Motorcycle Hire In Rhodes – Your Ultimate Road Trip Guide

When it comes to motorcycle hire in Rhodes you are presented with a lot in the way of options.

Like the rent a car option, the offers are endless but the prices for motorcycles and scooters are pretty much the same! More on that in a while.

So, how do you go about renting a motorcycle? What do you need with you? What is there to know?

Here I will go through some of the things you need to be aware of.

I will cover some safety issues too. From here you will have a sound knowledge on what to expect so you can have the best possible time in Rhodes.

A lot of people prefer the motorcycle option for getting around for various reasons. It is a hot climate here in the summer time and some people simply do not want to be locked up in a rental car.

Unless you have young children with you, scooters and motorcycles are a great way to see the island!

Let’s Think Distance

A common question when it comes to hiring scooters and motorcycles is the distances involved when it comes to seeing the different attractions.

The island is not big at all, but when you are on two wheels it can take longer than you think. With the scooters too, the engine sizes are 50cc and they are not designed to be doing long distances at full throttle over long periods of time.

After a while in the hot sun it can be quite a mission to go to some areas which are a little out of the way!

On saying that, for jumping around from one place to the other and making your way around more locally they are great.

Of course it alleviates the issue of trying to park when you reach your destination too as the parking here can be a major headache in the high season!

Only yesterday I was in the center of Rhodes and I could not park my car at all, and it is winter time and January at the time of writing. So think what it is like when the tourism season starts.

Impossible 🙂

Gilera Runner PJ 50 - Motorcycle Hire In Rhodes
Khaosaming, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Motorcycle Hire In Rhodes – Things You Need

  • A Valid Driving Licence
  • An International Driving License if you are not an EU driving license holder!
  • You must be 21 years or older
  • You must have been driving more than 1 year!
  • A Valid Passport
  • A Valid Credit Card (some companies will take a cash deposit until your rental is finished)

Note You can not rent a motorcycle/scooter with a 50 cc engine on a normal car driving license anymore. Previously this was permitted but recent rules have stated that you need to hold the M or AM license. Also, the licence needs to be full and not a provisional.

Also, anything above this engine size requires you to hold a full motorcycle license!


When it comes to prices or motorcycle hire in Rhodes they are pretty much the same across the board.

Of course it depends on the time of year you come as in the high season the prices tend to be a little higher (for everything) as opposed to the low season.

If you come in May for example you can rent a motorcycle with around 15 Euros per day with all the insurance included. In August, you will pay 25 – 30 Euros! These prices are for the 50 cc scooters.

Naturally if you want a bigger bike and engine size then you pay a bigger price!

This also includes the helmet which must be worn at all times when riding. This brings me onto my next point!

Motorcycle Hire In Rhodes – Your Safety

Yes its hot, yes I am sweating, Wow it is too hot to wear this helmet. All the excuses I know! But please – WEAR IT!

Wear A Helmet - Motorcycle Hire In Rhodes
Motorcycle Hire In Rhodes
Photo © by Jeff Dean, CC BY-SA 2.5, via Wikimedia Commons

The Greek people are actually quite famous for not wearing their helmets, some even have it over there arm and elbow while they fly around the streets.

Well, one word of warning, if they have an accident their elbows will be fine, but that will not save their life.

Because some of the tourists see this behavior they also start to follow in suit. Be aware, it is law and a requirement to wear a motorcycle helmet despite what people tell you.

If the police catch you – they will fine you – very simple!

Again as with the bicycle hire, safety is important.

The amount of accidents and fatalities on the island of Rhodes are vast. It happens, whether you are on holiday or not!

It is better to be safe than sorry. Wear your helmet if you rent a scooter or motorcycle, it will save your life!

Back to the Fun

Overall your time on a bike here will be great fun. There is nothing better than going down to the beach road on your motorcycle, stopping for a cold drink at one of the beach bars along the way.

It is free and easy to get around Rhodes with a bike and this is why they are so popular!

Wherever you go on the island you will see hundreds of people all on two wheels having a great time, so why not join them? 🙂


From the quieter places on the island, through all the main villages and even in the city you will find a place to rent a motorcycle. Also in your hotel just ask in the reception.

Often, there are notice boards with information from a nearby shop and they will even bring the bike to you!

It is more convenient this way and when you finish they will come back to make the collection!

Quad Bikes (ATV)

This is another popular option and I must admit they are great fun. Although I disagree with them being on the main roads it seems to be the done thing here in Rhodes.

If you are traveling in a rental car behind them you will see what I mean when I say I disagree.

