Some Traditional Food in Greece Not To Miss Out On

One of the main cultures is the traditional food in Greece. The Greeks love to eat, and to experience the cuisine during your visit to Rhodes is a must.

There are lots of places waiting to offer you the best in traditional Greek dining, and hey – you are on holiday, so why not eh?

Of course there are many dishes to try when it comes to dining out, so here I just wanted to tell you a few of the more popular ones so you know what to expect!

The Greek diet here is mainly the same as the Mediterranean diet, so seafood is extremely well-received as are meat dishes and vegetables, they come in many varieties too!

Popular Dishes

I am sure that most of the people that visit Greece are aching to try the Souvlaki.

Moussaka - Traditional Food In Greece
A Delicious Moussaka

Skewered pork meat, a Greek culinary staple, offers a succulent and flavorful experience.

Typically, it comes paired with Tzatziki, potatoes, or a Greek Salad, depending on your preference.

If you are really hungry, then why not have it all?

Also, there is the famous Moussaka, Gyros and Squid.

Check out the most popular list further down.

Table Manners

One thing that is very traditional in Greek Culture is to share the food.

Traditionally, instead of having individual plates of food, Greeks often embrace a different approach.

Primarily, food is served on communal platters and placed at the center of the table for everyone to share.

This can be meat, fries, salads, side dishes and bread. From these different plates everybody takes what they want.

With this in mind it is good manners to keep your hands in view and refrain from putting your elbows on the dinner table.

When it comes to the bread, you will take the piece you want from the middle of the table.

If it is too big, you break it with your hands, and put the piece back that you do not want.

It goes without saying that you do not take the bread, give it a big bite with your teeth and then put it back to the middle.

You may laugh, but I have seen it done, and it was not well received or appreciated.

It is normal to sit and talk during meals too. It is also common to drink wine, Ouzo and water and generally pass the time.

The old-fashioned saying of ‘do not talk at the table’ does not apply here.

It is all about enjoying the good food and each other’s company!

What Is The Most Traditional Food in Greece?

Traditional Food In Greece - Pita Gyros
Pita Gyros – Courtesy Of Takeaway (Wikimedia Commons)
  • Feta – Of course we are all aware of the famous Feta cheese (and Goats Cheese)
  • Stifado – This dish skillfully combines rabbit or hare with onions, oregano, and garlic, creating a flavorful blend. A very tasty meal
  • Kalamarakia – Fried squid, a popular Greek dish, tantalizes the taste buds with its crispy texture. Very tasty and well worth giving it a try.
  • Choriatiki – This is a traditional Greek Salad. Tomatoes, Onions, Olives, Olive oil and more – I love this and recommend it to anyone.
  • Souvlaki – As I mentioned earlier, this dish typically consists of skewered pork, usually accompanied by potatoes, vegetables, and/or a Greek Salad.
  • Moussaka – In Greek, it’s spelled “Moysakas,” a casserole-style dish made with aubergines.
  • Gyros – One of the most famous foods here and regularly tried by the tourists too. It is pork or chicken meat served with Pita bread in the form of a kebab. Again this comes with a little salad and potatoes all wrapped up. Really delicious!

Well, that doesn’t sound too bad does it? I mean most people would give them a try and be quite happy I would think.

What about one more dish though?

It made me squirm a little I will confess, and to this day I have not tried it, and probably won’t either!

It makes my Greek friends laugh at me, but hey, we are not all the same.

Tell me what you think!

Lambs Brain!!!! – I do not think it needs a description. It is pretty clear in my opinion, as is the fact I will never eat it. 🙂

Would you?

See The Video For An Overview Of The Most Popular Tasty Greek Dishes

Traditional Food in Greece – Restaurants.

There are lots of restaurants on the island of Rhodes and I will be listing some of them as the site develops.

Naturally, you can find traditionally priced restaurants offering fine Greek cuisine along with enjoyable entertainment.

By paying a bit more, you can enhance your dining experience even further.

More coming on this soon!

What ever option you choose to try you will have a great time.

The restaurant owners here are very friendly and will dedicate themselves to seeing you have the best time possible!

Greek Restaurant - Traditional Food In Greece
A Greek Sea View Dinner Location

Traditional Food in Greece – Overall

Have you ever sampled the traditional food in Greece? If so, what did you think?

Personally I love the food in Greece and would love to hear your thoughts too!

Just do not talk to me about lamb brain 🙂

Leave me a comment below if you have something to add or share.

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72 thoughts on “Some Traditional Food in Greece Not To Miss Out On”

  1. Hi Chris:

    I’ve seen your posts before and every time I do I want to hop on the next plane to Greece (I wonder if there are any direct flights from Seattle?)

