Rhodes Bicycle Hire – The Ultimate Guide to Hire and Exploration

If you are a person who likes fitness and cycling then Rhodes Bicycle Hire is a common and fun way to see the island.

Where do you go to rent a bicycle? What do you need to know?

Here I will discuss renting a bicycle in Rhodes and mention some things to look out for that will benefit you and alert you to some safety issues too.

There are different options and outlets when it comes to bicycle hire in Rhodes, so you do not need to go jumping into the first store you see thinking it is the only one.

With the popularity of the taxi, buses and rent a car services a lot of people assume that bicycle hire is not too common here and they rush decisions thinking if they do not get something right now – they will not get it at all!

Well it is not true, but there are still some things to know.

So what are your options?

Rent A Bicycle Machine - Rhodes Bicycle Hire

The Electronic Way!

If you walk around the island especially in the city you will see bicycle stands with the bikes locked up and the option to rent one with use of a credit card/membership card.

I have put some photos here for you to see what I mean!

Now I will never tell you not to use these, but I personally am not a great fan. I prefer customer service with someone to talk to if there is something I need, or indeed if something goes wrong!

Although it does not often happen, it has been known for people to have billing problems with these machines and when you have been using one of the screen computers shown here, they can be a little bit of a headache when it comes to problem solving.

It is only my opinion though, and you are entitled to your own too!

Rent A Bicycle - Rhodes Bicycle Hire
Rent A Bicycle – Rhodes Bicycle Hire

If you decide to use one of these services then the computer screen offers various languages for you to be able to navigate more easily.

If you have used one of these services then let me know. I will be the first to admit I am not an expert so if you know something I don’t, my ears are open 🙂

Rhodes Bicycle Hire – Hire Shops

Now call me old-fashioned, but this is the route I would take.

Of course, I am not going to list all the shops that offer bicycle hire on the island of Rhodes as I would be here all day, however I do know a good one that is reputable that offers great service with excellent bikes and equipment.

What you need to look at when you choose to rent a bicycle here is the other things that you need.

It is better to choose an outlet that offers you all the things you need to enjoy your time with safety at the forefront!

I have mentioned on other pages on this site that the roads here on the island are not always the safest.

There are careless drivers around, young people on Moto Scooters and a lot of the time the place is full of tourists who do not always know the route they are supposed to take!

With this in mind, being on a bicycle needs your full attention!

Rodos Cycling

There is a great shop here located in Ialyssos which is around 8 Km south of the City or Rhodes and 7 km north of the airport (west coast). So in the middle of the two really :).

The prices are extremely reasonable and you are kitted out with all the safety gear too. I feel this is really important.

The name of the store is Rodos Cycling and in all honesty it is probably the best you are going to get here!

It has all the bikes, all the gear, it offers advice and also excursions with a tour guide. So not only can you go out with complete safety, you can learn all about the island and its history while you do so.

They even offer all in one full package cycling holidays.

Mountain Bike - Rhodes Bicycle Hire
Rent A Bicycle – Rhodes Bicycle Hire

This is a much better option that renting a bike alone and going your own way.

Also, with Rodos Cycling, you can call them to arrange an excursion and they will come and collect you from your hotel and take you to the starting point!

If you want to take a look more into this option the link is here 🙂 Rodos Cycling

Rhodes Bicycle Hire – A Sad Side

I do not want to lower the tone of your visit here at TheIslandOfRhodes.com, but I believe in honesty.

Some people on the island (including tourists) simply will not wear a crash helmet or a cycling helmet. They prefer to argue and fight about the reasons why they do not want to wear them, but believe me – accidents happen.

People sometimes forget safety when it comes to being on holiday and they feel like they are in another world.

Too many have died on these roads because they simply will not wear the required protective clothing. So if you are going to rent a motorcycle or a bicycle, please wear them.

You will be thankful later if something goes wrong!

Rhodes Bicycle Hire – Overall

In my opinion, if you are a keen cyclist and enjoy the outdoors then you will love having a bicycle here.

Beware though that some of the hills can be a little tiring on the legs 🙂

If you get the right outlet, follow safety precautions and follow a tour guide then you will have the best time and not miss the important parts of what the island has to offer!

By the way, I am lazy and have a car and a motorcycle, so forgive me for not joining you on your cycle tours 🙂

Check out the video above to see some of the things you can see on the available cycling tours.

This covers the cycling section, and from here you should have obtained a good knowledge on what to look out for.

If you have any questions or you need some more information just let me know. Just leave me a comment!

Learn More About How To Get Around Rhodes. Click From The Options Below.

