Gennadi in Rhodes – An Insight To The Beautiful Seaside Village

Between Lindos and Lachania, you will also find the village of Gennadi in Rhodes (Γεννάδι In Greek). Although you will be a little more ‘out in the sticks’ as it were (compared to the busier areas on the island), this area really is worth seeing.

A lot of people choose to miss out on the more quiet areas and often drive through without paying much attention at all. In my opinion this can be a big mistake, and one I do not want you to make.

Gennadi in Rhodes is located a little under 65 Kilometers from the city of Rhodes itself on the East coast of the island and it offers some beautiful areas & things to see.

So, let’s go ahead and take a look.

Gennadi Village

What I like about this Gennadi in Rhodes in particular is the peace and quiet. There are little under 700 people that reside in this coastal area, so if you visit out of the summer season it can be extremely quiet.

In fact, I have visited this place both in the summer season and in the winter, and there is a huge difference.

The Village Of Gennadi In Rhodes
The Village Of Gennadi In Rhodes

Naturally, tourists visit this area during their holidays and there are lots of villas available to rent. The village comes to life once they arrive too, and other places also start opening up.

Tourist supermarkets, places to rent a moto or an ATV and other outlets are all there to serve the locals and people staying for their holidays. These close again at the end of the summer season.

You will also find the usual places that you might need. A pharmacy, a bakery, a post office, restaurants and bars. Incidentally, the bakery is absolutely amazing and you will be able to take your freshly baked bread from here too.

Do Not Miss The Olive Press & Museum

In this area you will also be able to see an old olive press and there is the olive museum too.

As you may know, olives provide a means of income on the island to some of the locals.

They produce olive oil for example which you can purchase in most areas in Rhodes. You will see lots of small outlets all around the island selling from their small stalls olives and honey with other delicacies especially between Kolimbia and Lindos.

It is worth taking notice of this old press in Gennadi too. A taste of history, so do not miss it!

As you may expect too in a typical Greek village, a lot of the old dwellings are white-washed. With this, you really do get the Greek feel to your visit even though there are more modern hotels and villas that have been put in place.

See The Video & Take A Walk Around Gennadi

The Two Churches: Gennadi In Rhodes

What really makes Gennadi in Rhodes special are the two Churches that stand just a little further inland. The churches of Anastasia and Ioannis Theologos.

The church of Ioannis Theologos is from the 19th Century (and has a huge bell tower) and the church of Anastasia is a 12th Century Roman church.

It is said that the church of Anastasia has actually been built on an ancient site from the 6th Century AD and was actually constructed using materials that originally made up of The Knights Of St John tower.

Let me tell you, that both of these churches are really beautiful. These are not to be missed if you are in the area. They make for some wonderful photographs as does the stunning scenery around them.

Gennadi Beach - Gennadi in Rhodes
Gennadi Beach In Rhodes

Gennadi In Rhodes: Gennadi Beach

A lot of people have asked me ‘what is the beach like in Gennadi?’. It is a very common question. Why is this?

Well, there is a good reason for it. This beach in Gennadi is the most popular for people who are crazy about beach parties.

These parties are put on every Sunday (during the summer) and people from all over the island come here to enjoy the music from the DJ’s and to socialize in the beach bars.

The beach is basically split into two sections.

One area is for the people who are happy to come and relax by the beautiful blue water and get a tan and the other is for the party goers.

The Sunset From Gennadi - Gennadi in Rhodes
A Gennadi Sunset – Thanks To Kara For This Great Photo

There are sunbeds and facilities available for people who want to use them.

Do not worry here though, the beach in this area is absolutely gigantic. There is enough space to accommodate all and there is a wonderful atmosphere too.

You will also find a couple of really nice tavernas here to enjoy a snack and a drink. Very relaxing.

One thing you need to be aware of though, is although people refer to it as Gennadi beach, it is not actually in Gennadi itself.

The main road actually runs through the middle of the village and the beach, so you will need to walk to go to one of the other.