    I’m a vegetarian so some of this food would be off limits for me. However I do like foods like dolmades and lentil soup although I don’t really know if you’d consider these Greek. Also, I’m a big fan of many varieties of olives.

    I often go to a local place which I guess is considered Greek and have a Greek salad.

    Anyway, I always enjoy your posts and hope to make it to Greece someday!


    • Hi Christopher.

      Do not worry at all, being a vegetarian here does not stop you enjoying a nice Greek meal. Lots of people actually opt for the beautiful vegetable dishes here too which are made Mediterranean style. Really beautiful. The use of olive oil and different herbs really allows you to treat your taste buds.

      Dolmades is also one of my favorite foods here, really delicious.

      I am glad this is not your first visit to my site and it is great I am tempting you to make a journey here. In answer to your question, there are direct flights that will take you from your city straight to Athens. I think it is a little under 14 hours to make the journey. If you want to land on the island of Rhodes, then you will need a second flight of about 45 minutes to make the hop over.

      Hope this helps you.

      Thanks my friend, it is nice to hear from you again.


  2. Hi Chris, I love Greek food. It is so tasty and I love the table behaviour. Talking, drinking wine and sharing great food. What could be better?

    As for lambs brain, I love them and they are so good for you as well. My dad used to batter them and serve them with a salad and I never knew what they were for a very long time until he confessed one day, and by then it was too late. Delicious!!! 🙂

    • Thanks Vicki.

      Yes I will go with everything you say here. The time at the dinner table can be really enjoyable in Greece. You can have some great conversations and the food is amazing.

      You are still on your own when it comes to the lambs brain though. No way for me 🙂

      Thanks and nice to hear from you.


  3. Hi!

    Thanks for sharing such appetizing dishes.

    I’ve never been to Greece before, but I’m a big fan of the gyros especially topped with the tzatziki sauce which I particularly love.

    Do you happen to have a recipe to the tzatziki sauce? I wouldn’t mind making that myself. If you could provide one, that would be great.

    All the best,


    • Jennifer

      Thanks so much for getting in touch. I am also a lover of Tzatziki, and it goes really well with the gyros dishes for sure.

      I had a good look around, and came up with a nice recipe that I think you will like.

      Check it out here 🙂

      Just translate the page, as it is Greek – i.e authentic 🙂

      Let me know if you need something more.



  4. Hi Chris!

    Great site and a topic! I like Greek food as well. Been to Greece some years ago but still remember the nice weather and delicious food.

    I remember when we were at a restaurant in Athens and the waiter brought us a large amount of white plates, arranged one above the other as a tower.

    The restaurant had a music band as well. the atmosphere was fantastic.

    He explained to us that we can throw the plates on the floor and break them. It was amazing. Everyone threw plates on the floor! Empty plates of course! It is a part of Greek tradition! We really enjoyed it. The food as well!

    I live in Croatia, on the coast, in a country with the sea and Mediterranean food as well. It is similar to Greek food but with some differences as well.

    Mediterranian food is one of the healthiest foods in the world, if not the healthiest. Olive oil, various fresh fish, vegetable, fruits, good wine .. what do you want more, right?

    Keep up the great work and big hello to Greece!

    • Hello Igor, it is great to have you here my friend. Greetings to you in Croatia.

      The food is indeed excellent and you are right, it is considered one of the healthiest diets in the world. Lots of delicious vegetables, Olive Oil, good wines and breads are standard here, and well worth tucking into.

      The plate throwing is a tradition here in Greece yes. It is said, that at one time, a family of rich people invited a family of poor people into their home for dinner. To make the poor people feel more welcome, they were invited to smash the plates of the rich family and to prove that friendship is far more important than wealth.

      I hope you had a great time during your visit to Greece, maybe we will see you in Rhodes one day too? 🙂

      All the best Igor, and thanks for getting in touch.


  5. Most of that Greek food sounds really good, but I’ll have to pass on the lamb’s brain.

    I have some Greek ancestry and we’ve had home made baklava a few times. It would probably taste just as good with maple syrup instead of honey. Do they even have maple trees in Greece?

    • Hi Jo, yes I also have had Baklava on a few occasions, although I only like it once in a while as it is too sweet for me.

      There are Maple Trees in Greece (to my knowledge at least) although I will admit I am not fully briefed on this, but the Honey is the most popular by far.

      Im with you on the Lambs Brain too lol

      NIce to hear from you.


  6. Just reading this is making me hungry!

    I love Greek food, but I’m sure it’s even better when you’re actually in Greece.

    Rhodes also looks amazing. Planning a trip to Greece and I think Rhodes has to be near or at the top of the list of islands to visit. 

    Thanks for sharing!

    • Thanks Nathan.

      Make sure hitting the Tavernas here is on your list of priorities. The Greek Food is amazing, you will definitely be wanting more. Lots to choose from my friend, so indulge 🙂

      Thanks and hope to see you here in Rhodes soon.