They can be very irritating and you cannot get past them, but hey – it is just the way it is 🙂

ATV/QUAD and Motorcycle Hire In Rhodes
ATV/QUAD and Motorcycle Hire In Rhodes
Costaricapro, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

They are designed for off road really, but people use them to get around the island. I have personally used them too in the past and had a real blast!

It was great fun and if you have never ridden one you should try it 🙂

They tend to price a little higher than the normal scooters but they are well worth it even if it is just for one day 🙂

Motorcycle Hire In Rhodes – Finally

Well I think I have exhausted the Rent a Motorcycle/Scooter section.

From here you should have a better understanding of what is required. If you have something to add or to share just let me know.

Leave a comment below and I will get back to you!

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36 thoughts on “Motorcycle Hire In Rhodes – Your Ultimate Road Trip Guide”

  1. Hello Chris, wow this sounds like so much fun..sign me up! And I am happy to hear you suggesting helmet safety. Even if its hot!

    And the idea of really seeing everything with the wind on your face, sounds lovely.

    Thanks for doing all the research on this. Makes me want to plan a trip soon!

    In peace and gratitude, Ariel.

    • Hi Ariel, I am happy this sounds all so tempting for you 🙂

      Getting around on a moto/motorcycle can indeed be a lot of fun, but it is important to consider the safety too.

      Because of the heat, a lot of people shy away from wearing the correct clothing. Helmets are there for protection, but so many people do not wear them because they are too hot.

      I always recommend them, and so do the Police Service here, but unfortunately, some people simply will not be told.

      If you visit, wear a helmet 🙂

      Thanks Ariel!


  2. I have rented a scooter when traveling in the past. It was a great way to get around, although if we’d had a more powerful bike we could have done more in a day.

    It worked well, as opposed to renting a car, because during the day our group went in different directions, met for lunch, split up again, then met up to return to the hostel so no one got lost.

    Very handy!

    • Hi Dianne, thanks and it is nice to hear from you again.

      You bring up a good point here when it comes to mentioning the power of the different moto/motorcycles.

      If you decided to rent a moto in Rhodes, they are also a great way to get around. The problem is, they are 50cc only, and the island is quite big. Going from top to bottom and seeing all the places of interest can be quite a slog.

      A bigger bike, or a rental car maybe better if you are considering longer distances.

      Thanks Dianne 🙂


  3. Last year I was in Kos and tourists use a lot of motorcycles there, so I believe it is similar to Rhodes?

    I would like to visit Rhodes this year and this is great information for what vehicle to use for transportation. I think a scooter is a good option for me, although sometimes it seems that the scooter drivers aren’t careful and do not respect driving rules.

    Thanks for sharing.

    • Hello Maja, yes Rhodes is also very popular when it comes to moving around with scooters.

      A lot of people like the sun, so they prefer to take 2 wheels instead of 4. Personally I prefer an air conditioned car, but each to their own 🙂

      A lot of the scooter riders can be a little crazy yes. Very often you see them weaving in and out of traffic without a care in the world and 99% of them are without helmets too.

      If you decide to take a scooter, just be careful. Take your time and follow the rules of the road and you will be fine!

      Thanks Maja


  4. Hi Chris

    I haven’t been to Rhodes, but I do want to come now that I have read your article. 

    Unless I missed it, you have scooters and Motorcycles. But did you recommend one over the other? I might have missed that. 

    Also, I noted that you have links to Bicycles and rental cars, but I didn’t see any links to motorcycles.. Again, I may have missed that. Looks like I will be planning a trip to the island.

    • Hey Chris, no you did not miss anything do not worry.

      For the motorcycles and scooters, I am currently working with an outlet to arrange to advertise them on the website. Things have not yet been completed, but they will be appearing soon 🙂

      When it comes to choosing one over the other I think it comes to personal taste.

      A lot of people do opt for the scooter as they are available to rent with a normal driving license. When it comes to the bigger motorcycles, you need the full motorcycle license to be able to rent them. This leads to the scooters being far more popular.

      If you hold both licenses, then the choice is yours.

      Thanks for your questions. I appreciate it.


  5. I really enjoyed reading this informative post. I would prefer the Quad Bikes for sure though. I presume they are slow in terms of speed since they have been designed for off the road.

    I don’t like speed. So, the Quad Bikes are the most ideal for me. I would use them to get around the island, just sight-seeing.

    Unfortunately, it looks like they are beyond reach since they are priced higher than scooters. Please, can you give an estimate of how much they can be hired?

    • Hey there thanks for your interest and for your question.

      Well, to be honest I agree with you. I am also not a fan of huge speeds and while the motorcycles are great fun and the cars are more opted for in the way of safety, the Quad Bikes (ATV’s) can be really fun to ride on.