It is not too far and it only takes a few minutes.

Gennadi In Rhodes Overall

I personally would not miss out on Gennadi in Rhodes.

Although I will admit I think my beach party days are over, the village itself and the 2 churches I have mentioned are extremely beautiful and not to be missed out on.

I have enjoyed the beach here in the past, and I do not have any problems with it.

All the services are provided for you to have a really great time, and if you like dancing and some loud music then the parties on Sundays are great to experience too.

  • A Lovely Sunset - Gennadi In Rhodes
    A Lovely Sunset Courtest Of Kara From Gennadi

As with most of the villages on the island, you need to drive through the village to get to where you want to go.

It is the only main road. So why not stop and have a look around?

Incidentally, you can capture some amazing sunrises and sunsets too.

See the one above that was provided by a very nice local girl to the village named Kara. Also, there are a couple more in the photo gallery provided. Thanks for the photos Kara 🙂

Well, this is Gennadi in Rhodes. What do you think?

Maybe you have visited this area and have something you would like to share?

Maybe you have been to the beach parties held here and had a drink or two more than you should have? 🙂

I would really love to hear from all of you out there.

Just leave me a comment down below and I will get straight back to you.

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22 thoughts on “Gennadi in Rhodes – An Insight To The Beautiful Seaside Village”

  1. My sister and I are planning a trip to one of the Greek islands in September this year, probably Rhodes. She would like an all inclusive hotel, but I would prefer an apartment in an area that would give an authentic Greek flavour. As a compromise we are looking at booking an all inclusive, that has somewhere nearby that we can walk to that would offer the Greek-ness that I particularly want. And so, I came across your review of Gennadi. Could you answer two questions for me please:

    1. How long would it take to walk from Gennadi to The SENSATORI Atlantica Dreams Resort & Spa

    2. If we were to walk into Gennadi, are there a few tavernas where we could get maybe lunch or an evening drink?


    • Hey Val. Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. A few issues on this side and this latest virus has led me to take care of other things.

      To answer your questions, yes there are plenty of bars and restaurants in the village of Gennadi and it is a lovely peaceful place to stay. If you wanted to take a stroll to the hotel it will be about 20 – 30 minutes depending on your walking speed.

      You will love it down in this area. It really is beautiful!

      Sorry again for the delay in responding.


  2. I can totally relate to this although I have not visited the Island before but after reading through this, I am effeminately making a to do plan. What an insightful article about Rhode Island you have done here and thank you so much sharing such a wonderful place.

    You basically covered every area and made it helpful for anyone visiting there for the first time to find their way around even before vising.

    Glad to see this again and I will be coming back for good insight like this.

  3. Hi there, an interesting article about Gennadi. 

    I haven’t been to Rhodes but it’s on my list of places to visit. Gennadi sounds like a very laid back place, except for the beach parties of course. 

    I’d love to visit the olive press and buy some of the beautiful olive oil too, I use it every day. It’s a little difficult to tell from the photos is the beach made of pebbles rather than sand?

    • Hi Ann.

      You will find Gennadi Beach made up of sand with pebbles in actual fact.

      A lot of the surface is sandy, but there are pebbles and stones as you approach the water line.

      It is perfect for relaxing, but I always wear some simple footwear when walking into the water just to be sure nothing sticks in your feet 🙂

      As for the beach parties, do not worry. If you find they are not for you that is fine, they are only on Sundays during the summer season. All other days are quiet!

      Thanks Ann


  4. Hi Chris, I have been to Greece some years ago and I love that this village is off the beaten track. That is certainly the way I like to see the world … discovering those interesting corners of Greece that have hidden treasures and the two churches are something that I’d love to go to see. 

    Thanks for revealing the secret. 

  5. Hello Chris,

    Your article was just what I was looking for. I am planning a trip to Greece in a few months and was researching about possible ‘stops’ while I am there. I am going to the Island of Rhodes and I am so glad that I landed on your website. 