  7. Hello Chris

    Thank you so much for your informative articles about the Island of Rhodes. I am writing a paper about the Greek Islands and your website was a wealth of information. 

    I love your photos and it makes me feel like I am right there, sightseeing. Thank you for all in-depth information regarding the different areas as well as interesting places of interest such as the archaeological museum and the butterfly museum. 

    The food also looks very tempting and maybe I will include a little on this in my paper too.

    Are there any art galleries on the Island of Rhodes by the way?

    • Hey there, great to learn you are writing a paper there for the Greek Islands. If you need any information or if I can help you in any way just let me know 🙂

      The food is awesome too here in Greece, so make sure you dedicate a section to it, your readers will love it.

      As for Art Galleries, there is a beautiful one in the City of Rhodes. It is The Municipal Art Gallery. The section for museums will be expanded on soon, so lots more to come for these!

      Thanks, great to hear from you.


  8. Hey Chris,

    Thank you for sharing the wonderful Greek foods here. I am getting hungry just looking at the pictures, especially the Moussaka.

    I have tried gyros in the past. Even though they taste great where I live, those who have traveled to Greece say that is nothing compared to the Gyros that they have tried there.

    Thanks again!

    • Yeah I have to agree. 

      I have also tried some of the Greek Dishes and cuisine outside of Greece but it is just not quite the same.

      There is something to be said for having Greek food in Greece 🙂 The traditional ingredients and chef experience certainly play a role when it comes to the taste 🙂

      I do like Moussakas too, but I will go for the Gyros every time!

      Thanks, great to hear your thoughts.


  9. For someone like me, who has no idea of Greece and its cultures, food and traditions, this page is very helpful.

    What I do like is the bit about table manners, suits me fine for that approach. Although I am not a big talker, I just love the idea of being able to take what you want, have a chat without anyone frowning and above all, enjoy the atmosphere.

    I love seafood, thus that would suit me fine, however my partner is not at all in favour of seafood. Fortunately, there are the vegetables and meat dishes. Lambs brains is not for her though.

    I have eaten lams brains, quite some time ago and I feel that my memories will entice me to try this out.

    I am hoping to be in Greece in 2019 which makes this a very important piece of information.

    • Hi Steve and thanks for passing by and leaving your thoughts.

      I must admit, I am not a huge talker, and in the presence of many others, I am happy to let others take center stage. It is nice though to be with family and friends and have something to eat together. I actually love this.

      Seafood is a must here too. There are also a couple of really great restaurants where the seafood is really amazing. If you are ever on the island, give me a shout and I will fill you in on the details.

      I am with your partner on this one too, I will sit alongside them and watch you tackle the lambs brain. Not for me at all 🙂

      Thanks my friend, really nice to hear from you.


  10. I have also eaten some of the food that you have described. The Greek Cuisine is one of my favorites. I like to define it as the exotic Mediterranean Cuisine because in my opinion it a perfect combination between the European flavors and the middle Asian. The use of the spices is very light but it gives great value to the food!

    • Some of the dishes here in Greece are really delicious Andrea yes. The Mediterranean diet is said to be one of the most healthy.

      We must not forget though, that a lot of the traditional food here in Greece has been influenced by Turkey too. Dishes such as Gyros, Moussakas and appetizers such as Tzatziki have been shared with Greece and Turkey from back during The Ottoman times.

      There are some wonderful options here when it comes to the food.

      Thanks Andrea.


  11. Jeez! I just ate and you made me hungry again!

    I’m Greek and I can testify under oath that the food here is incredible, so be prepared to gain a few pounds here. 

    But don’t worry! First, it’s worth it! Second, the sea is beautiful so you’ll want to stay there swimming for as long as possible. And swimming is a great form of exercise!

    • Haha Jenny thanks.

      The food here in Greece is delicious and very moreish, so you are right, it can be easy to pile on a few pounds if you are not careful. Totally worth it though.

      Swimming is the best exercise they say, but not on a full stomach! 🙂 Maybe a glass of wine instead?

      Nice to hear from you.


  12. I have been to Greece a couple of times and I just love Greek food, especially the salads which I think are better than anywhere else. 

    When I lived in the Netherlands, where I was born, I continued going to Greek restaurants there and liked the Gyros and Souvlaki very much together with some Retsina. 

    I am currently living in Thailand, but whenever I visit my home country I take my two Sons to eat Greek Food and guess what? They were crazy about Gyros too. 

    I have yet to find a Greek restaurant here that has Gyros on the menu here in Thailand. I think I will take by boys to one of them and ask about it.

    • Hey Jerry, yes there is something quite special about Gyros. I love it too.