36 thoughts on “Rhodes Bicycle Hire – The Ultimate Guide to Hire and Exploration”

  1. I would love to go there someday. Riding a bike and looking at the beautiful views sounds so relaxing.

    My husband and I travel every summer. You article just gave me some idea on where to go this summer. It was a great read.

    Will be back for more information. Thank you for sharing.

    • Hello there and thank you for reading.

      It would be great if you and your husband could manage a trip to Rhodes. You would love it here for sure.

      You are quite right too, there is some stunning scenery to be appreciated here. Sometimes this can be missed if you are in a car, but on a bicycle you have all the time you need to soak it all up.

      Thanks for reading.


  2. Rhodes really does seem like the perfect island to hire a bicycle and go exploring the island.

    I really like the option of hiring an electronic one. I think that would help with any hills. I agree with you that helmets matter. Many countries of the world – especially in Asian and African countries travel around freely without a helmet.

    I think this gives people a false sense of security. I agree with you that helmets save lives and that you should wear one willingly if offered to you.

    I was just wondering how you go about getting a helmet. Do you hire them as well or are they given freely?

    • Hi Glenys.

      I agree that safety is paramount. Like other countries that you mention, a lot of the Greek people seem to have no problems riding around on bicycles and motorcycles without a crash helmet.

      One mistake on these machines and the helmet can make the difference of you surviving an accident or not. I always recommend people to wear them.

      If you hire a bicycle (or if you decide to go with a scooter or motorcycle) the price includes the helmet. So there is no excuse 🙂

      Thanks Glenys


  3. Hi Chris, you have me excited to go out and tour Rhodes. Great article.

    Have any of your recommendations changed since the writing of this article?

    • Hello Tara, no not at all.

      Using a bicycle is a great way to get around and see some lovely places. With a bicycle of course, you can get off the normal roads and see places you would not normally see with regular transport.

      If you use the Rodos Cycling service that I mention on this post, you will not be disappointed.

      Thanks Tara


  4. Chris, thank you for your informative article.

    There are more and more people that are looking for alternative means of getting around anywhere they are. Bicycles for the athletically inclined, I can see where this would fit right into their agenda.

    Just yesterday, in Austin, Tx near our home, a company just launched provides scooters for short term local downtown transportation, how cool is that?

    Many places are modifying the way they get around which is great for our environment at the same time.

    Thank you Chris.

    • Hey there, thanks for getting in touch.

      I agree, the using a bicycle is for people who do not mind the exercise. I for one love cycling and it is a great way to get around and see some lovely places.

      A lot of people do opt for the scooters too, and yes, a lot of companies are starting to use them. I know here in Rhodes that scooters are very popular.

      Although using a bicycle to see the island of Rhodes is a great idea, it can be a little far to reach some areas. When the sun is burning hot, this is something to have in your mind. With this in mind, a car or a scooter is a good alternative.

      Thanks Xavier. It is nice to hear from you.


  5. Hi Chris,

    I enjoyed reading your post and am too into riding and fitness in general. 

    Rhodes looks like a great place to ride, as you’ll get the nice weather but also the scenery too, which looks stunning by the way. 

    I would say the electronic way seems to be the best, and I like that you’ve also included the cons, in regards to the health and safety aspect.

    Great post.

    • Hi Steven, yes if you are into fitness and you like cycling then you would enjoy the use of a bicycle in Rhodes.

      Although you cannot ride the long distances, they are great for getting around locally and seeing some of the sites. It is nice to ride around in the sun, but be careful, as it can lead to you getting very tired. When the heat starts, it really starts. This can sometimes take away the fun.

      There is plenty to see on a bicycle, so I think you would enjoy it!

      Thanks my friend,


  6. Chris, first of all thank you for proposing a very interesting video showing all best places to explore with a push bike. I have never ridden a motorbike, not even a moped, but I am sure I would enjoy going around by bicycle. 

    I can imagine the relaxed way of life on the Greek islands such as Rhodes, and their reticence in wearing protective gear such as helmets. It’s the same in the Italian holiday resorts. I have seen so many near miss accidents in my life time to make me shudder only thinking of them! It’s not something I would compromise with, I am afraid. 

    The only one thing that possibly may concern me is whether it may be too hot to take up a hearty bike ride, possibly on hillier grounds. Do you suggest using the bike early morning or late in afternoon for the best chance to avoid the hotter hours of the day?

    Thanks again.

    • Hi Giulia and welcome back once again. Nice to see you 🙂

      Sometimes it is quite relaxed here when it comes to safety. I myself have also been witness to many accidents which would not have been as severe as they were should they be following rules of safety.

