Theologos In Rhodes – The Ultimate Greek Village Holiday Experience

Heading South on the West coast from the airport, you will find the village of Theologos in Rhodes. This area is also known as ‘Tholos’. It is approximately 20 Kilometers from the city of Rhodes.

The word ‘Theologos” actually means ‘Theologian‘ or ‘The Word Of God’. I wanted to tell you that, as a lot of people have asked me, and it is surprising how many people do not know. So – Now you do 🙂

Theologos is actually quite a basic village. Of course it is popular with tourism (as most places are during the holiday season) and there are many hotels which have been constructed to serve as a home for the holidaymakers.

The main street runs through the middle of the village where you will find all the amenities you need during your stay. Restaurants and bars are plentiful as are supermarkets and shopping areas.

In fact, a couple of years ago, I had one friend come to visit me here from the UK. He was here for 1 week and stayed in Theologos. We got together and went for a drink at a small little taverna called The Lemon Tree. If you ever get the chance, then stop by.

The owner is a really friendly old man, full of stories and magic tricks to keep you entertained. We had a really nice couple of hours there, so do not miss out on this.

Theologos In Rhodes – A Little Theologos History

I have always tried to dig a little deeper when it comes to learning about this history of this area. I have even passed through the village to talk to the local people and there is very little I can come up with.

Many times I tried to find information via the internet, but again it is very vague.

The only history I can find is that in 2004, an award was offered to the tourists that had visited the area on more than one occasion. They were given this gift of appreciation and were referred to as ‘dedicated friends’.

As you can see, the history does not seem to run that deep, but there has to be more doesn’t there? I am going to keep digging, and when/if I can find out more, I will let you know.

Theologos For A Holiday

Although I really like Theologos in Rhodes, there are some good points and a couple of bad.

The village itself is quite beautiful. There are nice places and a lovely beach to enjoy and there is also the gorgeous Agios Spiridonas Church to appreciate.

It really is the perfect setting if you want to experience the ultimate quiet Greek village holiday!

The only problem is, you are quite far from any other areas. It can have quite a remote feeling.

Agios Spiridonas Church - Theologos In Rhodes
Agios Spiridonas Church

Although there are things to see and do, it is quite small, and you can soon run out of new places to appreciate.

Unless you have been to Rhodes before, and are there simply to relax, you will need some form of transport to move around.

There is a bus service that runs through the village on a regular basis which will take you all the way into the city of Rhodes, so it is easy to travel when you need to.

There is also a really good Rental Car service here call Hi-Way. They can provide you with a good car at a good price which will get you around.

You can always talk to your tour operator too. They will be able to book you a car or scooter and it can be delivered to your hotel.

Although you will enjoy Theologos for your stay, you will need to consider transport options to see some of the important places on the island.

Theologos In Rhodes – Overall

I have never heard bad words about this area. The hotels here offer a really nice service and the amenities around you will provide you with everything you need.

The people in the area are very friendly and anyone wanting to holiday here will have a really nice time.

Have you had a holiday in this area? Maybe you have something to share? Hey, maybe you know more about the history of Theologos too? It would be great to hear from you all.

Leave me a comment below and I will get right back to you.

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26 thoughts on “Theologos In Rhodes – The Ultimate Greek Village Holiday Experience”

  1. Hi Chris, we have just booked a return holiday to Tholos for Sept.

    We are staying at the same hotel we stayed at over 10 years ago. We have been back to Rhodes, (and other Greek Islands), but Tholos is our favorite.

    It is peaceful, people wonderful, very laid back and ideal for a week away recharging the batteries!

    Reading you comments just makes me want to hop on the plane now!

    • Hey Norman, it is nice to hear from you.

      I agree Tholos is the perfect place to kick up your feet for a few days and simply relax.

      There is a great beach and local facilities, and it is perfect if you like peace and quiet. I am quite a fan of the Tholos area myself.

      Well, 18 years on, I hope you enjoy your next holiday as much as you did back then.

      Thanks Norman, I appreciate you passing by.


  2. Chris, I have never thought to much of vacationing in this part of the world. You have given me some very good points and food for thought to add this to my bucket list of places I would like to see and learn more about. 

