Soroni In Rhodes – Experience Authentic Greek Culture

I want to be honest and tell you from the start, that the village of Soroni In Rhodes is a place I have visited only a few times.

I have a good friend of mine who lives in this village, but more often that not, we arrange to meet in the middle and Ialyssos is the usual choice. This is the case, as Soroni is actually quite far out, and once there, you will find there is not that much to do.

It is a very small village, and you can pretty much drive through it all in approximately two minutes. While it is nice to see, it is not a place that you can spend many hours.

On saying that, I do know some things that you may find helpful, and I wanted to share them with you here.

Soroni In Rhodes – The Village Itself

Located down the west coast of the island, Soroni is 24 Kilometers from the city of Rhodes and 3 Kilometers from Theologos.

Main Street Of Soroni In Rhodes
Soroni Main Street

Again, the main road from the city passes through the village, as it does with Ixia, Ialyssos, Kremasti, Paradisi and Theologos.

In fact, the main road we are talking about, is the same road that encompasses all of the island.

Soroni has a population of around 1500 people and when you pass through, you will see many of them frequenting the coffee shops and other small outlets.

As I say, you will not find a great deal happening in the village. People get on with their own lives and with the exception of a few shops, a nice church and a small beach, there is little else.

However, if you do pass through, the beach is very nice for relaxing and there is a beautiful taverna here where you can eat some really good Greek food and enjoy the sea view. Something not to miss.

Soroni In Rhodes – Agriculture

If you take a look at the information on the page ‘Occupations In Greece‘, you will see I mentioned different jobs that the locals undertake on the island which are not always seen by the tourists.

Local Greek people like to take care about their olive trees and they spend a lot of time growing foods. Soroni is a perfect example of where this takes place. As you approach, you will see lots of olive trees lining the road and very often you will see the owners gathering the olives for making their olive oil.

Agios Soulas Chapel - Sorini In Rhodes
Agios Soulas Chapel

Also, there is often a small stall set up by one of these local people. Here you can taste and purchase olives, olive oil and other delicacies which they have produced.

There is a lot of beautiful open land where you will see people hard at work growing foods, which later will be distributed around the area for shops to sell. There are also some beautiful vineyards in this area.


One thing I know that is not to be missed, is the annual festivities that take place in the village.

Every year on the 29th and 30th of July there is a religious celebration held at the Agios Soulas Chapel. These dates reflect the Chapels Saints Day and you will see a huge gathering in the area by people from all over the island. It is one of the largest celebrations the island has.

You will see lots going on from horse races, competitions and Greek dancing. It all takes place on the local fields around the Soroni area. So if you are on the island of Rhodes on these dates, be sure to stop by.

  • The Local Outlets - Soroni In Rhodes
    The Local Outlets

Soroni In Rhodes – Overall

Although Soroni in Rhodes is a small, quiet and typical Greek village, I really do like it. Even though there is not a great deal going on from one day to the next (except the festivity mentioned above), it is a nice place to meet the locals and experience authentic Greek culture.

A couple of times I have sat in the coffee shops and observed the Greeks going about their business. It is a very relaxing place and if you are in the area, I would not miss the opportunity to meet some of the real Rhodian people and taste some of the local foods.

The only eye sore you will find is the power station that supplies electricity to all of the island. Hardly a tourist attraction, but many people still stop to look at it. Including me, I took a photograph for you. See it on the Gallery above 🙂

See The Sunset From Soroni – Check the Short Video Here!

Well, that pretty much covers Soroni.

I know there is not a massive amount of information to offer you about this small village, but if you have anything you want to ask, feel free to leave me a comment below and I will get back to you.

Have you passed through Soroni at all during your visit to the island? Let me know, I would love to hear about your experiences!

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34 thoughts on “Soroni In Rhodes – Experience Authentic Greek Culture”

  1. Thanks for this, Soroni looks lovely from the photos. Also good to know that a small an unassuming village actually has one of the biggest celebrations on the island.

    You make a good point too about places like this that are not full of tourists, being the best place to meet and chat to local people and see what life on Rhodes is really about.

    My grandmother went to Rhodes every year when she could, it was her favourite island. She talked about it a lot and I have always wanted to go. Lovely to see a website dedicated to it.

    The comments about the locals preferring to eat local food is very interesting too! So the local cafes will be good to eat in.

    • Thanks Lucy

      Although Soroni Village is quiet and relaxed, it is a nice place to visit.

      Many times I can understand why tourists hit the hot spots when it comes to activities and places to see, but small villages like this should not be missed.

      If you manage to see the small places such as this, you get the best food and the best company too.

      It is great your Grandmother used to come here too. I am sure she would have many stories to tell. Make sure you visit too so you can see where her excitement came from 🙂

      Thanks again Lucy, it is nice to hear from you.


