathedrals or churches, and family-run shops and pubs.

    • Hi there Sunny, great to have you back.

      Yes I remember your previous visit as we spoke about some similarities in the architecture with that of what you have seen in Italy.

      I can see you have the same train of thought here too 🙂

      I am happy you are thinking of visiting Rhodes, and if you do, make sure you do not miss out on Siana. it is a really beautiful area. Peace and quiet is exactly what it is, and you will love the church here too!

      Hope to see you soon!




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