Embrace Wonder – The Butterfly Valley in Rhodes Complete Tour

One of the most visited and popular attractions is The Butterfly Valley In Rhodes. It really is a wonderful place and is a ‘must see’ if you are ever on the island.

I have visited this valley on many occasions and I have loved it every time.

The Valley Of The Butterflies is also known here on the island by its Greek name which is ‘Petaloudes (Koilada ton Petaloudon)’ it is located just under 17 kilometers away from the city of Rhodes and is on the west coast of the island. After the village of Paradisi and heading south, you will see a sign to the left. It is a very easy place to find.

The Butterfly Valley in Rhodes – The Butterfly Season

One of the common questions asked by tourists during their visit is ‘are the butterflies in season?’

It is of course a logical question, as this is the reason for wanting to visit the valley in the first place.

Well in answer to this question, the season to see the butterflies is between June and September. Come between these times and you will see the valley completely swarming with beautiful butterflies.

I want to stress something too though, even if you visit Rhodes outside of these months, the butterfly valley is still very much worth seeing.

The beautiful rivers, deep forest, wooden passage ways and waterfalls offer complete tranquility. It is a gorgeous place and I think it should be seen regardless.

The Butterflies In Rhodes

Tiger Moth - The Butterfly Valley In Rhodes
Tiger Moth – The Butterfly Valley In Rhodes

Whilst taking your tour through the valley, you will climb gently over a distance of 6 Kilometers. You make you way over the wooden stairways and corridors provided which run adjacent and cross over the river into the deep forest.

As you make you progress, you will see butterflies in their millions. Most of the time you will see them resting on the trunks of the huge trees.

The butterflies are attracted to this area due to the essence of the Liquidambar Orientalis Trees. These are also known by the name of Oriental Sweetgum Trees and/or The Turkish Sweetgum Trees. They also flood the area in order to take breathing space from the hot temperatures.

The Butterfly Valley In Rhodes – Types

The most common type of butterfly you will see in the valley is a breed of the Jersey Tiger Moth. This species of butterfly was originally observed in the Himalayas, but it has also been discovered that they are also found in Australia, Peru and Brazil.

Walking through this amazing place is a beautiful experience. It is the perfect setting and it attracts thousands of visitors each year.

While it is silent, you will see the odd person clap their hands on occasion. This causes the butterflies to take flight, and it really is something to witness. They take to the air and spread their red wings in swarms and you will hear the cameras start to click away to try to get the perfect picture.

You do not need to make a noise though to have a beautiful experience here. The last time I was there, one of the butterflies actually came to me and landed on my hand with its own free will. This moment was captured by my father with his camera. So I have shared it with you here.2

As you near the end of the journey, you will ascend a dirt road which will lead you to the Kalopetra Monastery. This monestary was constructed in 1784 and is a beautiful place to finish the tour of the valley. here you will also found a water fountain where you can take fresh water. Believe me, you will need it after all of the walking 🙂

Quiet Please – Important

I sometimes know (especially with children) it is a natural thing to want to see the butterflies take to the air.

The Tiger Moth Butterflies that gather within the valley though, are actually coming to the end of their life cycle. During this period, they are unable to consume food, so they take shelter and rest on the trees to store their energy levels.

When someone makes a loud noise (the hand clap for example) it causes the butterflies to fly away and this in turn forces them to use this needed energy.

This is something to bear in mind, and actually at the entrance to the valley, there is a sign which kindly asks you not to disturb the butterflies.

Me At The Butterfly Valley In Rhodes
Me At The Butterfly Valley In Rhodes

The Butterfly Valley in Rhodes – The Butterfly Museum.

Even though a lot of people will see the valley as a tourist attraction (which it is), a lot of work also takes place in the way of science.

Scientists frequent the valley too and try to gather data with regard to the natural surroundings and terrain. The museum serves to provide people with information and to protect this beautiful place from harm.

It carries out essential work and ensures the visitors to the valley do not have an adverse effect on the butterflies.

Inside the museum you will find lots of displays and great information on the butterflies and the natural habitat of the valley itself.It is located nearby in an old 1930s’ structure built by the Italians during their occupation of Rhodes.

See The Video And Take A Small Tour Of The Butterfly Valley In Rhodes

The Butterfly Valley in Rhodes – Opening Hours and Prices

Seasonal Opening Hours

In May, June and September, The Butterfly Valley is open from 0800 until 1800.