      • You are right, thats just what I need to do. I’ve never been, but it was very important for her to go. I’d like to stay in the out of the way places too.

  2. Sounds like a great little village. I love the idea of olive trees everywhere.

    I am from the US and we do have a vast amount of fruits and vegetables but I know olives is one of my family’s favorites. I bet they taste even better straight from the tree.

    I always have wondered what Greece is like. And even though this is a very tiny portion of it, it still sounds lovely.

    Thank You

    • Hello Melissa and thanks for reading.

      Yes of course the small village of Soroni is only a small piece of what Greece has to offer. I like it though.

      I love the peace and tranquility that some of the smaller local villages offer as opposed to always being in the busy areas. While places are important to see, the smaller places can often be overlooked.

      Let’s hope you manage to visit Greece sometime, it is more lovely than it sounds.

      ps The olives are here waiting for you!

      Thanks Melissa


  3. I like your suggestion of what to do once you arrive…sit back and enjoy a nice cup of coffee and learn more about the natives as I interact with them. 

    I love the way that this location seems to have a very relaxing atmosphere and it is well off of the beaten path. 

    I would enjoy making a visit and especially learning more about the island’s rich history and culture.

    • Hi there Sherman, believe me, although the hot spots on the island are essential when it comes to learning about its history, there are some great stories and friendships that can be experienced in the smaller villages.

      In the past, I have stopped in these villages (such as Soroni) and have met some amazing people. I think everyone should take some time to do the same. They can be a real eye-opener and you will make memories you will never forget.

      Thanks Sherman. I appreciate you stopping by and getting in contact.


  4. This place looks wonderful. If you really love small towns with great views!

    As a Pisces, I really enjoy the peace and quiet of solitude. Even though I love my tropical paradise of Florida, USA…I have to admit it is hard to find a patch of beach line here that isn’t populated with other people.

    I would like to know where Rhodes is located? This article makes me want to grab my passport and run away!!



    • Hello Shamus.

      Well, if you are in search of a nice quiet beach, they are plentiful on Rhodes. There are many tucked away in corners all around the coast of the island, so I think you would have a good time here!

      In answer to your question, Rhodes is an island in Greece. Although it has had its different occupations over years past, it is currently with Greece.

      If you check out my overview of Rhodes section, it will offer you more information which you are looking for.

      I hope this helps, and if you need something more, just give me a shout.



  5. Hi Chris. Thanks so much for sharing another beautiful town in Rhodes.

    It looks small but beautiful and quiet, maybe the perfect place to spend sometime there for a quiet vacation?

    As you describe life may be nice and interesting, does this town get many tourists during the summer?

    Does this town have a dish that stands out from the rest?

    • Hello there Alejandra, great to hear from you.

      Sorini, although not a place where you will find tourists staying (as a rule anyway) it is a great place to stop and meet the locals. 

      A lot of tourists pass through this area, but because it is quiet, most of them do not take the time to make a stop. They are really missing out.

      If you make your way down towards the beach from the main street, there is a beautiful taverna that dishes up some great sea good. I would not miss out on this for sure.

      If you ever stop there yourself, let me know what you think!

      Thanks 🙂


  6. Chris, Soroni sounds like a charming little place to live. The fact that it is small makes it very attractive to me along with being near the water.

    I have never been to Greece so while you make Soroni sound like a simple kind of place, it fascinates me. The culture, the local shops all would be great to experience.

    In Soroni’s case it would be interesting to learn about how olive oil is made. The vineyards also would be great to visit as well as being there during the Chapel Saints Day celebration. It sounds like a wonderful place to live.

    Very nice article. 


    • Hello Donna, it is nice to hear from you.

      It appears you are in the same frame of mind as me when it comes to what you are looking for.

      I am also a big lover of the smaller (and not so popular) villages. Being with the locals, learning about their culture and listening to their stories is a great way to experience Greece.

      Some of the local tavernas are a great place to stop and have a really nice time. Although quiet, they can really offer you a taste of real Greek life. It is wonderful.

      As for the olive oil and vineyards, the Greeks have their personal touch here. 

      The area of Embona for example which is further South on the island, you will find where all the wine making is undertaken, and you can even take a tour and do some tasting. You will taste wine like you never tasted it before!

      I hope you manage a visit to Greece and experience it all Donna!



  7. Hi Chris! Great article, I enjoyed reading up on it. 

    I don’t know much about the Island of Rhodes but Greece is top on my bucket list and there are so many great areas to see, so it is nice to read up on it. 

    Thanks for posting this information about the Village of Soroni. Looks like it might be a nice stop to visit while passing through but not a place that you would target to go and experience a lot of activity 

    For experiencing the local culture and actually meeting the locals, this might be the perfect spot.

    • Hey there Lyndsay, nice to hear from you.