      I have never been to Thailand, but I have one friend who lives here in Rhodes, and he visits Thailand every year for 3 or 4 months at a time. He loves it there.

      I will ask him too about the food there. Maybe he knows a place that does Greek Cuisine.

      I will let you know.

      Thanks Jerry.


  13. Hi,

    Greek food is unpretentious, honest and all about fresh ingredients. I had the Greek feta salad, and when you try it at home, it just doesn’t have the same flavor and freshness. 

    I like the fact that you included some table manners in the article. Something many parents don’t bother to teach their children anymore. Sharing meals is a social and almost lost tradition. You have to talk to the people around you – whether you like it or not.

    Would I eat lambs brain? Probably just to say that I tried it.


    • Hi Martin and thanks for your thoughts.

      I agree too, in these modern times, people always seem too busy to sit at the table with family and/or friends. Many of us eat on the move simply because we have too much to do or we work long hours.

      In many countries, this lifestyle of enjoying a meal at the table has been lost.

      In Greece though, it is still very important and it is common to see families getting together either at home or in the local restaurants to eat together. It is simply the done thing here. I love that about Greece.

      For the lambs brain, nope – not for me, you can keep that one 🙂

      Thanks my friend. Great to hear from you.


  14. My Goodness that food looks delicious. I have never had Gyros, but from looking at that picture, I sure want to try some. 

    My husband and I are trying to decide where to vacation this winter and I’m trying to convince him that Greece is where we should go. I’m going to use your wonderful article about the food there to try and sway him. 🙂 

    Thank you for the great read.

    • Thanks Steph, much appreciated.

      The Greek Food is amazing, and it is worth visiting simply for that. You will love the Gyros too, it is really delicious 🙂

      Persuade him 🙂 You will not regret it!!


  15. Hi Chris, I absolutely love Greece and especially its cuisine.

    Eating Souvlaki with Tzatziki on the beach brings me into a such a relaxing mood. Thank you for such a great article,

    It reminds me I should cook some of the Greek specialties for myself.

    Maybe I can finally try the Moussaka, I was always kinda worried that it looks quite complicated,

    • Hey Andrea, really great to hear from you.

      I am always jumping in and out of the grill houses here to grab myself a Souvlaki or Pita Gyros. I love them too much :). It is a great food for relaxing, and also convenient if you are on the move, which is very often in my case.

      Moussakas is a dish I always liked, but I will be honest and say I have never made it. I do have some recipes though. If you decide to give it a try let me know and I will get them to you.

      Thanks Andrea


  16. Good morning Chris 🙂 I guess since I see the picture with Greek traditional salad and some sunshine (am I wrong?). Is Choriatiki the name of this salad?

    Oh, Greece shares the same culture as Asia. Asian culture is sharing the food as well as lunch and dinner. Therefore, it has some uncomfortable situation where all family members are on the table, but if the head of the household or important person doesn’t arrive. it means the other people need to wait, or the head of the household/important person says in advance they don’t need to wait, they can eat ahead…

    I wonder If Greek has that underlying culture? What should it be called? Power? or respect the elderly people?

    Oh, man Chris…your Greek common dishes made my belly roaring.

    You said Kalamarakia is the fried squid. I’m curious, is it the deep fried? I know when we fry squid, it is going to splash the hot oil around… Can you share how to make the dish Kalamarakia?

    Hehe, I can cook some for myself, so I would like to learn how to make the dish 🙂

    Thank you in advance if you share.

    • Hey there and thanks for your questions.

      Yes, the Greek Salad in Greece is known as Choriatiki, sometimes also spelled as Horiatiki. If you ask for this, you will get a Greek Salad 🙂

      I have never been in Asia, but I understand that they have a similar culture when it comes to dining and table manners. The Greeks are the same, and normally the head of the table is present before people eat. Of course this is not always possible, so of course it is allowed if the other people eat in his/her absence.

      Me too, I love Kalamari. If you check out this link it will offer you a great recipe and some instructions on how to make it yourself. Try it and let me know what you think.

      Thanks and let me know if you need something more!


  17. For Americans, the way Greeks share a table is a real cultural shock. I remember hearing that it is this way with many traditional cultures.

    However, no elbows on the table is a traditional rule of American manners, too.

    In many traditional cultures, a meal is not just a meal. It is an intimate get-together. Refusing to eat with someone is an act of shaming them.

    As much as I love rabbits, I’m curious to try a “rabbit gyro”.

    • Hi Michael.

      When I first came to Greece i felt the same when everyone was jumping in and out of the same plates. It was not something I was unwilling to try though, and in actual fact, this is how I eat now even at home.

      There is always bread in the middle of the table, small plates with different items, and me and my lady just take what we want from the middle. I got used to it all!

      More often than not, you will find rabbit in a dish called Stifado. For the gyros, more often than not it is chicken or pork. Stifado is amazing though, and you should give that a try if you have not done so already.

