Ixia in Rhodes Complete Tour – A Haven With Hidden Realities

Hello again, and welcome to Ixia in Rhodes. This holiday area is located between 5 and 6 Km South of Rhodes City down the west coast of the island.

Ixia is a popular area for tourists and every year hundreds of thousands of people choose this area to stay for their holidays.

This is the case for many reasons.

There are a lot of luxury hotels in Ixia, mostly 5 star and they dominate the length of the area along the coastal road. Hotels such as Rodos Palace, Olympic Palace, The Rodian Amathus and the Akti Hotel are just a few which lavish the skyline!

The beach in Ixia is made up from small stones and sand, and it is very common for people to undertake water activities here. You will often see sailing boats, yachts, water skiers and jet skis propelling through the beautiful blue waters.

The Main Street Through Ixia In Rhodes
The Village Of Ixia In Rhodes

Let’s not forget the people sunbathing too. They always like a nice swim to cool down from the hot sun!

Ixia is in an area known by the local people as the ‘windy side’. There is a constant wind in this area all year around, which in turn offers some big waves further out. This makes it a perfect choice for people wanting to hit the water activities.

There are plenty of restaurants, bars, coffee shops, cafeterias and shopping areas located throughout Ixia along the main beach road. This attracts people, as there is always something to do and somewhere to go.

My Overall Opinion Take On Ixia

I am going to be honest and say I like Ixia, but it is not for everyone, and here is why!

Because the beach is made up from stones and sand, it can be a little sharp on your feet. Very often I have been down here and had things sticking into my feet causing quite a lot of pain. If you come to the area with your children, this is certainly something to bear in mind.

Because the beach in Ixia runs the whole length of the area, the big hotels opposite have made their claim to the different areas or sections of the beach.

You will find sunbeds etc available, but it is not always clear from which hotel they are being operated by. Some areas are public too, so you will always find space. This is not something that causes a headache, but maybe something for you to be aware of.

A Winter View Of Ixia In Rhodes From Ialysos Beach
A Winter View Of Ixia From Ialyssos Beach

Finally, and one of the things that can be quite irritating, is the sheer volume of traffic that passes through Ixia. This is something that cannot be improved on or changed, as it is on the main road between the City Of Rhodes and the Diagoras Airport.

Thousands of cars, trucks, buses and motorcycles constantly pass through Ixia which can make it a very noisy place and sometimes dangerous too. Crossing the street from the beach back to the hotels and shops can be challenging (or vice versa) and you need to be careful! The traffic is also an issue in Ialyssos and Kremasti too for the same reasons.

It can also sometimes prove a little annoying when you want to travel somewhere for a day. Sometimes the traffic can put some lengthy delays on your journey ahead.

Do Not Be Put Off Ixia In Rhodes

Even though the above points are only my opinions, I do not want anyone to be put off visiting Ixia. Even if you do not stay in this area for your holidays, it is still well worth seeing.

The beach will offer you a really nice relaxing time, and like I say, there is always something to do. The food outlets and shopping areas are really great and more than welcoming. It is definitely not a place to miss out on.

Check Out This Video: It Offers Some Really Nice Views Of Ixia And It’s Beach

Ixia really offers a great atmosphere for the holiday makers and it would be a shame for you to pass by on it!

Thanks for reading, and if you have any question on the area of Ixia in Rhodes just let me know! Hey, maybe you have visited this area previously and have your own thoughts? Let me know in the comments below, I would love to hear from you all.

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Norbert Nagel, Mörfelden-Walldorf, Germany, CC BY-SA 3.0 https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0, via Wikimedia Commons / Used as Featured Image

24 thoughts on “Ixia in Rhodes Complete Tour – A Haven With Hidden Realities”

  1. This place looks really nice. If i’m saying that, I guess anyone can assume I have never been here before. 

    Definitely looks like a nice vacation spot during the summer. I do not like how hotels can claim areas of the beach though that’s not fair but what can you do lol.

    • Hello Ty and thanks for passing by. I hope you are keeping well.