      It is great to learn that Greece is in your future travel plans, just make sure you do not miss out on Rhodes 🙂

      Soroni village, although a quiet place, is a nice area to stop in. Ok, there is not a massive amount going on in the way of activities, but being off the tourist path and meeting some of the local people can really offer a nice insight to the way of life here.

      Before I moved to the island on a permanent basis, I always used to visit for my holidays. Very often I would make my way to these small villages and meet new people. It is actually how i made my foundations here before making my move!

      You can always make some great friends here, even if you are here only a short time.

      Thanks Lyndsay, thanks for getting in touch and be sure to let me know if you are ever heading this way!


  8. Hi, Chris!

    Being a Greek Cypriot, I am very fond of the Greek islands for holidays – close distance, same language, religion and currency, familiar places and landscapes.

    Although I’ve been to Rhodes a couple of times, Soroni is not a place I remember to have visited. As you have said it is a typical Greek village. It reminds me a lot of my homeland of Cyprus – not many attractions or beaches to visit.

    Are there any restaurants/taverns or beaches you think are worth visiting?

    Thanks for a detailed review.


    • Hey Marios, thanks for getting in touch!

      I am quite familiar with Cyprus, as some years ago i was stationed there while serving in the military. I actually spent most of my time at the South of the island in the area of Akrotiri. I did venture North a lot though to Troodos as their was a Radar Base there. Is that still the case do you know?

      Anyway, you also live in a great place.

      As for Soroni, it is easily missed when visiting Rhodes. In all honesty, if you are not actually looking for it, you can drive through the area and not notice. 

      There are some nice places there though, and the beach (although with stones) is quite nice to sit on.

      When it comes to beaches and restaurants, you are really spoiled for choice. They are both plentiful, certainly if you head to the city of Rhodes and down the East Coast.

      Where did you stay when you visited Marios?

      Great to hear from you.



      • Chris,

        Regarding the radar in Troodos, I think that the British still have it – It’s still there.

        I’ve stayed in the town of Rhodes the first time for a couple of days. The second time I didn’t stay anywhere – I did a day-visit of the island while on a cruise from Cyprus.

        I Have visited the town of Rhodes, the valley of the butterflies and Lindos. Next time I visit the island I will stay longer, rent a car and explore the island more.

        Do you know that the dialect the Rhodians use is very close to ours?

        Thanks for the reply


        • Hey Marios, thanks for getting back to me again!

          It is great that the radar in Troodos is still there. It has been many years since I was in Cyprus, so I would love to see it again. I am sure it will bring back many memories for me. I will plan it for sure.

          I know a lot of people that see the island of Rhodes for a day only. The cruise ships that come in often stay for only a day, and you can see the thousands of people escaping the boats to see the city. It is not a lot of time though is it? And the time goes too fast.

          It is good though that you have seen something of the island. The Butterfly Valley is a great place. I love it there.

          For your next visit, the rental car will really help you. There is a lot to see, and the small villages (such as Sorini) are really worth looking at.

          Let me know when you are coming. I will help you out all I can, and maybe even join you for a cold Greek beer!

          Thanks again Marios.


  9. Definitely looks like a wonderful place to visit!

    I’ve lived in the city all my life and all I see is high-rise buildings, air-conditioned rooms, shopping malls etc. 

    This village that you showed really gave me a sense of peace simply from the words and the pictures. Especially the beach area and the waves that wash upon the shore, how relaxing it must feel to be able to spend some time there!

    • Hey Rachel. I am also originally from a big city. I spent most of my youth in Manchester in the UK, then later I lived in London. While they are great places, I do not miss them at all!

      Now I live here in Rhodes, I have come to appreciate the quiet moments in life. If is so relaxing to get away from the hustle and bustle of the big city.

      I would much rather watch and observe the locals sitting and drinking their coffee and ouzo and enjoying life, than seeing young wannabees run around with their briefcases late for work.

      Sitting here in the village of Soroni can offer real tranquility, and in the summer months the beach is perfect for passing an afternoon and taking a swim. What could be better?

      Come and have a visit Rachel, you will never want to go back to the big city again 🙂



  10. Hi Chris,

    I am glad I landed on your site. I was in Greece when I was a kid but I have never been in Rhodes. 

    I like the practical style of your site. It is simple, good and readable.

    I do like the fact that the article is about a village where not many tourists go. 

    In such places one can feel the original atmosphere of that specific place.

    Keep up the good work 🙂



    • Hi Michael and thanks for your comment here!

      I am happy you like the site and that you found what you were looking for with ease! This kind of feedback always allows me to make improvements. I am grateful for that.

      As for this village of Soroni, I believe it is important to see places on the island that can often be overlooked. Yes, of course the attractions are there to be seen by all, but many people miss out on the quiet little villages and meeting the locals.

      I personally love going into small villages such as this and tasting the local foods and meeting new people. It is always a really exciting experience.