      Thanks my friend.


  18. Talking about Greek food you touched my soft spot. As a young student in London, Greek restaurants were places to go because they were serving proper meals contrary to the fashionable nouvelle cuisine. 

    I think that you missed one of my favorites: Lamb Kleftiko.

    Thanks for this fantastic reminder of Greek food!

    • Lamb Kleftiko is of course a very nice dish too yes. Sorry to miss out your favorite one Alex 🙂

      That is what I like about Greek Food too, despite all the other outlets available world wide, I find the Mediterranean diet the most healthy yet the most tasty.

      They stick to what they know and they do it well. 

      Thanks for getting in touch my friend. Nice to hear from you.


  19. Very interesting information! I really am considering to take a trip there. 

    Most of the items on the traditional menu in Greece I have already eaten in America or Northern Europe, but of course the authenticity is questionable. 

    I’d be interested to try the Stifado. I wonder what sort of rabbit or hare is used and what they are fed. 

    Also, unlike you, I’d be willing to try the lamb’s brain. How do they prepare it? What kind of seasoning does it have?

    Also, socially and politically there, how stable is it? Do Americans receive a warm welcome? 

    Thanks a lot!

    • Hey there and thanks for passing by with your thoughts. Great to have you here!

      There are of course outlets worldwide where you can find Greek food and ingredients. Like you say though, sometimes it just misses that little something to make it special.

      I had one restaurant close to my home when I was living back in the UK, and although it was really good, I realized it was nothing compared to the food prepared here. Maybe it just needs that special touch of experience 🙂

      As for the Lambs Brain, it is not for me at all. Each to their own for sure. Although I will not pretend to be a chef, you will mostly find Lambs Brain dishes seasoned with Olive Oil, Parsley and Lemon Juice.

      As for you folks out there in the USA, you will be made to feel more than welcome. It was only the other day I met one guy and his girlfriend here and they were from Minnesota. They were really enjoying themselves. 

      Never fear, get yourself here 🙂

      Thanks my friend. It is nice to hear from you.


      • Thanks Chris.

        I have some spare time coming up at Christmas. Is that a good time to travel to Greece? Is it overly burdened with tourists at that time of year?


        • Hey Joe.

          Christmas time is a very nice to be in Greece in actual fact. You can still have some great days when it comes to the weather, and it is relatively quiet as the tourist season is on hold for a while.

          You can still see everything you want to see, and you can still enjoy the Tavernas/Bars too.

          If you come in the winter time, a lot of the time you will experience Greece as it is. When the tourists are not here, the locals will have a lot more time to offer you the personal touch. I recommend it 🙂

          Thanks Joe.


  20. Having a fabulous meal in Greece is one of the items on my bucket list! I am a huge fan of Greek cuisine, but honestly, it seems to be hit and miss with our local Greek restaurants. 

    One thing that seems to be challenging is making a great Kalamarakia; it has to be delicate and delicious (not greasy, soggy or rubbery). That’s been my pet peeve lately. 

    One thing I wouldn’t order in Greece, though, is the Lamb’s Brain. No thanks!

    • Hello there Laurie and thanks for leaving your thoughts on Greek Cuisine.

      It is hard to find the real deal outside of Greece I must admit, but people do try. Very often they do a really good job, but it always seems to miss that something special don’t you think? 🙂

      Greek Food in Greece is surely the best. I hope you get here one day to experience it.

      I am the same when it comes to Lambs Brain, a big No Thanks. Some things are just to much for me!

      Thanks Laurie, really nice to hear from you.


  21. I found it interesting that Greek people typically eat shared meals. I actually have experienced this a lot with my family gatherings.

    When plates are prepared ahead of time, the person dining may not like some of the items on the plate. This can cause an awkward situation for them, as they want to put it back or throw it away.

    I think we should take a page from the Greeks and do this more often. 

    I’m also going to have to learn to cook Souvlaki, it sounds right up my alley.

    • Hey Ernest, yes Souvlaki is a must 🙂 I love it too. This is one of the more popular dishes in Greece, and it is with good reason. Delicious 🙂

      I am not from a country that typically shares food. Being from the UK, I was brought up to eat what was on my plate, and don’t steal food from others.

      When I came here to live in Rhodes though, and got friendly with many Greek people, I could see that this is the way things should be done.

      It all goes in the middle, and you take what you feel like eating. If you do not eat something particular, no offence is caused. 

      I prefer it this way, and I enjoy meal times more when everyone is sharing and having a chat.

      Thanks Ernest, nice to hear from you. Let me know how your Souvlaki turns out!


  22. Hi Chris

    This brings back memories and I need to go to Greece just to enjoy the food again. For many years I worked in a Greek community so I am familiar with the real homemade versions of the foods you describe.