      Ixia is a nice place to stay, I will not say otherwise. There are some great places in the area and there is always plenty going on. Nice restaurants, bars and shops etc.

      The beach is a great one to relax on, and there are lots of activities taking place, although I do agree that the big hotels like to claim their area. I also do not find it fair, but like you say, money talks and there is nothing to be done.

      Do not let that spoil your fun though 🙂

      Thanks Ty.


  2. Having previously travelled to Lindos a few times and visited Rhodes Town on one occasion, it’s nice to read about another area of the island.

    Ixia looks beautiful so hope to take a look if I can manage to get there again in the near future. The video really shows the area off nicely.

    Will be sure to look at other areas of your site for more Rhodes information.

    • Hey Adam and thanks for your visit. 

      It is of course great that you have been to the island before. What were your opinions of the city of Rhodes and Lindos? Was your stay a pleasant one?

      Of course, it would be nice for you to pass through Ixia the next time you are on the island. Although it is a tourist area and quite busy, the beach is really nice here. Lots going on too, so you will not be short of things to do!

      Thanks Adam, great to hear from you.


  3. Whoa, I never really thought of visiting this area before, but I gotta say, it sure looks beautiful and seeing this has got me thinking of taking a visit there someday!

    One thing I have not really tried out is participating in water activities, but I think it would be something cool to tryout here, as it is always good to take on new things every now and then.

    Now you mentioned that the beach may have sharp objects that can go into your feet, which had me a bit worried.

    My question is, how would you recommend for one to avoid that incident happening to them?

    Also, is there an area in particular that you really enjoyed visiting the most, that you would recommend other visitors going to upon their visit? Restaurants, bars, shops, etc.?

    • Hello Arie and thanks for your questions!

      When it comes to the beach in Ixia, it is all made up of stones and rocks. It is not uncommon for sharp corners and objects to stick in your feet.

      Luckily there are places around that sell good beach footwear. Some simple rubber shoes are perfect and you can use them to also go in the water to swim. It is better to be safe than sorry.

      When it comes to asking about the best and favorite places to go, it all depends on what it is you are looking for. There are many bars, shops, restaurants, beaches and sites to see all around the island.

      If you hit the tour buttons on the bottom of the pages within the site, you can find lots of information on various things to do and places to see.

      Hope this helps you Arie, and let me know if you need something more.



  4. I had no idea about this island, although I have had an interest in international travel my entire life.

    It seems like a nice town, do you know the population by chance? I may have to offer a visit here in the next few years.

    The traffic may be an issue, as I live in the country on 60 acres of woods, but definitely, something that I can adapt to on vacation.

    Is there a lot of city pollution, or is it all small restaurants and shops?

    Great article and site here.


    • Hi Christopher, nice to hear from you.

      Ixia is mainly a holiday resort. During the summer months, tourists flood the area to enjoy their holidays. In the winter however it is very quiet, and the population is actually very minimal. There are of course locals that live in the area, but it is hard to put a figure on it to be honest! Let’s just say there are not many 🙂

      The traffic is an issue in this area yes. I find it very frustrating as things come to a stand still more often than not. It can be quite difficult for the holiday makers sometimes, as crossing the street can be very challenging! If you manage a trip here, just keep your eyes open.

      When it comes to the pollution that you mention, there is some yes. Naturally from the traffic you get the fumes, but apart from that it is pretty clear. Being next to the sea and open air it soon goes again.

      Thanks Christopher. I appreciate you passing by!


  5. Very interesting. I’ve never considered or thought about vacationing here let alone heard of the island! Seems like a relaxing place. Wasn’t sure if you knew about the quality of diving or snorkeling or if the water quality even allows for these types of water activities? 

    Look forward to hearing from you!

    • Hey Adam

      You will be pleased to know that there are many places where you can undertake snorkeling, diving and many other water activities.

      Just for you to know, I am going to be covering all of these activities in the coming weeks and I will dedicate a section to each of them.

      One thing that is important to know though, is that for snorkeling and diving, the East Coast (The Mediterranean Sea) of the island is preferred as the water is very clear and calm.