      There is one thing i want you to be aware of though!

      As it stands at the moment, the Greek law allows Quad Bikes to use the main highways to get around. This has been the case for many years. There is talk however of this changing, as these machines were originally designed as off-road vehicles.

      The problem is, on the main streets they are slow, and they cause a lot of traffic delays and issues. I have heard in the next year or two, they may be prohibited from using the main highways. i will keep my eyes on this and make updates here if needed.

      As for the rental of the ATV’s, it comes down to the time of year you visit. If you come out of season you will find them cheaper than in the high season. (That is pretty much the rule for everything).

      If you come out of season, you can expect to pay around 30 – 35 Euros per day and in the high season 45 – 50 Euros Per Day.

      As I say, great fun, but you can see a lot more with a rental car and travel around with a lot more safety. It all depends on what you are looking for!

      Hope I have answered your question. If you need more information just let me know!



  6. I would love to visit Rhodes. My niece and nephew have just returned. I saw some great pictures.

    However, if I did visit, I don’t think I would want to use a scooter or a four wheeler ATV. That’s just too jerky for my back. 

    I would unfortunately have to get around by other means. I don’t think I would drive at all there.

    What other means of transportation is available there for tourists?

    • Hi Cynthia, thanks for your question.

      Some people are not comfortable making their own way in a foreign place. There are people who do not like to drive, and others will not take a chance on a scooter. Each person to their own I say, and I do not blame anyone for being like this.

      There are other means of getting around though. You have the option of using the public transport. The buses here provide a good service. There is also the taxi service here on the island. With these, you will pay a little more, but they will get you where you want to go safely.

      Don’t forget too, that you can also speak with a holiday representative too, and they can arrange special bus tours and daily visits to the sites, so this is another option. Boat trips are also available and you can have some really nice days out. The only problem with these, is you are limited to a time schedule.

      There is more information on the Getting Around Rhodes section. Take a look, and if you need something just give me a shout 🙂

      Thanks Cynthia, and hope this helps!


  7. I am surprised that getting a motorcycle in Rhodes would cost about the same as a car rental. But wow, I think I would definitely prefer to use a motorcycle, as you could park a lot easier and you would have that breeze and the sunshine on you. 

    How nice that would be! Are ATVs as much to rent as well?

    • Hi there once more Leahrae, another visit from you – I am honored 🙂

      Although the renting of motorcycles is popular here, and quite cost effective, I would still always favor a car.

      Since publishing the information here, I have been witness to many accidents involving motorcycles and scooters, and I am starting to change my point of view.

      Don’t get me wrong, am an avid lover of bikes. I have had my motorcycle license for years and I love riding. It just seems here in Rhodes – there seems to be a lack of concentration on peoples parts, and it causes problems.

      Maybe it is the heat, the fun time of a holiday or even maybe a drink or two. I do not know, but for staying more protected and safe, the car is a better choice in my opinion.

      The ATV’s are great to ride though. I love these things. Really great fun, but again you will pay the same (ish) daily rate as you would for a car – but you will have a great time 🙂

      Thanks Leahrae, looking forward to hearing from you again!


  8. You provide a lot of solid information and it is easy to read. 

    If I were to travel to Rhodes then I feel I know what to do for renting motorcycles.The combination of the pictures and explanations make the website visit interesting. The color yellow adds a lot of character.
    Thank you for the information


    • Hello there Orion. I am happy you found the website interesting and informative.

      When it comes to getting around on the island, there are many options. I just feel that if people have information to hand which can help them make informed decisions, then all the better.

      The website is always on the move when it comes to development. I am always adding new information and I like to experiment with colors and themes. Thanks for letting me know that the color scheme at the moment appears fine. I will see if I keep it 🙂

      Thanks Orion. I appreciate your comment and your feedback!


  9. Thanks for the post, this is wonderful information for anyone who seeks to visit Rhodes, Greece. 

    As I only have a driver’s license, I am not sure if switching to riding motorcycle in Rhodes will be another kind of art. 

    I am very interested in finding out with a 50cc motorcycle, how long you can take to travel around the island?

    • Hello there my friend and thank you for your question.

      With a standard driving license it is permitted to rent a moto or scooter to a maximum size of 50 cc. Anything above this requires the full motorcycle license.

      I will be honest here, but to go all around the island on a scooter can be an arduous task. Naturally you will be travelling at a slower speed as it will be only a 50 cc engine, so you are looking at quite some time to get all the way around.

      Approximately 6 or 7 hours I would say as an estimate, and a distance of around 250 kilometers.