      It is the way of life though. It is all reactive. People will not listen until it is too late. 

      When it comes to using a bicycle on the island you do of course need to take into account the weather and the heat.

      It does get very hot here, and I personally would not like to be pushing my way around the streets and hills in scorching temperatures. Early morning is fine though. The Sun usually starts to take effect after 10 or 11 o’clock in the morning – but before this it is actually quite cool. Of course after 6 o’clock in the afternoon when the sun starts to set it is more tolerable.

      In the middle of the day I would not suggest it, although people do. It is all down to personal perseverance I guess 🙂

      Hope this helps Giulia, thanks!


  7. Hello! If I get a bike in Ialysos, are the roads safe enough to bike the whole way into Rodos? 7 km definitely isn’t too far to ride, I just want to make sure the road won’t be too busy, even in August.

    If it is not recommended to ride a bike between the towns, do you have a recommendation for a bike shop in Rodos itself?

    • Hi there Chris, great question and thanks for asking.

      A lot of people make the journey from Ialysos to Rodos City on a bicycle yes.

      To be honest, well, what can I say. I guess it is as safe as anywhere else you go. It is quite safe. It is important to keep your wits about you though, as the traffic is quite busy.

      The main road is the busiest road, and although you can find alternative routes, the roads in general are quite busy, especially in August.

      Like I mention, just make sure you wear the necessary protective clothing, take your time and be alert and you should be fine.

      I would say if you are accustomed to cycling and do it on a regular basis, then you will not have any issues. People that are not regular cyclists may find it a little more challenging. Hey, it can not be anymore difficult that cycling around London for example can it?

      When it comes to hiring a bicycle there are many outlets don’t worry. I mention Rodos Cycling here as I am fully aware of how they operate and I can safely say they are the best choice here on the island. This is my honest opinion.

      Thanks Chris, and if you need more just let me know!


  8. I love cycling, when on holiday and I always try to get around in the most fun way, so this is a good way for me to do some sightseeing. 

    I have been to many places in Europe but not yet to the island of Rhodes. This is now definitely on my list. 

    Even though having the electronic system to rent bikes is a good option for tourists, I prefer customer service. Great information.

    • Hey there Jo, great to hear from you.

      You bring up a great point here. With technology overtaking many parts of our lives – sometimes the personal touch gets lost.

      Do not get me wrong, I like technology. We are all booking flights online, buying the latest goods and even shopping, but there is nothing like having someone there to show you and guide you.

      Some people do prefer this when travelling abroad. This way, if anything is to go wrong, they have a point of contact. There is nothing worse than being stuck and your only helpline is an app.

      Do not worry, a company such as Rodos Cycling will take care of your every need should you manage a visit here 🙂

      Thanks Jo


  9. I am super lazy, but my other half insists on these bicycle rides. It is fun to see places on foot or on a slower ride than a car but gosh, the lazy factor is killing me. 

    This bicycle hire company seems nice. 

    They will meet us at the hotel and show us to the starting point? That is going above and beyond. 

    We will definitely be considering them for our visit. 

    Thanks for the info

    • Hey there, well I will be honest and say I do not like to consider myself lazy.. not really. Lets just say I have decided to slow things down a little since I got a little older. I am not old either – before you say it 🙂

      Rodos Cycling is an excellent service. I know many people that have used them and I have never heard something negative. 

      They are professional, encouraging – and they keep you safe. As far as I am concerned it is a 10 out of 10 company. If I remember, the names of the 2 people that operate it are Andrew and Zois.

      To answer your question also, yes – they will deliver the bicycle to your accommodation 🙂

      Thanks, and let me know if you need something before your arrival.


  10. Hi, Chris

    Being into the sport of bicycling now for over 40 years, and at a younger age participating in 4 bicycling vacations, I can attest to the fact that seeing sites, and in a country such as Greece with the Rhodes island must be spectacular.

    Also taking a bus tour in Europe, (Germany, Switzerland, Austria) back in 1994 I remember seeing many bicyclists sharing some of the roads with motor vehicles in those countries. It’s a shame that in the U.S., bicycling simply has never been as popular as it is in other parts of the world – particularly Europe. Then again, a large portion of U.S. citizens have long been programmed to take a car, SUV wherever they go. It’s probably why on average so many Americans are overweight to obese.

    I also agree with you 100% about the need to always wear a helmet on your head while bicycling. I don’t care if its 95 degrees outside, your head needs protection should something happen to you while riding. I see people along the trails during my bicycle workouts, some without helmets and I shake my head wondering why in the world they are so stubborn? Or perhaps just plain ignorant to what could possibly happen to them if in an accident they suffer an injury to their unprotected heads

    Finally, I did click on your link trying to find info about the costs of renting a bicycle on these excursions. The prices, in the range of around 15 – 20 Euros, (except for the more expensive carbon fiber road bikes) per day is quite adequate.