    You have made this seem like the type of place I would not mind being for a couple of months, quiet and serene my kind of laid back atmosphere along with the wonderful weather.

    Thank you for bringing another part of the world into my life that I really did not know too much about.

    Susan 🙂

    • Thanks Susan, happy you liked the information here and that it has given you food for thought.

      Theologos is a quiet area on the island, and if you like relaxing times and need some nice weather, then this is ideal.

      If you are ever in Rhodes let me know 🙂


  3. Chris,

    Love your site! It is so helpful in planning our first trip to Greece in 2019.

    We are hoping to avoid the tourist areas if at all possible. We really would like an authenticate experience, immersed in the culture (that is why we are planning to stay at least 3 weeks).

    In the off season, is Theologos going to provide that kind of experience? And with only 3 weeks in Greece, should Theologos be on our list of places to visit?

    Thanks you again for the wonderful helpful information your provide through your website.

    • Hello and thanks for making contact.

      The village of Theologos is actually very quiet during the out of season months. 

      In this area you will find big all inclusive resorts, but in the winter they are not operating. They open around the April time until the end of October.

      There are however some small villas that you can look into. Often you can get a more friendly and personal experience with these too.

      Overall, this village is a quiet area. Even in the summer season, you would still need to consider venturing out to see some of the important places. 

      It is a great place to stay though. I do not think you would be disappointed.

      As and when your holiday is approaching, feel free to let me know and I will happily dig around for some information to help you out.



  4. Hi Chris

    I really enjoyed your review of Theologos. I thought I had been everywhere with twenty-two years in the navy, but I must have missed this one. 

    My wife and I were planning a trip to Turkey later this fall. I think I will suggest a quick trip to Rhodes as well. If I am in town, I will drop you a line! Thanks for the tour.


    • Hey there Clay, great to hear from you.

      Well, you will be happy to know that you are not very far from Rhodes if you visit Turkey! In fact, when I go upstairs in my house and look across the water from my balcony, I can see Turkey very clearly. So if you are in the area, you have no excuses not to visit 🙂

      Naturally, Turkey is a big country, so it does depends on the area you are staying, but there are regular boat trips to and from Marmaris should you be interested.

      Make sure you drop me that line when you are in town! I look forward to seeing you here!

      Thanks Clay


  5. I found this a very interesting and well written article 🙂 

    I’ve never heard of Theologos before, but I can safely say if I’m ever in Rhodes, I’ll be keen to visit – even if it is for the cute old man in The Lemon Tree! 

    It’s quite interesting that there doesn’t seem to be any info on the history of this town, I’d definitely be interested to hear if you find anything, I’m certainly intrigued 🙂

    • Hello Rebecca and thank you for reading.

      Yes, this village does seem to be a little of a mystery when trying to gather information with regards to its history. I cannot seem to acquire much at all. I even got in touch with some of the tour guides on the island, and they also say the same thing. There must be something somewhere though right?

      Trust me too, if you go to The Lemon Tree for a nice cold drink, you will have nothing but entertainment from the owner. He is a great old man with a lovely character. You know when you meet someone in passing that you never forget in your whole life? He is like that 🙂

      Thanks Rebecca, and trust me, if I can recover any information on the old days in Theologos, I will post them here!


  6. This sounds like a nice relaxing place to go as there does not seem to be a lot of tourism. I’m pretty laid back and this sounds pretty peaceful to me.

    What would you say is good about Rhodes if someone is looking for a lot of things to do? Are there things to do there that I’m not seeing or is it easy to go some place close by that has more exciting things to do if someone got bored with the quiet life?

    I appreciate you bringing Rhodes up as my wife and I want to start traveling more and it gives us another thing to consider.

    • Hello Rick and thanks for your question.

      There is a lot to do in Rhodes in all honesty. Although Theologos is a small village and one further away from the more popular tourist areas, it is not difficult to branch out and explore.

      There are things to do in this village, and there is plenty going on, but it would be a shame to visit and not see The Acropolis Of Lindos, or The Medieval City of Rhodes for example.