      Of course when you are here on vacation it is important to see the history and take part in the tourist activities, but do not miss out on little but great experiences off the beaten path too!

      Thanks Michael! Nice to have you here.


  11. I love to travel and I do enjoy quiet towns so I immediately looked up Rhodes, Greece.

    It’s a pretty little community but I noticed on Google Earth that it is right next to Turkey. How is Rhodes not Turkish?

    I love how you point out the different festivals and you will see horses racing and Greek dancing. I also really like how nice it is to relax in a coffee shop and meet some of the Rhodian people.

    This is great to be able to understand the community and people better before visiting. My wife and I want to start traveling a lot and every time I look at map of the Mediterranean, my eye will always be drawn towards Rhodes, Greece because you were so nice enough to tell us about it.

    Thanks you.

    • Hello Rick, it is nice to have you here.

      If you actually go and look at the History Of Rhodes section I have developed, you will see that the Turkish have actually occupied the island of Rhodes in the past. The Ottoman Empire took control over the island from The Knights Of Saint John back in December 1522, and they remained on the island until 1912.

      This area of Soroni is really a beautiful quiet village. Me too, I enjoy meeting local people. There is no better place to do this than in Soroni!

      The festivals are always worth seeing too, no matter where you are on the island. They are full of tradition and it is a nice experience to get involved!

      Make sure you get here soon. The island is waiting for you!

      Thanks again Rick!


  12. This was the most spectacular view of Soroni I have ever heard. It sounded to beautiful. I just have to put it on my bucket list. How is the cost of living? 

    You made it sound like a place I would love to visit. 

    I love the fresh produce and the coastal waters look great. 

    I bet the celebrations are so fun.

    • Hello Dusty, thanks once again for your comment. I have received 2 from you in quick succession to the same page of information. Did you mean to do that? No matter, I will answer this one too 🙂

      The cost of living in villages such as Soroni are found to be a little cheaper. Certainly if you look to rent an apartment you can get a good deal. For something in the city of Rhodes you may pay between 400 and 500 Euros per month. If you find something of a similar size in the villages, you may get it for 250 – 300 Euros. So there is a difference.

      The only issue there, is you are quite far out, and you need then to pay for travelling costs in order to get around and get things done!

      Soroni is a really friendly village. I have not been too often, but when I have it has always been welcoming. The celebrations are great fun too, as they are all over the island.

      Thanks again Dusty. I am here if you need something more!


  13. Your pictures are amazing!

    Your information is so intense and making me want to take the first flight there.

    Being able to go the shops and get fresh local produce is a must for me.

    Thank You so much for the information, and the desire you gave me to go somewhere new.

    • Hello Dusty and thanks for getting in contact.

      A lot of people here on the island will actually make a special effort to try and take their foods from local farmers and landowners as opposed to going to the supermarket.

      Even me as a foreigner, I have a friend that works on the land and on occasion he brings me fresh potatoes and a variety of vegetables.

      I will never say I am an expert when it comes to living off the land, but you can tell the difference as opposed to getting it from your local outlets.

      Thanks for reading Dusty, and I am happy you like the information I have put together here.

      All the best!


  14. Hello Chris

    I have heard a lot from my friends about the beauty of Rhodes but it is the first time I have seen pictures and a website.

    I would love one day to visit Rhodes, especially Soroni. It looks like a Paradise on Earth.. Your explanation makes me love the place.

    By the way, your website is awesome.

    Wishing you all the best


    • Hello Rania and thank you for your kind words.

      I am happy you enjoyed your visit here too. Have your friends actually been to Rhodes? If yes, why did you not come with them? and if no, come soon, you will love it 🙂

      If you visit, you will find Soroni a very quiet and quaint place. It is quite beautiful. There is a lot more to offer though. There are many attractions and a lot of history to enjoy.

      I hope one day you can come and see it all in person!

      Thanks again Rania, I appreciate your visit and you getting in touch!


  15. It looks like this is a very interesting place, although you say that it is small and really not having much to show apart from some typical food and its inhabitants. 

    The photo that has the sea view is magnificent, plus it gives you that feeling of tranquility and romanticism. 

    If one day I’m in Rhodes and get to Soroni, is there a food or typical drink you would recommend?

    • Hello Karol and thanks for reading this section on the village of Soroni!

      Yes, there is not much going on when it comes to entertainment in all honesty. it is a typical Greek village which is somewhat off the beaten path.

      The locals however are very friendly. Even when i went there to make some photographs for this page, one of the locals told me a few things which I have included. 

      He also mentioned, that down near the beach, there is one restaurant / taverna called ‘Elena’. For food and drink he said this was the best place to go. Here you will find most of the Greek delicacies along with some nice Greek wine!

      I will be going back there soon myself to check it out 🙂

      Thanks Karol, nice to hear from you!



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