      Activities such as water skiing, surfing etc you will find much better on the West Coast (The Aegean Sea) as there is a lot more wind and waves.

      Again .. more to come on all this 🙂

      Thanks Adam


  6. I’ve never visited this part of Greece but Rhodes sounds like a lovely getaway. Could probably do with a luxury retreat!

    I know that the terrain might be an issue for small feet, but are there any beach front activities that would be directly beneficial to small children? We always have to take ours with us when we travel.

    • Hey Claire, yes there is a lot going on when it comes to thinking of your children.

      There are lots of activities going on all along the beach and there are water activities too. Of course it goes without saying that you need to keep your eyes open and your wits about you if you have young children, but for sure there is plenty for them to do.

      Let me know if you need something else, I am here to answer any queries you may have!

      Thanks Claire


  7. Hi Chris, back again. Which should tell you we are really considering to make Rhodes our next holiday destination. 

    Now, when you mentioned Ixia being based only a few Kilometers away from Rhodes City, I imagined it to be a town in its own right. But you refer to Ixia as a village. I no doubt would want to explore it, if for nothing else, but for the fact that it is so strategically positioned between the airport and Rhodes City. However, and from what you mention too, is it maybe a tad too busy a village? 

    My concern is with the fact that it seems to attract a lot of tourists and has many hotels in the area. I know this used to be good sign in the past, I somehow now picture this village as overcrowded by tourists which make the place very busy and too noisy with cars and general traffic. 

    I must admit, the video you posted about the beautiful beaches in Ixia makes the area very inviting in spite of the mix of pebbles and sand. I guess I shall have to reserve my final judgement for … well, for when I visit Rhodes 🙂

    • Hey Giulia, really great to have you back. YES I am still waiting for you here in Rhodes 🙂

      Ixia is a village yes. With respect to some of the other villages on the island though, Ixia has become very modern with the expensive 5 star hotels and facilities. You would never really perceive it to be a typical Greek village with the while and blue houses and small family tavernas. Ixia is basically a booming tourist attraction.

      I like Ixia really. In the summer it really does carry a great vibe for holiday makers and it brings out a nice spirit in people which you can clearly see.

      They enjoy the beach, the restaurants and all the other happening events. For this it is great!

      Like I mention, the only sad side is the volume of traffic that hits the area. It can be dangerous and I think if you are visiting with children you need to pay close attention!

      I think you need to make up your own mind like you rightly say. Once persons assessment can be very different from another!

      Let me know when you plan to get here. First drink is on me 🙂

      Thanks Giulia


  8. I have known that Greece is a great holiday spot and attracts a lot of tourists and Rhodes is no different. 

    Being an island it probably gets less attention but it sure does have some great looking areas. Ixia looks to have it’s fair share for attracting holiday makers with great looking beaches and hot sunshine will certainly be a hit with the tourists.

    • Hey Andrew, thanks for getting in touch!

      Yeah, I mean when people think Greece, I suppose they think of The Acropolis in Athens. I think this certainly applies to a lot of people that have never visited Greece.

      The islands can be overlooked because of this, but Rhodes still gets its fair share of tourism. People come here in their millions every year to see this beautiful island.

      One of the main areas for tourism is Ixia which I discuss here. There are of course lots more places to stay, but Ixia is very popular. The skyline is dominated with huge welcoming hotels and there is a lot going on in the way of entertainment too.

      The beaches offer water sporting activities and a place to relax, there are bars, restaurants and other things happening. 

      For this reason, it really is a hit with the tourists.

      Thanks for your thoughts Andrew. Much appreciated!


  9. Your passion about your “YOLO moment” really speaks through in all you’ve written here at The Island of Rhodes (and, yes, I’m that person who took the time to read your about page, too) 🙂

    I’ve always wanted to visit Greece, but you’ve made me want to visit Ixia In Rhodes in particular. It just looks fantastic. I was wondering two things: what are the water (ocean) temperature variations throughout the year? -and – do people surf those waves you mention?