      I would recommend doing a journey like this in a car. On a scooter it is quite hot, tiring and a little on the dangerous side. Better to have the safety of a car, more comfort and a little air conditioning 🙂

      The choice is yours though 🙂



      • Hello Chris, like your page. As we are running a scooter rental company in Rhodes (no worry, I will not mention our business name to do some free commercial) I would like to inform you that some things have changed.

        With a normal car license you can not rent a scooter anymore. You also will need the license AM or M. Also in the past you could rent with the provisional license – not anymore. It has to be now the full license. Greetings, Oliver

        • Awesome Oliver, thanks so much for this update.

          I will be honest and say this information did slip by me and I was not aware of it. Important for sure for people wanting to rent a scooter.

          I just took a look at your site too, I like it.

          Although I am still in the process of building out my information here, I will keep yours in mind and will happily highlight your services in the near future.

          Thanks again Oliver!


  10. I’ve never been to Rhodes but I have been thinking about getting a scooter or motorcycle for a while now. 

    It’s nice to know there are places to rent them. I never knew that, but it seems like a good way to possibly test some different ones out and see whether I really want to own one or not. 

    Thanks for the info!

    • Hi there Trisha, thanks for getting in contact and you bring up a great point here.

      A lot of people that visit The Island Of Rhodes do rent a car or a motorcycle with the intention of having a little test drive. They get the feel for a certain model and see if they like it. 

      They have in mind to buy a car or a motorcycle at some point in the future, and renting one on your holiday will allow you to get a good idea whether it is the right one for you once back on home soil.

      I know many people that have done this and have been quite satisfied. A year or two later I have seen people here on the island again and they have told me they went ahead and bought the model at home that they test drove here earlier 🙂

      Great point Trisha.



  11. Hey!

    I love motorbikes so much, when I lived in Indonesia for 2 years that was my only transport. Do motorbike rental prices vary greatly through different parts of Greece?

    I might have a job oppurtunity to teach English in Athens where I’ll be staying long term. Do you know what the price is to rent a bike in Athens and is it worth to buy a motorbike or rent one if i’m staying for a year or 2?



    • Hey again Emrah.

      I do know that the prices are very reasonable when it comes to rentals. Of course when you are on holiday you will only take the motorcycle for a day, or a few days.

      I know long term rentals will offer a better daily rate. For example with rental cars, it can cost you maybe 150 Euros (approximately) for 1 week with full insurance. But people that work here might get a deal of taking the car on a 6 month lease for around 2000 Euros. I think it will depend on the company and the availability in all honesty, and the same goes for the motorcycles.

      Athens is of course a hot spot for tourism, so I would look into some offers when you get there.

      The other option is to buy one yes, and I know you can get for example a second hand scooter for around 800 – 1000 Euros, and it is around 150 per year to insure it.

      The choice is yours 🙂 Hope this helps.

      If you need something more let me know!



  12. I’d definitely take a quad bike over anything else especially on an island destination, although it will be a problem if you’re trying to go into the city.

    I keep thinking of my last trip to Mozambique. There was nothing but sand so quad bikes were a great, fast and fun way to get around, wouldn’t you agree?

    • Hey Ryan thanks for your thought.

      Quad bikes are actually designed to be off road yes and to be honest when they are on the road here, it can be a headache trying to get past them if you are in a car.

      They are relatively slow moving when it comes to having them as part of the general flow of traffic, and many times I have found myself cursing lol.

      On saying that, they are fun and I can totally see the attraction when it comes to taking one for a holiday!

      Believe it or not, actually taking a quad bike into the city here in Rhodes is not too much of a problem. The traffic is slow moving anyway and they are not much of a problem on the road. They are easy to ride around the city too.

      When it comes to off road though, of course this is when you can really maximize and enjoy the use of a quad bike 🙂

      Thanks Ryan


  13. I have always wanted to visit Greece!

    I agree that renting a scooter or motorcycle sounds like a great way to experience the Island of Rhodes. It’s funny though, I don’t think of a motorcycle as my main mode of transportation, but when vacationing, it just sounds like a lot of fun.

    Great advice on what you will to bring in order to rent a motorcycle, that is nice to know. Also, definitely wear a helmet!

    Thanks for the article, very informative.

    • Hi there both of you!

      If you have never had the chance to visit Greece then you are really missing out on a special experience. You will love it if yo have the opportunity to visit!

      It is true what you say also. Many people are the same when they come on holiday. A scooter or a motorcycle is a great way to see the island and many people try it here, even if they have never ridden before.