      There are a lot of transport options available to you and it is easy to move around. If you look at the Getting Around Rhodes section, this will offer you come ideas!

      The one good thing though, is after you have visited the busy areas, it is always nice to go back to Theologos for some peace and quiet! 

      I hope this helps Rick, and please get in touch again if you need something more.



  7. I am very curious about this village in Rhodes, it looks and sounds beautiful & I would love to visit it. 

    I was wondering if you would be staying at a resort & if so, would I be able to engage in activities like snorkeling or boating like you would normally find at resorts in tropical vacation destinations such as Costa Rica, etc? 

    Are there any activities offered there as part of a tourist program? 

    Greece is beautiful & I always wondered what the people are like & what is offered when you stay there.

    • Hello there Alex and thanks for your questions.

      When it comes to Theologos, it is a lot quieter than what you would find it in other areas around the island. There are some even more quiet too in all honesty, but this area has everything you need.

      There are some all inclusive hotels in the area that are covered by big tour operators such as Thomas Cook, Tui and others. With this the hotels are of a high standard and they provide you with pretty much everything you need.

      I will admit this is not my cup of tea. I would prefer to find a small local place and make my own experience. I do not want it given to me. We are all different though, and if you need a big resort (maybe you have children?) then all inclusive is a good choice.

      Theologos is also a coastal village, and you will find on the beaches there (in the vicinity of the hotels) all the activities you need. Windsurfing, Kiting and other water activities can be undertaken from here.

      I hope this helps you Alex. If you need something more just let me know!



  8. I associate Rhodes with the movie Colossus of Rhodes – Yikes! I’m giving away my age here. I loved all movies Roman and Greek and these wonderful picturesque memories stay with you.

    I have been to Athens but never to the Greek Islands. Theologos looks like a gem of a place to visit. I do love visiting quaint villages and towns which are off the beaten track.. I see it is a bit remote but there is a bus service or one can rent a car.

    The locals seem friendly and if do make a detour to Theologos one day, I will head straight for the tavern called the Lemon Tree. I wish you every success with your research.

    • Hey Richard, great to hear from you.

      I also remember this film. I think it was made in the early 1960’s, and it was directed by Sergio Leone, the same director that made the Spaghetti Westerns with Clint Eastwood? I think he directed it, produces it or did the screenplay. All if my memory serves me correctly. 

      The film was before my time, but of course I am very aware if it 🙂

      Yeah, if you manage a visit to Rhodes then the little Taverna called The Lemon Tree is a lovely stop. The man in there is really friendly and it is a service you do not get in many places these days. 

      The last time I was there he made me feel so welcome. At the end it was a delight to give him my money and a nice tip for his hospitality! Do not miss out on meeting him!

      Thanks Richard, and let me know if I was right about Sergio Leone please?



  9. Hi Chris,

    It’s a cool review you got here! I am planning to stop by Theologos this spring since as it’s on the way to my grandparent’s cottage approaching from the South!

    I have not seen this area yet, but my childhood friends say that the village has that friendly feeling to it. People are always nice and helpful to visitors 🙂

    I will let them know that the name of it actually comes from “The Word Of God”, as I’m sure they didn’t know. It’s such a sweet name!

    Can’t wait to read more


    • Hello Anna and thanks for your comment.

      Just one question, are your Grandparents Greek? If so, I think they may already know that Theologos means ‘The Word Of God’ 🙂 If they are not Greek, then for sure you can test their knowledge. I only ask this as a lot of people from all over the world come to Rhodes to retire. Let me know!

      Your friends are right though, this village does have a very friendly feel to it and the people are really warm towards visitors. I think you will enjoy your stay!

      Let me know if you venture out of the area. If you are ever in the Ialyssos area look me up!

      Thanks Anna, nice to hear from you


  10. Hello Chris! Your site never fails to amaze me! 

    Rhodes is an island I’ve visited once already but I haven’t had the chance to see the ‘not so touristy’ places. 

    The next time I visit, I’ll make sure to have your site ready as a Rhodes travel guide because it’s so informative and detailed. 

    By the way, I’ve visited the village of Theologos, but honestly, I didn’t know its history till now! 

