Helpful Numbers: Hotels In Kremasti Rhodes Greece

Here you will find listed below some useful telephone numbers for hotels in Kremasti, Rhodes – Greece.

If you are unable to find what you are looking for, please drop me a message on the contact page and I will help you out right away!

Note: The Code 0030 is required prior to the numbers if you are calling from outside of Greece!

Greek Telephone Directory - Hotels In Kremasti
  • Anseli  –  22410 94633
  • Emerald  –  22410 90177
  • Esmerelda  –  22410 94469
  • Katsaras  –  22410 95004
  • Kremasti Memories  –  22410 96662
  • Margarita  –  22410 94254
  • Pylea Beach  –  22410 92310
  • Sunland  –  2241091133
  • Valentino  –  22410 94631
  • Valsami  –  22410 98084

Please refer to the Greek Directory “Vrisko” for further information!

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The Island Of Rhodes

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