July and August it opens at 0800 and closes at 1900.

April and October you can find the valley open from 0800 until 1600.

Between November and March, the butterfly valley is closed.

Seasonal Ticket Prices

In July and August you can enter for a fee of 3 Euros per person.

From May until the end of June and from September until the end of October the price is 5 Euros per person.

In April, entry to the valley of the butterflies is free.

The Butterfly Valley in Rhodes – Overall

In my opinion, it would be a real shame to visit Rhodes and not see the butterfly valley. It really is a wonderful place, and you will not see anything else that comes close to it.

It is a pleasure to walk into the deep forest and witness nature at its very best. For me it gets a 10 out of 10 score.

If you have any questions or thoughts on this location, feel free to leave me a comment. Maybe you have visited and want to share you experiences too?

I would love to hear from all of you.

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26 thoughts on “Embrace Wonder – The Butterfly Valley in Rhodes Complete Tour”

  1. Nice place. Before this, I didn’t know Rhodes has The Butterfly Valley. 

    You mention the details about the seasonal opening hours and the tickets prices. That can let me plan the trip more easily. If I have chance, I will go there.

    You have mentioned the location but, I want to ask if I can I go there without joining any tour?

    Any other transpiration can go there?

    For a foreigner, your information provided is very useful. At least for me.

    • Hi CT

      Absolutely, you can go there as you please and when you please subject to the opening hours.

      Whether you want to be part of a group or you prefer to go alone with your own car/scooter etc, there is no issue at all.

      Parking facilities are provided and the location makes for a beautiful visit.

      People do use the tour bus facility, but personally I do not like to do this. The service is fine, but you are then tied to a schedule you may not like. 

      Personally, the last time I was at The Butterfly Valley, I was there for over 6 hours, and I had something to eat and visited the museum. 

      Sometimes if you are strapped to a schedule, you can miss out on things and you are forced to leave maybe before you would like to.

      Something to think about.

      Thanks CT, and if you have any more questions feel free to ask them.


  2. Hello Chris! 

    The butterfly valley is indeed a very popular place recommended to see in Rhodes. 

    I loved the picture with the butterfly that landed on your hand and I can imagine how beautiful will be the image of the butterflies flying in the air altogether. 

    You have even included the visiting hours of the museum and that is very useful! 

    Thank you!

    • Hello Kate and thanks very much for visiting.

      Yes, the picture with me when the butterfly landed on my  hand was complete luck. The right place at the right time with the right person ready with the camera 🙂 It was a really nice day!

      The butterfly valley is very popular with the tourists. It is one of the hot spots in fact for the holiday makers. The museum is amazing too if you ever have the chance to visit.

      Thanks Kate, it is really nice to hear from you.


  3. Hi Chris

    I’m really glad I decided to scan your website, and after reading a few of your posts I’m certain to plan another trip to Greece soon. 

    The ‘butterfly valley’ is certainly going to be on the agenda. My daughter loves taking nature pictures, so we’ll definitely be with the cameras ready.

    Στην υγειά σας

    • Thank you very much Toni, I am happy you enjoyed your visit to my website.

      The butterfly valley is an amazing place too. You and your daughter will not be disappointed when it comes to the photograph opportunities you will have. If she is a lover of nature, then this is the location for her.

      I hope you manage a visit here soon. If the butterfly valley is important for you to see, make sure you come towards between June until the end of September. Either side of these times the butterflies will be out of season. I do not want you to miss them 🙂

      Thanks Toni, and see you here soon!


  4. Sounds like an amazing place, definitely something to put on the bucket list as visiting Greece is already on there.

    Thank you for the details, information and respectful practices. I hope to someday get the opportunity to visit.

    Is there a limit on how many people can visit at any one time so as to minimize disturbing the butterflies?

    • Hello Michael and thanks for your question.

      To my knowledge, there is not limit to the people that can venture through The Butterfly Valley. It is certainly not something I have heard of. The only expectation is to have a little respect as you walk through. They ask you not to disturb the butterflies and try to keep quiet as you pass through!

      This is not always possible if you have children with you though 🙂

      It is a very peaceful and tranquil place overall Michael and most people have only good things to say about it!

      I hope you manage a visit soon.