    Not only is Gennadi on my list, but so are some other towns like Afandou, and Faliraki will be on my ‘to do list’. My husband and I are ‘simple, easy’ travelers so hitch-hiking around is just ‘up our alley’.

    Like you, our ‘party days’ are over or severely reduced, so the sunsets and sunrises, the churches and quiet walks along the beach will suit us fine.

    Thanks for such great info and awesome website. Keep up the great job.


    • Thanks for passing by Michelle.

      Gennadi is a great place to experience and I am sure you will love it.

      Let me know when you have some solid plans in place, and if you need anything let me know!



  6. Hey Chris,

    Gennadi seems to be a beautiful place to visit with some great site seeing with a lovely beach, churches and awesome sunsets.  

    I just love sunsets and you have given some fantastic images of Gennadi, giving the real feel of the Gennadi village.

    I would like to know which is the best time to visit Gennadi?


    • Hey there, and thanks for reading.

      The sunset images were kindly provided by the local resident there in the village. I reached out and received some lovely shots from people who actually live there. I think they are awesome too 🙂

      When it comes to asking the best time to visit, it all depends on what you are looking for. If you get me on a private message i will be happy to help you out with some finer details.



  7. Hi Chris, thanks for this post, 

    Gennadi would be the perfect place for a holiday for me. After all the holi-boli of the city I just want it quiet. 

    I love fresh bread and I hope the bakery also has fresh cake. The two churches would be places of great interest to me too. I would love to have some quiet time in there. 

    What would be the average cost of a one week holiday in Gennadi? 

    • Hi Juliet.

      Gennadi is a great place to bunk down for a few days and get some relax time.

      If you hit my up on a private message, I can help you decide what it is you are looking for when it comes to prices.

      Thanks 🙂


  8. Great review. Gennadi seems like a very relaxing place. Your review painted an awesome picture in my mind.

    Then I saw the photos, they are really beautiful. The beaches looks clean and I really like the photo with the pebbles. Reading this gets me so excited, feels like i’m there having fun already. 

    Thanks for sharing.

    • Thanks Brenda. I am happy you liked the info here.

      The photo of the pebbles was kindly provided to me by one of the local residents there in Gennadi. I love it too, it is a really nice image!

      I hope you can make it here soon to explore for yourself.



  9. As a huge history and travel fan, Rhodes as been some place I’ve always wanted to visit. 

    For the gorgeous scenery to the historical aspect, the place as always fascinated me. Gennadi village seems like a great place to visit for someone like me to visit. I cannot wait to book my trip!

  10. Gennadi looks absolutely beautiful! It has somewhat of a Hawaii feel it seems, with a smaller closely knit community. It’s amazing how many places go unnoticed and I’m sure most of these unknown gems are much cheaper than the more popular locations because not nearly as many people visit, therefore, it’s not packed with so many tourists. 

    This is one reason I’m hoping to be able to travel at my leisure, because there are so many places in this world that people should enjoy and fall in love with. 

    I bet the food there is amazing too! Thanks for sharing!

    • Hey there. Yes Gennadi is a small village and for sure it is a close community. That is not to say it cannot be enjoyed by people passing through though 🙂

      Sometimes these out of the way villages really offer a great experience, and not one you can always obtain by staying in a 5 star hotel.

      Get out and about and find these little gems in my advice 🙂



  11. Hello Chris,

    I think Greece is a very attractive option for a summer vacation or long weekend recharge trip. 

    Peak season I can image will be super full of tourists and as you describe in the article, loads of party goers. What times of the year would you recommend for someone still looking to enjoy the beach and the town without it being in the middle of winter?

    These smaller towns in my experience offer the authentic experience that has often been lost in the larger centers.


    • Hey Richard.

      Yes, i also find that some of the more local villages offer a very authentic Greek experience as opposed to the built up tourist areas. Gennadi is beautiful for this.

      As for the best time to come when you are considering the weather, check out my Climate Of Rhodes section. It will offer you further information and help you make plans.




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