    Can’t wait to revisit.

    • Hey Antonis, really great to hear from you again my friend!

      You know, sometimes going off the tourist path can be a great way to see the island. Yes, we all like the attractions and the places of interest, but sometimes getting lost can be a real adventure too.

      Although Theologos is actually considered a tourist area, it can often be overlooked unless you are actually staying in the area. People even pass through it without realizing when making a tour of the island’s West coast.

      It is worth stopping in Theologos for sure, even if it is just to see the Agios Spiridonas Church. It is really beautiful and a shame to miss it if you are in the vicinity.

      When you do revisit, let me know and I will take you to the Lemon Tree Bar there. We can drink a beer together!

      Thanks and nice to see you again my friend!


  11. This sounds like a lovely and peaceful place to stay in, although it is a shame there isn’t much history surrounding it. Maybe visiting the little taverna you mentioned would be a good start. 

    I like the idea that it is remote, but having a small child in tow may not be as stimulating for them. If it is suitable for families, what is there to do for children to do besides the beach? 


    • Hi Teresa, great to hear from you.

      i will be honest and say i like the village of Theologos. With that in mind though, I do appreciate we are not all the same. I do not have children (at the moment) and I understand this would be a huge factor when planning a holiday!

      Theologos is more remote than other places on the island, but it is of course not to say you cannot get around. You can, quite easily.

      For the relax time though, there are some options. You may find them limited or even repetitive though if you are visiting the area for a couple of weeks.

      There is a lot to do and the hotels have a lot going on too in the way of entertainment. I know for sure there is a lot of entertainment that takes place in the local hotels. Doretta Beach Hotel and the Happy Days Hotel often have activities which are aimed at the younger generation.

      Do not worry too much when it comes to being occupied in Theologos, there will always be something happening.

      I hope this helps you Teresa. Please let me know if you have anything else on your mind. I am here to answer any of your questions!



  12. Hey! 

    Is Theologos (or Tholos) budget friendly or luxury living? 

    I really enjoy travel and I do both types, budget and luxury. Sometimes I want to see the world and sometimes I want to vacation! You know? 

    I love the details of the local shops, always good. I’m absolutely fascinated with Greece and the Greek Language (I study the bible even though I don’t go to church, and there are a lot of references to Greek words/original translations). 

    Awesome site, but I was just curious if you think this is more of a budget getaway or a luxury getaway?

    • Hi Christy, thanks for your interest and for your question. 

      When it comes to Rhodes and staying in this area, you will find you can pretty much get what you are looking for.

      There are great little family run places where you can stay which will really offer you the Greek feel to your stay (at a nice price too), or you can opt to go into the 5 star hotels which are in the area.

      These 5 star places are luxury for sure, but in my opinion I would always recommend to go your own way. While the big empires will give you everything you want, you will find you acquire more fond memories if you go it alone.

      I personally love the small family run places. They are there to help you and you will become friends too, as opposed to just a number in a big hotel. There is more to a vacation than a comfy 5 star bed!

      What are your thoughts on it?

      Thanks Christy


  13. Hi there, the town of Theologos sounds like a wonderful place to call in and visit. And it sounds like there is transport available to get around.

    If staying in Theologos, how many days would you recommend would be needed to get a good appreciation of it? And in your opinion, do you think Theologos is a family friendly destination? Thanks. Your page really makes me want to go on a holiday!

    • Hello Melissa, thanks for your questions.

      Theologos is a nice place to stay if you decide to take a holiday in Rhodes. Although it is a quiet place, there is enough going on to keep you occupied.

      Like I say, during your stay, it would be beneficial to have transport by way of a rental car or motorcycle so you can get around to see some of the sites. 

      There is a bus service though that will take you in to the city of Rhodes. If I remember it is about a 30 minute journey and is about 3 Euros for a ticket per person!

      As for being family friendly, I am going to say yes. The hotels there are big enough and there are a couple of all inclusive places too. They provide entertainment and pretty much everything you need should you have children!

      There are a lot of shops, bars and outlets to enjoy too. Just be sure to make the effort to see the sites during your stay 🙂

      Thanks Melissa and hope this helps!



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