    Of course, I especially love the cookies and pastries they are so delicious.

    That’s it, I’m convinced. Next trip to Greece and the Greek Isles!


    • Hey Steven, I too love the Greek cuisine.

      Aside from the main dishes that are available, I am also fond of the pies and sweets that are available.

      The good old Cheese Pies (Tiropita) and those with spinach are delicious.

      The main dishes are pretty healthy, but go careful on the pastries and sweets. Before you know it you have put on weight. I made that mistake in the past 🙂

      Thanks Steven. I appreciate your visit.


  23. Hi Chris I have been to Rhodes but it was a long time ago and it is with great delight that I have come across your site. 

    The old and the new Rhodes add that historical charm to your visit and I loved the way you describe eating the local food. Share and share alike 🙂

    There is so much to do and see on Rhodes and reading your article has inspired me to put Rhodes back onto the radar and maybe one day I will return. 

    I did actually do some diving while I was there in crystal clear waters, although there wasn’t much marine life.

    Thanks for sharing your insights.

    • Hey Colin, great to hear from you.

      That is one of the areas I was not familiar with when I first arrived in Rhodes. I am originally from the UK, and I always had the frame of mind that what was on my plate was mine, and that was all.

      I always remember one guy (who later became a great friend) inviting me to eat something with him and his family. I was waiting for the food and when it call came it went into the middle of the table and my personal plate was empty.

      He said to me ‘go on, enjoy’, and I asked, ‘well what is mine?’

      He laughed and said to me, ‘take what you want, if we need more we will get more’. It was the first time I had eaten like this. The sharing for me back then was strange, but I really love it now. It really brings you together as a family.

      Also, when I was young, I was always told ‘do not talk at the table’. This was the way I was brought up. The dinner table was for eating. Here in Greece though it is family time, and they do more talking than eating 🙂

      It was new, but I would not go back to my roots on this one 🙂

      Thanks Colin.

      I hope you make it here again some day!


  24. It’s interesting to see traditional Greek cuisine. I’ve never been to an authentic Greek restaurant, so I’m not sure if the items I’ve eaten in the past are authentic.

    Now though, I most likely wouldn’t as I’m vegan. Do you have any suggestions that doesn’t involve meat, dairy, eggs, or honey?


    • Hi Michelle and thanks for reading.

      I will admit that Greek cuisine has a unique taste. I have visited different restaurants and/or a Greek Taverna outside of Greece, and to me it is not the same. That is not to say they are not good though 🙂

      As a rule, Greeks are meat eaters, but naturally there are other choices for people that do not eat meat.

      Greeks are very fond of vegetable dishes too. Dishes such as Zucchini, Fasolia (Beans), vegetable casserole dishes, and Spinach  pies are plentiful and I am sure you would enjoy them.

      Whichever restaurant you decide to visit, you will always find something for vegetarians.

      Hope this helps you out Michelle, but if you need something more, you know where I am 🙂



  25. I have never tried Greek food before. 

    I am not much of an adventurous type when it comes to trying new things. The way you describe some of the foods sounds really enticing though. 

    I would have never known that you were supposed to share your food with others at the table. Look forward to learning more….this place seems amazing.

    • Hey there Andrew and thanks for reading.

      Yes, when I first landed in Greece this was also something I was not aware of. 

      All sharing from the same plates was something new to me too, and I was always worried that I would take something that someone else may have their eyes on 🙂

      After a little time though I came to understand that there is nothing to worry about. The food simply keeps coming, so if something is running low, there is always another plate on the way.

      It is a fun way to eat and I like this tradition. In a strange way it brings the people at the table closer together and builds more of a bond. Certainly this is the case in my opinion anyway.

      Thanks again Andrew


  26. Hey there Chris

    Loved reading your Traditional Food in Greece! You touched on a very Yummy subject! And, though you haven’t yet tasted it…Yes, Lamb Brains are a delicacy that is hard to say no too after you have tasted it! You just need to put the psychology aside…and don’t eat with your eyes! (that’s what I used to tell my kids when they were little!)

    Enjoyed reading your “about me” page, it helped me understand from what angle you come from when writing your posts! That’s great!

    Might pop in for an Ouzo one of these days…though right now I am in a very far away in another “holiday” town in Western Australia, living the same dream too…with dolphins 🙂

    Cheers, Orion

    • Hey there Orion, great to hear from you from so far away. Modern technology eh 🙂

      Hmmm I don’t know. I understand what you are saying when it comes to eating without looking, but I am still sure I could not handle it haha. There is just something about it that – well, let’s just say it does nothing for me 🙂

      I am not afraid to try something new, I am not that kind of person, but I suppose I have my limits – and Lambs Brain is the limit for me!