      It can be lots of fun and feeling the warm air as you ride is really a great feeling. Like you also mention though, safety is important. So always wear your protective helmet.

      Because it is hot, people tend to try and get away with it as it can sometimes be a little uncomfortable, but I recommend you wear it at all times when on the road.

      Thanks for your comment here, and if you have the opportunity to get a holiday in Rhodes let me know 🙂


  14. Thanks for all the info here.

    You’ve made me super excited to visit Greece. It all seems exciting but to be honest, I’d be slightly afraid to drive one myself.

    When in Ibiza I rode on the back of a scooter with a mate and thought it was fun but I was half scared for my life lol.

    The Quad bikes look more my speed, they seem super fun and a tad safer, which is your favorite?

    • Hey there thanks for reading and for your kind comment too!

      To be honest being on a scooter or bike is as safe as you want to make it.

      Naturally people will always say you are more safe in a car but that is up to the individual to choose.

      I have always been a motorcycle lover but I will be honest and say I have had my collisions in my time too. It happens. But if you are careful and alert on the road there is no reason why you should not have a great time.

      When it comes to the Quad bikes i have also had a go on these. My friend here had one for a long time and I was always borrowing it to go for a ride. Great fun but I still prefer the motorcycle/scooter 🙂

      If you are truly afraid though and want more in the way of safety then a rental car would maybe be better suited.

      Hope this helps 🙂



  15. Hi Chris, thanks for posting!

    I have never been to Rhodes but I would absolutely love to make a spring break trip in the coming months.

    Speaking with a couple friends who have been to the island, they suggested renting the bike so that I could get the full experience. After reading your content, it confirmed that I must rent a bike when I make my trip to Rhodes!

    I do have one question. In terms of safety, how much safer would it be to rent a larger than 50cc bike? How much harder would it be to get a bigger bike in terms of price and getting a full motorcycle license?

    I want the full experience, but not in lieu of my safety!

    Thanks for your help!

    • Hey there thanks for your comment and questions.

      For sure if you are on a bike here you can have lots of fun and you will love it all the way 🙂

      For the prices of the bigger bikes I do know that they do cost a little more than the standard 50 cc Scooters but it is not by that much. Of course it depends on the time of year you visit too as there are high season and low season tariffs.

      The prices vary from company to company but there is not much in the differences.

      Tell me something, do you have a full motorcycle license? If you do then you can rent the bigger bikes without an issue.

      I would say they are as safe as everywhere else. Just use common sense and follow the rules of the road and you will be fine 🙂

      If you do not have a full motorcycle license you can rent the standard 50 cc Scooter with a normal full car driving license!

      Does this help you?

      If you need any more information then I am here 🙂



  16. I love Rhodes.

    I have been there a couple of times and have yet to rent a motorcycle or scooter. I actually just rented cars.

    You are right trying to park a car can be difficult at times. I think next time I head to Rhodes I will need to get a scooter. Great write up!


    • Hi Marc thanks for passing by. great to meet you.

      Also nice to know you have visited this wonderful place and managed to get around and see the different sites by car.

      Yes I know what you mean and I am glad you share my knowledge when it comes to parking. I have a lot of friends that work in the Rent A Car business and they are always complaining that it is so busy and they cannot park the cars for the clients 🙂

      A scooter is a great way to get around if you want to stay local, but it can be a bit of a headache if you want to venture out further. In this case renting a car is the best!

      Thanks Marc and hope to see you here in Rhodes again soon!


  17. Hi Chris,

    Very interesting post!!

    I was in Kos Greece some years ago and I rented a Quad Bike to visit the wilder parts of the island. It was a great experience and it left me with the desire to visit the other Greek islands.

    Some local people told me they can be very different from each other. I imagine the island of Rhodes must be full of routes that go alongside the coast.

    Which period of the year would you say is best for such a tour? (I did it in August and was probably a bit too hot for going around on a motorbike).

    • Hey and thanks for your comment and of course for your Question!

      The island does indeed have a main road that goes all around the coast line. So it is very difficult to get lost which can be great news for people with little sense of direction 🙂

      August is very hot yes and on a motorcycle or Quad Bike it can get a little uncomfortable after a while. The heat is very tiring and there is no escape from it when you are riding. A car with air conditioning can be perfect for the excessive heat of August.

      In my opinion, and if you do not like it so hot, May and June are very beautiful months. It is not too hot but hot enough to relax and enjoy yourself.

      Also after the second week of September until the end of October is a nice time to visit.

      If you come in July and August, expect the uncomfortable heat!

      If you need something more let me know 🙂

      By the way you can check out my page here on the climate of Rhodes, it may offer you more information that you are looking for 🙂




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