  5. I am sure that the view and imagery must be magnificent with the amount of butterflies in the area! I have been thinking about visiting Greece, but as you know the stereotypical image that I had of it was of beaches and white buildings, it is nice to know that there are other things to see as well!

    While you said that it is worth seeing outside the season as well, would different weathers cause the experience to be different? i.e. in winter?

    • Hi there Rox and thanks for reading.

      I think a lot of people are the same to be honest. There is a picture painted of Greece that everyone has in the front of their minds when the country is mentioned. White and blue structures, sandy beaches, sun, sea and the like.

      There is a lot more to it though, and The Butterfly Valley here in Rhodes is one of the focal points. It is a wonderful experience to see this place in the summer months and the spectacle of the butterflies is unforgettable.

      When it comes to answering your question about the winter, the island is open for business. There are still things to see and do and most of the attractions are open for you to visit. You can still have a great time, just without the crowds and the holiday atmosphere.

      The butterfly valley in the winter months though is closed. It opens from the end of March until the end of October each year.

      Thanks Rox, and let me know if you have any more questions!


  6. Butterflies are my favorite and I hope to find time to go visit since I live in Italy, I love their vibrant colors and interested to go and see this Jersey Tiger Moth.

    Do you find a lot of tourists since you mentioned that one has to walk a lot and is it safe? Hope you can provide me with additional information..I would be the happiest to go and see Butterflies, I just love them.

    • Hello there and thank you for reading and for your question.

      The Butterfly Valley is perfectly safe yes. The only thing i would like to maybe make you aware of, is take care if you are with children.

      There is a long flowing river in this location and there are wooden walkways which will take you on your journey through the valley. Although these platforms are more than safe, you always need to be on the lookout for your children. They run and want to wander, it is easy to fall if they are not properly supervised. Aside from this, you will have no issues.

      There are a lot of tourists that visit the butterfly valley yes. In fact, it is one of the most popular attractions on Rhodes.

      Definitely worth seeing if you are on the island. Let me know if I have answered your questions. If you need more just let me know!



  7. Not going to lie, I am a little bit afraid of having butterflies land on me, but I think I could tough it out to visit this place for a day.

    It seems like it would be a very tranquil experience, and one of those places that really forces you to look at nature and appreciate it for all that it is.

    Thanks for sharing this hidden gem!

    • Hey Ashley and aaahhhhh come on, Its only a little butterfly 🙂

      Although I think I would share your feelings if millions came at me all at once!

      In this photograph I was really lucky. The butterfly just came to me, I held out my hand and it landed. This photo was taken by a family member, and it is a picture I have treasured since.

      This valley is a beautiful location, and as you say, once inside, it surrounds you with pure nature. It is hard not to take notice and appreciate it!

      i hope you manage a trip to Rhodes sometime in the future and witness it for yourself!

      Thanks for your visit Ashley, great to hear from you.


  8. Hey Chris

    Thank you for another useful article about Rhodes. 

    My Greek friend once mentioned The Butterfly Valley but I thought it is just the name and had nothing to do with the real butterflies, but now I see I was wrong. 

    This is definitely something worth seeing. Is there any approximate number how many butterflies gather in the valley? And how many species? I think whenever scientists are involved there should be some statistics 🙂

    • Hello Arta, great to hear from you. Thanks for getting in contact and of course for your question.

      The Butterfly Valley is indeed a real place with real butterflies. In answer to your question with regards to numbers, let’s just say there are millions of them that gather during the summer months here. Far too many to count, and if you ever visit you will see why!

      Sometimes when walking through, you can see thousands of them all resting on the trunk of a tree. There are so many, you cannot see the tree trunk at all! it is indeed a beautiful site.

      As for the breeds, the species of butterfly you will find in the valley is The Panaxia Quadripunctaria Butterfly also commonly known as The Jersey Tiger Moth!

      Come and see it for yourself Arta, you will not regret it!



  9. I have never heard of such thing as a butterfly valley.

    I bet people from many countries come there to enjoy the sight of the gorgeous butterflies. It must be a sight worth covering many Kilometers just to see and keep it among the most precious memories.

    To me, it would equal the emotion I experienced when I first saw a lotus 🙂

    I am sure if I ever come to Greece, that would be among the first things for me to see.

    Thanks Chris

    • Hello Vera and thanks for reading.

      You are quite rights, millions of people visit the island of Rhodes every year for their holidays, and a large percentage make their way to The Butterfly Valley to enjoy the peace and tranquility and witness these butterflies in their habitat.