      I am happy you found my story interesting on my about me page. I love it here in Greece and I am happy that comes across. Of course if you ever get the chance for that Ouzo – you will be most welcome.

      Thanks again Orion. Speak soon 🙂


  27. Hi Chris,

    This post makes me want to back to Greece so badly! 

    I’ve only been to Athens and absolutely loved it there and tried the chicken gyros, which was delicious. I didn’t get to try all the dishes you talked about here, but definitely planning to do so next time. 

    Love that you included pictures and descriptions and brought the food to life. I can ALMOST taste it 🙂 And I would never try the lamb brains either haha. Way too exotic for me! 

    Look forward to exploring other pages on your site!

    • Hey there, thanks for getting in touch.

      I will agree that the chick gyros is a very beautiful dish. I love it too 🙂 It is very tasty and moreish 🙂 

      There are of course lots of different dishes to try, and depending on how long you stay in Greece, it can be somewhat difficult to get through them all.

      Let’s hope you manage another visit so you can work your way through the menu 🙂

      Thanks for reading


  28. I love Greek food! So happy I came across your post! I love gyros and souvlaki! My favorite is the pita bread. The food on your page is making me hungry 🙂

    My mom is actually going to Greece in September. What restaurant would you say is the best for them to try authentic gyros and souvlaki?

    • Hi Peter, nice to hear from you and thank you for passing by.

      When it comes to the Gyros and Souvlaki dishes there are a lot of great outlets.

      Although you can find a lot of them offering take-away food, I always find it better to sit and enjoy the food.

      These typical Greek dishes are served also in some of the more expensive restaurants, but most people tend to go for them as a quick stop. Where ever she decides to take one from, I am sure she will not be disappointed.

      Where in Greece will your Mom be visiting?

      Thanks Peter


  29. Hi Chris

    The dishes in Greece looks very appetizing and like my kind of food. I love to visit Greek restaurants in my country and try what they have to offer, but I don’t think it is the same and certainly would like to try the food in Greece.

    For the lamb brains, I have eaten it a few times and it is not that bad:))) It has a distinctive taste. It tastes a bit like marrow and is very rich. I cannot eat a whole one!

    I am familiar with most the dishes you mention, but not the Stifado. We do not get any rabbit or hare dishes in my country. I would like to try it though.

    I love Choriatiki. If you order it here, you ask for a “Greek Salad”. It is freely available in nearly all restaurants.

    Thank you for a great post. I really enjoyed reading it.



    • Hey there Rika, really great to hear from you.

      It is wonderful that you have some experience when it comes to knowledge of some Greek dishes. But you are more brave than me I will confess. I do not think there is anything in the world that will get me to eat the lambs brain. No Way 🙂

      It is great that you have some choices there for Greek Food too. I also have visited Greek establishments outside of Greece, and you are right – although nice, they are not quite the same.

      If you ever manage a visit to Rhodes, just let me know. I know a great place for the best Greek food. It will be my treat 🙂

      Thanks Rika, I appreciate you getting in touch!


  30. Hey, nice informative page! I assume that ouzo is a kind of Greek beer?

    Those kebabs (pita gyros right?) look mouth watering and appetizing.

    I assume all of these foods are made locally and with local ingredients? I wonder how much of Rhodes’ food is imported from elsewhere, is the island agricultural?

    I would love to know more!

    • Ki, hi and thanks for your comment and questions.

      Ouzo is actually an aperitif which is mostly served with food. It is an anise flavored drink in the same manner as Sambuca or Raki. Very delicious and is a must when you eat 🙂 Perfect with the Pita Gyros you mention too!!

      There is a lot of agriculture that takes place on the island and a lot of the vegetables and cheeses are made locally yes. Of course there are foods that are imported like anywhere else in the world but a lot of the Greeks do prefer local produce.

      I have written some information on the working life and occupations In Rhodes and agriculture is part of it. If you want to read, please feel free!

      Of course if you have any more questions just let me know!

      Thanks Ki


  31. Hi Chris,

    Your article reminds me that it is a long time ago since I have been to a Greek restaurant here in Berlin. It was very delicious and I can remember that there were a lot of dishes with meat, but I chose a vegetarian version.

    I´ll keep it in mind the next time I´m meeting my friend. There is one about 200 meters from my house, but it is not recommended. I think in Berlin the quality of Greek restaurants is 50% good/ 50% bad.

    I went to Crete a long time ago. As I was a child back then, I cannot really remember how the food was.

    The gyros pita reminds me a bit of the kebab. Is there a connection?

    The lambs brain brings to my mind the Scottish haggis. Not really my first choice of something to eat.

    • Hey Tobias, greetings to you in Berlin 🙂

      I have been to Berlin many times, in fact it is one of my favorite places 🙂 I am a big music lover and often went there to see concerts – great times!