    Thanks, and I’m looking forward to reading more about the island on your site.

    • Hey Jason, thanks so much for getting in touch.

      It is right though, you do only live once! There is no point living with regret and passing over opportunities that stare you in the face. Thanks for taking the time to read a little more 🙂 It is much appreciated!

      In answer to your questions, you will find people do a lot of water activities on the waves in ixia.

      You do see people surfing for sure and there are also people that take up wind surfing and kite activities. This is also the case at the bottom of the island on Prasonisi Beach, where the waves can be a little more challenging.

      When it comes to the water temperatures on the island, I am in the process of writing the information, but I am yet to add it to the website.

      If you look at the link underneath, it will offer you some information on the temperatures of the water on an annual basis. 

      I hope it helps you, but let me know if you need something more.

      Thanks again Jason, nice to meet you.

      Water Temperatures In Rhodes

  10. Very informative. I’ve been to Greece before, specifically Zakynthos in the late 80’s. It was extremely peaceful and relaxing. I’m sure it is super-commercialised by now, but I remember the beach was very sandy with crystal clear water.

    I’ve always thought that all Greek beaches would be that way so your review here is useful. At least it gives a heads up to this who also have the same misconception as me.

    Thanks for the info. 

    I’ll be sure to visit Greece again so I will plan to get to Rhodes.

    • Hello and thanks for your visit.

      Ahh yes the beautiful island of Zakynthos. That is in the west of Greece actually in the Ionian Sea, where as Rhodes is on the opposite side in the Aegean Sea.  I have never been to Zakynthos to be honest, but I have seen some lovely reviews and photographs!

      Rhodes does also have the beautiful sandy beaches with the clear blue waters. The west coast of Rhodes however has most of its beaches pebbled and stoned. 

      On the East side, the beaches are with beautiful sands and warm blue water, and for this reason a lot of people make the worthwhile journey to these.

      The beaches on the west (in Ixia for example) are still popular though, just a little less appealing in my eyes.

      Glad you enjoyed your visit here, and hope you manage another trip to Rhodes soon 🙂

      Many Thanks


  11. Hi Chris

    I have been to Greece but never to Rhodes and I enjoyed your article about Ixia. 

    It seems a great place to relax, enjoy the sun and take advantage of the water activities. Great tip about the sandy beaches with stones. This can be easily overcome with waterproof sandals. 

    I wish I had read something like this a few years ago when I went to Nice. Getting in and out of the water was a painful process 🙂 Great video!


    • Hey there and thanks for reading.

      The beaches on the west coast of the island are mostly with stones/pebbles.

      I agree with you, a lot of the pain can be avoided by using good footwear. I personally have a pair of slip on training shoes which I use, and I go in the water with them as well.

      I just remember one time taking the shoes off to dry me feet, and oh boy did I pay for it. I stood on a very sharp stone and I hit the ground like a sack of potatoes 🙂

      I see on many occasions though people not wearing any footwear. They struggle to make it from point A to point B with a lot of complaining in the middle.

      Certainly for children it is advisable to bring some good shoes for the beach.

      Thanks for getting in touch. Happy you like the video too. It is short, but it shows you the beaches and the area quickly!

      All the best


  12. Hi, this place looks really nice and I´m planning to head out there next week when I visit some relatives.

    Can you help me out with one thing? Can you tell me a Little about the weather and temperature of the water?

    Thanks a lot and I appreciate you took the time to write about the pros and cons of Ixia.

    • Hi Kevin, and thanks for your question.

      It is great you are coming out to the island next week. Do your relatives actually live in Ixia? Id so, it is a small place (and a sociable one) in the winter time, maybe I know them 🙂

      The water temperature really varies a lot of course. During the high season months, the water is very warm, and come the winter it can bite you a little should you choose to swim!

      The Sea/Water temperature in Rhodes is something I am going to be covering on this website, I am yet to compile the material though.

      For now, please take a look at the link below. It will offer you some up to date water temperatures and what to expect on an annual basis.

      Hope this helps you Kevin.



      Water Temperatures In Rhodes


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