    • Hey there Jeff, thanks for sharing your cycling experience here.

      It is really great to get some input from someone who moves around with a bicycle on a regular basis, and that you clarify my points made on the safety aspects.

      You will be surprised how many people here ride around without helmets. This also applies to people on the motorcycles too. Unfortunately, some people will not listen and they will not understand the dangers until it is too late.

      Only 2 weeks ago I was out and about on the road and witnessed a horrific accident with a motorcycle. It collided with a car, going far too fast, no helmet, and the resulting accident finally involved a young girl on a bicycle (also not wearing a helmet). It was not a pleasant scene, and to my knowledge the person riding the motorcycle lost his life.

      HELMETS HELMETS HELMETS people!!! They can save your life!!!

      I do not like to push things like this so much, as I would like this site to portray a happier message. 

      Renting a bicycle here is very cheap and a great way to see the island, but there is no need to pay for it with your life.

      Thanks Jeff, really appreciate you getting in touch!


  11. Hi again, Alex here from Rhodes, the Greek-Canadian guy.

    Another great idea here where visitors of the Island can go and rent the “old” fashion way of a bicycle, is Margaritis. Great prices, great customer service.

    They are located just behind the Casino of Rhodes about 50 meters. So for people who have booked a hotel in the center of Rhodes Island, they can go and rent a bike there.

    Also, a very good experience is to rent also a Segway in the old town of Rhodes so they can explore the beautiful little streets of the old city in a exciting way.

    • Hi again Alex, welcome back 🙂

      I suppose looking around the island on a bicycle can be seen as old fashioned, but a lot of people do it don’t they? I see lots of people all the time peddling around and looking for places to see 🙂 Keeps you fit!!

      As for the Margaritis. I will be honest I know the name, but I am associating with a Rent A Car company. Am I right? Is it the same company that also do the bicycle hire? Id be interested to know.

      As for the Segway, again a good idea, and I can see that appealing to the young. But be careful if you do not have a good balance 🙂

      Thanks Alex, and speak to you soon!


  12. Thank you so much for your bicycle hire tips for my upcoming trip to Rhodes.

    My wife and I are quite active individuals and as such, like doing outdoor activities; especially while traveling.

    I will use this great information to better plan my trip. Thanks so much for the info!

    • Hey there and I am happy you found the information interesting and useful.

      If you are active people like you say, then you can have lots of fun seeing the island with a bicycle. You will enjoy it for sure 🙂

      Do you have any idea of when it is you will visit? Which month? Which area will you be staying on the island? Any ideas?

      Just that I am here to offer you any further help and guidance should you need it. So let me know 🙂

      Thanks for reading and see you in Rhodes soon!


  13. Hello… this is such an informative site for information on the best way to get around the island.

    My husband and I would be all for this. My first thought is, is it hot out? I’d be concerned arriving perspiring and miserable. Biking is a workout to me, not really a means of transportation 🙂

    I really appreciate how you emphasized safety. People on motorcycles won’t even wear helmets?

    We hear stories of people slipping on ice and dying of traumatic brain injury. When we bike we always wear protective gear!

    Good luck getting this great information to your readers.

    • Hi Michelle and thanks for your comment here.

      I will be the first to admit that cycling around in the heat probably would not be for me. I am fit, but not a fitness fanatic, and on holiday I would be looking to do activities involving relaxing 🙂

      On saying that though, the bicycle hire here in Rhodes is extremely popular despite the heat. As you ask, it does get very hot here, and if you are not use to it, it can spoil your mood somewhat. There is more on the climate of Rhodes here! Maybe it will offer you some more information that you find useful!

      When it comes to safety, to me it is so important. It is not always born in mind by holiday makers (and the locals to be fair), but accidents do happen.

      I would always recommend wearing the correct protective clothing. yes I know – It is too hot to wear the helmet, I am sweating blah blah blah… but it is also too hot to get hurt.

      Thanks for reading Michelle, glad you like the information here 🙂


  14. Hey Chris.

    Love your article about cycling around Rhodes. I’ve been there and if I may say so, the island is truly “a colossus” compared to the other Greek islands (which are also beautiful).

    I am not quite sure what I like best about it or how it’s different than the other Greek Islands though.

    As for cycling around I haven’t tried it, but definitely will next summer. I have an adventurous spirit within me but not so much to prevent me from wearing a safety helmet.