      It is well worth seeing and you will certainly have great memories afterwards as well as some wonderful photographs.

      I have spoken to many people who have enjoyed this location, all of who came away after having a really nice time.

      Make sure you do not miss it if you are ever on the island Vera 🙂



  10. Clapping their hands and causing the butterflies to take flight? Wow that would really make an amazing picture.

    I really love the part when you mentioned that the butterfly landed on your hand by its own will. That sounds like something out of a movie!

    I’ve always heard of Greece as a beautiful place but never dared to travel there. This is probably due to hearing about the thefts and safety concerns. After reading this article I realise what I’m missing out!

    Rhodes looks like an interesting place to visit. What other amazing attractions are there in on the island?

    • Neil, Hi there and thanks for reading.

      Yes, people do make their way through the butterfly valley and make a big effort to disturb them so they take flight. This is actually not allowed and there is a sign asking people not to disturb them. Although it makes a great picture, it is not good for the butterflies.

      I was lucky enough to have one land on my hand yes, and it was captured on camera too. I shared it on the post for people to see 🙂 Just for you to know, I did not disturb it, it just chose me for a moment or two 🙂

      Overall, Greece is a great place to visit. Like anything, you see and hear the worst on the news. It should never deter you from visiting though. The Greek people are the most friendly people in the world. You would be quite safe here!

      When it comes to Rhodes, there is so much to see. There are lots of sites and if you check out The West Coast of Rhodes section, you will see I have talked about many.

      I am currently building The East Coast section now, and it will be ready soon!

      Thanks Neil, and let me know if you need something else!


  11. This is definitely something I need to keep in mind when I visit Greece 🙂 You have given me a great idea to see this location with all the butterflies. Thanks Chris!

    I love butterflies. They are just so beautiful! 

    I am loving your passion for nature and for the Island as well. The last time I was stunned by the beauty of butterflies was when I saw them up in northern Queensland (Australia), so this would be exciting to see.

    • Hello there Dorothy and nice to meet you.

      Although you are far away in Australia, never say never when it comes to visiting Rhodes. I have met a lot of Australians here that have visited for their holidays. I have made some good friends. One of them is from Melbourne and he has invited me to come and stay with him and his wife to see Australia. I am thinking about it for next year!

      If you do manage to make the long trip from down under, then you will love the butterfly valley. It is nature at its finest. Peace, tranquility, fresh air and being at one with nature itself. It is really beautiful!

      Thanks Dorothy, and I hope to see you here soon!


  12. Oh, that’s definitely a place for us! 

    Domenika (my wife) and myself love butterflies. Especially her. 

    I remember when I was little and chased those magnificent insects from flower to flower. When I managed to take one, I always petted it over the wings and then I raise my hand up and let it fly away. 

    We are both photographers and we would love to take some pictures there. Definitely a place for us to visit next year!

    • Hey there Nikolay, nice to meet you.

      Thanks for reading and it is nice to learn you and your lady are photographers. This being the case you would love the butterfly valley here in Rhodes. 

      It is an amazing place and a photographers dream to be honest. Every time I have been, I have seen keen photographers taking up the wooden paths with their heavy equipment to try and capture those perfect moments.

      I also think your love for butterflies will make it a well worth trip for you.

      Thanks for getting in touch Nikolay, If you do make plans to visit Rhodes let me know and I will help you out with some tips and advice.



  13. Butterflies are a rarity in this time and age. Yes, you can still see the odd ones if you live in a rural environment, but not as many as flocks (or groups?) Not sure about the correct word.

    If not for anything else, for this reason, from what you are saying, it would make it worth a trip to Rhodes – maybe not quite in the hotter summer months, for the lovers of spring season like me, but definitely a nice holiday. 

    Who knows, maybe in the new year…

    As ever Chris, thank you for the lovely insight!

    • Hello Giulia and thanks for getting in touch. Nice to see you here again.

      The name for so called ‘groups’ of butterflies is actually a Kaleidoscope. A lot of people also refer to them as a rabble or swarm too. Just for you to know 🙂

      It is worth seeing the butterfly valley if you manage a visit to Rhodes. It is both peaceful, enjoyable and educational. I personally love it. Being at one with nature deep in the forest is a great feeling. So if you manage a visit make sure you see this valley

      Thanks Giulia



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