      I must admit I have heard a lot of people talk about Greek restaurants which appear around the world.

      Because they are not actually in Greece, sometimes the natural ingredients that you would normally find in a traditional Greek meal are absent. This happens due to cost and availability, so sometimes they improvise in order to get it as near as possible.

      I used to have a Greek restaurant down the road from my home when I was younger, and it was nice yes – but after coming to live in Greece you can really taste the difference.

      I think this is why you get mixed reviews.

      The Pita Gyros here is very traditional and popular and yes, it is very similar to the Kebabs that you may know. When I was in Germany the Kebab Restaurants were Turkish, is it still the same?

      Although similar, there is a massive difference in taste.

      And as for Haggis, you can keep that too, along with the Lambs Brain 🙂



  32. Hey Chris,

    Thanks for your interesting article. Personally I love Greek food and dishes too.

    Every time I visit my grandmother, she invites me and all of my cousins who live near to her to a very nice Greek Restaurant.

    My favorite dish is Gyros with garlic potatoes, pita and Tzatziki.

    • Hi Sven 🙂 I am happy I prepared your taste buds 🙂

      Where are you from? It is interesting for me to learn where Greek restaurants are located around the world, as I know there are a lot of districts and even countries that do not have them!

      Sounds like your Grandmother has the right idea too 🙂 Does she have a Greek background?

      The Gyros always goes down well with a lot of people and the Greek made vegetables are delicious too. I will admit that I do like the Tzatziki too, but only when I know I am not going to kiss anyone 🙂 A lot of garlic in there!

      Thanks Sven!


  33. Hi.

    I loved learning about Greek dishes which all look amazing and delicious. Lambs brains is considered a delicacy to my culture too.

    I am from Aotearoa or New Zealand. Offal was traditional but not so much now especially as our younger ones are prefering fast-foods mostly, unfortunately.

    Is it like this in Greece too?

    I love fish brains myself, very delicious and whole heads are cooked simply either slow broil, steamed or baked.

    • Hey there Rina, and thanks for sharing a little bit of your culture too.

      It seems you have a stronger stomach than me, as I do not think I could handle fish brains either.

      I was in New Zealand some years ago. I stayed in Christchurch and toured all of the south island. I must admit I did not come across these diverse foods at the time. Maybe I was protected from it as my friends know I freak out when I see something in my face like brains lol.

      The younger generation tend to like eating out yes. In Rhodes it is common for them you get together for a burger and hit some of the fast food restaurants.

      It is not something practiced by the older people so much though. But saying that, some of the younger people still like the traditional Greek foods and they will go out to eat Pita Gyros as opposed to eating at home.

      This does not always go well with the parents, but times have changed now. Sometimes we have to accept things are not the same as when we were young.

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts Rina.. Much appreciated.


  34. Wow, the food in Greece looks really enticing judging from the photos you have posted. I am especially interested in trying the Pita Gyros, as it looks kinda like a delicious burrito.

    Unfortunately, I do not know of a local Greek style restaurant where I can sample such foods. I may have to make a trip to the Island of Rhodes after all. Do these dishes generally cost a lot?

    Thanks for the informative article!

    • Hey Farhan thanks for reading up on my page for the Greek food 🙂

      Some of the good is really delicious yes. I know there are a lot of places world wide that boast a Greek Restaurant or Taverna, and it is a shame you do not have one nearby to get an idea of what the food is like!

      Maybe that trip to Rhodes needs to be planned soon 🙂

      For the prices they are not too bad really. Of course the different restaurants can differ in price but not usually by that much, unless you choose a high class place.

      For example, a Pita Gyros may cost you around 2 Euros or 2.50 depending where you go, and you can sit down and have a full meal with salad, main course and desert for around 15 Euros.

      Me and my lady went out only last week and went to a place called Odysseia. It is a nice place in a local village, typical Greek style, and we could not finish the food (there was so much).

      It cost 25 Euros for both of us and that included drinks. So I hope that gives you an idea 🙂

      Thanks again Farhan, and if you want anymore information just let me know!


  35. Hi Chris,

    I’ve never been to Rhodes but came across your page while searching for a Greek recipe for Gyros and Souvlaki. I’ve only ever been to Corfu and it was such a long time ago but I remember the food was awesome.

    Do you have any recipes on your website?

    • Hey Craig thanks for passing by.

      I have also been to Corfu but like you it was a very long time ago.

      The food in Greece is amazing yes and it is nice to see you take a preference to Gyros and Souvlaki 🙂

      I do not have recipes on the site at the moment. It is not something I have considered to be honest, but OK, you have given me an idea.

      On saying that I do have a lot of books here on Greek Foods and Ideas, so pop me a private message from my contact me form, and I will sort something out for you.

      Deal? 🙂




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