    • Hi Nikola and thanks so much for your comment. Great to hear from you 🙂

      Yes you are right, Rhodes is indeed one of the most beautiful and popular of the Greek islands. It is a place that is hard to forget once you have been.

      I always remember one of my Greek friends telling me that Rhodes is like a drug. Once you have visited it is a hard place not to want to come back to, and believe it or not tens of thousands of tourists that come every year are those that have been before. They cannot get enough 🙂

      I think one of the main reasons for this (except for the sun, the beauty and the history) is the friendly atmosphere.

      The Greek people here are really warm and they love nothing more than to make you feel welcome. I think this is what stands out to most visitors in my opinion! I think it is also something that people take away with them and this makes them ache to come back again!

      If you are coming again next summer then let me know when. I have some contacts here and I can arrange a good bicycle for you with all the gear you need.

      Thanks once again Nikola, and maybe see you soon 🙂


  15. I’ve been to Rhodes a couple of time though many years ago, and when I was there me and my friend hired bicycles to tour the island. It was so much fun and a very easy way to get around and sightsee.

    Rhodes is a beautiful place with great beaches and the food is delicious, to this day I still make a moussaka.

    I’m British and love Rhodes, it was one of the first places I visited as a teenager and then later when working on ships. It’s definitely a place I’d love to go back to one day.

    Chris, you don’t look Greek, where are you from?

    • Hey Sharon thanks so much for your message.

      You are right Rhodes is a wonderful place and this is why I chose to come and live here. Like you I am originally from the UK. If you look at the About Me page on this site you will see my story 🙂

      Although I am not a fitness fanatic I have gone around the island with the bicycle and it is so much fun like you say. I know a lot of people from the UK holiday here and they are quite keen on the bicycle hire.

      Do you plan to visit again? I am sure you will witness some changes if you do as things are always improving here. If you come back let me know 🙂

      Thanks for your visit Sharon. It is much appreciated!

  16. Thank you for an informative article.

    I now know where to go for my bike if I decide to take a tour there. Are there different routes you can take with the distance indicated?

    For example, would there be a recommended route with a shorter distance for a beginner? Or is it only recommended for experienced cyclists?

    • Hey Wendy thanks for your questions.

      As far as i am aware you do not need to be so experienced in cycling to take part on these excursions.

      They are designed to be fun and for you to enjoy as part of your holidays, not to get you warmed up for the Tour D’ France 🙂

      There are different routes and depending on what you want to do there can be arrangements made to suit your needs!

      For instance I have seen people take part in these cycling tours as a family with younger children, so for sure you do not need to be a professional here.

      Hope this answers your question, Let me know if you need anything else 🙂

      Thanks and maybe see you here soon!


  17. My family and I love to bicycle so this is a great idea. I was wondering where the island of Rhodes is?

    I see that your website is dedicated to this location, so I will look a little further. I could see renting a bike…which we have done before.

    A great way to see the area and get exercise!

    • Hey there thanks for your comment and question.

      I remember you asked this before and I answered. Maybe you did not see my reply 🙂

      The island of Rhodes is in Greece. It is north east of Crete and to the east of the mainland where Athens is situated! Deep in the blue Mediterranean Sea 🙂

      It is a wonderful island and a great place to see if you ever have the chance, and of course if you are a fitness kind of person then cycling would be an enjoyable way to get around!

      Of course feel free to look into things further. I am here too should you need any more information. Plus there is lots more coming to this website as I develop it 🙂



  18. I am from Denmark where it is very normal to use a bicycle to get around – it is a lot faster and easier compared to the traffic in a car.

    I therefore also like to look for bicycle rents when I am on holiday. But of course only for tours in the nearest area 🙂

    I try to always find local shops I can rent from as the electronic ways are often quite expensive – or at least it has been the places where I have checked it. Is that the same in Rhodes?

    Anyway I will try to check out the shop you mention when I go there. Thanks

    • Hi Mikael thanks so much for visiting and of course for your comment!

      The roads here also get very busy in the summer months as you can imagine with hundreds of thousands of holidaymakers coming to the island.

      It can be a bit of a pain when it comes to driving in heavy traffic but the parking can be the worst. If you visit in the low season it is fine, but come the middle of August the parking can really test your patience.

      This is the perfect time for a bicycle or a rental scooter to be honest 🙂

      The bicycle rent prices in Rhodes are not to bad to be honest, I think they are quite reasonable. But like you mention and in answer to your question, the electronic system does charge you more than the normal going rate.

      Feel free to check out the shop for sure when you visit and i will happily meet you for a beer sometime during your stay 🙂

      Thanks again!



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